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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 03

By felon

It was a normal work week, work all day, hide at my apartment all night. I made sure I wrote my journal entries, posted my pics on a daily basis. However one busy day (Wednesday) I forgot and left the charger for the ankle device at home. I realized that by about 4 pm when I usually sat down at my desk and plugged the charger in for a fresh charge. It was a good spot to sit as no one would see where the charger cord led to.

When you fail to charge the device it sends a signal to the captor with a low battery alert. Then i get a message on my cell phone — WTF charge your battery!!!!!

I was plenty pissed and also terrified at the same time. I left work a few minutes early-jumped in the car and sped home-not paying any attention to speed limits. I get home, rush to my apartment and plug myself in, had to sit there for over 2 hours for a full charge. Late that night I go to bed around 1130 pm. I live in a large 100-year-old apartment building with big windows facing the street. I am on an upper floor (6) on what is a quiet city street at night. I am laying in bed, watching the ankle device blink (as I do every night).

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Tied up and beaten

Brad is a hunk. He’s 23 years old, straight, 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, muscular, handsome and hairy. Chic strings him up from the rafters and beats him with his hand, paddle and brush. He looks so helpless and sexy as he hops, dances, twists, moans and howls in agony, the muscles on his sexy body flexing and contracting in response to the intense pain Chic is inflicting on him.

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VIDEO at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this shoot: Brad Strung Up and Beaten

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Scott wails on Jake’s muscular ass

Scott is eager to abuse someone’s ass, and handsome, muscular and hairy Jake is nervous. Scott starts out using his heavy hand on Jake’s muscular ass, and already he’s flinching and gasping. A ruler makes him grimace, gasp and suck air, but it’s the yardstick and hairbrush that really get to him. Jake struggles to deal with the pain, growling and panting, whimpering and howling, his voice cracking and breaking. By the end, he’s breathless and confused, claiming that this was the worst experience ever.

Scott at Straight Men in Trouble

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The title of this shoot: Jake Spanked by Scott

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Scott Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Greg gets it over the knee

Here’s another one from Reluctant Young Men. Greg is a 39-year-old, rugged, handsome, masculine straight guy with a muscular body and a very long dick. When bent over Chic’s knee, he gets spanked by hand, paddle, ruler, brush and belt. He takes a long, painful and humiliating spanking, which is completely degrading for such a big, strong man.

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Video at Reluctant Young Men

The title of this shoot: Greg Spanked by Chic II

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Male BDSM: Taylor takes a beating from a smaller guy

It must have been humiliating for Taylor, a 27-year-old, muscular, 6-foot-4 straight guy, to stand naked before a much smaller gay guy his own age and submit to a beating. Steve uses a paddle, belt and crop to make the muscular giant dance and yell in shame and agony.

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This is what happens at Reluctant Young Men — a site where gay and straight young men undergo first-time spanking experiences!

The title of this update is “Taylor Spanked by Steve”

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Scott abuses a twink at Reluctant Young Men

Scott is longing for a cute butt to abuse, so he gets Nathan to play with, and Chic gets to watch. Scott takes the 25-year-old twink over the knee and delivers a heavy spanking using his hand, belt, paddle and cane, making the young man kick, twist and dance while he hollers, yelps, whimpers, whines and protests in vain. He finishes Nathan’s painful humiliation by making him kneel at Chic’s feet while he thrashes him with a biting cane.

Scott Reluctant Young Men

See the video at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this video: Nathan and Scott – Homecoming Spanking

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Scott Slow Teasing Hand Jobs