7 Days in Berlin – Part 08

By Takeo

Day 2 – Wednesday June 12th – Back to the apartment

I am totally freaking out. I am locked in a straitjacket, wearing a muzzle with a leather insert in my mouth, in the trunk of a car of someone I don’t know. My cock still caged, and still wet from the juice of three guys who jerked off in my tights.

I can feel the car making its way through Berlin traffic. With every turn and every braking or acceleration, I shift a little in the trunk. I am not blindfolded, but it is completely dark inside.

My main fear is that the gag will make me vomit and suffocate to death in this trunk. Yet in the various discussions we have had, Florian has always seemed to be very attentive to safety, and I cannot conceive of him leaving me like this. He probably doesn’t even know if I get motion sickness?

I try to relax and breathe calmly. Actually, no, I don’t get motion sickness, and the gag isn’t too big and I have no trouble swallowing. There is no reason for it to go wrong. The moment of panic passing, I start to enjoy it, and immediately my chastity cage reminds me.

I can feel Florian’s, the salesman’s and Mr. Wink’s juices in my pubic area. In my head, I replay the events of the last few hours, and I get a hard-on at the thought of being Florian’s slave. Since my arrival in Berlin, I have submitted to everything that has been imposed on me, doing my best to excel, even if some experiences have been beyond my limits. I realize that I love being in this position, even if I am regularly anxious about what is going to happen to me, and I love being with Florian. On the one hand, it is very frustrating to see him, to have him in front of me after all these months, and not be able to interact with him the way I would like to, to snuggle up to him, to take him in my arms. But on the other hand, I love the domineering Florian, the Sir. In everyday life, Flo is quite a bon vivant and likes to have fun. But the Berlin Flo exudes such a natural authority that I just want to be a good boy for him and make him enjoy and be proud of me. I don’t ask myself too many questions about my limits, I trust him and I want to follow him wherever he takes me. If he had asked me a few days ago if I wanted 3 guys jerking off in my underpants and if I wanted to be transported like that in the trunk of a car, I would definitely have said no. But now I am happy and excited to be there and not to have panicked and asked to stop the session. I am happy to be going through this, but I am also happy because I imagine that Florian in his head is telling himself that I am a good boy.

I don’t know how long we have been riding, but I am getting very hot. It is summer and the sun is beating down on Berlin this afternoon. And obviously the manufacturer hasn’t provided an air intake in the trunk.

I wonder where we are going. And what awaits me when we get there? Has Florian decided to lend me to one of his buddies again? If I could choose, I would prefer Flo to look after me, I have already had adventures with Mark and Fabian on the train, and with Franz, and I would be more comfortable with my Sir. But no matter what I think, he must have his reasons.

As far as I can tell from the many stops and starts, we are still in town. But it is lasting very long – is Berlin really that big?

This time, the car stops and the engine is turned off. I hear a door slam and then the trunk opens. As my eyes adjust to the light, the salesman appears in front of me, smirking.

“So, the ride was comfortable?”

I risk a nod.

“It doesn’t matter, we don’t have customer service,” he laughs.

Just then, Florian appears beside him. I am relieved to see him.

“Let me explain, we are going to help you out of the trunk and we’re going to get in quickly through the door of the building next door. Quickly because we’re on the street and we’re not alone.”

A few days ago, the thought of being seen, even furtively, in such an outfit would have made me faint. But now, after what has happened over the past 2 days, it doesn’t bother me any more than that. Especially since, in this outfit, I am unlikely to be recognized.

Florian and the salesman help me out of the trunk. My legs are stiff from the huddled position I was in, and they almost have to carry me to avoid dragging me along the street for too long. I soon see that the street is rather quiet, with only a few passers-by visible in the distance, probably because nobody has seen me like this.

I recognize the place: we are at the foot of the apartment. Judging by the length of time I have been lugged around in the trunk, Flo and the salesman must have been all over town, as the morning walk wasn’t all that long. They probably wanted me to enjoy the trip, and to have enough time to wonder what was going to happen to me, which I certainly did.

Once inside the building, we climb the stairs and enter the apartment. Florian locks me in the cell next to the door. The cell is empty, no blanket, no chains, nothing. Only a mechanical alarm clock is present on the small tablet. It reads 17:00.

“Wait here boy,” he says, taking the remote control out of his pocket and activating a program on my vibrating plug before heading off to the playroom.

The vibrations spread inside me, reminding me of the plug’s presence, which I had almost forgotten. It is not very big and doesn’t bother me at all. The sensation is very pleasant, and so is the context, left there in storage by my Sir, in a straitjacket, muzzled, locked in this cell while he goes about his business.

I hear the sound of moving furniture, and Florian passes through the hall several times, to the bathroom, the kitchen and the playroom.

He passes one last time to go into the last room, which I imagine to be the bedroom, and then no more noise. After many long minutes, I tell myself that Florian has gone to get some rest. I see on the alarm clock that it’s 17.30.

I had been sitting on the bed – or rather, the wide bench – in the cell. Finding myself alone in this apartment, I decide to lie down. It is not easy with the straitjacket on, but I manage it and get on my back. My arms start to pull a bit, I have been wearing the jacket for almost 3 hours, and it’s very tight, allowing very little movement.

I doze slightly from time to time, each time drawn out of my ramblings by the vibrations of the plug.

It is 18.30 on the alarm clock when Florian reappears in the hall. I had planned to anticipate his arrival and get down on my knees in the cell; I am sure he would have appreciated the view, but he was too discreet and I wasn’t attentive enough. However, I decide to get up and kneel as soon as he arrives. He has changed into a pair of leather pants with a red tank top. Large leather bracelets adorn his arms and wrists. He looks very hot in this outfit.

He seems to be pleasantly surprised when he sees that I am getting down on my knees in front of him.

“Mh, such a good boy, it seems like you’re a fast learner.” he says with a smile.

He comes closer and plunges my face into his leather jeans, right on his cock which I can feel hardening inside the pants. He holds my head by the muzzle and at length forces me to stroke the leather with my face, the scent of the material entering my nostrils and overlaying the vibrations of the plug to excite me.

“You want to lick and to suck?”

Yes, I really do. I nod, I really want to run my tongue over his leather, I want him to pull out his cock and allow me to lick and suck him for a long time.

“Too bad you’ve got that muzzle on, and I don’t plan on taking it off right away,” he tells me, letting go of my head and stepping away from me.

“Now get up!”

Still in the euphoria of the moment, I struggle to get to my feet. I am surprised by the turn of events. Given the size what is inside his pants, I had thought he would want me to take care of it.

He gets behind me and pushes me out of the cell, guiding me into the bathroom. He starts by taking off the sneakers I had been wearing since I left for the store, then undoes the lower fastenings of the camisole and takes off the running tights and slaps them on my face, propelling the smell of the 3 guys’ juice into my nostrils.

“Too bad you’re muzzled and you can’t take it in your mouth…”

So much the better that I am muzzled instead! The smell of semen both repulses and excites me. I try to free myself, but Florian has a firm grip on me and I can’t do anything.

After loosening his grip, Florian ties the straps to the bottom of the camisole again. I think I will finally be released, but Florian obviously has something else in mind. I see myself in the bathroom mirror, naked in a straitjacket, my dick trapped in its plastic cage, my head in its neoprene cage. This vision excites me, and I hope it excites Florian too.

“Time to pee, boy.”

I expect Florian to come out of the bathroom, but no, he just stands there in front of me. I realize I won’t have any privacy, and sit down on the toilet to pee.

“Don’t look away, just keep looking at me.”

I relieve myself while looking at Florian. This position is extremely humiliating, me trying to pee through my cage, him standing there looking at me. Especially as my cock is trying to harden, it is difficult for me to pee.

“Get up,” he calls out when I have finished. “Climb into the tub and get on your knees.”

I do as best I can, and Florian places a wooden cube in front of me in the bathtub. He pushes me onto it, so that my torso is lying on it.

“It is not very glamorous, but it’s going to be indispensable for what comes next,” Florian tells me as he walks behind me. He removes the plug I have been wearing all afternoon. Even though it was rather small, I am relieved when it comes out. Then I feel some gel on my anus and a small object penetrating me. I understand what it is when I feel the flow of water enter me: an enema. The warm liquid fills my insides. I am not at all used to this sensation, not being one for anal play. Then Florian takes the object from me and orders me to get up and get out of the tub.

“You hold on until I tell you, and woe betide you if there is even one drop on the floor.”

I squeeze my sphincter as hard as I can, and try to stay upright and resist even though my body wants only one thing, to expel this liquid.

After a few minutes of me squirming, Florian orders me to sit on the toilet and empty myself. I cannot take it any more and rush to the toilet to relieve myself.

The humiliation of this moment is terrible, being forced like this to empty myself – and not being able to restrain myself – in front of Florian who is watching this intently with a domineering air.

“In the bathtub,” Florian orders me when I have finished. I understand that he is not in the mood to laugh, and that this isn’t over. I climb back into the tub, get on my knees and lie down on the stall again, with Florian’s help.

I have no choice but to endure this humiliation, which is repeated 4 times before Florian stops me in my tracks to get back into the tub.

“Stay there boy.”

He grabs a towel and wipes the water that’s run down my legs and feet.

“Now come over here.”

He gets behind me and pushes me out of the bathroom toward the playroom.

I am relieved Florian has not put the plug back in; my hole is inflamed from the treatment it has just had.

I enter the playroom, which is bathed in subdued orange and red lights.

The spanking bench sits in the middle of the room. This piece of furniture has a central part on which I imagine the torso is placed, and in front and behind, supports on each side, to rest the calves and forearms, the whole should give a position as if the guy is on all fours. The whole thing is fitted with thick leather padding and has multiple straps for attaching the submissive to it.

I am starting to freak out, this morning’s spanking and whipping session was intense and my ass is not fit for another session.

Florian steps in front of me and undoes the camisole ties holding my two arms together, then steps behind and frees my arms completely. I am relieved to get out of the camisole, even though it is very comfortable – and exciting – I have been in it for several hours and I am happy to be able to move.

Once my arms are untied, I shake them to unankle them.

“Climb on this thing,” Florian calls out before guiding me and helping me place my knees on the leg rests. With my arms still in the straitjacket but free, it is easier.

“Lie forward!”

I lie down on the bench in front of me and sink into the leather padding, the smell of which wafts up my nostrils. My tail is still caged but struggling to get out. The bench is comfortable, the padding thick enough to feel good, but thin enough to feel the structure.

Florian puts my arms in front of me around the structure I am lying on and fastens the straps behind my back. I am in the same position as before, with my arms crossed in front of me, but now encircling the spanking bench.

Florian comes up behind me and attaches my legs and ankles to the structure with a number of leather straps. Then he finishes by fastening straps around my body, over the camisole, leaving me no freedom of movement.

As a result, my legs are slightly bent forward, exposing my wide-open ass. I feel very vulnerable in this position. And humiliated.

Florian kneels in front of me. He puts on black leather gloves and gives me a few slaps over the muzzle.

“Let’s start to have fun boy,” he says with a mischievous grin. I know his look all too well, and I stress at the thought of what is to come.

Florian comes up behind me and gives me a few slaps on the buttocks. My ass is still sore from this morning’s session, and although the blows aren’t very hard, they sting immediately. I see Florian walk over to the wall where the toys hang and grab a riding crop. My ass must be quite red by now, and I won’t be able to endure another spanking session. I try to struggle, but my bonds are too tight and I can barely move. I try to nod no, but Florian gets down to my level, strokes my head and whispers in my ear.

“Don’t worry, if you’re a good boy, I won’t need to use it.”

He passes behind me again, out of my field of vision.

I realize what’s happening as something suddenly penetrates me. It cannot be anything big, but the surprise makes me scream into the muzzle. Gradually, the sensation of pain turns to pleasure as my hole gets used to the presence of the object.

Back and forth begins, and I realize that it’s not actually an object, but Florian’s finger. He is playing with my hole, taking great pleasure in making me moan. After a while, I feel a second finger penetrate me and then move back and forth in my hole. I tense up when I feel a third finger.

“Relax boy,” Florian says, his fingers still in my ass.

I do my best to breathe and relax, but it is difficult in this situation.

Florian works my hole, his three fingers inside me. After the initial pain, I start to take pleasure and my cock swells in his cage.

I have come before without any cock stimulation, just by being solicited in my ass. And I can feel the tension building.

Florian withdraws his fingers, then I feel the cool gel applied between my cheeks. He presses an object against my hole and gently forces it into me.

“Relax and accept your place, boy.”

The pressure on the object doesn’t let up, it is forced slowly but steadily into me, never going back. I understand it is a plug when the large part is passed and my sphincter closes on the object.

“Here’s the deal, boy: I put an inflatable plug in you. The target is 10. I am going to squeeze the bulb steadily up to 10. If it’s too much for you, you tell me and I’ll stop, but you get the number of strokes you miss with the crop, understood boy?”

I don’t like the idea of having to choose between the plague and cholera, but I have no choice but to nod.

Then I feel the plug gradually swelling. It is a slow process; I think Florian puts on pressure every 30 seconds or so, which gives me time to get used to it. The sensation is pleasant and exciting. The plug itself cannot be very big, and the first few strokes fill me up nicely, making me look forward to the next stage. But after a while, the sensation becomes unpleasant. The object expands and fills me completely, I feel a tension inside me. The next thing I know, it is really painful. I didn’t keep track of the number of steps, but it really hurts too much and I shake my head to stop.

“Are you sure, boy?” asks Flo.

I am in pain, but at the same time I don’t feel like taking crop strokes to my already reddened bottom. I shake my head.

“Let’s get on with it, then,” he says, then gives me another push.

This time I am sure I cannot take anymore.

“Okay boy, that’s 8, so two strokes.”

Smack! Smack! A blow on each buttock. The pain is scathing, the blows are not given lightly and immediately awaken the morning aches. I try to struggle, but the bonds prevent me.

I feel the plug in my ass deflate, Florian must have opened the valve. I am relieved and can finally relax.

“Now the goal is 15, boy.”

What? I can feel the plug inflating again. Again, with a fairly slow and steady rhythm. This time, I manage to count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So far so good, and so exciting. My cock aches, still imprisoned in its plastic cage.

But the next few times, the pleasure disappears in favor of intense pain. Florian continues with a steady rhythm and I can feel that he is more excited now that I have to fight the urge to tell him to stop. I hold out as long as I can, for fear of the whipping, but I can’t resist. “Mpphh mphhh,” is the only sound coming from the muzzle, but my head movements are clear.

“11 this time boy, you’re improving.”

And without further ado, Florian grabs his riding crop and gives me four well-hit blows. Again, I squirm as much as I can, but of course it is impossible for me to escape the blows. Florian fondles my burning buttocks with the riding crop. The pain makes me forget the plug, still swollen in my hole.

Again, in an almost mechanical, emotionless way, Sir Flo deflates the plug and settles back in front of me, looking me in the eye.

“Now 20, let’s go.”

And again, I feel the plug reinflate. This time a little faster. I count in my head and the first 8 are inflated in a row. The part where the presence of the plug is pleasant is thus skipped, leaving room directly for the part where the pain is felt.

I am not sure I can hold out much longer. As the object swells in my hole, tears come to my eyes. I refuse to ask to stop, my bottom is burning. Yet I can’t hold on. I move my head to make him understand that enough is enough.

This time, Sir Flo doesn’t tell me the number I have reached. As soon as he lets go of the bulb, he grabs the riding crop and throws 8 blows, 4 on each buttock. Without pause. The blows slam. It is intense pain, far beyond the pleasurable pain I enjoy in SM games. I am struggling in my bonds, I cannot take it anymore. My vision is blurred by tears.

But for sole reaction from Sir Flo, I get:

“Next step: 30.”

I shake my head in all directions, I cannot stand it any longer. But it is no use, I can feel the plug swelling in my hole. Once again, the first stages are passed in one go, but this time everything is confused in my head and I don’t know how much the plug has been inflated. But the pain is already there. It is as if I am in a parallel world. I cannot concentrate on what is happening to me, as if my brain has abandoned my body to support what’s happening to me. I feel as if my hole is going to burst when I ask to stop.

Again, the whip blows rain down quickly, I don’t have the strength to count. Each blow hurts more than the last. I can’t even imagine what my buttocks are looking like. Fortunately, Florian’s pace means I don’t have time to worry about the next blow. I break down completely and even lose the strength to scream through my gag. My body trembles, despite being firmly fixed to the bench.

I dread what’s coming next, I am not able to take any more.

Again, Florian deflates the plug. But this time, it doesn’t happen again. I feel him take the plug in his hand and pull it out. My hole has been enlarged to such an extent that I can barely feel it go through.

Then Sir Flo comes and stands in front of me. He takes my head in his hands and looks me straight in the eye.

“Such a good boy, I am really proud of you.”

I am still in a parallel world. It takes me a moment to realize that it is over. My ass is burning, my hole hurts. My limits have been pushed really far. But I am not angry, on the contrary, I am grateful. Grateful to Sir Flo for pushing me down this path, enduring something I did not feel capable of, for his sake.

And I am proud to have done it.

And I am happy. Happy, because I feel that Florian is really proud of me, and probably of him too. Happy to satisfy him and make him get off. Because the look on his face and the size of the bulge in his leather pants leave no doubt: Flo loved all of this.

He settles back behind me and spends a good while caressing my bottom. The sensation is exquisite and soothing. He leaves the playroom to return with a tube in his hands. He applies the cream to my still-burning buttocks.

I moan with pleasure. My cock is hard as marble in his cage.

Then he exits the playroom and closes the door, leaving me fixed, ever so tightly, on that spanking bench. I don’t know how long I stay like this, still gagged by the neoprene muzzle. My mind wanders. After this intense moment, I relax completely. I would like to be free to move, in Florian’s arms to comfort me. But the rules were clear, no normal moments, 100% submission.

After a while, the door opened again. Surprise, Florian is not alone. Franz is following him. Surprise again, Franz is not in “normal mode.” He is wearing a black leather jockstrap, black military-style combat boots, a bulldog harness across his chest and a leather collar around his neck. His hands are cuffed in front of him.

The sight of Florian and Franz, both in leather, dom and sub, immediately provokes another erection.

Florian steps in front of me and removes the muzzle. My cheeks are stiff after all that time with the gag in my mouth. The moment of calm spent on the bench alone in the playroom has totally relaxed me after the intensity of the treatment I have undergone. I feel good, soothed. Florian strokes my head and beckons me not to speak. I admit I wouldn’t have wanted to, I don’t want to break the calm that reigns in the room.

Franz has moved behind me, and with both hands is caressing my bottom. I momentarily feel the metal of his handcuffs on my skin and hear the click of metal.

Florian starts to put a finger in my mouth. I lick and suck it for long minutes, much to his delight, Franz still behind me stroking and licking my bottom.

“Alpha, come here.” I understand he is addressing Franz, who moves around the bench to stand in front of me. Florian positions him so that his jockstrap is literally under my nose and the smell of leather goes straight to my nostrils.

I can feel what’s about to happen and I am dreading it as much as I want to. The fact that I have to take Franz’s cock in my mouth in this position where I have no choice excites me. Yet in my head I don’t see myself as a whore, far from it, and I wonder if all this is going too far. I don’t know this guy.

“Take it down,” Florian says to Franz.

I am about to open my mouth to tell Florian I don’t want to when Franz pulls down his jockstrap. Instead of a hard cock, I see a chastity cage in which Franz’s dick is struggling.

“Do you like what you see, boy?” asks Franz.

“Yes, alpha,” I reply.

Indeed, this sight excites me. I don’t know why, but being submissive to a guy who’s also submissive to Sir Flo is a real turn-on for me.

Florian approaches me, strokes my head and comes close to my ear.

“Don’t worry boy, you’ll get that cock, but not now.”

And he turns back to Franz. “Turn around.”

Franz turns around and I find myself with his muscular buttocks right in front of my face. His fitness training is clearly visible. Florian pushes him back a little in my direction and I practically find myself with my nose between his buttocks. Not that it’s unpleasant, but I don’t understand where this is going until Florian orders him to “lean forward.”

With the flexibility of a gymnast, he leans forward until his hands touch the floor. His buttocks are spread wide.

“Lick!” orders Sir Flo.

I have never licked a guy’s ass, let alone a guy I don’t know. It is one of those slightly ambiguous activities where anything to do with scat disgusts me deeply, and this is one of my non-negotiable limits, but on the other hand the total humiliation aspect appeals to me enormously.

In the mood of the moment, I decide not to ask myself too many questions and stick out my tongue.

“Good boy,” I am told by Sir Flo. He takes my head with one hand and directs Franz with the other so that my tongue comes right on his hole, which I try to lick as best I can. The sensation for me is new and very pleasant. His perfectly smooth hole is very pleasant to lick. Frankly, I was not expecting this situation to be pleasant. Pleasant but totally humiliating. Once I have discovered the sensation, I am reminded of the situation. I am tied up on a piece of bondage furniture, forced to lick some guy’s ass. Objectively, zero level of human decency. But precisely this position and humiliation of being forced to plunge my tongue into a guy’s ass turns me on enormously.

And Franz too, if his moans are anything to go by.

Florian slams my head firmly between Franz’s buttocks and I can hardly breathe.

“Open his ass with your tongue, boy.”

More than just licking him, I push against his hole with my tongue and Franz moans louder.

Florian steps aside and spends a moment admiring us, further reinforcing the feeling of humiliation. I feel like my dick is going to blow the cage apart, and I don’t know why, but I have a feeling it is kind of the same for Franz.

“Okay alpha, get up and go suit up.”

Franz gets up quickly and heads for the back wall of the playroom where some equipment is hanging. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this, but really this experience was incredible, both physically and mentally. From behind, I get a good view of Franz’s muscular buttocks, still a little damp. I can see him putting on a kind of harness over his jockstrap.

Despite the hours spent in the straitjacket and the hard treatment in the playroom, I realize they are not finished with me when Franz turns to move closer to me and I see he has put on a harness dildo.

Guided by Florian, he positions himself in front of me and, without needing to be ordered, I understand that I shall open my mouth. This seems more acceptable than a stranger’s cock, but again the situation is very humiliating. To be sucking a piece of plastic shapred like a cock worn by a guy I didn’t even know a week before seems surreal. But after these two days, I am totally a boy in my mind and content with my condition.

I suck on the thing as best I can. It is not very pleasant, it is quite big and several times I almost regurgitate. Franz, who was very obedient and passive a few moments ago, is clearly taking charge, his alpha side in no doubt. With his hands still handcuffed, he grabs my head and forces more and more back and forth. Without being able to see it, I sense that Florian is watching the scene with satisfaction.

“Ok alpha, go ahead now.”

Franz removes the device from my mouth, leaving me dripping, my mouth somewhat inflamed. He circles the bench and passes behind me. Without further warning, I feel the dildo pushing against my hole. Despite the plug’s drive and the remnants of lubricant, the introduction is not exactly smooth. The dildo is rather large for someone as inexperienced as me. But Franz doesn’t let up, on the contrary. I sense that giving up is not an option, that Franz is going to get this thing in one way or another anyway, whether I think it is too big or not. So I try to relax, and finally the dildo enters. After the first moments of pain, the pleasure comes quickly.

Franz quickly starts moving in and out, which, given the size of the dildo, oscillates between pain and pleasure. Once the rhythm has settled, Sir Flo steps in front of me. Without further ado, he unzips his leather pants and pulls out his already swollen cock, which he threads directly into my mouth.

The movements are brusque and intense, both in my mouth and in my ass, and I feel all the bestiality of my two doms taking advantage of their sub. I am not inside their heads, but I have no doubt that they are both enjoying themselves.

They do not seem to care how I feel. I moan, both my holes being forced brutally. But I can’t hide my excitement, my cock feels like a piece of wood in its cage. Being fucked by one guy while having to suck another while tied up was on my list of fantasies to fulfill once. And even though Franz isn’t strictly fucking me, the experience is even more intense than I had imagined.

The back and forth of the dildo harness in my hole gets the better of me. The intensity is such that I end up cumming, even with my cock in the cage. Franz stops his movement, the object still inside me, and Florian withdraws his cock from my mouth. This moment and my orgasm were of such intensity that it takes me a moment to come to my senses. Franz gently withdraws the dildo from my hole.

“Don’t forget you are not allowed to speak, boy,” Florian says. “And you, come here and get on your knees,” he orders Franz in the same breath.

Franz complies and kneels in front of Sir Flo, in front of me. Quickly, Florian takes the alpha’s head in his hands and forces his still rock-hard cock into his mouth. Franz must be used to this, swallowing Flo’s cock whole as he moans with pleasure. After only a few moments, Florian emerges and squirts several big jets on Franz’s face. Franz smiles, probably pleased to have helped satisfy Sir Flo.

After wiping his cock on Franz’s cheeks, Florian zips up his pants.

“Clean this up, untie the boy and go make some food. Cuff him ankles and wrists. He’ll eat on the floor,” he orders Franz before leaving the room, not without running his hand through my hair in a tender gesture.

I watch Franz take off his belt dildo and leave the room. He returns after cleaning his face and approaches me.

“Well boy, are you happy?”

“Yes alpha,” I reply politely.

“From the color of your ass you have had a good treatment today.”

“Indeed, alpha.”

He moves in front of me and crouches down. He takes my head in his still-cuffed hands and gives me a long, tender French kiss. Just the aftercare I need right now. He smiles at me after getting to his feet.

“It is still not cool, you got to cum and I didn’t. But you’ll see, next time it’ll be the other way around.”

Indeed, I realize that I am still in that high that follows a big orgasm, but Franz must still be pretty damn horny. Judging by the bulge under his jockstrap, his cock must still be struggling against the cage.

He starts undoing the straps that tie me to the spanking bench.

“And you’re a really good rimmer! You almost made me come just doing that! If Sir Flo hadn’t ordered me to make dinner, you’d be licking me again.”

“I am glad you enjoyed it, alpha. It was very exciting and very humiliating to be forced to do that.”

Once all the straps are off, Franz straightens me up and removes the straitjacket. The cool air on my still-sweating body is pleasant. Then Franz heads for the wall and comes back with some irons. He hasn’t chosen small handcuffs like his own, but large, medieval-style irons. He attaches a pair to my ankles and one to my wrists. The chains that bind them are quite short, but still leave enough room for movement. He grabs a large necklace in the same style and slips it around my neck.

“Go to the bathroom and relieve yourself, then go to the kitchen. Kneel on the right as you enter.”

I quickly comply. I also take the opportunity to run my face under the water. After the hours I have spent with the muzzle on, it it very pleasant. The irons are heavy, but I love the feeling. When I arrive in the kitchen, I find Franz, still in his jockstrap, harness and handcuffs, busying himself in front of the stove. I kneel down as he asked, without saying a word. He comes over to me and ties my collar to an eyelet fixed in the wall with a chain. The chain is long enough for me to get comfortable and change position, but too short for me to move around and stand up.

I stay on my knees on the kitchen floor and watch Franz cooking. He busies himself while I try to relax from my crazy day. He prepares the food and sets the table, occasionally glancing at me out of the corner of his eye.

He goes out and comes back, followed by Sir Flo, and settles him at the table. Florian strokes my head as he passes me by, but doesn’t speak to me. Franz prepares the plates and serves them on the table, one for Florian and one for himself. He prepares a third plate, but instead of placing it on the table, he brings it to me and places it on the floor in front of me.

“We don’t want to hear from you,” he says rather curtly.

And he sits down at the table. I think I have understood where I belong, not on the same level as Franz and Florian! I eat my meal as best I can, sitting on the floor. The chains don’t make it any easier, but at least I have got cutlery and they haven’t forced me to eat on my knees in a bowl like a dog.

Florian and Franz are chatting quietly while eating their meal, without paying any attention to me. They seem to be having a good time, laughing together like two buddies, as if I were not here. Franz is clearly in charge of everything, but he seems to enjoy it and it seems to please him.

Once the meal is over, Florian retires. He does not even glance at me as he leaves the room. At that moment, I really feel like a toy that has been put down and played with. I am frustrated; I would have liked to be at the table and share this moment with them, but at the same time this is what I asked for.

Franz does the dishes, and I stand there watching him.

Once he is done, he comes over to me. Still without saying a word, he kneels down beside me.

He is much freer in his movements, but all the time he has kept both his hands handcuffed in front of him.

After a few minutes, Florian returns to the kitchen. My cock swells as soon as I see him. He is wearing a black HUBB neoprene swimsuit that fits his body perfectly. I love this type of outfit. I go windsurfing from time to time, probably less for the sport than to be dressed up and rub shoulders with guys in such outfits.

From the look on his face, I can see that Franz also appreciates what he sees.

Sir Flo walks over to Franz and removes his handcuffs.

“Release him, take off your jockstrap and harness and join me in the playroom.”

Franz moves closer to me and unties the chain that binds me to the wall, then removes the restraints from my ankles and wrists, as well as the collar. I find myself completely, except for the chastity cage. I feel very vulnerable.

Once that’s done, Franz lifts me up and, facing me, grabs me by the shoulders.

“You’re really too hot for words, I have no idea what’s going to happen tonight, but I am looking forward to spending the evening with you.”

I don’t know what to say, and anyway even if I did, I wouldn’t be allowed to speak.

“Come on, let’s go and see what is in store for us.”

With that, Franz takes off his jockstrap and harness and finds himself like me, naked and caged. He heads for the playroom, and I follow close behind, eager to see what is in store.

We enter the playroom, which is bathed in subdued red light. Florian is sitting on the bondage chair, watching us like a lord sitting on a throne.

On the floor are two neoprene wetsuits of the same brand as Flo’s. Both are identical, with the same logo. Both identical, with red stripes. Florian does not speak, but I think the stain is pretty clear. One suit clearly looks smaller than the other, so there is no doubt which is for Franz and which is for me.

Yet one detail is different. Between the legs of the smaller suit is a plug.

Seeing this, Franz immediately takes the initiative.

“On all fours, boy!”

I do so, and in the blink of an eye, there is a plug up my ass. It is not too big and goes in easily, but still enough to give me a good feel for it.

Once it is done, Franz slaps me on the buttocks and we both stand up. Without Florian having to say a word, we put on the suits. I love the feeling of putting on a neoprene wetsuit, and Florian must have chosen the right size, because it’s very snug. Franz’s, too, molds his muscular body perfectly.

Once we have finished, we walk over to Florian and kneel down in front of him.

“Very good boys,” he says, clearly pleased with what he sees. I hadn’t fully realized it until now, but he exudes such natural authority that we don’t need to be told what to do.

“I think you’ve had enough for today,” he says, looking at me. Indeed, I have had quite a bit, to say the least. I don’t know what time it is, probably 10 pm, and I have had a busy day. “You need to rest, but first you’re going to admire the show.”

At that moment, he takes me by the chin and I understand that I have to get up. I follow him to the center of the playroom, where he beckons me to sit on the floor.

I comply as he returns with a piece of equipment I have always dreamed of trying out: a rigid metal restraint that binds the wrists and ankles. I find myself in a sitting position, legs bent, hands at foot level. It is not a tight bondage, but the position provides a very exciting sensation.

Between the position and the neoprene suit, I get a hard-on in my chastity cage.

Sir Flo quickly fits me with a neoprene muzzle, which he adjusts quite tightly. It has a rather large gag which, without being too uncomfortable, fills my mouth nicely and keeps it open.

He runs his hand through my hair and gives me a few pats on the chest.

I am totally trapped again. And plugged.

Then Florian approaches Franz and orders him to get on his knees. He pulls out his cock and puts it directly into my alpha’s mouth. For long minutes, Florian fucks Franz’s throat, and there is no doubt that Franz is well used to doing this. I watch them both enjoying themselves, and once again my cock hurts from wanting to get hard in his cage. The high I’d been feeling since I came fades away in favor of a new state of excitement.

I admire how long Florian holds out, and I admire Franz’s dedication to the task.

After very long minutes, Florian removes his cock from my alpha’s mouth and grabs him to put him on the spanking bench on which I was tied earlier. But without tying the straps.

Florian pulls down a zipper, revealing Franz’s hole and cage. I hadn’t noticed that the suits had a zipper there. I look down at mine and notice that it too is equipped with the same thing.

Without further ado, Sir Flo thrusts his cock into Franz’s hole and fucks him savagely, like an animal. Franz seems to endure the assault with pleasure, moaning and moaning constantly. Sir Flo is very enduring, and the scene lasts for very long minutes, until Florian pulls out and shoots his load on Franz’s ass with a loud moan.

I stand there, strapped in my straitjacket, watching the scene.

“Stay like that,” Flo orders him.

He heads to the corner of the playroom and returns with a vibrator, which he applies directly to Franz’s cage. It doesn’t take long for Franz to cum in turn.

I watch from my rigid irons on the floor. Florian and Franz enjoy this post-pleasure moment together, kissing, caressing and embracing. It seems to me that they have a very intimate relationship in this respect. They seem to be connected to each other.

Florian lets go of Franz and heads for the corner of the playroom, returning with something in his hands.

“Come on, it is almost bedtime, boy, but before, you’re going to be useful again.” It is only then that I see what he has in his hands. With a sure hand, he attaches a 90-degree-curved hose and a funnel to my muzzle. The funnel is held in position by a press stud on my forehead. At this point I recall the uro gag Mr Wink gave Florian when we were in the shop. It obviously fits perfectly with the muzzle I am currently wearing.

I quickly realize what is about to happen and shake my head from left to right in disapproval. I have never drunk piss, not even my own, and I really don’t want to. It is not a hard limit for me, but still, I feel it is going too far. Maybe another time, but not now.

Florian takes my head between his two hands to stop my movements and looks me straight in the eye.

“Look, boy, this wasn’t on your no-gos list, so you don’t have a choice. I know it is probably not what you want right now, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that we need it. So now you stop moving or I am going to have to fix your head, understand?”

I look at him pleadingly. But I realize that nothing will change his mind. And basically he is right, I had put uro games on the list of activities I have never experienced but which might be interesting to try. When I filled in the list, I was thinking about getting pissed on, but in no way about drinking someone’s piss. I try to make myself understand and verbalize it, but it is impossible through the gag.

“Come on, stop complaining.”

Just then he stands up and pulls his cock out of his suit. By reflex I raise my head in his direction to look at him, obviously tilting the funnel. Franz comes up behind me and takes my head firmly between his two powerful hands to reposition it correctly. Soon I hear the sound of the jet rushing through the funnel and his hot urine quickly reaches my mouth.

I nearly choke when I discover the acrid taste, but the gag prevents me from blocking the flow, and Franz’s hold prevents me from moving my head. Swallowing is difficult, but with some effort I manage to swallow well. The taste is much stronger than I had expected, terribly disgusting. But the position and the situation mean that it doesn’t matter, I can’t escape this treatment.

Tears well up in my eyes. I don’t know how long it lasts or how much Florian throws down the funnel, but it seems endless. He probably anticipated it and drank a lot in advance.

Before he finishes his business, he changes the trajectory of his jet and pees all over my face and suit. The sensation of hot piss is pleasant, but the smell is detestable. The humiliation is total.

Once he’s finished, he puts his cock back in his suit and zippers it up. Franz lets go of my head and walks past me. He can’t avoid a smirk at the sight of my piss-soaked face.

“Come on, boy, it is almost over,” Florian says.

What does he mean, almost over?

It doesn’t take me long to figure out what he means when I see Florian pull his caged cock out of his wetsuit. He must have needed it too, because a powerful jet comes straight at my face. He sprays my face and wetsuit profusely, and it is literally all over me. After getting me completely wet, he puts his cage in the funnel. In no time at all, his piss is in my mouth. It is not as strong as Florian’s, but the jet is more powerful, I can barely keep up and I can feel the funnel filling up. It takes a few seconds to empty once Franz has finished.

There I am, sitting on the floor, my ankles and wrists bound in a metal rigid irons, drenched in the piss of two guys who have forced me to drink it. The situation is extremely humiliating. And yet, my cock struggles against the cage beneath my wetsuit.

“See boy, it wasn’t that complicated. You’re going to have to get used to it anyway.”

I fear the meaning of this sentence, but I don’t have the strength to think about it.

Without taking the time to let me breathe, Florian removes the funnel, then the irons.

“Now it is time to rest.” He makes me stand up and I comply with difficulty. Meanwhile, Franz has fetched a straitjacket. It seems to have fewer straps than the one I was tied up in for most of the afternoon. I let myself be strapped in without further ado. When Franz puts my arms through the sleeves, I see it is a neoprene straitjacket. It doesn’t take long for my two doms to fasten and adjust it perfectly. Even though it is less complex than the previous leather one, the fact remains that I find myself totally confined and my movements minimally restricted.

The two of them take me by the arms and guide me out of the playroom and into the bedroom. I had never been in this room before. It is not very big. In the center is a large bed, with small bedside tables on either side. On the wall opposite the bed, a St. Andrew’s cross.

I also notice metal bars between the floor and the bed, all around. Florian makes me kneel down and removes the muzzle. A large neoprene hood is immediately placed over my head from behind. Franz and Florian’s organization allows no respite. The tight-fitting hood completely encloses my head. Only a hole at mouth level allows me to breathe.

Florian and Franz take hold of me and lay me down on the floor, sliding me onto a small kind of mattress that I imagine to be made of leather. It must be a few centimeters thick and I sink into it slightly. Then I hear the slam of a metal door and the sound of a padlock being locked. I move my feet and it is when I feel the metal bars that I realize I am under the bed, locked in a cage. I try to stand up, but I quickly stumble on the bed, the cage being very low. On my back, my arms brush the top of the bed, and I can’t get onto my side.

I hear Florian and Franz leaving the room and the sound of a shower. I can’t hear them talking, but I understand that they seem rather cheerful. Soon enough, the two return to the room and I perceive that they are getting into bed.

“Good night, boys.”

“Good night, Sir and boy.”

I realize I am no longer gagged and there is nothing to stop me answering.

“Good night, Sir and alpha.”

Then I hear the sound of a light switch.

I am totally exhausted. At this precise moment, I totally regret having pushed for a continuous session without a break. I think of Franz and Florian, who have showered and are probably lying next to each other on clean sheets. Whereas me… I am still in a cage, in a neoprene suit, in a straitjacket. Plugged. Still drenched in the piss of two guys whose acrid taste is still present in my mouth.

And yet, I am still hard.

Despite the situation and the cage’s cramped conditions, I soon fall into a deep sleep.

To be continued…

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