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Humiliation for a bent loser

At Brutal Tops, Master Aiden continues his vicious mistreatment of this feeble sub. The snivelling runt cowers under the Master as he thrashes him with a belt, writes on his forehead and dick and then rams his dick deep into his mouth.

The runt is ordered to open up his arsehole and push a huge dildo deep up his rear as the Master sneers with contempt at how powerless he has made his weak captive.

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Muscle guy on a leash

At CMNM.net, Brad may have the brawn but his strict manager has the brains. It’s difficult to control a great hulking beast like this, so it’s necessary to leash the strongman both around his neck and his unwieldy cock and balls. Now he’s stark naked on the floundering old gents’ desk for an intense anal exam. Sweating and struggling to satisfy them, this induction stretches on way longer than normal as Brad is deeply penetrated.

cmnm_01 cmnm_02 cmnm_03 cmnm_04 cmnm_05 cmnm_06


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Master Leonardo


Handsome Master Leonardo has an incredible body and highly impressive dick, which he quickly rams into the back of this pathetic sub’s throat. The two guys are completely naked and we find Leonardo putting a dog collar and chain onto his sub and mistreating him. The Master pushes the runt onto his all fours and ploughs his meaty dick deep into the sub’s gaping areshole.

Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_02 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_03 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_04 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_05


The Master’s thick cock causes considerable damage to the runt’s arsehole as the top powerfully pumps into him. Eventually, the Master can hold back no longer and spunks his load into the sub’s mouth, ordering him to lick clean his monster dick as the snarling top watches on with sadistic pleasure.

Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_06 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_07 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_08 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_09


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Forced nudity and gay humiliation for a big dumb bodybuilder

They take a sperm sample! At CMNM.net, chained naked and on all fours like a great big dumb beast, the administrator slides his finger up Brad’s tight arse. The blank confused look on the thick bodybuilder’s face is prices while his arse gets plunged into. Gradually with the help of a dildo his sphincter is loosened till it’s gaping wide. Meanwhile Adrian pumps his cock vigorously till its aching hot and the great hulking animal releases a stream of pent up sperm. But muscular Brad is highly trained not to waste any precious protein!

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Chastity Suit – Part 06

By Rubbag

The next week was hard to get through. The days where bad enough with me seemin to sprout a boner with every woman I met. Fuck, even the men are turning me on. The nights are the worse. I can’t sleep at all, just lying there, my cock bulging into my chastity cup, trying, trying so hard not to think about Josh, just wanting to hold him and knowing he wants it too.

We had had a delivery before Friday. Found the box at the door, no sign of who dropped it, just the empty corridor of our dorm block deserted for the summer.

Inside the box a small printed card:

For Friday

That’s how we found ourselves the next night taking the late bus out to Culvers Wood on the edge of town.

“Enjoy yourselves, boys.”

The driver laughing as the bus doors hiss closed behind us. We turn around red-faced, we both know the woods’ reputation and what the driver must have thought two young men were planning to do there.

The instructions Josh had been given were clear enough. We could make out the blistering paint on the sign in front us.



And beyond the broken tarmac of the main path leading like a grey line into the fast darkening woods.

“Come on, Jed.”

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