7 thoughts on “Which set would you be willing to be locked in for a whole weekend and why?”

    1. Same here! Plus I get to hear that delicious clinking of chains coming from below me all weekend :)

  1. The top one. Keep my feet spread uncomfortably apart, making it difficult to stand, to walk, to move. And still require me to do all the household chores….including yardwork.

  2. Number 3, the bottom pair. I’m an alpha guy and I feel most comfortable being in my own self control. Pair #3, my hands bound behind my back where I would lose control. I would be dependent on another to eat, pee, open a door, etc. This would be very humiliating for me which is a sensation that I think I need. Being dependent on another, I would have to bargain to get things I wanted.

  3. #2, because with those high security locks, l know they’re not coming off till the guy with the key decides that they are.

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