The Vacation – Part 13

By Rubrpig

Final Chapter

4798 had just been returned to his cell in the Supermax prison wing.  He was as usual in full black swat gear, body armour and the heavy rubber locked gas mask hood.  He had gotten so used to being locked in this gear he no longer really noticed the gear.  He also never really thought about his cock and balls as they had been locked up in the heavy steel chastity belt for the last year.

He sat on his bunk and thought about the last year since he made the commitment to the Captain to become an investor and a permanent prisoner of the facility.  The Captain had used the commitment to create new programs so that 4798 earned his keep by serving as a hostage guard when required or as a prisoner for a sadistic prison guard.

4798 slumped down and then decided to lie down on the bunk as the last 2 days really tired him out.  He had been used heavily by a sadistic prison guard who had paid for 2 days of experience as a prison guard.

The guard had taken 4798 from his temporary cell in the medium security prison wing where he was usually kept as a prisoner when on assignment. The Captain did not use the Supermax wing of the prison for these types of experiences as the wing was for reality experiences of men who wanted longer term experiences of being held in strict security of the Supermax level of prison.

The last session was intense for 4798.  The guard had used single tails and even a bull whip on 4798 while being stretched on a cross.  The whips had cut open the skin on his back and ass which had to be tended and treated once the scene had ended.  The best part of the scene for 4798 was the suspension stress bondage that the guard had put 4798 into for what felt like days but it turned out to be 6 hours.  He was roped and hung from a hook with his arms trussed behind his bag so it put stress on his shoulders while he balanced on one foot.  If he shifted position it allowed his body to drop which added more stress to his shoulders causing him to yell and scream from the pain it caused.  He kept passing out from the stress but was always slapped awake by the guard.

The session finally ended when the guard was stopped by guards and the Captain acting as the warden.  The guards took his torturer away and arranged for medical treatment and once that was accomplished, he was allowed to get dressed in his swat gear and armour and once hooded, taken to the Captain’s office.  As usual the client was there and the feedback from the client was as usual, excellent and he praised 4798’s responses to the pain and discipline that he had inflicted on him.

After the interview, 4798 was taken back to his permanent cell, fed through the drinking tube of his gas mask as usual and then left in his cell.  4798 laid down on his bunk and finally got comfortable.  He had gotten used to sleeping in his body armour and gear but the wounds on his back and ass made it a challenge to lay down and find a comfortable position to sleep in.  He fell asleep.

Several days passed with only the guards coming in to feed him three times a day for a break from the monotony of his confinement to his cell.  He was no longer allowed an hour a day in the solitary exercise yard of the prison wing.  So he was confined to his small cell 24 hours a day.  The guards entered his cell for his morning feeding as they always came in just after the lights were turned on.  The lights were turned off everyday at 8pm and back on at 8am every day.  This allowed the prisoners to understand what part of the day it was.  The guards ordered 4798 to his feet and assumed the position against the wall.  He quickly obeyed and was soon cuffed and had the lock box but on the hinged cuffs that were in mandatory use in the Supermax wing.

The guards led 4798 out of the Supermax wing and into the main administration area of the facility.  He realized that they were heading to the office of the Captain.  They got to the door of the office and the head guard knocked and they were told to enter.  They walked into the office, and the Captain looked up and dismissed the guards.  They saluted and left the room leaving 4798 standing in front of the Captain’s desk.  The Captain stood up and moved around and stood in front of 4798 and gave him permission to speak as required.  4798 nodded and asked the Captain what his next assignment was and when it would start.  The Captain nodded and then asked 4798 if he was ready for a change.  4798 shifted his position a little to ease the tension on his shoulders and looked at Captain Ferguson.  Not for the first time, he looked at the heavily muscled and furry man who now owned him and the facility they were standing in.  The Captain moved around 4798 and unlocked the box on the cuffs and then removed the cuffs from 4798’s wrists.  He told 4798 to relax and to sit down.  4798 was startled as this was the first time he had ever been allowed to sit in the Captain’s presence.  He nodded and moved over to the chair indicated and sat down but he sat on the edge of the chair as he was very wary about what was happening

The Captain looked at 4798 and knew that under the heavy body armour and swat gear, there was a well built muscular prisoner who worked out the best he could while confined to his cell.   The surveillence camera hidden in the ceiling of the cell allowed the Captain to monitor 4798 while in the cell. The Captain asked 4798 that he was being taken out of the program and given a new assignment.  4798 asked why as he was startled as the program had been successful and he had to admit that he enjoyed the use and abuse he was subjected to by the clients.  He had really found himself getting into the pain and it surprised him as he was heavily into bondage but now he found himself craving the pain more than bondage.

4798 realized that the Captain was talking and he shook his head and apologized.  His voice muffled by his gas mask.  The Captain smiled and told 4798 that he was now being assigned as his personal security officer.  4798 would be moved from the Supermax wing of the prison facility and would now live in the Captain’s quarters.  He would provide armed security for the Captain.  He nodded and asked if he would be trained for weapons use and was told that he would be.  He nodded and sat surprised by the change in use he was just given.

4798 spent the next few days undergoing intensive weapons and security training.  He was finally ready for his new assignment and was taken to the Captain’s quarters.  He knocked on the door and was told to come in.  He walked and found the Captain relaxing but the Captain was wearing a leather jock, chaps and boots.  His torso was bare but he had heavy rings pierced in his nipples.  He was startled by the Captain’s appearance as he had always been in full uniform when 4798 had any dealings with him.

The Captain tossed the keys for 4798’s uniform and gear to him and told him to strip.  4798 obeyed and soon was standing in front of the Captain naked except for the chastity belt and his rubber gas mask hood.  The Captain stood up and moved over to 4798 and began rubbing 4798’s nipples and twisting them.  4798 responded by moaning and felt precum begin to drip as one drop landed on his thigh and slid down.

The Captain stopped and walked over and picked up a heavy leather straitjacket and walked back over to 4798 and began strapping him into the jacket.  Once 4798 was strapped in tight, he was told to move over to the fuck bench and get on.  4798 got onto the bench and rested his torso on the padded top pressing his leather covered arms into the bench under him.  He grunted as he shifted position.  The Captain strapped him to the bench and 4798 was held in position.  The Captain picked up a thick rubber strap and began working 4798’s ass over and soon the ass cheeks were dark red and welted.  He stopped and ran his hand over the hot flesh and enjoyed the heat on the palm of his hand.  His cock was pushing hard on the leather pouch of his jock.

The captain picked up a bottle of lube and squirted some on 4798’s asshole and with a couple of fingers, massaged the lube into his hole.  He unsnapped his jock pouch and greased up his cock.  He pulled the cables up 4798’s ass apart and shoved his cock into his new guard’s hole and began fucking with long deep strokes.  He fucked long and hard, sweat began beading on his chest fur and on his brow.  His guard grunted and moaned then began begging for more and more pain as well.  The Captain began slamming his open hand onto the dark red ass cheeks and then slamming his cock. Finally, the Captain grunted and held his cock deep in 4798’s ass and began pumping a heavy load of cum.  He slumped over and pressed his captive down harder into the padded top of the bench.  He finally straightened up and pulled out of 4798’s ass and moved off and sat down.  He looked over at 4798 struggling in the straps on the bench and the straitjacket, cum leaking from his ass and decided that 4798 would do nicely as his permanent guard and slave.

He released 4798 from the bench and told him to get down on his knees.  4798 obeyed, his breath rasping in and out of the gas mask he wore.  It had been so long he had seen his face in a mirror as he was shaved by a guard when getting ready for an assignment and otherwise there were no mirrors in the prison wings or his cell.  Captain Ferguson stood in front of 4798 and all he saw was the Captain’s cock semi-hard and slick with lube and ass juice swinging slowly in front of the dark lenses of his mask.  He reacted to the cock so close but not being able to lick or suck on it.  He heard the Captain tell him that he had been selected and then the Captain walked away and came back after a few minutes.

The Captain held a heavy stainless steel chain and padlock in his hand and he looked at 4798 and told him that he was now his personal slave and guard.  He took the heavy chain and wrapped it around 4798’s neck and then padlock the chain.  It was snug due to the heavy rubber collar of the gas mask hood.  He held the keys up so 4798 could see them and then he picked up a pair of pliers and broke the keys.  He then took a tube of super glue and opened it and fitted the nozzle of the tube into the key slot of the padlock and squeezed the glue into the lock, sealing the lock.  Now the padlock and chain could only be removed by a pair of heavy bolt cutters or an industrial grinder.

4798 remained kneeling and knew what he was now and would remain.  He knew he was property as he had agreed to it when he bought into the facility and now he was going to serve as the Captain’s personal slave and guard.

The End

Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for this story!


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  1. One of the hottest stories on this Website, if you ask me. Thanks, Rubrpig, I’m always happy to take part of your perverted thoughts. ;)

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