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Muscle Dungeon Games

Check out Tyler Saint and Dire Callahan at Bound Muscle Jocks:

Tyler Saint and Dire Callahan at Bound Muscle Jocks

Tyler Saint is so used to being the one in charge that it’s no surprise he doesn’t like finding himself caged like an animal, naked and cold. Still, he knows he needs to obey or it will be worse for him. Blindfolded and with bamboo poles slid through to control his pose, he is treated like a pet, an animal to be trained. The addition of nipple clamps can only make him more compliant as Master Dire Callahan controls and manipulates him from the darkness.

Tyler Saint and Dire Callahan at Bound Muscle Jocks

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Title of this video: Muscle Dungeon Games – Part 1

Muscle Dungeon Games

Needle play with Tober Brandt

Sadistic dom Tober Brandt probably wasn’t planning to teach his captives Cullen Cable and Duncan Murphy how to be as twisted as he is, but that seems to be what he’s done. The big man let his guard down for too long, and now Duncan has control, stunning their new victim and tying him down, piercing his flesh with needles!

Sadistic dom Tober Brandt


See the vid at Bound Muscle Jocks

Title: Tober Brandt, Cullen Cable & Duncan Murphy

Description: Tober Gets His Flesh Spiked

male bondage

10 Days in Detention – Part 23

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

From the end of Part 22:

We had finished eating and were continuing to talk when he looked across at me and slightly grinned, saying, “It’s a hot afternoon, don’t you think? Take the tank top off. I want to see you shirtless with that collar more readily visible.” I did as he asked and was slightly embarrassed and he knew it. We continued talking for a few more minutes with me thinking everyone was looking at me. I’m sure that wasn’t true as there were other guys shirtless outside, also, but it felt like it. I was the only guy wearing a locked on collar, after all.

In the car I was cuffed again, shirtless and barefoot still. Dan drove us back to my place and once inside he had me kneel in front of him while he sat on the sofa.

“Let’s talk about the weekend I want you to spend with me. But we can do that after a little more play, yes?”

Part 23

“Yes, Daniel,” I responded. I enjoyed being on my knees in front of him. He looked so hot sitting on the sofa smiling down and across at me.

Daniel leaned forward and lightly kissed me on the lips. When he pulled back he took his fingers and started to lightly massage my nipples which immediately had me moaning, eyes closed, head starting to tilt back and a raging boner in my jeans leaking pre-cum. His fingers were so gentle and my nipples were so hard wired my breathing changed and I started to slowly pant.

“Easy boy,” Daniel said to me as he continued to massage the tips of the nipples and he saw the changes that were happening to me.

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Muscle guys wrestle for bondage stakes

In this video from the men of Bound Muscle Jocks, Bryce Pierce sees an opportunity to get his revenge, overpowering Rojer Beaumont and quickly turning his attention on lean trainer Luca Ciccone. He quickly subdues the man, tying him up to the corner of the ring and rousing him to face his torment. Luca can do nothing as Bryce tugs his nipples and smacks around the growing bulge in his spandex.

muscle bondagewrestlling


See the VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Title: Bryce Pierce, Rojer Beaumont & Luca Ciccone

Description: Bryce Gets His Revenge On Luca

male bondage wrestling

Tied to a pickup truck

Jeremiah (Tyler Saint), Duke (Nick Moretti) and Tober Brandt are hanging out when discussion turns to their freakish experiences out in the wild. Musclebound Jeremiah is the first to share, explaining the time he was tied up and stripped naked by a mysterious assailant who stretched his nuts and wailed on his muscled body out in the sun. Will he ever discover who or why?

gay porn Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint

See the VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Title: Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint

Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint male bdsm

Derek Pain gets tied up

His spit dribbles from the ball gag in his mouth as he moans and struggles for release. But it’s no use. The painful ropes are too tight against his powerful muscles, and every time he flexes and moves it just seems to get tighter. He’s getting tired of struggling, but he doesn’t want to give up. Will he ever see freedom? This is a video featuring Derek Pain from the men of Bound Muscle Jocks.

Derek Pain gets tied up


See the vid at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Derek Pain

Description: Hard Muscle Bound Up Tight

Derek Pain male bondage

Tortured by a sadistic jock

John is most sadistic. In all the time he’s been tormenting young Jay he’s been threatening to fill his hole with the metal plug and massive dildo, but it was all a ploy. He loves making a guy like Jay scared, and it seems to have done the trick. Still, he’s got more pain for the new captive before he’ll even consider letting him go. The electrodes were bad, but the pain of hot molten wax splashing over his body is worse. It gets even more painful when his balls are being coated and his ass crack is taking dribbles of the scalding thick liquid! It’s a wonder he’s still fighting by the time John is ready to give him a break.

male bondage: Tortured by a sadistic jock


See the VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Jay Ru & John Wolfboy

Description: A New Subject to Educate – Part 3

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