True Life Part 1: First Visit

By ty dehner

Flight to Meeting

The quest begins. It is shortly after midnight and i’m on a flight bound non-stop to Chicago. i have to question my sanity for flying to a strange city to meet a man i’ve only talked with on the phone and internet to see if i can release control of my life and even put me into helpless bondage.

i am nuts, but you know what, i am excited with the possibilities of what could be. i have spent the last 2 years trying to figure out who i am, and each adventure takes me closer. Is this the jackpot–who knows– but there are things going on here that i’ve not encountered before.

i am at a point in my life where i can move, change my life and submit myself to a structured loving life. Sir and i have many interests and i believe he has many dreams to see come true. i would be very excited to a part of those dreams, as well as help make them become a reality. And i have hope that he can show me how to make my dreams a reality and will want to see my success as much as his. For only when i am successful will i know how strong our bond is, for i know he will take me to levels i’ve never dreamed. Make me a man unlike any other. For me giving up control to him is truly my decision, and only mine. And i know he will know that. i will challenge him for that release. For i can only respect him when he respects me for what i can do for him and when i have reached who i am.

Having the chance to reach out and take what i need in life is a rare opportunity that i know i cannot miss. For this is the window to get what i need in my life:

  • Love– i never knew how important this is to have in life. The love of one man, and to return it to him is truly a wonderful thing and something i’ve missed out in my life, but know that must be in my life
  • Submission– i need someone to control me to make my life complete. i have no doubt that i can achieve great things and be a great aide to a great Man. By having the courage to admit who i am, then i can truly be who i am, a slave.
  • Structure– to maintain my service to a Master and maintain my high levels will difficult but i am ready to be challenged. My best work comes when i am challenge. A Master will show me things i may not know about myself, how to face and conquer some fears and anxieties and how important i am to him in his life.
  • Trust– i want to trust a Man, that he will show me the right way to live, to serve, to love and to be me. And to build a trust that will be stronger than any stone.
  • Dreams– i need to be with someone that has dreams, all kinds of dreams. Dreams that he will let me help him to achieve. For pride in one will come when he has pride in himself and all he does.

Those are lofty things to want in a life and some would question that a slave can have these things. i believe they are all possible, for by giving in to a Master, i become who i am. No one, except He can change who i am. For a slave is not a human that is beaten, shaved and caged to be abused and used, that is an animal. A slave is a human that reaches down inside him to inspire a great Man to be his best, for a man chose to be a slave. And only does so of his own free will.

Wow! i feel like i’m writing a speech. i guess as the time draws near to arrival, i am trying to find the reasons why i’m doing this. But the real reason is because i must. As a moth is drawn to a flame, i am drawn to this Man in Chicago, for he could be the Man to show me the true me.

Today was not eventful until the ticket showed up. i spammed my resume, did my walk later in the day, after my stretching. As i walked i ran through the Strip Command a few times in my mind. i am confident that i have the order. But not sure what time i will fall into. But, depending on the circumstances, i should be around a minute.

When i returned from walking i checked the mail and the ticket had arrived. i contacted Sir and i told him that the midnight flight was the best option. He was concerned about my lack of sleep. i told him it wasn’t that bed, plus i most likely wouldn’t have slept much anyways because of my excitement. but i really liked that he was concerned about my sleep. Many so-called Master’s that i have talked to wouldn’t be worried or concerned. They are the center of the universe in their minds. While not totally a bad idea, not realistic. A Master to be will always come first. But like a man that kicks a dog, doesn’t care for his car, or take poor care of his health, how can i be the best i can be if i am not allowed to do what makes me my best? A good talented Master knows that and will guide me to find that.

Sir and i talked about everything i was to bring. My pack is filled with great treasures for Sir to have me dress in and serve him. And i have no doubt he has some treasure to show me.

We ended our conversation with the plans for my pick up at the airport. i am very excited that he is going to pick me up. i anxiously await laying eye upon him for the first time. And i hope he does too. How comfortable or awkward will we be for that ride home. Our conversation ended after a brief rundown of all the things i was to bring.

i started to pack. My friend called, head over heels for the guy he met over the weekend. i just hope that while i am gone he doesn’t do anything rash. The weekend ahead will be rough for him because he will not be working. But the guy has admitted to caring deeply for my friend also, so i think things will work out.

my best friend Rob eventually arrived, as i finished packing. We sat and visited awhile, as we waited for the flight time to arrive and for him to take me to the airport. Shortly before Rob arrived, Sir contacted me one more time. That really made my night. This adventure or quest is important to him also. We both have done a lot of searching and are getting tired. But we agreed that this time together must flow, it can’t be the end of our quest, only the beginning. And only in time, will we know if i can submit and he can dominate me.

The night sky is so black out tonight. From where i sit on the plane, there is no moon. What is out there? Kind of like the times ahead.

As Rob drove me to the airport, he played a song that he called my theme song for this trip. Simply it said, “i’m not going to mess it up this time.” Well only time will tell. Is Sir the one i will submit too? No one knows. i look forward to the adventure, the times, and the continued growth of me and the slave yet to come.


The First Day


After a very bumpy flight, which i didn’t like, we are starting to descend into Chi Town. So many questions are going to be asked, and hopefully just as many will be answered.

i am very excited. The nerves are more from the flight than the meeting. i hate rough flights! i know we are going to have fun. i’ve written little about the BDSM. i know we are going to play and i love the unknown of all that! Can’t wait to feel a snug hood on my head, the ropes around my–enough, no expectations for our time.

We will laugh, Sir will be tough, i will submit. The time will fly by too fast. And just maybe…we’ll both want it to continue.

The gawd awful flight finally touched down. i grabbed my bags and headed to the curb to finally meet my possible Master. When we found each other, i loaded into his van. We shook hands and headed to the highway. Sir is a great looking guy. He has a great smile, which i know from his laugh on the phone, that he would. It wasn’t too long, and he patted me on the knee. i really like that. It showed that he was comfortable with me and it was a good way to break the ice. i also liked it because it showed his dominate side. Shortly, i was going to learn more.

Sir stopped at a truck stop. i thought sure this was the moment for the Strip Command. But no, he had me get into the back of the van. Then he followed. Then the Command came. i hurried to get my boots off. then he stopped me. He had me lay on the floor. Putting tape over my eyes he started something that would freak out most. He pulled my pants down and secured my cock and balls with handcuffs. He then rolled me over, cuffed my hands, then thumb cuffed me too. my feet were secured with rope that was then put around my waist. my feet were brought up and i was in a loose hog-tie. He gagged me with duct tape, then used straps to further bind my legs. Then other straps secured me to the floor. He asked if i was alright, then he got in the driver’s seat and we headed for his place.

i haven’t been in Chicago for 30 minutes and i was bound and gagged in a stranger’s van, heading to who knows where. But i was showing Sir trust. And therefore so many so called boys never find a Master, they don’t provide trust. Sir showed me respect by asking if anything was too tight or hurting me. That shows that my trust is justified.

i felt every bump and turn on the road. i had no control of the situation i was in. None. But i was enjoying that.

When we finally stopped after 15 minutes or so, that is what it seemed to me. Sir climbed in back and released me. We were at a park. Since it was very early there wasn’t anyone around. We went for a walk on a wooded path.

i thanked sir for my first taste of a kidnapping. He enjoyed it himself. As we turned and headed back to the van. The Strip Command came again. i started right away, in the middle of this park! i just did it. i thought he would stop me, but he didn’t. In just about a minute i was naked, at attention in the woods by command of this future Master. He ordered me to do 10 push-ups, which i haven’t done in years, and to kiss his boots as i went down. My mind was a blur, this was happening so fast. i started the push-up, then he had me thank him for allowing me to come train with him. i was indeed very happy to be in Chicago, but naked in a park? i don’t know how many push-ups i did, no more than five. He had me stop and get dressed. As i hurried, he continues the walk. i then ran to catch up with him.

Sir isn’t shy!! i trusted his judgement totally and showed that by stripping nude in freezing temps. It is surprising that i followed through. Not sure why i did and what is happening. i want to please this guy. Have i dreamed of being a slave for so long that i can now act the part without thought? Am i pleasing Sir because he acts the Master i want to serve?

We arrived at his place. And as i expected, once we were inside the Strip Command came again. This time was under 60 seconds. Standing at attention he examined me. Could he really do something with this body to create a boy he’d be proud of? i think that he saw potential!

i searched for my journal for him as he looked for something in another room. After presenting him with my journal, he taped my eyes again. He leads me to his bedroom, and before long i was chained spread eagled, then gagged with tape. In the van he learned my feet were ticklish. He told me every time he tickled my feet i was to move them forward so he’ll have easier access. He started to tickle me all over. i sensed that he enjoyed my struggle. He reached my feet, i moved them forward. He liked that i remembered, then left me alone for a while.

When He returned, He read passages from my journal. He was very impressed. He called me by my full given first name, that made me feel more submissive. i knew he was pleased. He laid on top of me. His warm strong body next to mine. He hugged me, tickled me, used his mouth to toy with my ear. How i wanted to return the affection. But i couldn’t, i was in his bondage. i did snuggle my face into his body. It was great! How helpless i felt. He started the tickle assault on my entire body. He added suction cups on my tits, he left.

He returned to lay upon me again, to toy with me. To let me know that he is going to know all about me by the time i leave. That i will be taken apart and rebuild to his specifications. i loved being in his control. This is where i wanted to be.

He left again. Tickled me some more on his return. Soon there was the buzz of clippers. my crotch hair was removed, he worked his way up my body. Before i knew it, i was shaved neck to toe. i hadn’t expected this much shaving, i’ve never been shaved clean! He released my arms, laying on my naked body. Finally, i could hug him. The cold chains around my wrists cuffs laid on his warm back. He joked about it and i gathered the chains in my hands. He showed me how more sensitive my body was without hair. i also felt more naked.

He rolled me over, chained me down again and shaved my back sides and ass. He laid upon my hairless body, his naked body against mine. His dick laying in the crack of my ass. He hugged me, tickled me. This time was getting good. Then the clippers started on my head. This was totally not thought of by myself. i thought he was going to trim it. But it was all coming off. i think he thought i was getting mad or scared at the shaving of my head. He told me to have fun, to trust him. i wasn’t mad, it was just totally unexpected. i took a few minutes to get over the shock and how it would be explained. i would like to think that if he knew i was totally pissed off, he’d stop. i wasn’t pissed off, i was, for the first time dealing with someone that truly could be my Master. He was affectionate, but he also was controlling.

Eventually he brought out the shaving cream and shaved my head. i hope to eventually see the digital pictures he took. When he was done, he hugged and tickled me. But time was running out for he needed to get to work. As i was released and led to the bathtub where i shaved myself and sir did my backside. i showered quickly. He then gave me my assignments for the day as he chained my feet.

So now i sit on the floor, naked and shaved, feeling like a true slave with only socks on my feet. As instructed, the bedroom is straightened and picked up, the bed made. i even cleaned the bathtub from the shaving stuff and hung the towels.

i’ve watched the Strongest Man videos Sir wanted me to watch. They were interesting. Not great looking guys, but strong. If i become Sir’s boy, will i become half that strong? Now as i finished this up for now, i will tackle some reading Sir left me about Resistance Training. Today has been quite the adventure, and it is just now noon. What does the week have in store? My tinge of doubt popped up while i was watching the videos. Am i doing the right thing? Will he make the Master i’ve dreamed of? Will i make the boy he has dreamed of? But i knocked that little guy off my shoulder. i came to explore and discover. It is way too early to start things, questioning things. i hate that little voice and wish i could get rid of it now! i’m here, i want to be here, and i’m going to prove to Sir and myself that he will be very sorry to see me leave. i’m going to be my best or i should have never come.

As i write this evening is falling, i’ve cleaned the kitchen after lunch and finished my reading assignments. The chain is still secured around my ankle allowing me movement, but my reminder that i am chained in his house as it is secured to a bolt on the bed. i have found myself checking the clock, hoping he’ll be home soon. He is a great guy, very knowledgeable about health, working out and i’m sure other things.

i can tell he gets a bit impatient with me, for i don’t move fast enough at this. i find myself frustrated and getting worried that if i screw something up he’ll send home. i must keep telling myself this is training and i am learning about him. So i am going to be 100% every time. i just must remember these things and make them better next time.

Sir did get me good though. Sir came home for lunch, i was glad to see him! He put lunch on the table for lunch. i wasn’t thinking and sat at the table with him. He abruptly ordered me to go wait in his bedroom before we ate. He sat on the bed and showed me how to massage his feet. i was even allowed to give them a kiss after. i really liked that! When we returned to eat in the kitchen, my food was in a dog bowl on the floor. i should’ve known not to sit on the furniture unless told too. A couple of times Sir pushed my face into the food just so i wouldn’t forget the dog that i am. And i had not used the sofa all morning! i just wasn’t paying attention. Well, as i said, this is training and i must get into the mindset.

Well, Sir has arrived home. We are going to the gym then to bed early since we’ve both had a long day!

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank ty dehner for this story!


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