10 Days in Detention – Part 24

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

Dan and I had fallen asleep after he pulled me on the bed. When I woke I was still wearing the leather collar around my neck, had the leather wrist cuffs on and was still cuffed behind my back along with the leather ankle cuffs locked together. Dan was spooning me with his stomach to my back. He realized I was awake and moved his arm over my body and started massaging my nipples. His lips were placing gentle kisses on the back of my neck, and I moaned in pleasure.

“Someone is happy, I think,” Dan said to me while continuing to pleasure me.

“Yes, Daniel,” I whispered between moans.

He gently rolled me over to face him and greeted me with his smile. He was such a hot guy. I was genuinely attracted to him. I felt safe and cared for whenever I was with him, even when he was applying aspects of pain and humiliation. It’s a strange knowledge understanding that someone who apparently cares for you in return, as Dan does, can be so brutal at times. Yet, it’s what I ask to have happen and he and John have obliged. I think John loves me, too, but in a different way. For John it’s like a brotherly love. He’s looking out for me and over me. Daniel and I may be growing into something else if we let it go there.

“You’re thinking about something. What is it? I can see the change in your face,” Daniel said to me. He caught me.

“Daniel, all of this is amazing in one respect. And yes, you figured out I’m starting to have feelings for you. I don’t know why or how. It just is. And you said as much when you had me on the bed spread eagle. Yet, I don’t think I know all that much about you or you about me. I’d like to get to know Daniel.”

I stopped talking, and Daniel continued to look in my eyes. His gaze never left me nor did the smile that was on his face.

“You’re right. We should start to get to know each other better. And I think that should happen tonight. Dinner?”

I looked over at the clock on the nightstand and indeed it was dinner time. I leaned in to Daniel and kissed him lightly on the lips and asked, “May this slave take his master to dinner?”

Daniel responded, “No. But the really cute guy in the bed next to me can take the object of his affection to dinner. How’s that?” And with the he turned me over and unlocked the padlock on the cuffs. He removed the cuffs from the ankles and wrists and then the collar. He helped me stand up next to the bed with him and he pulled me into a deep hug. Here we were, two naked men hugging each other in a deep embrace and not saying anything. It felt good.

When he released the hug I looked at him and said, “Thank you.”

Daniel suggested we quickly shower together, and we got dressed to go out.

Dan was kind enough to indulge me by wearing jeans, a tank and flip flops. I didn’t even need to ask. He knew my hot buttons, what I liked to see a guy dressed in in nice weather. Of course, he insisted I dress the same. He liked me like that, as well. No collar around the neck though. This was just two men who were exploring each other going out to dinner to continue that exploration.

Over a couple of hours we talked about everything from family to a little politics to work and career to our favorite travels. The conversation came easy, and we were connecting. It was kind of sad when the night came to an end.

Back at my place we talked a little about the extended weekend I would spend as his prisoner. He made sure I understood his expectations, including no safe word. We were in agreement on that and that I needed to give him dates and the sooner the better. The weather was good and would be for a while. Outside captivity would need that.

At the door as he was leaving we embraced and held each other far longer than we should have.

“You’re a special man, Dave. I’m glad I met you. Know that I do care for you as much as you care for me. Tonight was amazing.”

“Thanks, Dan. You’re special, too, even when you are making my life hell.” We both chuckled at that last comment, and he reinforced that the pending surrender might just be that tough. He kissed me and headed out.

Over the next week we were able to select five days that would work for both of us relatively soon. I notified John of our plans, and he said he would connect with Dan also. John told me the surrender would happen at his place. He wanted to combine another weigh-in at the start. He would then prep me for Daniel to come and collect me for the drive to his place. Let’s just say I knew the weigh-in probably would not go in my favor this time. While the weight was slowly coming off the last couple of weeks I was not eating well between work and other social engagements and I missed some gym days.

I left work and got home early on the day I was going to start my weekend at Daniel’s place for our POW session. After showering and dressing lightly in jeans, tee shirt and flip flops, I drove to John’s place. I didn’t need to bring any other clothes with me since John would dress me for Daniel to pick me up. I only brought along my toiletries bag.

John had instructed me to park in his driveway off to the side as my car would be there for a few days and to come to the front door. John opened the door after I rang the doorbell and had me come in. I handed him the backpack that had the bathroom essentials in it along with my wallet, keys and phone. No need to have anything in my pockets, I figured.

We sat and talked a bit about what the weekend might be like including my usual apprehension mixed with excitement and fear. John attempted to talk me back a little but also insisted it would be hard, but we both knew I could do it and I’d be safe with Dan.

The time for the weigh-in came and of course, this time I was up a pound. Not a good result, although completely expected on my part. John said he understood but a deal was a deal. He also said it was likely at some point I would plateau and probably gain a little. He jokingly told me punishment was sort of built in to happen just based on how everyone had this happen. He said he would fill Dan in and Dan would get to mete out whatever he thought was appropriate within the next five days. Of course, it would have to be extremely difficult and involve pain at a different level than what he had already planned.

“All right, boy, time to get you ready,” John said. “Get down to the dungeon. Strip before you enter. I expect you kneeling in front of the shower area when I get down there.”

I followed his instructions, placing my clothes neatly folded within the linen cabinet next to the interior dungeon door. I got down on my knees, opened the door and crawled inside, closing the door behind me. I stopped in front of the open shower area, staying on my knees with my hands clasped behind my back.

John entered a few moments later and directed me to stand in the shower stall. Over the next few minutes John gave me several enemas to clean me out completely. I was then able to take a hot shower, as John reminded me it would be several days probably before I was able to enjoy another one.

When I was dried off John had me stand in the center of the space. He went to a table and came back with a pair of folded camo pants. They had seen better days. They looked old, dirty and very worn.

“They should be close to your size, Dave,” John said, handing them to me. I put them on, and he was right. The waist size was right on and the length was about right, although a bit short but more from the bottoms being worn away than the actual length. These were old. I sensed John could feel what I was thinking.

“Yes, those are old and dirty. Others have worn them many times before you. Dan washes them from time to time, but as you can see they have seen better days. However, you are about to surrender to be a POW. This is all you get to wear since your status is about to be pretty low on the life chain.” My cock got hard instantly as he said all that, and it showed since I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

John pulled up a chair and sat down. He motioned me to come kneel in front of him. As such I was facing the interior dungeon door and had the door out to the back behind me.

“Hands behind your back,” he commanded. “Get that back straight, prisoner. Look straight ahead.” I did as told and looked directly straight ahead, which had me looking in his eyes as he leaned forward in the chair.

He looked me in the eyes, putting his hand under my chin to ensure our eyes were locked and said, “The worst part about being a POW is when you have no information to provide. At least if you have information there is a way to stop what is happening to you by talking. But if you’re just a project for the guards, there’s nothing to stop their relentless abuse of you, is there?” He let that last part hang in the air to let it sink in.

Suddenly I heard the door behind me burst open. Before I could react someone had pushed me to the floor and pulled my wrists behind my back while two others were holding my legs down. The first guy sat on my back. All three were strong, and it was all happening so fast struggling wasn’t an option. My wrists were quickly cuffed using heavy, thick handcuffs. Likewise the two men sitting on my legs were applying heavy ankle shackles that only had a very short length of chain between them. Once that was done, a thick ball gag was forced into my mouth and locked on behind the neck. All of this took less than a minute. I was then forced up onto my knees. The three men were all wearing camo pants, black boots and ski masks with just eyes and mouth showing. One guy was bare-chested, and he stood next to where John was sitting. The other two were holding me by each bicep as I struggled a little, to no avail. One of them had an olive tank top on that clearly showed off his well-defined chest, and the other had an olive tee on.

John sat on the chair the entire time, never moving. He looked into my eyes as I struggled with the two guards. John leaned in and smacked the side of my face. It hurt and I flinched, turning to the side. He forcibly made me look at him in the eyes.

“You’re a prisoner now,” he said to me. “No release. No hope.”

Then, to the guards, he said, “Take him away. His only purpose now is to suffer as you see fit.”

The guard next to John pulled a black cloth from his pocket and opened it up. It was a bag, and it went over my head and cinched around the neck with a cord and shut out all sight. I was forced up onto my feet and dragged out of the dungeon and out the back door through the storage room. Outside I was lifted into what must have been a van. Additional chains were used to place me in a hogtie and then to secure me to four corners so I couldn’t move around. Lastly headphones were placed over my ears on the outside of the bag, and immediately static was playing loudly. I couldn’t hear anything else over the white noise. I did feel the van door close, and then it started to move. This all happened so quickly I was in a state of shock. My breathing was hard and fast. I needed to calm down and start to get in control. Clearly these five days were going to be hard if it started this way. And Dan was going to have help ensuring my misery was real.

The van traveled for a while with the final few minutes on some rough and inclined roads. The van was rocking back and forth and me with it. I was so done with the static in my head. I wondered how long someone could withstand something like this.

When the van stopped I felt the doors open and close to the front. There were several minutes of silence if I could call it that with the white noise still playing before I felt the sliding door open and fresh air filled the space.

The team worked quickly to undo all the chains that secured me inside the van as well as those comprising the hogtie. I was pulled out to the ground and dragged for yards with the top of my bare feet essentially being the only contact with the dirt. When they stopped I was put into a kneeling position and the bag was pulled off of my head. It was dark now, and the only light outside in this area was from the moon. Daniel was standing in front of me. His face was expressionless. Two of the three were holding my biceps on either side of me while the third, the shirtless one, stood next to Daniel. All of them had removed their ski masks. They were all handsome men if you can make that observation about three guys that just kidnapped you. Daniel was also in camo pants, boots and shirtless. He looked hot as always.

Daniel spoke. “Let him hang in the sludge pit overnight. Make sure to change the gag to something more appropriate. I want him watched over throughout the night to ensure his stay in the sludge pit is as effective as it should be.” With that he walked away, leaving me with the other three. What the hell is a sludge pit? It didn’t take me long to find out.

The shirtless guard motioned to the other two, and I was dragged again a ways to the other side of what was the compound at least from what I could tell in the night. They stopped just short of an area that had a T bar that was about four feet in length from center to ends. The post could rotate as it was moved over so that a rope that was hanging off and away was now just about where I was kneeling. The rope was hanging from a pulley with the end of the rope worked through a series of other pulleys tied off at the mid point of the center post. Just beyond was the sludge pit. It looked like very wet, soupy mud. I got the idea quickly, and I wasn’t a fan.

I was forced on my knees and once down the shirtless guard came behind me, put his arm around my neck and applied pressure. He said, “Don’t resist. Don’t talk.” I knew if I resisted he would simply choke me, and so I didn’t put up a fight.

The cuffs were released from my wrists by one of the other guards and pulled in front of me. He expertly tied my wrists, wrists facing each other, with rope. When he was done, the last part of the rope was up through the center between the wrists with about two feet of length left. I was dragged to just under the rope hanging from the cross bar. The rope from my wrists was tied to a ring dangling in the air, and then they pulled on the end through the pulleys to get me on my feet, which were still shackled. Rope was then tied just under my knees to keep them together. Finally the ball gag was removed and a piece of wood with cord worked through holes drilled on each end was forced into my mouth and then expertly tied around the back of my head. An effective and uncomfortable gag I now had to deal with.

Two of them pulled up on the rope to lift me in the air while the third turned the cross bar so I was hanging over the sludge pit. It smelled with a stomach-churning stench. The post was somehow locked in place so the crossbar would not rotate. I heard some sort of mechanism click when they had it where they wanted it, and, as I started to test the cross bar by moving around in the air, it wasn’t moving.

Slowly the rope tension was released, and I was lowered. They stopped just as my bare feet entered the sludge. It felt slimy, greasy and chunky all at the same time. I was left there for a few moments with the sludge working its way between my toes. Next they lowered me to my knees. I understood what was happening. They were going to lower me by inches to make sure each part of my body felt the sludge and the sludge had time to work its way in under and into the pants and against my bare skin. When I was lowered to the waist, the feeling around my genitals and cock was indescribable and not in a good way. The stench also got stronger with each lowering that took place. Finally they lowered me all the way in so that only my neck was just above the sludge line. I wondered if they had it in them to put me all the way in. Thankfully this was it, at least for the moment.

They stood back and looked at me, admiring their handiwork. One guard nodded to the other and the second walked away out of my sight. He returned and stood directly across from me with a large bucket. He picked up the bucket in both hands and tossed the contents toward me. It was just water, but it splashed everywhere and caused some of the sludge to hit my face, head and arms. I reacted well by closing my eyes just as it happened, so nothing got in them. He had an evil smirk on his face when I looked back at him and he nodded his head in approval.

The shirtless guard pulled up a nearby chair and sat down. He nodded to the other two, who left. He took out his phone and started to look at it. He leaned back and got comfortable. The stench, the sludge working its way into every orifice of my body below the neck and the quickly drying sludge on my face and arms did their work. I felt like a true prisoner with no appeals, no rights, no mercy. Daniel had set up the perfect start to what could be a very tough five days as their prisoner. The only thing going for me at the moment was the sludge was taking the weight from my arms. It was thick enough that hanging in it wasn’t going to be too hard, I thought, depending how long I would be here. Daniel had said overnight. What was going to happen at dawn?

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  1. One of the few stories on here that gets the heart pumping in anticipation and excitement. Just don’t want it to end.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is unbelievably good.

    And also, thank you so much for picking it up again after a bit of a lull. I know how easy it is to run out of steam.

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