The Jacket – Part 7

By Rubrpig

Sir and I finally managed to arrange vacation time so we could take the planned trip up the coast and onto Portland. As Sir did not have a vehicle we were taking my SUV. I spent the evening prior to our departure packing our gear into the SUV and getting things sorted out. Sir was relaxing as he watched me pack the gear he had decided to take with us and so I finally got everything packed and stowed in the vehicle.

The trip up the coastal highway was relaxing for both of us. We stopped at night and stayed at coastal inns and enjoyed ourselves. Each night after we had finished dinner and got back to the room, I was either in my straitjacket or zipped and laced tightly into the sleep sack. Sir had introduced me to the sleep sack a month or so ago and I had gradually got used to spending longer and longer time in it. I was now able to spend the night in it with only minor discomfort in my shoulders.

The night before we got to Portland, Sir got me into the sleep sack and I was soon zipped up and laced in tight. As I lay on the bed, Sir raised my head and worked the heavy padded hood over my head. I had gotten used to the hood but I had to admit to myself I did not like it as the lack of stimulus really freaked me out and usually by the time Sir removed it, I was a blubbering mess. Once I was securely laced in and strapped into the hood, Sir left me alone and I laid quietly on the bed. Suddenly, I felt Sir unzipping the bag and pulling out my cock and balls and then closing the zippers so my cock and balls were trapped outside of the sack.

Sir began to slowly stroke and play with my cock. I got rock hard and was moaning from the sensations and I knew I had to concentrate on not cumming as that would definitely earn me punishment from Sir. I groaned as Sir worked me up right to the edge and then stopped. I twisted in the sack trying to get him to stop. After letting me rest for what felt like a long time he started again.

Again and again he worked me right up to the edge. By the time he was done I was screaming in frustration as I really just wanted to cum and I knew if I did I would get it but I just wanted to cum. Suddenly, I felt him begin to lick and suck on the tip of my cock. He flicked my cock head with his tongue. I groaned and tried to buck my hips but the sack held me tight. Then he swallowed my cock and began to lick and suck on it. My cock slid into his throat and I struggled to keep from blowing my load in his mouth. He kept licking and sucking my cock and I was in a mental frenzy trying to keep from cumming. Finally, I freaked out and I blew my load into his mouth and my cock kept pumping my load and I felt him swallowing. Finally, he pulled off my cock and opened the zips and tucked my cock and balls back inside the sack.

I gasped for air through the grommets in the hood and sobbed. I felt tears running from my eyes as I knew for certain I had disappointed my Sir. I felt him raise my head and begin to remove the heavily padded hood. He told me to keep my eyes closed and slowly open them to get used to the light again. I nodded and once the hood was off my sweaty head, I slowly opened my eyes and looked over at Sir. He was sitting on the bed smiling. I sniffled and told him that I was very sorry for disobeying and cumming. He laughed and told me that it took him 4 hours to get me to cum so he was proud of me. He laughed as I sniffled and told me that I had hung on for so long he had no choice but to blow me and get me to cum.

I nodded and lay there tightly encased in heavy leather. He told me that I deserved some rest so he crawled into bed beside me and I laid there as he fell asleep. Finally, I fell asleep and did not wake until the urge to shift and the need to piss became too strong to ignore. I grunted and shifted as best as I could in the heavy sack. Sir rolled over and looked at me. He asked if I needed to piss and I nodded. He got up and quickly unlaced the bag and unzipped the bag. I slowly pulled my arms out of the internal sleeves and got out of the heavy bag. My body was covered in sweat. I staggered to the bathroom shrugging my shoulders trying to work the stiffness out.

Later after showering and finding breakfast at a diner, we headed to Portland. We found the hotel we had booked reservations at and checked in. We spent the day walking around the city and just relaxing. Over dinner Sir told me that he had booked an appointment for us at Langlitz Leathers to get fitted for heavy bike leathers. He said that he had always wanted a set but never got around to getting properly fitted for them. I smiled and thanked him for making the arrangements.

The next day after breakfast, I punched the address into the GPS and we headed off to the leather shop. We got there and discussed what we wanted and we both decided on padded Columbia jackets and padded Competition breeches. We told them that we would be wearing them inside wesco’s so they adjusted the leg length. They asked if we would be riding in them and looked at Sir and nodded. They made a note so they could lengthen the sleeves of the jacket so the sleeves would stay inside gauntlets. Once we had picked the hides and finalized the orders, we paid and were told to expect the delivery in about 10 – 12 weeks. We thanked the staff and walked out of the small stucco building. We inhaled fresh air to clear our heads of the overwhelming smell of good leather.

That night was spent with me in a heavy rope harness and hog-tied on the floor of the hotel room with his boots resting on my ass. I enjoyed the feeling of being totally submissive and under his boots.

The rest of the trip passed quickly with days filled with sightseeing and the nights filled with bondage. I had gotten used to being in bondage in the evening and when I wasn’t it felt strange. Sir asked me one night near the end of the trip why I had a puzzled expression on my face and I told him that I needed and craved more and more bondage. It felt right when I was with Sir to be in some form of heavy bondage and under his total control. He nodded and said that we should do something about it and we spent the night talking. He was relaxed and sitting on the bed and me trussed up in the heavy sleep sac on the bed beside him.

We finally decided to rent out my loft and I would move into Sir’s loft and we would sort things out. One thing was certain, I would be in bondage in some form when at home. Sir would arrange our lives with the exception of my work responsibilities. If something came up unexpectedly I would text Sir and get approval for it and that way Sir still would have total control over me.


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