Abuse of Power

From the dirty mind of Tony Buff and the talented eye of co-director Paul Wilde comes ‘Abuse of Power’:

Horned alphas Tony Buff and Tristan Jaxx need an outlet for their aggression — and innocent stranger Ridge Kane provides the tight holes they need in a scene soaked with spit, spunk — and piss! Erik Glock is bound in the woods — and at the mercy of Tyler Saint, who brandishes two big guns as he fucks the fear out of the bottom in a scene certain to raise eyebrows … and cocks! Military man Ruff Zindao stands at attention, ready for the punishment administered by Tony Buff—whose implements of destruction (including a whip and a big dick) have the submissive’s back and ass seeing red.

rf04_003 rf04_005 rf04_007


Video at Titan Men Rough


Video at Titan Men Rough

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