Volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for male physical restraintHere at the Long Term Locking Metal Restraint Testing Facility, we’re looking for some able-bodied men to test out some of our heavier equipment. We have to make sure our restraints are 100% escape proof, and the only way we can be sure of that is to lock men in them for weeks on end. To volunteer for this important work, you must be in excellent physical health and you must be available for a minimum of 30 days. (Longer terms of 90 days or 365 days for test subjects are also available.) Participants must sign a release granting the facility sole discretion. That means once you are in — there is no early release.

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To apply, email self-pictures and a 200-word (minimum) essay via email on why you should be considered.


22 thoughts on “Volunteers needed”

  1. Would love be under your control. Unfortunately I live in Europe and you are not supporting online domination.
    Love the Idea of locking toys 24/7 without having a Master around. If you ever develop toys for this let me know!

  2. Is this volunteering opportunity still available. I would love to be the next experiment for 30-90 days.

  3. Yes i would love to volunteer to be locked in extreme bondage in your prison 7/24/365 for life if possible. Please let me know how become your bondage prisoner. Thank you Lee Davis

  4. Sir I really want to volunteer for extreme 24/7 365 bondage lock down. Please let me know how to get this done. Thank you sir. Lee Davis

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