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Wes is strapped down for a hard spanking

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom straps Wes to the table in the prone position, putting a bolster cushion under his privates to lift his round bubble butt into a good spanking position. He then begins with a hard spanking by hand, which gets the captive’s butt bright red. Tom follows that with a hard leather strapping. Next up is a session with a small, painful PVC flog. The spanking then ends with hard lashes from a large leather slapper that continue until Wes proclaims, “I can’t take any more, Sir.” Wes struggles against the leather straps binding him to the table throughout this session. He can and does move his arms, head and shoulders about, but the straps keep him from moving his butt more than a few inches. By the end, his butt is nearly as red as his shirt and Wes is worn out.

spanking his bare ass

See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Wes Strapped to The Table

spank his bare butt

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