Wanted Karl – Part 2

By rts

(written while locked and chained in biker leathers, sweating and restrained, by order of MetalbondNYC)

The night was an agony, my crotch painfully straddling the pipe keeping pressure on the anal intruder trapping my balls and invading my ass, I got no sleep constantly trying to stand up on my booted toes to relieve the pressure but my worn out thigh muscles giving out forcing me to endure sitting down. My jaw aches from the ball gag, my rubber suit is filled with sweat, my arms are cramped in this straightjacket, my posture collar is a torment. I can’t take this anymore. I’ll surrender all control just to get out of this ordeal and this confining gear. I am scared at the thought of what my future will be, but I have to just to be released from this torment.

I don’t know what punishment Mark will inflict on me if he takes me back, maybe as rough as what’s happening to me now, and permanent slavery under his control would be brutal. The other possibility of being sold as a rubber slave to a strange top man frightens me with uncertainty, and I am overwhelmed at the prospect of being anyone’s permanent slave. I am sobbing at the idea that my release can only happen with total surrender to losing control of my future.

It is with anxious relief when Tom finally returns. Reaching into my cage, he removes the ball gag, interrupting my cries for release as he shoves a water bottle in my mouth. I am so thirsty and eagerly drink it all. Removing the bottle, he looks at me, saying, “Are you ready to confess to being a liar and thief and admit ripping off Mark and stealing that rubber body suit and to accept your fate as a rubber slave?”

Sobbing, I say, “please Sir yes I confess and accept the consequences, please release me from this punishment.”

“Good boy, have you surrendered your future willingly?”

“Yes, yes, I am a thieving lying faggot and deserve whatever I am sentenced to.”

“You will remain in the cage until Mark arrives. I’ll leave you without the gag, but I will turn the electric back on to keep you committed to total surrender. I will enjoy hearing your moans and pleading,” he says as he turns and walks away.

“No, wait!” I shout, then a sudden electric shock jolts my balls and ass. I scream and force myself to stand up away from contact with the pipe. I am now crying, still helplessly suffering. I just want out.

I am exhausted, my crotch is on fire, my leg muscles ache and I stink of sweat and piss.

Time slowly passes when Tom returns — with Mark.

Mark looks me over as I blurt out, “I’m sorry for running out on you.”

“You don’t know what sorry is yet, Karl,” Mark says and then takes control of the electric box and gives me a series of shocks as I howl and jerk around in pain.

“Please, please stop,” I plead, sobbing desperately.

Tom now opens the cage, releasing the chain from the posture collar and drags me out, helping me to stand in front of Mark, who looks me over. “I like the seed pod chastity holding in that anal intruder, and he deserves to be kept locked in that suit with that posture collar locked,” Mark says to Tom. “Karl’s been in that suit since yesterday evening? I think I will just keep him in it for another day or two. He should enjoy all the sweat time.”

Tom nods in agreement. “At least until you decide if you intend to sell him off later tonight,” he says.

“Hey boi, I hope that gear is feeling pretty good on you and was worth it to steal, since you wanted it so bad you should enjoy living in it for some time,” Mark says to me with a smirk.

“Please, Mark, let me out of it, I’ve had enough,” I blurt out.

“What the hell boi, you only address me as Sir, you little faggot,” he says, and taking the ball gag from Tom he shoves it in my mouth, strapping it tightly on me. Mark then asks Tom about the straight jacket I’m restrained in. Tom tells him it’s his, as are the leg irons, but he suggests keeping me in them and the anal intruder until Mark decides if he wants to sell me off.

I am so exhausted, dropping to my knees, my leg irons clanking. “Not yet boi,” Mark says and grabs the chain from my posture collar and drags me to my feet, pulling me across the barroom floor following Tom to a metal pole next to a floor drain and locking the chain to it.

“He can piss himself here all day and be a urinal for the crowd later today.”

I slump down on the floor, my crotch aching from the ordeal over night in the cage, leaving me here desperately fearing my future. They walk over to the bar, talking together.

I manage to fall asleep, waking up hearing and feeling the sound of water, smelling piss, my hooded head now encased in a gas mask, my breathing restricted. Around me are several rubber-clad men laughing and peeing on me. Oh god I can’t take much more of this, I surrender any choice of freedom for life as a slave, desperate for some easement to my bondage, but my suffering has had no let up.

The bar is filling up as I am noticed and laughed at, some start messing around, rolling me over face down. Someone starts whipping my butt as I try to roll away from the blows, the chain linking my leg irons is grabbed, my legs bent forward toward my head and tied to the ring on my posture collar into a tight hogtie position. The breathing hose on my gas mask is blocked by another, and I thrash around trying for some air.

“Have some fun but not to too rough boys,” I hear Tom’s voice over the noise of the piss splashing over me.

“I just bought him from his former master whom he ripped off. He’s now property of the bar and my permanent junior bar slave, subject to the control of my other two bar slaves. Looking forward to keeping him locked in the full rubber gear he ripped off and loves as permanent punishment, always chained up when he works, and locked down when he isn’t, always locked in chastity with his butt fully plugged.”

I am apprehensive yet relieved that it’s Tom keeping me and not some random sadist. At least he isn’t as angry with me as Mark is. I truly feared being taken back by him and how he would treat me as his slave.

I am resigned to have no choice but to serve Tom as his slave, and excited at the thought that I will be compelled to be in full rubber all the time, something I know I will both hate yet enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Wanted Karl – Part 2”

  1. Very nice. I had kinda hoped the top with the other boy would buy him, but the bar buying him should be great fun. It also means getting to see more of the bar slaves which I look forward to.

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