7 Days in Berlin – Part 07

By Takeo

Day 2 – Wednesday June 12th – Going Out

So far I have never experienced dog training, even though I have worn a plug with a dog tail once or twice. But I remember expressing my desire to try it to Florian during one of our chats. Yet what attracts me most is the look, with a tail and a dog hood, a leash, and the fact of being on all fours. As for eating out of a bowl, I had carefully avoided the subject. I like being humiliated by a dom, but this is a little too extreme for me, I thought.

As these thoughts run through my head, I try to understand why I am in this situation. It does not make much sense to me; Flo’s pleasure should be in watching me being humiliated by having to eat off the floor from a bowl, but he is not there.

I realize that I have been up for a while, and that I am hungry. So I resolve to try and eat something. One bowl contains water, the other food. Rice, apparently with bits of vegetable and chicken.

My hands are trapped in the mitts, so if I lift the bowls I risk spilling everything. So I am forced to leave them on the ground and really eat like a dog, even though I am alone and nobody is actually forcing me to.

So I get down on all fours and try as best I can to eat like a dog. I am beginning to understand Florian’s intentions, and even though no one is there to see me in this position, I feel completely humiliated at being a slave and not even being able to eat properly, without any dignity.

The exercise is not easy, my movements are hampered by the big collar. Though, I manage to finish my bowl. The meal was good and made me feel better. Inevitably, some of the food has gone past the bowl and I feel like I have eaten like a 2-year-old. I am ashamed. I anticipate that Florian will not be happy to see this, so I push the bowl with my nose and decide to clean up what had fallen next to it. So I lick the leather floor of the cage. The smell and taste of the leather mingle and make my tail swell in my cage. I lick the leather so that it is totally clean and there is nothing left, and that is when Florian enters.

“Made a mess boy?”

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir.”

“Come here.”

The cage is quite high and I could almost stand up if I had to. I get up on my knees and approach the door, still closed.

“On all four.”

I comply. My cock keeps trying to grow, excited by obeying Florian’s orders. The cage door has an opening in the bars that I had not noticed until now.

“Move your head in there.”

After I have put my head through the opening, Florian removes the leather collar and closes the device that clamps around my neck and prevents me from pulling my head back. The system is padlocked, and I see Flo put the key in his pocket.

I had not noticed before, but I see that Florian has changed. He is wearing dark blue jeans, rangers, and a well-cut beige t-shirt. He looks very sexy in that outfit.

“Yes, as you can see, we’re going out, but first you can have dessert.”

Florian fetches a small stepladder and climbs up to stand in front of me, his crotch at my face. I think I understand what he means by dessert… He forces his crotch into my face making me sniff his jeans. I am so excited to have my Master so close. Yet I am a little anxious about what is going to happen. As I have already explained, my sexual activity tends to be with girls, whereas men are more into bondage and S&M sessions. Although I have already sucked Flo in the past, it was in a rather vanilla context, where I decided to do it myself in the atmosphere of the moment.

This is now a completely different situation. The experience of the last few days has shown me that Florian has taken the matter seriously. I am his slave, and I do not decide the course of events.

After rubbing up against me for a while, Florian pulls down his jeans to reveal a tight pair of black Diesel briefs. I have a definite fetish for underwear, and I am particularly fond of briefs. Some friends or colleagues sometimes make fun of me in the changing room when they see that I am wearing briefs.

Florian sticks his briefs in my face.


I carry out as best I can. I feel his sex growing, folding the briefs over completely. I am apprehensive about what is coming next; I have never sucked a guy with my head fixed, not being able to withdraw. I keep licking the briefs, on the cock, trying to find the balls. I am thoroughly turned on by the situation, and I love the fact that Flo plays with me, alternating between forcing his briefs down my face, and pulling away a little so that I am forced to stretch my head as far as possible and stick my tongue out.

And then the moment arrives.

“Pull down my briefs!”

I take the elastic band between my teeth and proceed to pull it down. Flo’s cock slaps my face as soon as it is freed from its prison. The sight of it petrifies me. This had already happened to me the first time I had sucked Florian’s cock, and I had found myself like a teenager, frozen, not knowing what to do. He reassured me, caressed me, made me lick him first, before trusting me to take him in my mouth.

But now it is different.

“Open up!” he slaps me across the face. He is not here to joke.

I open my mouth and Florian immediately slides his cock in. I do not really have a point of comparison, apart from what I have seen on the internet. But Florian seems to be well hung. The sight of a cock does not excite me at all, I do not find it particularly beautiful or sexy. I am busy trying to suck him off as best I can, despite my inexperience. All I want to do is give my Sir pleasure.

But I do not have the time to work on his cock as I would like. He is the one who sets the pace. And through his back-and-forth movements, I can feel Florian’s expression of excitement. He is not here to take advantage of me, I am here to satisfy his sexual urge. I do my best to try and let his cock sink into my mouth, avoiding touching it with my teeth.

My cage is too small for my excited cock. This is exactly what I love, being totally submissive to a guy’s will, with no way of getting out of it. This situation turns me on me to no end.

I am not able to take Florian’s cock fully in my mouth, and sometimes I miss throwing up.

“Don’t worry boy, we’ll work on that.”

Florian speeds up the movement, I can feel all his power and excitement. He is standing in front of me, clinging to the bars of my cell, moving back and forth in my immobilized mouth.

“You like it boy?”

“Yes Sir,” I try to articulate, his cock in my mouth.

“You want my load boy?”

I am not sure what that really means. When in doubt, I shake my head to say no.

It is not long before I feel Florian’s cock convulse and hear a moan. At that moment, I feel Florian’s cock withdraw from my mouth. He jerks off a few more moments and the next thing I know, Flo is cumming. Even though he has withdrawn, he has not pulled away and I get his cum all over my face.

After catching his breath, Florian pulls up his briefs and jeans and gets off his stand. He takes my head between his two powerful hands:

“This is the last time my juice is lost, from now on it will go into your mouth in any case. Or maybe your ass.”

I do not know what to say, but it seems I have no choice.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good boy,” he says, slapping my cheek twice.

The prospect of having to take his sperm in my mouth frightens me. We had discussed it during our chats, and I had mentioned the possibility that I would be interested, but above all that I trusted him to do it, since both he and I always have protected relations, but I had written it in the heat of the moment. Now I am not sure I want to do it, and besides, I have no idea if I like it. I have never tried it, not someone else’s or even my own sperm.

“And here’s one of the goals of your stay in Berlin, you’ll be able to take my cock all the way by the end of your stay.”

I have never deepthroated, or rather never succeeded. But it is a strong fantasy for me and I am looking forward to giving it a try.

Florian releases my head and opens the cage door. I get out as best I can and, as if by reflex, kneel before him, my face still dripping with his semen. He bends down and removes my mitts and collar.

“Go into the bathroom and wash up and release yourself. Then put on the clothes waiting for you there, come out and wait for me in the kneeling position.”

“Yes Sir.”

“No closing the door.”

I take advantage of this moment to relieve myself and splash some water on my face, which does me a world of good. I pick up my things, which are neatly folded on the edge of the bathtub. My cock starts to swell again in the cage when I see that it is once again a sports outfit. Florian has obviously understood that this is a huge turn-on for me.

First, I change into dark gray Adidas running tights, with the three white stripes on the sides. These are very tight compression tights, including around the buttocks. Despite the fact that I run regularly, including in cold weather, I have never worn tights this tight. On the front, the cage is perfectly visible. I then put on a white Underarmour compression t-shirt, also very tight. Over it comes a white hollister hoodie with red writing. It is a little wider, but still very snug. Then gray and red running sneakers. They are brand new and fit perfectly. And finally a gray cap, the same gray as the tights.

I look at myself in the mirror and think it is a nice look, even if the combination of tight tights and hoodie seems a bit strange. My ass is really molded in this outfit! I leave the bathroom and kneel down in the hall.

Florian appears from the playroom and stands in front of me, fitting me directly with the necklace with the large-link chain I wore earlier this morning with Franz and locking it with the padlock.

“We’re going for a little walk, but first there’s something missing. Get down on all fours.” I comply and remember that in this position, I am supposed to arch my lower back to get my ass out.

Florian comes up behind me and pulls down the tights, exposing my ass.

“Spread your legs and get on your elbows.” I comply, forcing my ass open and exposed. I feel a cold liquid on my hole, then one of Florian’s fingers penetrates me. I am pretty new to ass work, although I have been taken by guys – including Flo – a few times. But let’s just say it is not really what I am looking for in a session with a master. What’s more, I am pretty tight and my limits are quickly reached.

“That’s also part of the objectives of your stay here, to enable you to improve your ability to satisfy guys’ dicks. Your training starts now,” and Florian pulls out the finger he was working me with.

At this point, I am sure Florian is going to fuck me, which I am dreading as I haven’t put anything in my hole for quite some time. Another dose of lubricant is added, and then something begins to enter my ass. From Florian’s size and position, I know it is not his cock. The object is rather hard. Not very big. At first it was easy, but now the progress is more arduous, and I do my best to relax. It is when I feel the object partially enter me that I understand it is an anal plug.

“As you’ve certainly understood, I have put a plug in you. It is small, but you’re going to keep it on all afternoon, so as to help your hole relax. Now get up and get dressed.”

I stand up and pull up the jogging suit. The object in my hole turns me on, especially as the insertion was easy enough.

Florian walks over to the cabinet next to the front door and grabs his wallet and keys, then he puts on a cap. So he had said it right, we are going out. Not that I have ever been out in running tights, but the hoodie does not seem to hide the cage entirely, and I am very worried it will be too visible.

“Come over here.”

I step closer to him.

“Put your hands in the center pocket of your hoodie.”

I am not sure what he is getting at. He grabs a pair of handcuffs that were sitting on the cabinet and cuffs my wrists in the pocket.

“There, much better, we can go.”

I follow him out of the apartment. I am in gym clothes, my hands handcuffed in front of me. Fortunately, the pocket is big enough to hide the handcuffs completely. The necklace, on the other hand, is clearly visible, Florian having deliberately placed it over the hoodie. With the hands cuffed before me, no way to try to hide it. And the cage is more visible than I had feared. But Flo is quickly down the steps and I have no choice but to follow him if I do not want to stay on the landing.

“You stay three steps behind me and follow. I do not intend to treat you as anything other than a slave, but I do not think you are ready to wear a leash in public. At least not yet. But behave, otherwise you will immediately be on the leash.”

Arriving at the foot of the stairs, Flo turns and pulls me violently by the collar.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

It is a hot June day, and following Florian’s brisk walk through the streets of Berlin makes me start to sweat under my sweater. There are quite a few people on the street on this mid-week afternoon, and I do my best to keep up with Florian while pushing my hoodie up against the bottom to hide my cage as much as possible. I catch glances, but no one seems to be paying attention to the chain locked around my neck. Florian walks quickly and does not look back. I understand that it is up to me to make sure I follow him, and too bad for me if I end up handcuffed alone in the street.

Looking at the windows and advertisements, I realize we are entering the gay district. Several of the guys we pass look at me, and I can see in their eyes that they have understood what is going on. Some smile, others make rather obscene gestures at me. I am very uncomfortable and move closer to my Sir, seeking his protection just in case.

I follow him as he enters a store. So focused on avoiding too much attention, I had not realized what was on the display. We are in a sex shop. Judging by what is on display in the vast room, it is a store dedicated to hardcore.

“Stand against the wall, in the middle.” On the wall next to the front door, it says “Sklaven Warteplätze.” Slaves waiting-spots in English. Two links of a chain and a padlock with a key in it are hanging from three eyelets set side by side in the wall. I walk to the central eyelet, and stand there with my back to the wall. Florian puts his hands behind my head and locks my collar to the fixed chain. I am rather small, especially compared to the average German guys. The eyelet is therefore fixed quite high up on the wall, higher than my neck. My collar is therefore pulled upwards, forcing me to stay close to the wall.

After putting the key in his pocket, Florian leaves me and goes into the store. I really do feel like a dog that has been leashed up at the entrance to a supermarket.

It is only the second day of my stay in Berlin and I am on public display again. Florian was obviously very serious about pushing my limits. The bondage is simple, yet highly effective. With the handcuffs and collar, it is impossible to get out on my own, and my movements are very limited. Fortunately, the store seems deserted.

Flo greets a sales assistant. I have the impression they know each other.

I take advantage of being thus stocked to scan the store. I see a lot of things I have already seen on internet shops. Bondage accessories, hoods, gags, a section that seems to be dedicated to sex toys, another with clothing – mainly leather. But from my vantage point I can’t see the whole surface.

I tense up when I hear the door open. It was inevitable, but I had hoped no one would come in until Florian had finished what he had to do.

A guy enters the store. He is in his thirties, rather sporty looking, in shorts and a T-shirt. He seems surprised when he sees me and stares at me from head to toe. I see his gaze settle on my sex and I understand when he smiles at me that he has seen the cage. He turns and walks into the store after winking at me. Quite a handsome fellow, by the way.

The door opens again and this time two guys enter. A rather old “daddy” type followed by a young twink. I notice right away that he is wearing a leather collar, quite large. I can tell these two are not here for laughs when, as soon as he walks through the door, the young guy gets down on all fours and comes sitting by the wall next to me. The daddy pulls a dog hood out of his bag, places it over his head and then attaches a leash to his collar on one side and to the chain on the other. He then strokes his dog’s head before turning back to me. He takes my chin with his coarse hand and forces my gaze into his.

“It seems like we have a hot new boy here.”

Then he pats me gently.

“Good boy,” he says, before turning and walking off into the store.

I am shocked but at the same time excited by what has just happened. It seemed so natural, but at the same time completely supernatural.

I look at the young man on the ground beside me. He looks in my direction and lets out a “woof,” pretending to wag the tail he doesn’t have. I bet he is used to wearing real tails.

Florian is still chatting with the guy in the store. They are glancing at me and I bet they are talking about me. They laugh when they see me looking at them and Florian comes in my direction.

He unties me from the wall.

“Come on boy, follow me.”

I follow, but not without giving the young puppy one last worried look.

I follow Flo to join the store employee in the leather section.

“Hi boy.”

I am not sure what I am supposed to say. Instinctively I answer:

“Hello Sir.”

“Good manners,” he throws at Florian before his gaze rests on me. “Come on, take off your sweater, so I can get an idea of your size.”

I would like to reply, but no sound comes out of my mouth. I look at Florian, who smiles at me but does not seem to want to come rescue me. I do not know how to tell him, so I take my hands out of my belly pocket.

At the sight of the handcuffs, the guy turns back to Florian. “You do not do things by halves, do you? Didn’t you tell me he was shy and a bit of a novice? Come on, give me the key so we can try this thing out.”

Florian takes the key out of his pocket and hands it to the guy, who approaches me and removes the handcuffs.

I then take off my hoodie to reveal the compression t-shirt and chastity cage, now clearly visible.

“Perfect! Look at this!” says the guy as he approaches me and takes me by the shoulders. “No doubt about it, S size will fit you.” Then he turns to look for something on the racks behind him.

He picks up a large leather piece with numerous leather straps attached. A straitjacket. As it stands on a hanger, it does not look like much, but I have often fantasized about this kind of equipment, which combines bondage – a priori very tight, from which you cannot escape – and leather.

At the sight – and smell – of this object, my cock swells in its cage. I cannot believe I am going to be able to even try on equipment like this.

“Stretch your arms out in front of you,” says the salesman.

He and Florian each pass me a sleeve and come behind me. I can feel a zipper closing and the straitjacket is snug. It gets tighter and tighter as they fasten the straps at the back. Flo then returns to the front and crossing my arms in front of me he passes the straps to the salesman who fastens them behind me.

“One more hole,” Flo orders. The guy complies, increasing the tension in my arms.

Florian adds a strap at the front linking the two arms together while the salesman takes care of the straps on the bottom, which he passes on either side of my sex to pull up behind me, thus holding the camisole firmly in place, preventing any upward movement.

“You see, the special thing about this model is that the straps don’t cover the buttocks but come up the side like a jockstrap,” the salesman explains to Flo. “This way, the ass and buttocks remain perfectly accessible,” he adds, while slapping my cheeks.

I love the imprisoning feeling of this. I test my bonds a little and I am surprised at how tight yet comfortable I am. What’s more, the smell of leather rises to my nostrils and helps increase my arousal prevented by the cage.

“You have a nice bum, by the way,” the salesman whispers in my ear.

“You like it boy?” asks Florian.

Before answering, I test my bonds a little more. I pull with all my force, but it is no use.

“I love it Sir,” I reply with a big smile.

Florian circles around me and checks the tension in the straps. Discreetly he runs his hand over my cage pushed by my cock trying to make it explode.

“I have no doubt about it, boy.” He then turns back to the salesman. “OK, we’ll take it.”

“Follow me guys.” And we follow him across the store to the cash register, which does not fail to catch the eye of the guy who had winked at me.

“That will be 450€.”

Wow, I had thought it must be quite expensive, given the apparent quality of this piece, but I never thought it would be that expensive.

“But you can get a 30% discount,” he adds to Florian’s intention.

“And how that?”

“Put your slave at disposal in the store for this afternoon and I’ll get you the discount.”

“Very well,” answers Flo without even thinking for one second.

The salesman comes to me and guides me back to the shelf where we found the straitjacket.

“Stand there against the pole,” Florian orders me, pointing to a metal post. The salesman returns with several large leather straps in his hands, which he quickly fastens with Florian’s help, securing me to the pole. They make sure they are tight, leaving me virtually immobile.

The excitement is at its peak, and throughout the whole process, I am not even embarrassed that it is happening in public. I can see Mr. Wink watching from the corner of his eye what is happening towards us.

The salesman, who had been absent, returns with a brochure in his hands, which he shows to Florian. Florian smiles broadly. “You will love it, boy.” And he shows me the leaflet which reads “Hoods and gags tester – feel free to use.”

I do not really understand what it is until the salesman fixes it to the pole above my head. At that moment, Mr Wink came closer to us, intrigued.

“Looks interesting. What’s going on here? If I understand correctly, we can test the various equipment on this boy?”

“Exactly!” Florian and the salesman reply in unison. “And there’s one more touch,” says Flo, taking a small box out of his pocket and handing it to the guy, “the remote control for his vibrating plug.”

A vibrating plug? In the excitement of the moment, I had forgotten I was wearing a plug, this one being of reasonable dimensions.

The guy smiles and presses the remote control, causing a hyper-pleasant sensation inside me. He steps closer and places his hand on my cage. “You seem to like it, boy.”

“Yes Sir,” I answer, without lying.

“That’s good, I came to buy a gag, and I don’t know which one to choose, you’ll help me.”

He returns with several gags in his hands, which he tries on me one after the other. First a fairly simple ball gag, but with a very large ball, which he struggles to get in. Then a bar resembling a horse bit. Then a leather pecker gag, which fills the mouth nicely. Each time he places the gag, he adjusts it, takes pleasure in watching me, asks me to speak or shout through it, to check its effectiveness. Each time, he takes pleasure in playing with the remote control of my plug, and my excitement is at its peak, I feel like I am going to explode.

Next up is an inflatable gag. I have never tried a gag like this, and the sensation when it is inflated is incredible. The mouth is completely full, and the guy takes great pleasure in deflating and reinflating it while playing with my plug. It is perhaps the most effective gag I have tested so far.

But the guy does not seem entirely satisfied. He takes it off and replaces it with another with a ball in the mouth held by some kind of metal tube, and a sort of crank on the front. I quickly understand what it is all about. Thanks to the crank, the ball can be inserted more or less far into the mouth. The guy plays with the crank, repeatedly provoking gag reflexes, bringing me to the verge of vomiting. I start to stress just as Flo and the salesman return.

“Are you finding your happiness?”

“Not yet,” the guy replies, “but I have still got something I have always wanted to try.”

He goes back into the aisle and returns with a kind of muzzle with a funnel. I quickly figure out it is a uro gag. He removes the cranked gag and the sales assistant shows him how to adjust the muzzle. Then he fixes the funnel.

I like the feeling of this gag. It is not just a tube in the mouth, but a kind of leather insert, soft but rigid, wide but not too wide.

“The advantage with the muzzle is that the funnel is held at forehead level, so it is very stable.”

“Can we try it?” asks the guy.

Wait, what do you mean, try?

“Of course,” replies the salesman, after seeking Florian’s approval out of the corner of his eye.

No, there is no way anyone is going to pee in my gag, that is out of the question. I shake my head, and Florian approaches to whisper in my ear. “Don’t panic boy.”

The salesman returns with a bottle of water, which he gently pours into the funnel. No doubt the gag is effective, I have no choice but to swallow at the pace imposed on me. But I am glad it is only water.

I see the satisfaction on Mr. Wink’s face.

“Great, I’ll take it. In fact, I’ll even take two!” And he undoes the gag to leave with it at the register.

“Ok, let’s go boy,” Florian says, and I realize that my time in this store is over, much to my relief.

“Oh wait,” replies the sales assistant. “I have still got something that’s not on the shelf that I have just received, and I’d like to try out.” With that, he heads off into the back of the store and returns with an object in his hands.

“It is a new neoprene muzzle with the right built-in gag,” he explains to Florian and shows him the object. “Look at the thickness, the padding, the quality of this piece.”

With that, Florian and the salesman set about putting it on me, under the amused and excited gaze, if the bulge on his shorts is anything to go by, of Mr. Wink.

And indeed, this muzzle is incredible. It fits perfectly, and the soft but thick material completely encloses the head. And the gag is just perfect. It fills the mouth without being uncomfortable. I feel completely trapped.

Once the hood is fastened, they stand back to admire their work.

“Incredible,” says Florian.

The three guys all seem excited by the sight of this object. The salesman and Mr. Wink come closer and start stroking me. They test my bonds, give me little slaps and start talking to me a bit crudely.

“You like it, don’t you, you little whore, being at the mercy of men.”

They take great pleasure in taking my cage, molded in running tights, in their hands and pulling on it, while Florian plays with the remote control of my plug. I am struggling in my bonds. I have only one desire: to cum. I do not have time to think about how crazy it is that two guys I did not even know two hours ago are abusing me in public in a store. The daddy and his puppy have come closer to admire the spectacle.

The two guys seem to be getting more and more excited, to the point where they are pulling out their dicks and jerking each other off as they continue to abuse me. I meet Florian’s gaze and am reassured to see that he is following the scene attentively, remote control in hand, varying the vibrations that flood my hole.

To my surprise, Florian also pulls his cock out of his jeans and starts jerking off. He also approaches me and starts slapping my thighs and my ass.

I am on the verge of exploding.

This scene continues for a while, and the guys get all three in front of me jerking off.

“Try to free yourself, boy,” Flo teases me.

I pull as hard as I can on my bonds, but I cannot move. The straitjacket and leather straps fit perfectly, making movement almost impossible. But I play along and squirm in my bonds, desperately trying to find some degree of freedom. This spectacle seems to excite the three guys even more.

I can see from Flo’s face that he is not far from cumming. Suddenly, he moves closer to me while continuing to jerk off.

“You’re a good little whore,” he says in my ear.

Just then, he pulls out my jogging suit, revealing my encased cock. But he does not pull it down, just forward. With the muzzle on I canot see very well, but I can feel Florian climaxing and exploding. The next thing I know, I can feel the warm liquid running down my cage, he has cum all over me. A smile of contentment on his face, he looks me in the eye.

“Such a good boy.”

As I turn around, I see him exchange a look with his salesman buddy, and Florian nods. The salesman and Mr. Wink both approach me and one of them pulls my jogging suit forward just as Florian had done. It is not long before they too are cumming all over my cock. One of them must be a big cummer, it feels like a torrent of juices has flowed over me.

Then they put my tights back on.

“We couldn’t let you go without a little souvenir,” the salesman says.

Mr. Wink comes up to my ear.

“If you’re here for a few days, let me know, I am sure we’ll find a way to have a lot of fun together,” he says before licking my ear and giving me a little slap on the side of the buttock.

In a way, I am glad I cannot answer.

The daddy and his dog are a few meters behind. I didn’t notice earlier, but they must have witnessed the whole scene from the beginning.

With the three guys’ excitement subsiding, they chat amongst themselves while untying the straps that bind me to the pole. But on my side, the excitement is still at its peak, I am the only one who did not come! I was not at all expecting to receive the semen of these three guys directly on me. I had never envisaged such a scenario, but I have to admit I am in ecstasy, feeling I have played my part well as a slave and in a way offered myself up to these guys.

After being detached from the pole, I follow Florian towards the cash register.

“I must admit your new muzzle looks awesome. What do you think, boy?” Indeed the feeling of the muzzle is great, and I nod.

“If you give me a decent price, I’ll take it too.”

It is true that I really like the straitjacket and the muzzle. I have been wearing them for a while now, but both are very comfortable, yet very restrictive. Still, I am looking forward to taking them off and changing my now wet tights. Florian has obviously not planned a change – after all what happened was improvised and had not been planned – but I can always buy something from this store, it might help me form a slightly fetish wardrobe.

Florian swipes his card for the muzzle and straitjacket and thanks the salesman.

Mr Wink gives the cashier the two funnel gags and pays for them. He turns to Florian and gives him one of the two.

“This is for him,” he says, looking at me. “He seems like a good sub. I am sure you’ll be able to put them to good use with him.”

I shake my head in disapproval. I do not mind getting pissed on if it turns the guy on – although I have never tried it — but drinking piss, no way.

“Wow thanks man, I am sure he’ll appreciate that, won’t you boy?”

With that, he grabs me by the muzzle and forces me to nod.

“Anyway, I’d love to relieve myself in his funnel if the opportunity arises,” the guy says to Florian before winking at me. He greets Florian and the salesman and exits the store, not without giving me a final slap on the ass.

Florian comes over to remove my straitjacket. Or so I thought. Instead, he grabs me by one of the straps and pushes me towards the back of the store, preceded by the salesman.

I am not sure what is going on, but they are obviously not finished with me. We follow Florian’s buddy, who opens a door to the outside. I am frankly not keen on the idea of going out in this kind of gear, but Flo’s hand is firm and I have no choice but to go out.

The back of the store opens onto a small parking lot, probably private and reserved for the inhabitants of the surrounding buildings. We cross the parking lot. Fortunately I do not see anyone. The salesman stops next to an Audi A4 and opens the trunk.

“Climb in!” orders Florian.

I am shocked.

“Don’t make me say it again, get in quickly or we’ll leave you like this in the parking lot!”

The car is a limousine, the trunk separated from the passenger compartment. I have no choice but to trust Florian and climb into the trunk, helped by his buddy.

“Lie on your side.”

The salesman helps me find a position, legs bent. He then smiles at me and closes the trunk.

And then nothing, complete darkness. I am in sports kit, locked in a straitjacket, muzzled, in the trunk of a car owned by a guy I do not know. My cock still in the cage, and the juice of three guys who jerked off is wetting my tights.

My hard-on is throbbing inside its cage harder than ever.

And then the car starts…

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