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Porn shop action from Bound In Public


It’s the lunch hour rush at the Folsom Gulch adult bookstore. Kyle Braun is dragged off the streets and taken into the store. Tristan Jaxx and Royce subdue the struggling man as the crowd gathers. The customers rip off Kyle’s clothes. They squeeze his nuts until he submits to sucking their cocks. Tristan and Royce take the man into the video arcade and fuck him in the video booth. They drag him back to the front of the store and flog the hell out him. After much humiliation they all cum all over the dude’s face and mouth.

This is a vintage shoot from Bound In Public.

kyle_braun_gay_bondage_02 kyle_braun_gay_bondage_03 kyle_braun_gay_bondage_04

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Hot Gym Trainer Gets Tied up and Gang Fucked in a Porn Store


Tristan Jaxx takes Alex Summers in a local porn store for some fun. With the help of the public, Alex is bound and his shirt and pants are torn off. The horny man is made to suck Tristan Jaxx’s giant cock. The crowd moves in and they all have a piece of the captive. Alex endures the ass spanking, ass licking and flogging and gets fucked in the middle of the store. They spit on exhausted prisoner and drag him into the sex arcade. They drill his ass with the fucking machine through the glory hole. Everyone fucks him some more and cum all over the whore. This is a vintage shoot from Bound In Public.

tristan_jaxx_and_alex_summers_gay_porn_02 tristan_jaxx_and_alex_summers_gay_porn_03 tristan_jaxx_and_alex_summers_gay_porn_04 tristan_jaxx_and_alex_summers_gay_porn_05

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Abuse of Power

From the dirty mind of Tony Buff and the talented eye of co-director Paul Wilde comes ‘Abuse of Power’:

Horned alphas Tony Buff and Tristan Jaxx need an outlet for their aggression — and innocent stranger Ridge Kane provides the tight holes they need in a scene soaked with spit, spunk — and piss! Erik Glock is bound in the woods — and at the mercy of Tyler Saint, who brandishes two big guns as he fucks the fear out of the bottom in a scene certain to raise eyebrows … and cocks! Military man Ruff Zindao stands at attention, ready for the punishment administered by Tony Buff—whose implements of destruction (including a whip and a big dick) have the submissive’s back and ass seeing red.

rf04_003 rf04_005 rf04_007


Video at Titan Men Rough


Video at Titan Men Rough

A member tries to get tied up on Bound Gods for 2 years …

… and today is his day!

14168_p_00 14168_p_02

A Bound Gods member gets tied up from head to toe and fucked


This is a vintage shoot from KinkMen. Eric Wild and Tristan Jaxx are bound and blindfolded in an abandoned warehouse. The captor inspects his prey and rips off their clothes. Tristan receives a good beating and a hard nipple torment and yet, his cock is rock hard. Eric gets tied up from head to toe and has his huge balls stretched by heavy metal weights. Tristan is made to fuck Eric in bondage and sprays his hot load on Eric’s face and mouth.

14168_p_18 14168_p_19 14168_p_21

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Connor Maguire orders Mike De Marko

Check out DJ, Riley Vlcek, Van Darkholme and Tristan Jaxx in this bondage video


Here’s a video from the Bound Gods vault. In this one, DJ and Riley Vlcek are bound to each other on a bed. Van and Tristan Jaxx tape electrical pads to the men’s thighs. DJ and Riley squirm and scream as they try to get free. Once freed, they suck on Tristan’s hard giant cock while Van ties him up. This video is called ‘Red, White and Blue – July Live Shoot’


Tristan receives a hard chest pounding with Van’s gloved hands and a nice flogging. Van and Tristan chain the men to the bondage board and work them over with the flogger and the single tail whip. To reward the exhausted captives, Van and Tristan fuck them in bondage and spray hot loads all over them.

13497_p_03 13497_p_06 13497_p_10 13497_p_11 13497_p_13

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Deep Woods Domination: Chapter 2

Tristan Jaxx gay bondage

In the second chapter of Deep Woods Domination — a three-part series at Bound Gods — Tristan Jaxx is on a camping trip with Jackson Fillmore. During a brisk walk they discuss the recent disappearances of hikers from the nearby woods. But it’s only a fleeting thought, because Tristan actually has his eye on Jackson’s smooth, fuckable ass.

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Jackson Fillmore gay bondage

The Gay Mafia in the paint shop

Straight stud Hayden Russo gets humiliated in a paint shop as the Gay Mafia violates his precious hole


Obnoxious straight dude Hayden Russo stumbles into a paint shop in the Castro. He wants some paintballs, but the shopkeeper explains to him nicely that it’s something they don’t carry. Hayden yells nasty remarks, and the Gay Mafia is called in to save the day. They take him down hard and slap the handcuffs on him at lightning speed. All the mean things he called out earlier, the Gay Mafia makes him do exactly that. They strip him naked and discover that he has a 10-inch cock! Nick Moretti slaps the cock and balls until he yells for mercy. Nick gives Hayden’s cock to everyone in the shop to enjoy. Van shoots him a couple of times with the paintballs and sprays paint all over his body as the crowd cheers and laughs. The Gay Mafia makes Hayden suck cocks, and Tristan Jaxx fucks his hairy hole. Everyone takes turn fucking and cumming on the miserable bastard.

gay_mafia_hayden_russo_02 gay_mafia_hayden_russo_03 gay_mafia_hayden_russo_04 gay_mafia_hayden_russo_05

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Tristan Jaxx ties up Drake Jaden and gives him a bondage fuck


This is a vintage shoot from Bound Gods. Tristan Jaxx is trying to get over the vastness of the Armory. Drake Jaden is an eager submissive who needs to work on his pain tolerance. This afternoon, Tristan puts Drake through various exercises to build his character.

Tristan_Jaxx_Drake_Jaden_gay_bondage_02 Tristan_Jaxx_Drake_Jaden_gay_bondage_03 Tristan_Jaxx_Drake_Jaden_gay_bondage_04 Tristan_Jaxx_Drake_Jaden_gay_bondage_05 Tristan_Jaxx_Drake_Jaden_gay_bondage_06 Tristan_Jaxx_Drake_Jaden_gay_bondage_07 Tristan_Jaxx_Drake_Jaden_gay_bondage_08 Tristan_Jaxx_Drake_Jaden_gay_bondage_09


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