Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 11

By AlphaMetal

Day 4, Morning – Serious Restraint

Cody woke before the others. He started to sit up in bed but felt the steel cuff bite into his ankle as he pulled his leg back; he had forgotten his foot was shackled to the corner of the cot.

Cody reached down to rub his ankle and saw Pretty Boy lying on his side; his thin sheet had slid partly off leaving his ass exposed. He really has a sweet little ass, Cody thought.

Pretty Boy was one of those natural-born bottoms who love sex and love being used and now it was his function at the camp. He had already begun acting differently since yesterday’s announcement. The scared boy who spent the first few days looking terrified now had a flirty confidence around the other boys. Cody’s impression of the change was confirmed as the boys shaved in the bathroom that morning. Pretty Boy removed all his clothes, not just his scrub top, and stood at the sink naked, bending over just a little more than necessary. It looked like he was inviting the Colonel, Wrestler, or Cody to come up from behind and penetrate him.

But there was no time for that. The boys had only 20 minutes. And the day was about to start and Cody, Wrestler, and the Colonel were thinking about what might happen to them. Pretty Boy had some kind of immunity from suffering but the rest of them didn’t and they wondered what the day would bring. Pretty Boy’s ass looked hot as he stood at the sink but they all had other things on their mind.

Anyway, Cody thought with an inward smirk…. I can always use him later.

The boys finished their morning clean-up and took their places by the ends of their cots. Pretty Boy had pulled on his prison uniform again; no sense pissing off the Commander or Alpha when he had such a good thing going. And within a few moments the Commander and Alpha appeared in the door with Alpha holding two sets of full transport shackles.

Alpha walked up to the Colonel holding the transport restraints. The Colonel put his hands in front to be shackled but Alpha shook his head “no,” and so the Colonel put his hands behind his back instead. Alpha cuffed the Colonel’s hands behind his back, padlocked the belly-chain around his waist, and attached the leg irons to his ankles. Then Alpha and walked over to Cody, who put his hands behind his back and was shackled like the Colonel.

The Commander told Wrestler and Pretty Boy to lay on their cots and Alpha shackled each boy’s ankle to the frame of his cot. “You two have had enough fun for a while,” the Commander said. He somehow knew what had happened yesterday.

The Commander and Alpha led Cody and the Colonel out of the dormitory and the two shackled boys slowly shuffled their way to a small cinderblock building that neither of them had seen before. It had no windows and a solid steel door which Alpha opened with a key, and as they entered Cody and the Colonel saw a line of steel bars that formed the front wall a cell with the cinderblock walls of the building forming the cell’s other three walls. Metal rings were attached at various places in the cinderblocks and on the concrete floor but there was nothing else in the cell.

Alpha put a chain around the Colonel’s neck and closed it with a padlock. He unlocked the cell door, walked the Colonel inside, and motioned for the Colonel, still in his transport restraints, to lay on flat his stomach flat with his head next to one of the metal rings. Before he got down on the floor the Colonel stretched his body as much as he could in the transport restraints; he figured it might be his last chance for a while. As he stretched he saw a skylight at the top of the cell. He wished he could at least be allowed to look up at the sky but he had been told to lay on his stomach. Well the cell was bright with daylight. That was something, at least.

The Colonel finished his stretch and lay down flat as instructed and Cody was stunned – and scared – to see Alpha padlock the Colonel’s neck chain to a ring in the floor with his face against the concrete. The Colonel himself showed no reaction.

“Oh fuck no,” Cody thought in his head. He did not want his cheek chained to that concrete floor. But one look at Alpha’s massive body, and the memory of the flogging frame – which he had somehow avoided the other day – reminded him there was no point in trying to resist. And if nothing else, he didn’t want his face broken if Alpha threw him to the ground, so he decided he would just lay down like the Colonel.

But instead of pushing Cody into the cell Alpha closed the bars and motioned for Cody to follow him out of the building. Cody shuffled behind Alpha and in front of the Commander as they walked to a small building made of wood. When they entered Cody saw a chair that looked like the “electric chair” from the intake with restraints on the arms and legs, but instead of bare wood this one had black leather padding on the seat and back.

Then Cody saw a black straightjacket hanging from a hook on the wall and he began to get the picture. Alpha removed Cody’s shackles and the Commander ordered him to strip, and Alpha held out the straightjacket. Cody saw it was not leather but heavy black rubber. Cody took a deep breath, crossed his arms and stretched left and right like he did at the gym, then took another deep breath, and reluctantly slid his arms into the long sleeves of the straightjacket. Alpha walked behind and buckled the straps at the back of the straightjacket, which gripped Cody so tightly it felt like it was painted on. It reminded him of a wetsuit he wore once to go water-skiing in a very cold lake.

Alpha pulled Cody’s arms across his chest and fastened the long sleeves tight behind his back. He then maneuvered straps around the naked boy’s legs and buckled them to the bottom of the jacket so they surrounded Cody’s ass like a jockstrap. The feeling of the straps and Alpha’s hands on his naked crotch made Cody excited and he tilted back his head and closed his eyes as he felt his cock get hard.

Alpha guided Cody to the chair and wrapped the leather ankle restraints around his bare ankles and locked them with small padlocks. Alpha then buckled the chest strap holding Cody firmly in the chair. Cody could not move any part his body but his toes; he could not lean forward even an inch because of the chest strap and his ankles were tight against the wooden legs of the solid chair. Cody was tightly encased but he was not uncomfortable; the seat was well padded and his ass was comfortable, and while the jacket was tight it felt more like a hug than a constriction.

Cody was very aware of his exposed crotch and wanted someone to touch his erection but he had a feeling that was not going to happen. Then Cody felt Alpha pull a hood over his head. He was not expecting the hood and was shocked by how suddenly his sight was taken away without any warning. But he knew there was nothing he could do about it and that he was probably going to be in darkness for a while.

Cody couldn’t really hear anything in the hood but after a while he assumed the Commander and Alpha had left him alone. He began to feel like he was floating. He enjoyed the darkness and the silence. It was restful and peaceful. And Cody felt strangely… safe. He felt protected in the hug of the straightjacket. He felt like he was floating in a warm bath.

Then Cody felt a strange tingle on his chest, and then another, and then another. Something was crawling on his skin inside the straightjacket.

Cody realized with a panic, “Those are insects!” There were ants or some other kind of insects crawling inside the straight jacket.

Cody began to panic and thrash around. He needed out. He needed out NOW. He needed this thing off him. His mind raced. More and more ants were crawling over his skin and he was in a full panic.

What had been comforting darkness just a few moments ago was now full-blown claustrophobia. He needed to get out. He needed to get out NOW. But he was so tightly bound in the straitjacket that he couldn’t even move his skin against the rubber to try to kill the ants.

Cody began breathing very heavily. He was glad the hood was open at the nose and mouth and realized that he would have suffocated without those openings as his panic flared out of control. “Oh, God,” Cody thought. This was the worst thing he had ever experienced. He was strapped to a chair with insects crawling over his body. He couldn’t take this. He wanted to die.

Cody’s mind raced but then somehow he calmed down. Wait a second, Cody thought, if the rubber was so tight against his skin how could the ants be crawling around freely? How could they survive at all?

He breathed steadily and tried to clear his mind, and as he began to calm down he felt sweat running down his leg. He was sweating like a pig inside this rubber jacket.

How can those ants be alive with all that sweat and with the rubber so tight against his skin? And how did they crawl in there in the first place?

Wait a second. Those aren’t insects, Cody thought. Those are beads of sweat bubbling from my skin and sliding around inside the rubber. Cody was overwhelmed with relief. The thought of being helpless with insects crawling over his body was more than he could take. Now he breathed calmly again. He could feel the sweat dripping down his legs and onto his bare feet and had never been so relieved to feel sweat in his life. He was still wrapped in the straightjacket and the hood but he was OK. He could take this. He would survive.

Cody began to relax and float away again. That sense of calmness returned and he was back in a warm bath.

Then boredom set in. Cody became very aware of the constriction and wanted to be released just because he was bored; he had had enough. And as he thought about how much he wanted to be released the claustrophobia struck again. He wanted OUT. He wanted out NOW.

But he was wrapped tightly in the straightjacket and strapped to the chair and he knew he had to talk himself down. After a while his panic subsided and was replaced by acceptance. There was nothing he could do to free himself so he began to accept the situation. And he felt the calmness return and once again he felt safe and protected in the bondage.

Day 4, Afternoon – The Leather Market

Wrestler and Pretty Boy had not seen Cody or the Colonel since Alpha had taken them from the dormitory in transport shackles that morning. The Commander and Alpha walked into the dormitory; Alpha unshackled them from their cots and the Commander told the boys to remove their clothes and follow them. They led the naked boys through the intake room and into the large room where they had first waited after their arrival.

The room had been converted into something that looked like a vendor market at a big leather event. Toys, gear, and clothes from the Commander’s leather store were displayed in stalls around the room and each stall had a good-looking young man ready to assist the customers who filled the room looking over the merchandise.

With Wrestler and Pretty Boy in tow the Commander walked around the room looking over the setup, observing his customers look at his merchandise, and watching how his hunky employees were interacting with the customers. This private sale was a big part of the annual training week; it financed much of the cost of the week but more importantly was a way to reward his best customers and give them an experience they could not get anywhere else. The Commander’s customers looked forward to this day; the Doms knew they would be allowed to touch any of the boys who were at the camp for training and use them to try out any toys or other items that were for sale, and the subs knew the hunky young sales assistants would happily put them in any bondage restraints they wanted to try. It was a big deal to get invited and in the month or two before the event some of the Commander’s customers bought things they didn’t need just to score an invitation, which suited the Commander just fine.

As Commander walked around with Wrestler and Pretty Boy he saw a good customer of his looking at a cage in the corner of the room. The Commander had been trying to get him to buy a cage for a while and put his hand on the man’s back and said, with a mischievous smile, “would you like to see how it looks with a boy in it?”

The customer looked at Wrestler and Pretty Boy’s naked bodies; he pointed to Wrestler and said, “That one. Definitely that one.”

The Commander looked at Wrestler and said, “Back it into the cage, boy.” Wrestler got down and maneuvered himself into the cage with his head to the back of the cage and his feet facing the door. The Commander handed the padlock to the customer and said, “Go ahead,” and the man shut the door and padlocked Wrestler inside. “He’s all yours,” the Commander said.

The customer walked around to the back of the cage and took a set of handcuffs from his belt. He told Wrestler to put his hands through the bars behind his back and handcuffed him that way.

The customer admired the way the muscular boy looked in the cage and asked the Commander, “Do you have a set of leg irons I could borrow?”

“Of course,” replied the Commander, and in a moment Alpha returned with leg irons.

“Stick your feet through the bars, boy,” the customer ordered Wrestler, and he fixed the leg irons on the boy’s ankles outside the bars so he could not pull his feet back into the cage.

Wrestler saw the way the man looked at his muscled body and being admired like that made his dick hard. The customer reach inside the cage and ran his hands over the boy’s chest and Wrestler’s dick got even harder.

“Got a cane?” the customer asked the Commander with an evil grin,

“Of course!” replied the Commander, and in a moment Alpha appeared with a thin bamboo cane.

The customer bent down and begin striking the bottom of Wrestler’s feet with the cane. Wrestler instinctively pulled his feet back but they were locked in the leg irons outside the cage and the man continued to cane the bottom of his feet as Wrestler winced. The strokes got harder and harder until finally the Commander said to him, in a friendly voice, “Come on now, the boy’s gotta walk.” The customer smiled and handed the cane back to Alpha. “I have another thing I want to show you,” the Commander said to his customer, and they walked away from the cage with Pretty Boy following them. Alpha stayed behind to keep an eye on Wrestler in the cage, As the men and the naked Pretty Boy walked away Wrestler heard the Commander say to the customer, “Don’t worry, you’ll get your cuffs back!”

As Wrestler sat in the cage with his hands cuffed to the bars behind him, with his feet still locked in the leg irons, several men reached into the cage to rub Wrestler’s body, pinch his nipples, or play with his cock or balls. Alpha was standing guard but did not interfere with the men’s fun. One man took a pair of clamps from his pocket and showed them to Alpha, who nodded, and the man placed them on Wrestler’s nipples.

Wrestler figured there must be some limit on what the customers could do to his body, which was probably why Alpha was there, but as the jock felt a man slide a rough finger deep into his hole he had no idea what that limit might be.


As the Commander walked around the market observing the activity, with Pretty Boy in tow, he saw one of his hunky young employees holding a complex set of leather straps and trying, without much success, to explain to two customers how the bondage harness worked. When the employee saw the Commander and Pretty Boy he asked the Commander, “May I, Sir?” and the Commander replied, “Of course.”

The employee took Pretty Boy and guided him to the center of the stall and began to fasten the bondage harness on the twink’s naked body as the two customers watched. The employee explained each step and then removed the harness from Pretty Boy and said to one of the customers, “Go ahead and give it a try.” The employee helped the customer re-attach the harness buckle-by-buckle, guiding him through each step.

The other customer said he wanted to try also and so the employee removed the harness and handed it to the man, who began clumsily to fasten the straps as Pretty Boy allowed his body to be manipulated. Eventually Pretty Boy was mostly back in the harness and the hunky employee helped the customer close the final two restraints, which held Pretty Boy’s hands behind his back, one above the other, on a leather strap that ran from his neck to a belt around his waist.

With Pretty Boy firmly in the bondage harness and his hands restrained behind his back the two customers began to run their hands over his smooth body and were obviously pleased with their experience at the market. The Commander looked at his employee with smile that said, “Well done.”

Pretty Boy felt one of the two customers put a hand on his ass. It felt good. Then he felt the man’s hand inside his ass crack, which felt even better, and then the man slid his finger slide inside his lubed hole. Pretty Boy spread his legs wider to give the man better access and the man’s finger moved in and out. Pretty Boy felt himself growing hard from the feeling of his ass getting probed and as he got closer to an orgasm from the finger-fucking. The man fingering Pretty Boy massaged his prostate expertly and Pretty Boy shot a load right onto the floor, shaking and bucking.


Wrestler was still in the cage at the other corner of the room and a man reached in the cage and began to stroke Wrestler’s cock. The boy began to moan and Alpha could see pre-cum leak from the tip of the jock’s penis. The man kept stroking the jock’s dick but when Wrestler’s body tensed up Alpha put his hand on the man’s back and shook his head “no.” The man removed his hand, leaving Wrestler in the cage with his dick hard and sweat beading on his smooth broad chest. As Wrestler sat in the cage with his cock throbbing he thought to himself, “So that’s the limit Alpha is here to enforce: Everyone gets to have fun but me.”

But soon Wrestler’s attention was distracted by the sounds and sights of the Commander’s employees taking down the stalls and packing away the merchandise as the day came to a close. He was relieved that he would soon be let out of the cage because his shoulders had begun to ache from having his hands cuffed behind him for the past hour or two. Wrestler was even more relieved when the Commander and the customer who put him in the cage showed up so the man could retrieve his handcuffs before going home. Wrestler looked forward to the cuffs being removed so he could finally stretch his arms, but instead he felt a second pair of cuffs being snapped onto his wrists above the first pair. “I think we will leave him like this for a while,” the Commander said to the customer. The customer replied, “Well he’s your boy this week” as he unlocked his own cuffs and removed them from Wrestler’s wrists.

Wrestler wondered how long he would be left in the cage with his hands cuffed behind him and his feet sticking out of the bars. He wondered if he would be left like that all night.

The employees eventually finished packing up all the merchandise and the room was empty except for Wrestler’s cage and a group of the Commander’s sales assistants who were chatting with each other after their busy day. The group moved toward Wrestler’s cage and one of the hunky employees removed the irons from Wrestler’s ankles; the boy immediately pulled his legs into the cage to stretch. The hunk then removed Wrestler’s handcuffs and the boy crossed his arms in front of his chest and stretched as much as he could inside the cage. The relief felt wonderful. Now all he needed to do was stand up and he expected that someone would soon open the door to release him so the cage could be carried off with the other merchandise going back to the store.

But instead of opening the door the employees stood around the cage looking at the muscular jock inside. One of the employees opened his jeans and stuck his cock into the cage and it didn’t take long for Wrestler to figure out what we expected. He shifted around so he could put his mouth around the hunk’s dick and began to do his job. Wrestler was tired from his hours in the cage but looking up at the guy made the work a lot more pleasant; he was wearing a leather vest over a chest and six-pack that were covered with black hair. Wrestler thought how unusual it is for a guy with such a defined six-pack to leave it hairy, but he also thought it looked hot as fuck and he was more than happy to have the hunk’s dick in his mouth. Wrestler worked hard to make the man feel good and in a few minutes he felt his hot cum fill his mouth. But almost before Wrestler could swallow another of the employees put his dick between the bars and Wrestler took it in his mouth and went to work. Through the corner of his eye he could see the other young men pull out their dicks as well and he soon got the picture.

To be continued …

This story is copyright © 2020 by and is posted to the Metalbond Prison Library with permission.


Tyler Saint

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