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Justin gets spanked hard while tied upside down

Here’s another scene from the men over at Spanking Straight Boys. Justin has a muscular, lean body with a bubble butt and powerful thighs. He is well behaved, polite and respectful.

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Justin didn’t know what was in store for him during today’s shoot. He didn’t know Tom was going to put him in a leather harness and restraints and suspended him upside down. He didn’t know he’d be in such a defenseless position or that every part of him would be on display. Justin’s butt is already red and quite sore as this video begins. Tom uses a riding crop and his hand on Justin’s firm butt. He spanks Justin hard. Justin has a hard time with it, grunting and gasping as swat after swat pushes him further and further. His butt quivers and spasms throughout much of this spanking. The humiliating position he’s in physically must be the least of his worries.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Justin Upside Down

muscle man in a leather harness

Male BDSM: Yul in the spanking tower

Here’s more from Spanking Straight Boys. Yul is a tough guy who has gotten into more than his share of trouble, and he’s no stranger to fights. He gets put in a humiliating position in Tom’s spanking tower. He had never even seen the tower, so it was a complete surprise.

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This video opens with Tom locking Yul into the spanking tower. Once he has him in the tower, Tom notices that Yul has some long hair in his now-spread butt and on his upper legs. Yul is not a hairy guy, but Tom felt this hair was distracting, so he whipped out a pair of electric clippers and proceeded to trim the hair down (much to Yul’s chagrin). Tom then begins the spanking. He uses his hand, a riding crop, bamboo pole, cane and a large leather slapper on Yul’s muscular butt. Yul struggles throughout. Like the other boys Tom has spanked in this position, Yul says the pain is greatly intensified by the strained, flexed position he’s in. The spanking tower leaves the prisoner’s feet exposed, too, so Adam got a bit of bastinado. By the end, Yul’s butt is red and marked up.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Yul in the Spanking Tower

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Owen gets tied up, stripped and spanked

At Spanking Straight Boys, Owen is suspended by his wrists and endures a long and hard spanking. Tom pulls Owen’s sweat pants down, revealing a great pair of red boxer briefs, the type that stretch to fit. As the spanking continues, Owen’s firm butt gets more and more red. Tom uses his hand, a wooden paddle and a leather strap on Owen’s round cheeks.

Owen gets tied up, stripped and spanked

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Title of this episode: Owen Suspended

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Don’t show up late for your spanking

Here’s another one from the men of Spanking Straight Boys. For this shoot, Parker managed to show up 25 late. Tom straps him to the spanking bench and spanks him by hand and with a rubber slapper/paddle, wooden spoon, electric paddle, hairbrush and a new cane/birch implement. The first few whacks which Tom refers to as the “reminder,” instantly redden Parker’s butt, ensuring that he really feels the entirety of the session that follows. Parker’s eyes well up and he struggles, but, with the exception of a single smart-aleck remark (a remark that he pays for), he remains obedient. Parker assures Tom he won’t be late again, but that’s what they all say immediately after they are punished.

Spanking Straight Boys video

VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Parker On The Bench

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Carter is locked in The Spanking Tower

This video opens with Tom giving Carter a long, hard session with a leather belt. Carter’s ass is already red and sore, so he really feels the sting of the belt. Tom then moves on to a wooden spoon and a flog. Tom finishes with a riding crop that he uses on Carter’s feet. Carter finds it all hard to take. He remains obedient and struggles to maintain his composure, but the belt and the flog in particular sting like hell. Carter continues to forget to address Tom properly, which results in a longer, harder spanking. At the end, when he gets out of the spanking tower, Carter wipes his eyes. And, strangely, when he puts his underwear on, it’s clear that he has the beginnings of an erection. Too bad Tom didn’t see that at the time because he’d have certainly asked Carter a bunch of embarrassing questions about it!

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this update: Carter in The Spanking Tower (Part 2)

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Dustin gets suspended and spanked hard

Tom suspends Dustin by all fours and after a warm-up spanking cuts off his tight underwear. Then Tom spanks Dustin’s exposed ass by hand, with a wooden paddle, a Canadian school strap, two flogs, a birch, and a rubber slapper. That would have been it, but, just as Tom finishes spanking him, Dustin uses the “F” word. That earns him a hard session with the belt and some more by hand. Although Dustin does come close to breaking down a few times, he manages to hold himself together and tough it out like you’d expect a Marine Corps infantryman would.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this update: Dustin Suspended By All Fours

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Patrick in the Spanking Tower

Patrick is a blond, muscular straight guy. He failed to pay a parking ticket, which resulted in it going to collections. What could have been $50 is now several times that, and he needs to pay it off. He agreed to do another video, so he is effectively being spanked for parking illegally! Tom chose to put Patrick in his spanking tower. The tower puts you in a position that nobody wants to be in. Lying on his back, legs spread with hands and feet above him with his butt, balls and all on full display, anyone in the tower is completely exposed and vulnerable. It is in this position that Patrick receives a long, hard spanking that includes Tom’s hand, a leather slapper, two straw birches, a wooden spoon and a hairbrush. Patrick struggles and groans as the spanking continues, his butt getting more and more red. By the end, Patrick is solemn and subdued. He’ll be able to pay off his ticket, but nothing more. If only he had paid it off when he first got it!

Patrick in the Spanking Tower

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Title of this episode: Patrick in the Spanking Tower

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Trevor is suspended by all fours

Trevor is tall with muscular legs and a firm, round butt. He has a large frame and is strong, but he has a very hard time being spanked. Trevor does not try to suppress his reactions, probably because he can’t. In this video, Tom suspends Trevor by his wrists and ankles. Tom then proceeds to spank him with a number of implements. Tom uses his hand, a paint stick, riding crop, ping pong paddle, wooden spoon, flog, leather slapper and a hairbrush on Trevor’s big butt. Each implement seems to connect directly with the pain sensors in Trevor’s butt and brain as he squirms, grunts and curses his way through this spanking. Midway through, Tom lowers Trevor to the floor and then suspends him by his wrists only. By the end of this video, Trevor has an angry scowl on his face. However, he remains obedient because he knows that failure to obey would result in a longer, harder spanking. Tom has trained him well.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Trevor Suspended By All Fours

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