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Tyler Saint and Duke Rivers are tied and tortured in the woods

Tyer Saint gay bondage

At Bound Muscle Jocks, Tyler Saint and Duke Rivers have their balls prepared with tight ropes that make an X in between them. The center of the X is the perfect place to put Dire’s collection of chains.

Duke Rivers gay bondage

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Title of this video: Danger Wood Part 3

Models in this shoot: Tyler Saint, Duke Rivers, Dire Callahan

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The Vacation – Part 01

By Rubrpig

Marc was tired from a long day on the lead trading desk.  He stretched and his muscular frame felt stiff so he knew he was going to hit the gym when he finished work for the day.  He had received his yearly bonus and since he was the lead trader for his firm, it was larger than he had anticipated so that had put him in a good mood.  He looked around the trading room and he spotted the VP of HR heading his way so he knew he was in for another lecture about taking his accrued vacation time.

The VP had been after him for weeks to start taking his vacation time as currently he had 12 weeks accrued.  He sat down as the VP entered his office.  He held up his hand and told him to hold the lecture and told the VP that he would think it over and let him know in the morning.  The VP nodded and told him that otherwise he would be left with no choice but to suspend him from work until he had used up all the accrued time.

Marc sighed and turned back to the computer screens and noticed a couple of trends so he executed several trades and noted with satisfaction that he had come out ahead once again.  The New York market closed so he stood up, grabbed his jacket and headed out.  After giving some orders and instructions to the night traders, he headed for the gym.

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Male BDSM: Tied up outdoors at Bound Muscle Jocks

At BoundMuscleJocks.com, Mikeal soon gets Tanner tied to the stakes. Then he decides to test the capacity of the captive’s lungs and insists on some serious screaming. Tanner doesn’t meet the requirements, so liberal application of the whip helps him along. Soon he is red, welted and screaming. Soon Mikeal has heard enough and tests the prisoner’s gag reflex by ramming his hard black cock deep in Tanner’s throat

Bound Muscle Jocks

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A prisoner with a large cock gets tied up at Bound Muscle Jocks

In this video from Bound Muscle Jocks, the Master continues to explore the prisoner’s body, and the captive is really starting to enjoy the ropes. Turning the bound jock and reattaching his arms and legs to the cross, the Master starts to whip his back, interspersing the whipping with tugging on the prisoner’s large cock.

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Title of this video: “Nothing to Say

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Hidden Detention — Part 06

By Desert Pioneer

The move out the door takes Jack by surprise as he retreats behind a tree. Jack’s thinking that things are now ending is overruled as he watches Officer Merce light up a pipe full of weed and instruct all three to inhale. Soon Roy heads back in saying he’s got some cardio to do, while the other three remain outside for a bit longer. Giving them a few minutes to settle Jack puts his face back to the same peephole.

First off, Jack sees Feller at the jail cell that had bound Street Punk. Officer Merce is just tightening up the straitjacket on Feller and uses leather shackles to bind his legs at the knees and ankles. Merce carefully sits Feller on the floor with his legs straight out and secures him to the bottom part of the cell. He adds a collar that he also locks to the bars, denying Feller the ability to move his head. Merce tightens Feller’s hood and snaps the blinders over his eyeholes, leaving him without a sense of sight. Feller’s head is reduced to a pussy-like white-gray bushy circle surrounding his lips mounted on a leather-covered orb. Merce squats down using his fingers to inspect the hole that had serviced him earlier. Finally, he pulls up his chair in front of Feller, providing himself a full view of the others while he uses Feller’s shoulders for a footrest.

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