Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 10

By AlphaMetal

Day 3, Afternoon – A Prisoner Gets Used

The boys had only been resting for about an hour after the work detail when a man they had never seen walked into the dormitory. He was an older man — in his late 60s at least — with a gray t-shirt stretched over a large beer belly and a messy gray beard. The boys looked at his feet and saw that he was wearing black combat boots and jumped to attention.

The man with the gray beard looked over the four boys with obvious sexual desire. Pretty Boy remembered the “arrangement” that had been made — he wouldn’t have to suffer pain but in return he had become the camp’s sex toy – and he figured Gray Beard was there to fuck him. Pretty Boy imagined being penetrated by this fat man and wondered if it had been planned as punishment for disobeying the Commander the day before. But it was still a good arrangement. Pretty Boy hated pain and if he just closed his eyes and thought of his Master he could get through this.

Gray Beard examined the four boys in their blue prison scrubs, looking over each one closely. Pretty Boy was a cute twink but he was a bit too thin for his scrubs and they hung on him loosely. The Colonel was a total DILF — Cody would have bottomed for him happily — but the Colonel was obviously too old for Gray Beard, who didn’t give him a second look.

Gray Beard was clearly focused on Cody and Wrestler, and he stared hard at their crotches. He told them to lower their pants and they both obeyed. Both boys had great looking dicks but Wrestler’s was a little larger so Gray Beard told Cody to pull up his pants and told Wrestler to take off his clothes.

Wrestler obediently pulled off his scrubs and boxer shorts and, almost by habit, or muscle memory, put his hands behind his head and spread his legs, since that was what his Master required him to do whenever he was told to strip. Wrestler stared straight ahead, just as he had been trained, with his head not moving an inch.

Gray Beard moved back a few steps and looked Wrestler up and down. The older man couldn’t believe his luck. Here was this super-hot stud with beautiful muscles, a tight six-pack, and a huge cock – a cock that looked even bigger with his crotch shaved clean – and this young stud had stripped naked just because Gray Beard had told him too. This was too good to be true; it was just what he had been told to expect.

The man was free to stare at Wrestler’s body and eat him up with his eyes and Wrestler didn’t even stare back; he just kept his eyes forward as if the man weren’t there. Cody was jealous of the man. He remembered how many times he had seen hot guys at the gym lifting weights, changing clothes, or in the shower and had wanted to stare at them and enjoy their bodies, but instead he took a quick glance and captured the image like a snapshot in his mind so he could turn away and “see” the guy in his head while he pretended to look at something else. Cody had stared at Wrestler himself that way because he didn’t want Wrestler to think he wasn’t cool. And now this ugly guy with a beer belly and a scraggly beard was staring at Wrestler’s naked body and Wrestler was letting him do it. Cody was very jealous.

Gray Beard put his hands on Wrestler’s large smooth pecs and the jock didn’t move a muscle; he just stood solid as a rock – as he had been trained – as the man rubbed his chest and ran his hands over his six-pack. The man pinched Wrestler’s nipples and then moved his hands down to Wrestler’s crotch and started fondling his cock and cupping his shaved balls. And then the man got down on his knees and took Wrestler’s cock in his mouth and started to suck.

Who the hell was this guy, Cody wondered? Was he some friend of the Commander and his partner and they were doing him a favor? Was he a business associate of their leather business, maybe a vendor or a good customer, and this was their idea of a business gift? Maybe the Commander owed him money and this was his way of paying; with someone else’s body. Maybe Wrestler had basically been sold, Cody thought, or rented anyway. And Cody thought that was kinda hot.

Gray Beard’s head was moving up and down on Wrestler’s cock and Cody saw Wrestler begin to tense up, but even now the jock was motionless, with his hands locked behind his head and his legs spread wide and his eyes staring straight ahead. Cody saw Wrestler close his eyes and he could see Wrestler’s fingers grip each other harder behind his head, his hands closing tightly with his palms squeezing against each other, and Cody heard a few gulps as he fat man swallowed what must have been a huge load of Wrestler’s cum.

The man removed his mouth from Wrestler’s cock, which was mostly still hard, and stayed on his knees a moment catching his breath. Then he stood up and looked at Cody, who thought to himself, “Oh fuck no.” The man ran his hands over Cody’s body, feeling his chest and cock through his scrubs. Cody breathed and wondered if he would handle this as well as Wrestler. But then the man took his hands off Cody and walked out of the room. He didn’t have enough energy for a second round, it seemed. Cody wondered if the other boys could hear the sigh of relief leaving his lungs.

All four boys stood there for a moment. No one moved or talked. Wrestler was still naked and the rest of them were in their prison scrubs and all of them were waiting for someone to come tell them what to do. But no-one came and after a few minutes the Colonel relaxed his pose and so the other boys did too; without it ever being discussed the Colonel had become something of a “leader” of the group and the other boys tended to follow his example. Wrestler reached down and grabbed his scrubs from the floor and put them back on. The Colonel walked over to his cot and sat down and the other boys did the same.

Day 3, Late Afternoon – Pretty Boy’s Fate, Part 3

The boys had barely been on their cots for 15 minutes after the “Gray Beard thing” when the Commander and Alpha walked into the dormitory. Alpha grabbed Pretty Boy by the neck and shoved him to the center of the room and the Commander began to speak.

“From now on this boy’s job is to provide sexual pleasure,” the Commander said, pointing at Pretty Boy, “and that means for you three as well. He is expected to please you in any way, and if he does not do what you tell him, he will be dealt with. But you may not use him for pain; you may only use him for sex.”

The Commander looked at Pretty Boy and said in a firm voice: “Strip and get up against the wall.” Pretty Boy did as he was told and the Commander handed the Colonel a large pump-bottle of silicone he had been holding in a bag and told the Colonel to “lube up his hole.” The Colonel walked over to Pretty Boy, squeezed out some lube, and inserted two fingers into the boy’s hole to grease him up. “Try to keep him that way all the time,” the Commander said to the Colonel, and then the Commander and Alpha walked out of the dormitory.

After a few moments, when he thought it was safe, Pretty Boy took his hands off the wall and walked back to his cot. He was still a little surprised. He had known men would be using him over the next few days – that had been clearly explained to him last night – but he thought it would the Masters or maybe their friends. He never expected it would be open season on his hole from the boys he spent all day and all night with.

And it didn’t take long for it to start.

Wrestler took the initiative and walked over to Pretty Boy. Pretty Boy started to go down on his knees but Wrestler grabbed him and said, “No, not that.” Wrestler shoved the boy onto his cot and pushed him down onto his stomach, and in a blink Wrestler had climbed on top and pressed the boy’s head into the bed with one hand and pulled down the pants of his own scrubs with the other. Wrestler almost immediately buried his cock in Pretty Boy’s hole with one fast stroke and his muscular ass began to pound the boy hard. Wrestler had just been drained by Gray Beard not 30 minutes ago but he was reaming Pretty Boy like he had not had sex in a week.

Cody was stunned both by the quickness with which Wrestler had climbed on top of Pretty Boy and by the strength of the fucking. He had guessed Wrestler was mostly a top but now he could see he was a raging top. Wrestler might be submissive to men in BDSM but he was obviously a fuck machine when it came to sex.

There was frustration and relief in the way Wrestler fucked Pretty Boy and Cody thought he understood what was going on. In the past few days Wrestler’s beautiful hair had been buzzed off while he sat strapped in a chair; he had spent hours chained to a pole; he had been flogged; he had been shackled to a cot at night; he had been made to dig a useless trench in the dirt; he had lusted after a redneck he would never get to touch; and he had just been groped and sucked by a man who probably made his flesh crawl. Wrestler needed this relief and he pounded Pretty Boy relentlessly.

Wrestler developed a rhythm that was steady and constant; he obviously liked feeling the same sensation on his cock over and over again when he fucked. The pounding lasted a long time but finally Cody saw Wrestler’s body tense and then remain still, holding his cock deep inside Pretty Boy. Wrestler’s only sound was a series of very small grunts, timed with a very small thrust of his ass as each wave of his cum filled the boy’s hole.

Wrestler laid on top of Pretty Boy with his muscular body pressing the thin boy onto the cot and Cody wondered if Wrestler was going to fall asleep like that. Wrestler must have needed the rest; between everything he had been through and the exertion of the fucking itself — which was like watching a gym workout – Cody thought he must be exhausted. But after a few moments Wrestler pulled his dick out of the boy’s ass, pulled up his pants, and walked back to his cot, where laid on his back with eyes closed looking like he might dose off. Somehow his cock was still bulging in his scrub pants.

Cody looked over at Pretty Boy expecting to see shock, or sadness, or even anger on the boy’s face. Maybe Cody would even see tears like when the boy’s hair was buzzed off. After all, the boy had just basically been raped.

Cody saw Pretty Boy turn his head with difficulty – his neck was obviously stiff from being held down by Wrestler’s arm – but when Pretty Boy finally turned his head Cody didn’t see a tear, or shock, or sadness, or anger. He saw pleasure. It wasn’t Wrestler who had enjoyed the fuck it was Pretty Boy. Wrestler had just been getting out his frustration, fucking like an animal. It was Pretty Boy who experienced the pleasure. Pretty Boy’s face had a glow. And Cody was jealous.

To be continued …

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  1. Enjoying and anxiously awaiting the next chapter, as I live through their training vicariously.

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