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A Game of Chance – Part 07

By Robmacz

Chris did as he was told and he felt the cuffs snap round his wrists as he had so often before. But this time it was different. This time it was real. This time there was no safe word that would grant him instant release. He was now a prisoner, there was no escape.  He wasn’t a gentleman who was paying for his pleasures, among people he knew, people who were ready to play his game.  He was a convict, and nothing but a convict.  The young officer’s eyes were brown, with curious little gold flecks, and the look in his eyes said ‘There’s nothing special about you, boy.’

The officer led Chris through the door and into a waiting room, though this was no airport departure lounge or even a hospital waiting room. The benches were steel and they were bolted to the floor. The officer patted Chris down, checking his pockets, but there was only his wallet and phone, which the officer left.

‘Sit’ the officer said, pointing to a bench and producing a pair of legcuffs. He secured one round Chris’s leg and another to the steel bench. He left without another word and Chris sat in the room alone.

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The Vacation – Part 13

By Rubrpig

Final Chapter

4798 had just been returned to his cell in the Supermax prison wing.  He was as usual in full black swat gear, body armour and the heavy rubber locked gas mask hood.  He had gotten so used to being locked in this gear he no longer really noticed the gear.  He also never really thought about his cock and balls as they had been locked up in the heavy steel chastity belt for the last year.

He sat on his bunk and thought about the last year since he made the commitment to the Captain to become an investor and a permanent prisoner of the facility.  The Captain had used the commitment to create new programs so that 4798 earned his keep by serving as a hostage guard when required or as a prisoner for a sadistic prison guard.

4798 slumped down and then decided to lie down on the bunk as the last 2 days really tired him out.  He had been used heavily by a sadistic prison guard who had paid for 2 days of experience as a prison guard.

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Tied and Fucked by Motorcycle Boy Eric

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonShortly after I moved to California, I had my first bondage role play experience. It was with an attractive motorcycle guy named Eric. Both of us were young men, I was 23 at the time and he was 25. We met on a website and worked out the details of the fantasy role play when we determined we were cool. He wanted to be the “top,” he said he didn’t bottom. I accepted.

He came over one weekend night and roleplayed as if he was robbing my apartment, catching me asleep. I had left the front door unlocked so he could walk in. Because we both liked sports gear, I had suited up in football pants and a jersey. He came over in his full motorcycle racing leathers including tight fitting leather race gloves.

He “surprised” me in my sleep and handcuffed me quickly so he could get the scene situated. I got an erection the moment those cuffs were snapped around my wrists. He “warned” me to stay quiet, or else.

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Forced medical examination with semen sample extraction

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Forced male medical examination

Title of this shoot: Skylar Check Up, Part 3

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