Male BDSM porn: Welcome to Hicksville

Phenix Saint fucks Luke Riley while Luke is tied up and suspended from the ceiling fan. This is a video from Bound Gods.

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Luke Riley just got out of prison, and he’s already involved in a ransom scheme. Holding up in an old trailer, in the middle of the forest, he’s watching over Phenix Saint while his buddy is trying to get the ransom money. Running out of beer, Luke is bored, frustrated and getting horny as hell. He takes it out on Phenix, who is restrained in the closet. Phenix gets flogged and is made to suck cock. When Luke passes out on the couch, Phenix breaks free and turns the tables on him. It’s no longer about sex, it’s now about power. Phenix ties Luke to the sleeper sofa and gives him a taste of his own medicine. He then suspends Luke from the ceiling fan and fucks him until he screams for mercy.

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