Bro to Ho – Part 4: Gabe’s Story

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage stories“Show some respect. This is Ari’s brother!”

The words are still as chilling now, as they were then. I still see his face, as he sat there sipping a pumpkin spice latte. How could I have missed it? He even looked like he could be Ari’s brother. Maybe that was why I’d been so aloof at first?

I’m still wracked with guilt. Ari and I had been friends. Close friends, classmates, and frat brothers. He was straight, I was gay, and though we did make out a couple times, it never meant anything. We were bros, and friends forever. Until suddenly we weren’t. He got married to his perfect woman, and they had a son. But then he was in that accident, and it all ended so quickly. We never got closure, but his wife and son visit the University every year. I since dove into my masters studies, work, and started drinking more.

His name is Robert. He’s like a cuter, younger version of Ari. The same dark eyes, and a old-world calmness about his manner. Unlike Ari, he’s shorter, a little hairier, clearly gay, and kinkier than one could believe. Watching what he was doing with Shawn was both terrifying and fascinating.

Truth be told, it turned me on like nothing else. Locking a man’s dick in a metal cage so he can’t get a boner, then making him into a slave. I jerked off so hard thinking about Shawn, getting all the action he could ever want, while unable to get off himself. He spent hours in bondage, working out, doing chores and tasks, studies, and alcohol treatment. He was doing well too, the lucky bitch.

One evening, when I was tipsier than usual, I called Robert himself. I don’t remember much of the conversation, but I do know I put on some nicer clothes, went out, and spent some time at the bar with him. We hit it off, and started hanging out more, typically at his place. Eventually, we got around to talking about Shawn, I shared what I’d been thinking about it all. I told him about how I’d known Ari too.

“Well Gabe, I was wondering what your story was.” He admitted. “I think I have a good idea as to what we could work on. But I want to hear it from you. What do you want to get out of this?”

I swallowed awkwardly. “I want to feel controlled. Like how Shawn doesn’t have control, but he’s taken care of, and his life is looking up. I want an escape from my guilt, and grief. I drink, and I jerk off, and I think if those weren’t options, I’d find something more in my studies, or at work, and in life in general. But I don’t want to be a frat bitch.”

“Good, well we can keep it discrete. Shawn’s needs were very different, and he needed something pretty extreme. You, though, don’t need that rigidity. So, I want you to strip to your boxers, and lay on the couch.”

I did as I was told. But I was too curious. “What are you going to do?”

“I want to see how you react to being helpless.” He fastened some shackles on my wrists, biceps, thighs, and ankles, and started to snake chains around my body.

“You said you had some ideas? What all were you thinking?” I was feeling nervous. I’d never been tied up like this before, even though I jerked off to bondage porn all the time. I felt so trapped, and vulnerable.

“Oh yes, I do. But you’re so nervous I think it would scare you off if I told you. But trust me, you’ll enjoy it. Now just relax, and breath deeply and evenly.”

I tried to focus on my breathing. It was exciting to be tied up, even if it was so foreign. But I was the Alpha type, I was the frat stud, a star on both the football and wrestling teams, and I usually topped. I could also be a hot-head, which resulted in few lasting relationships. I’d stopped trying after undergrad. Why was I even thinking about that?

Robert had me face-down on the couch, and now he locked all the chains together, bringing my limbs together behind me.

I cried out. “Woah, what is this!? I don’t think I want to do this!” My hands were behind my back, drawn up toward my shoulders. My feet were drawn up to my butt, and my back was forced into a bow. I suddenly felt very weak and helpless. My hands were clenched, and I was sweating. But then I felt his hand on my shoulder. It was gentle, reassuring even. He caressed my arm, then back up my spine, and he rubbed the back of my neck.

“Hush now,” He said gently. “You’re ok, big guy. Just relax, the chains will hold you.”

I nodded, and closed my eyes. I felt him trace his hands over my body, along my spine, over my butt. He squeezed my muscles, and kneaded some of the knots. I felt my nerves and worries start to melt away.

It felt like several hours, but it was only ten minutes before I felt bored. I liked moving, and I didn’t just get the body I have by sitting still for very long. I started squirming.

“So now what?” I asked him. “Do we just stay here like this? I wanna go for run.”

“I want to teach you patience.” He said almost flatly. I opened my eyes to glare at him.

“Patience!?” I spat. “What the hell do you think I need patience for? I have-” He clamped his hand over my mouth. He was strong, and firm. “MMMMMMMPPPPHHHHH!!!”

I struggled in my chains, bucking wildly. No one put their hand over my mouth when I was talking! No one! “MMPH!! MM HMMPHHMM HHHMM MPPHHH!!”

As I thrashed and yelled into his hand, he remained calm, quiet, as if he’d been expecting this. After a moment though, I felt tired, my body wasn’t used to this kind of exertion, even though I was very athletic. It was the chains, and the hand over my mouth. Must have been.. As my struggles died down, he began to speak softly, in a gentle tone.

“It’s ok, buddy. You’re ok. I’ve got you well-secured in these chains, and you just get to relax now.” He tied a cloth over my eyes. “I know this is new to you, but sometimes even big dumb brutes like you need to be taken care of. So that’s what I’m doing. Open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth to swear at him. Instead, I was cut off by what felt like a rubber ball. I’d watched enough BDSM flicks to know it was a ball gag. It was big, filled my mouth, and he strapped it behind my head. I started to curse through it, but the gentle pat on my head somehow made me realize how pointless it was. I felt so tired, all I wanted to do now was to relax. I also wanted to be untied, so I could stretch out and make myself comfortable.

“Go ahead, Gabe. You can take a little nap if you’d like. You’re in no rush today, and the chains will hold you until I unlock them. It’s ok to surrender control.” His voice was so soothing. So gentle. I wanted to do what he said, trying to get comfortable in the awkward position I was in, maybe take a nap. It sounded like a really great idea.

“MMmmmppghhh…?” I groaned as I opened my eyes. Damn, I did fall asleep! I wondered how long it had been. The aches in my body were agony, my shoulders burned with the strain. I was still chained up! And I could feel the blindfold and gag were still in place too. I sputtered through all the drool that was caught behind the big gag. I wanted out now. “HHMMPH!? MM HMMMM!!!” I struggled as much as I could in my condition, hoping to hell Robert would come back and let me out. I quickly exhausted myself with my struggling, and settled back down, my mind racing.

Fuck this shit.. I thought to myself. He wants to teach me about patience, does he? Well, the fuck am I supposed to do? Quietly lay here in my boxers on his couch, drooling over my gag, chained up and in pain? That was insane! Though, my dick was rock hard.

Every muscle in my body, from the ones I worked out intentionally, to all the unhappy ones I’d never noticed until now, started screaming at me as I bucked into the couch. I was horny as fucking hell. It hurt to move. It hurt to lay still. It hurt to breathe. After only a few humps, I stopped trying. Somewhere in my mind, I remembered how Robert had calmed me by caressing my body and speaking so gently. I whimpered into my gag as I imagined how nice it would be to feel his hand brush against my shoulder, and rub the back of my neck. Ohhhh, that would feel so nice.

There was a tickle in my throat. I couldn’t swallow because of the large ballgag in my mouth. God damn, all this drool was fucking disgusting. It didn’t help that my body was cramping and my hamstrings were spasming painfully. No wait, that wasn’t it. The tickle in my throat was… A long, muffled sob tore from my throat. All of this was just too much!

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my head, ruffling my hair. I jerked up instinctively. “MMMMM HMMMMMM!!” I cried out.

“Shhhhh…” Robert’s gentle whisper broke through the haze of my pain-fogged mind. “Shhh, you’re alright Gabe. You’ve been tied up for just over six hours now. You slept a good while.” As he spoke, his hands dragged along my triceps, down my forearms, and held my hands reassuringly.

Six hours!? “HMMPH!!?” I groaned, shuddering at his touch more than his words. I felt like I could just collapse from exhaustion, yet run for a mile or ten, all at the same time. I felt the blindfold being untied. The room was dimly lit, and it was dark outside. I looked up at Robert, who was sitting next to me. He was wearing sweatpants, and looked like he was about to go to bed.

“RRMMPH? MMPGGHHHPH, HMMmmPH GMMPHMM MM PHHMM!” I broke into sobs again. I hurt everywhere, I couldn’t stay like this any longer. He patted my butt.

“I know it’s tough. You think you’ve had a long day on this couch, but you were asleep for most of it. Sleeping through training hours don’t count.”


He grabbed my chin, wiping my tears away with his thumb.

“Tell you what though, I’ll loosen that hogtie a bit. Or, I’ll give you a little something to help the pain. Either way, I expect you to be quiet, and you’ll stay in bondage the rest of the night either way. Nod once for the first option, or twice for the second.”

I considered the options. I didn’t want to spend another second like this, but what choice did I have? I let out another pitiful whine, and felt Robert’s thumb swipe another tear off my cheek. He looked into my eyes. He had such dark eyes, I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s your choice. I won’t make it for you.” He said. “But I do wanna go to bed soon. Between Shawn, you, and all the nonsense I have deal with academically, I’ve had a long week.”

I couldn’t make a decision. Neither choice sounded tolerable to me, when all I wanted was to be untied. My jaw felt like it was broken, and my quads felt like they’d torn. I was definitely in more pain than discomfort. Pain. The second option offered something to help with that. I struggled to nod twice.

“Choice number two? Very well. I’m actually glad you chose that.” He got up, after fiddling with something under the couch, folded the back of the couch down flat. He disappeared from my sight for a moment, and then returned with some pillows and a sheet. He then made up the folded-down couch into a bed.

“And for you,” he held up a small bottle and a small washcloth. “This is an aromatherapy oil. It’ll make your muscles relax.”

The fuck? Aromatherapy oil? That was it!? I was too stunned to even swear at him. He wafted the soaked cloth in front of my nose. It did seem to help, as much as I didn’t want to believe it. One whiff of whatever the oil was, and I felt warm and sleepy.

“I’m going to take your gag out for a moment. Not a word.”

The ball was unstrapped from my mouth, and my jaw just stayed open, frozen after being propped open for so long. He massaged my mouth, jaw, and throat, until I could close it. It hurt like hell, but thanks to that aromatherapy stuff, and Robert’s gentle touch I managed. He had me drink a few sips of water, take a multi-vitamin, and another muscle relaxant. I nuzzled his hand as I took each swallow. Something about that interaction seemed right for the moment. I wasn’t supposed to say anything, and frankly I was too tired and sore to say anything. I was glad I’d chosen the “pain relief” option. He then lay down next to me on the couch-turned-bed. I then realized I’d get to sleep next to him that night. I’d feel his hands on me, and his presence beside me all night. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d slept next to a guy.. It had been too long. I fought my sore shoulders to turn onto my side to face him. I wanted to snuggle up with him so bad!

He kept a firm hand across my back, keeping me from turning on my side. “No Gabe,” he’d said. “Trust me, it’ll be less painful if you stay on your front.” He fingered my lips to remind me to stay silent. He placed the oil-soaked rag just in front of my face so I could turn my head for another whiff whenever I wanted it. He did end up cuddling close, and holding me for a while. I turned my head and gave him a kiss. His mouth was so soft and sweet. I wanted more, and kissed him a little more aggressively. He kissed me back, matching my assertiveness, hungry even. I wanted so much to hold him, to pin him back, and kiss him as roughly as I could, and mouth my way down his body. I’d want to put his ankles up on my shoulders, and gag him with my tongue as I fucked him hard and fast. Alas, I was hogtied with chains, and completely helpless. I grunted frustration as he gently broke off our kiss. Before I could grunt, protest, or try to go back in for another, a thick, soft rag was being tied in my mouth.

“Settle down, big guy.” He whispered soothingly. “It’s time to wind down and get some rest.” He retied the cloth over my eyes too. I whimpered, but settled into position. The last thing I remembered before nodding off was the feeling of safety, warmth, and security as he held my hand. His body snuggled next to me. The sound of his breathing, and the faraway hum of the heater. This felt right.

I awoke the next morning with Robert removing the blindfold, and taking the cloth from my parched, dry mouth. He kissed me deeply and sensuously to quench my thirsty mouth. I was on my back, and had been retied in a speadeagle position. Like the night before, I was given some water, a multivitamin, a granola bar, and warned to remain silent. My teeth were brushed, and I relieved my bladder into a bottle.

I was then given a spongebath, and a full-body massage. I was still in a great deal of pain and very stiff from being hogtied all night. Robert was gentle, loving even, as he worked the aches out of my muscles. Being treated so intimately here was causing a great amount of confliction in my brain.

I strained a little, getting used to the position of being spread out. It was easier than that hogtie, but I wasn’t accustomed to being still for so long. I was restless, and a bit agitated about it. Even when he said it wasn’t for much longer, I wanted to be able to move again.

“Not long now,” he informed me as he pulled up a chair next to the bed.

I groaned. “Come on, I wanna get up! Better not be too long…”

He smiled, and started rubbing my lower abdomen with oil. I scoffed.

“Another massage? Really, it’s not going to relax me any more this time.”

“Oh no, this isn’t a massage.” He chuckled. “This is going to get you moving. Now just close your eyes, and relax.”

I closed my eyes, and tried to focus on the feeling of his hand, the warmth he spread across my body, and…

“YEEOOWWWWW!!!” I bucked from the bed as a sharp pain suddenly ripped from my skin. “THE FUCK??” He stifled a giggle, and held up a strip of paper covered with hair.

“Waxing lasts longer than shaving, and the hair grows back finer. I don’t understand why anyone shaves down there, when a good brazilian is without peer.”

“A brazilian!? There’s no way in hell I’m letting you wax my- OOOOWWWWW!! FUCK!”

Another strip of hair was ripped from my pubes. I thrashed as hard as I could in the restraints holding me down. I’d break the bed before I let him do any more…

“FUCK!! That fuckin’ HURTS!!!” He was working quickly, but the lower he went, the more it hurt. He was applying the wax to the side of my scrotum. I held my breath.

The feeling of hundreds of hair follicles being ripped out by the roots hurts like hell. But the pain when those hair follicles are torn from your nutsack is unbelievable. I was seeing stars, and couldn’t breathe for a minute.

“This. Is. Fucked, man! How is this even legal?? Isn’t there something in the Geneva conventions about- FUCK!!! About torture? Wouldn’t this classify?”

“Oh stop whining. You’re almost done! Just a couple more…” He pulled off another strip under my balls. “And then we’ll get your butt.”

My eyes shot open. “My butt too? Hell no, you’re not going to wax my butt too!” Rrrip!

“GOD DAMMIT!!” I pulled against the ropes as hard as I could, but all I did was chafe my wrists and ankles. I squeezed my eyes shut, and bit my tongue as the next few strips were applied and flipped away. I let myself breath again, but I knew it wasn’t over as Robert retied my ankles to the headboard, lifting my butt up, and keeping it exposed. I got a good look at my dick while he secured my legs. I expected it to look like it felt, to see the skin torn away and bloodied. Instead, it was smooth and shiny. Red and a irritated in places, yes, but I couldn’t help but admire the result. My attention was soon brought back as warm wax was applied in my butt crack.

“Brace yourself.” And with that, it began again. Warm, relaxing wax spread over my skin, followed by a strip of paper being pressed onto it, then a few seconds later sudden stinging pain as all the hair was torn out of my most sensitive nooks and crevices. I’d yell out like a stuck pig everytime. It hurt like hell!! The burning, tingling sensation would linger for a moment, then fade to a dull ache. By then, the process would begin again in a slightly different area. Again and again. Over my butt cheeks, in the crack, around my hole, and a bit of the inside of my thighs. Finally, he said he was done. A cooling gel was rubbed over the entire area.

“Wanna see?” He asked, and held up his phone. I hesitantly looked at the pics he’d taken. I was seething, but as he flipped through the before and after pics, I couldn’t help but notice how much smoother and sexier I looked down there.

“Congrats on your first brazilian!” He said cheerily, slapping me on the butt. “This’ll change your life. You’ll never want to shave that again!”

I huffed as my legs were lowered back down. I still wanted to be untied.

After he’d cleared away the wax and equipment, Robert frogtied me, and had me crawl like dog on my knees and elbows into the kitchen. He made himself a sandwich.

“Hey, what about me? All I’ve had today was a granola bar!” I was still pissed about the whole situation. Wordlessly, he put a dish down on the floor, with some oatmeal, leftover rice, and part of his sandwich. He placed another bowl of water next to it. So that was it, I was a dog. A fucking pet for him! I opened my mouth, but he gave me a serious look, and held up the ball gag from the night before. I held my tongue, and ate the food in the bowl.

“Good boy.” He said simply. I felt his foot graze along the back of my neck, and along my spine. I felt like a dog now. It pissed me off to no end. Yet, my dick was harder than it had ever been, flopping heavily between my legs as I ate and slurped out of the bowls.

“I’m done now. Can I go the gym for a bit? We can play again later tonight. I just want-”

His hand clamped over my mouth again.

“Pups don’t talk,” he reprimanded. “If you’ve finished eating, sit and stay.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Woof.” I said dryly, and sat back on my knees glaring at the two empty bowls on the floor in front of me. He patted my head, and finished his lunch.

“Well I know just what’s in order for this afternoon.” He stood up and stretched. I caught a glimpse of his slim belly and the top of the waistband of his briefs.

“Yeah, and what would that be?”

“Ah ah. No talking.”

“Woof woof?”

“Not convincing. How do puppy dogs sound?”

I felt my face turn red, but I let out a couple of deep, throaty barks. He immediately smiled, and patted my head. “Good boy! Come here!” He walked back to the den area, and I followed awkwardly on all fours. He sat down on the couch, holding a large puppy tail butt plug and some lube.

It was a big plug. Bigger than anything I’d taken recently. I eyed it nervously, but my dick was betraying me. I let out a low whimper.

“Good boy. It’s ok, you’ll enjoy having a tail to wag.” He petted my back again. I crawled closer, nuzzling his hand. I was slipping into the role of a pet, and my dick was loving every second.

Trapped on all fours, I couldn’t do much as Robert lubed his fingers and began to work my hole open. I’d played with dildos a little, and I’d fuck myself on occasion while I jerked off alone. I was used to topping, not that I had recently, and having anything up my butt felt unnatural. For whatever reason though, I was enjoying the fingers more than I thought I would. He had a good touch, or maybe I was just too horny to care. I felt an additional finger start working in, then another.

“Keep your back arched,” he’d tell me whenever I tensed.

The plug was soon being pushed in, and when my ass snapped around the base, my prostate lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Mmmmmmm…” I whined with pleasure. I rocked my hips, feeling the tail wag back and forth. My prostate throbbed under the weight and size of the plug.

A leather collar was buckled around my neck too.

“There. Now you look the part better.” Robert ruffled my hair. I nodded and barked in reply. “Say boy, you wanna play a game? Huh?”

I wagged my tail and barked. “Please!”

“Ok,” He said, and took out a big red ball. “Fetch!” He threw it across the room. I stumbled after it, as best I could. I couldn’t move very fast, and the tail plug was distracting. Every step I took had it slip against my guts, reminding me how hard my dick was. I picked up the ball with my mouth, and made my way back to the couch. I dropped it a couple times, and breathing with it was difficult. I was drooling over it and panting by the time I got back to Robert.

“Good boy!” He praised me, as he took the ball from my mouth. He threw it again. I chased after it, again stumbling clumsily on my elbows and knees, panting and huffing as I brought it back. The ball was a slobbery mess, and was hard to keep in my mouth. My only saving grace was that all the furniture and floors were covered with vinyl padding and covers, so at least this would all be easy to clean up later.

I could only manage to fetch the ball four times before I collapsed at Robert’s feet. This was a real workout, and now my dick was really wanting attention. I lay on my back, holding the ball in my mouth and looking up at Robert lustfully. He rubbed my belly with his foot.

“My puppy’s all tuckered out, huh..” He was ignoring my desperate needy cock. I wasn’t going to whine or beg, I knew we both knew what I wanted. He reached out, and tried to take ball from my mouth. I stubbornly held it, giving a playful snarl.

“Drop it.”

I got back up on all fours, and growled playfully, clenching the ball in my teeth. He smiled.

“Drop it, puppy.”

I shook my head.

“Well then, I guess you won’t get to your other toy. Pity.”

“Hmmm?” I let him take the ball, a thick strand of drool stretching between my lips and the ball. He wiped it on a cloth, and put it on a shelf. “What toy?” I asked. My curiosity was piqued.

“Yes, boy. I have another toy for you. Sit here, and stay like the good boy I know you are. I’ll go get it.” I waited as he went to his bedroom, staying back on my knees, with my back straight. My dick was hard and throbbing with every beat of my heart. I watched it while I heard him rummaging around in a desk drawer.

He returned with an ice pack, a towel, and… A chastity device. I recognized it as identical to the one that was locked on Shawn. It was a solid walled cage, that attached to a wide, well-rounded ring. It was machined from titanium. I knew from all I’d heard about Shawn, that this device was indestructible and inescapable. I gulped.

“Is that…?”

“Yes it is. Made to your measurements of course. It’ll fit you like a glove.”

I was overcome with horniness, straining in the bonds that held my limbs. Panting at the sight of the gleaming device. It looked beautiful. And very small…

I looked down at my boner, and back up at the device. Robert smiled, and gave me a few long strokes with a lightly-lubed hand.

“Ohhhhh…” I shivered with delight. After all the teasing, all the prostate pounding, and horny fun, feeling a good hand stroking it was heaven. I closed my eyes, and started to buck into the fist that held my throbbing member. “Fuck… So good!”

The lubed fist worked the length of my thick 8 inch erection. I was proud of my package. My balls are a good size too, and I jerk off every day. And now it was being handled by a pro who knew how to give a hand job. I was in ecstasy, and with the plug in my butt, I would be close to shooting my load very soon.

Just a few strokes from the edge, he slowly let go of my hot rod. His hand had felt so good, I didn’t mind if he edged me for a while. I bit my lip in anticipation. Suddenly though, my bliss was shattered as the crisp chill of the ice pack engulfed my cock.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…!” I hissed through my teeth. “Damn that’s cold.” I swear I could see steam coming off. I was so hot, I’d melt the ice before it could cool me down.

Horny I may have been, but the ice was doing its work, and I was soft in no time. I fought back a whimper as I watched my junk disappear into the shiny metal tube. “Mmmmmmmm…” I couldn’t help the moan. The titanium was warm to the touch, and felt nice. Robert clicked it into place, and the device was locked. It was like a second skin. Despite being a solid mass of titanium and stainless steel, I could barely remember it was there after a moment. I looked up as Robert took the key to his desk, and locked them in his safe. He sat in his chair, and patted his leg.

With my limbs tied the way they were, I could only crawl. The tailplug in my butt wagged, sending vibrations through my prostate. It was a very strange feeling, I was almost light-headed from it all. I awkwardly crawled over and rested my head in his lap.

“How does it feel?” He asked and stroked the back of my head.

“It feels… I feel… Like it’s part of me.”

He smiled kindly. “Good. It’s custom fit for your junk, so it shouldn’t be any undue discomfort. Your own horniness will be more of a pain, but that’s not the device’s fault.”

“Fuck… I’ll be so horny. All the time?” I nuzzled into his thigh. I could feel my dick trying to get hard. I was already horny. “How long will I wear this thing?”

“That is up to you.”

I thought for a moment. “Well…” I started. “I normally jerk off every day. I go crazy if I don’t after the second or third day.” As I spoke, I heard a faint clicking, like a typewriter or old keyboard. “So maybe start with three days?”

“Twenty-five.” He said. “I think that sounds good for starters.”

I chuckled. “That’s a good one. I think it would take a long time to work up to that long.”

“Forty-three? Well ok.” There was a tease in his voice, but I felt uneasy. He couldn’t be serious could he? And what the fuck was that clicking sound?

“You’re not serious, right? I like mind-fucks, but I’m really getting nervous now, since what you did with Shawn.”


Now I was scared, and getting pissed. “This isn’t funny. I think we should start with a week, and work up… And the fuck is that clicking!? Are you texting someone?”

“Eighty-nine. No, I’m not texting. Like I said, your locked time is entirely up to you.”

“Ok, then a week.” I felt a bit relieved, even if thoroughly confused. Robert was a good guy, I knew I could trust him.

“I thought you wanted ninety-three?”


He grabbed my collar, and held my face close to his. “Here’s the deal, puppy,” Robert’s voice shimmered with lust. “You get one day of chastity for every human word you say. I’ve been counting your words since the moment you answered how long you wanted to be locked. And now you’re up to 94.”

My heart did a dive into my stomach. I was lost in a daze, unable to comprehend what I was hearing.

“You can communicate with words all you like. They just have a price. Barks, whimpers, and whines, though will be rewarded with no clicks. Like I said, it’s entirely up to you!”

“I… N-ninty ff… I don’t… WHAT!??” click click click click click click. “Just barks, an-and whimpers..? For…” I couldn’t breathe. I looked at Robert’s face in shock. I felt my blood start to boil. This wasn’t what I signed up for. “You… You sick fucking BASTARD!!” I screamed, launching into a tirade of mostly obscenities. I don’t remember much of it, I yelled, raged, and swore at him for what seemed like forever. But I do remember what happened next.

My throat burned. My eyes stung from the tears. I lay on the floor, panting heavily, catching my breath, and shaking from exhaustion, anger, and regret. I’d have laryngitis for a week from yelling. I was both terrified, and heartbroken as Robert knelt beside me, and petted my head.

“I’m sorry, I.. I didn’t mean any of it,” I croaked weakly. “I’m not.. I mean I don’t know if I’m really into this much, and-” I trailed off. My voice was gone.

Robert was cradling my head gently. “I know puppy,” He said softly. “You’re not accustomed to losing control, except for your temper. I know you’re upset. However, you haven’t used our safeword, which is why I haven’t stopped.”

I sniffed. “N-no, I do remember the safeword. I would have used it if I wanted. I think I went too far, though.” He held up a bottle of water for me to drink.

A tear ran down my cheek. “I get so hot-headed you know? I shouldn’t be like that…”

“Shhhh…” He soothed. “It’s ok, I know. This is part of training, and you’re a puppy. A big dumb brute of a puppy, but a puppy nonetheless.”

“So… We’re ok? Just like that?”

He nodded. “You racked up about three years of chastity with your rampage. I’m committed to taking care of you. I mean, a puppy is a big responsibility. But I’m fully prepared to do my part. I hope there will be more than three years… ” He winked.

My heart melted. “R-really?”

“Yes, pup. Really.”

I couldn’t help but wag my tail. I didn’t know how to say what I was feeling. Giving my handler some big sloppy licks, while I wagged my tail and barked happily, seemed perfect though.

This was like a dream come true. A dream I didn’t know I had until I had it all.




I’ve been Robert’s pet now for almost a year. We’re boyfriends, and we couldn’t be happier. With school and work, speaking human words were inevitable, and Robert kept track of my words through it all. There’s still a few years left of grad studies too. But it’s ok. I’m a happy pup. Just to seal the deal though, I decided to share our story. Of course, there’s a price for it. Written words are human words too. So far I’ve racked up an additional 5891 days just from writing this. Never mind the academic essays, and the presentations, this story alone gives me over fifteen years of chastity. Surely, it’s enough to justify us getting married at some point, right? A boy can hope.

Wait. Now it’s 5934 days.

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