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Captured Copper by lthr_jock

By lthr_jock

PC Paul White got out of the patrol car, picked up his paperwork and then checked his phone for the details of the call.  It was a warm day, so he didn’t put on his hi-viz jacket, but he grabbed his cap before heading up to the front door of the four storey building and trying to find the right bell.  Pressing it, he heard a click from the door and he pushed it open.

Inside, the gloom of the hall contrasted with the bright light outside and he peered around.

“Hello?  Mr .. Contenzio?”

Paul wasn’t particularly worried and not expecting any trouble.  He’d been in the police three years, having come straight from university.  He’d got his wrestling blues there and had been weightlifting ever since.  As a result, his 6ft frame was loaded with muscle and he was confident that he could deal with any situation.  He took his cap off and made sure his expensively styled hair was in place, before shouting again.

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Muscle guy on a leash

At CMNM.net, Brad may have the brawn but his strict manager has the brains. It’s difficult to control a great hulking beast like this, so it’s necessary to leash the strongman both around his neck and his unwieldy cock and balls. Now he’s stark naked on the floundering old gents’ desk for an intense anal exam. Sweating and struggling to satisfy them, this induction stretches on way longer than normal as Brad is deeply penetrated.

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 10

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 10: Another Tour Has Been Arranged for You

I hadn’t been given anything to eat or drink, unless you think St. Bevons Mineral Water is a drink.  I guess the idea was to make me easier to break down under questioning—though pretty soon I realized that the “questions” were just accusations that I would not be permitted to deny.  It all showed that I was getting off pretty easy with a nolo contendere.

So that was over, and things were looking up, because just when I realized that I was famished, a man in a white uniform unlocked the door of the room where they were keeping me and handed me some food.  It was a ham sandwich and a glass of mixed juice.  I wondered if these were products of Dominion Fields.

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GrowlBoys: Korzak has Tommy collared and on a chain leash

Tommy adjusts to his new body and his new setting. While the collar on his neck might be secure, the most powerful feeling is the connection he has with the handsome, older satyrs that keep him as their ward. “Bestial Gods” begins with Tommy waking to find himself once again at the direction and guidance of the salt-and-pepper satyr, Korzak. The powerful immortal fucks Tommy once more after learning of his appreciation for the way his collar feels around his neck, inspiring his more dominant instincts. It’s after this encounter that Korzak recalls his long history of training young Prometheans. He remembers the world he helped build and the way in which he and his fellow Thebans ruled. This spawns an erotic memory of a similar, submissive young pup.

male bdsm furries

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Title of this story: Lost Boys, Chapter 5: Bestial Gods

male furry bdsm