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Mistakes in the Military

By slavesoldier

It’s a little after noon on a hot sunny day and the sun is streaming in through a window above me in the cafeteria. I’m sitting on a bench at a table with a plate of food in front of me waiting for the order to eat. Others are still gathering their food and taking their seats, marching in a prescribed orderly fashion. The food isn’t all that appetizing but I’m starving, it’s been a hard day so far.

Sitting, in this unit, means sitting on the front 2 inches of the bench, feet together flat on the ground with knees at 90 degrees and together. Upper body is erect and rigid with back straight, chest out and stomached sucked in as much as possible. Head is level with eyes staring straight ahead, no expression is allowed. Hands are placed on knees. It’s a position of attention from which no deviation is allowed.

We live by a strict code of discipline and are never without orders or expectations. We are expected to be the absolute best. Best in training, best in physical condition, best in drill and best in appearance so that presumably, we’ll be the best in combat. The consequence for even the slightest mistake can be brutal and the grip that the commander has on this unit means that what happens in the unit stays in the unit. The unit performs, he gets rewarded and we do as ordered. We all genuinely fear this man and wouldn’t dare cross him, even when his methods of enforcing the code of discipline exceed what is authorized by regulation.

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Randy gets caned on his bare butt at Reluctant Young Men

Randy gets corporal punishment at Reluctant Young Men

These are pictures from a few years back. Randy is a 22-year-old straight guy from the neighborhood near the Reluctant Young Men studio with a live-in girlfriend whose name is tattooed on his chest next to a fresh hickey from her. She doesn’t know that Randy agreed to make gay videos. Scott strips the young man down and uses two leather paddles on his cute, tight ass, but it wasn’t until he used his painful metal paddle the he made a real impression on the nervous Randy.

gay bondage and spanking

Naked and tied to a spanking bench, poor Randy is thrashed with a rawhide whip and cane as he writhes in agony, whimpering, gasping and sucking air. Scott is relentless in his punishment of the unfortunate young man.

caned on his bare butt

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The Drone – Part 1

By FirefighterSir

Jackson rolled over on the roof of the party boat. All the frats and girls around him were still snoozing after another night of summer partying on the lake even though the sun was well up and already hot. He stretched his muscles, tousled his mop of blond hair and threw aside his sleeping bag to reveal his muscled, football-player build clothed in a light cover of golden hair. He tucked his morning hard-on under the waistband of his board shorts. His hand brushed his own beefy pecs briefly as he looked around until he spotted the drone stuck in the brush just above the shoreline where the boat was moored.

Shasta Lake is a popular destination for vacationers and college students in rented houseboats. The boats congregate in the steep-sided flooded canyons that make up the vast reservoir in the forested foothills. Each arm of the lake is named for the source that pours water into the vast and complex reservoir: Pit River Arm, Sacramento Arm, Jones Valley Arm, Salt Creek Inlet.

This party boat was moored deep into the Salt Creek Inlet which was close enough to nearby campgrounds and stores to keep the college group easily supplied with beer and snacks the whole weekend.

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Scott ties up Blake for punishment

Check out Blake, who got tied up by Scott at Reluctant Young Men:

Video: Scott ties up Blake for punishment Reluctant Young MenBlake is 22 years old, compact, muscular and sexy, but very nervous and scared.  Scott towers above the frightened young man, intimidating and menacing as he begins to beat Blake with leather and metal paddles.

Reluctant_Young_Men_blake_spk-101 Reluctant_Young_Men_blake_spk-111

Poor young Blake is soon crying out and whimpering in pain, twisting and writhing in his bonds as Scott lays it on very heavy. Scott from Reluctant Young Men wanted to sharethese pictures with the readers of the Metalbond blog:

Reluctant_Young_Men_blake_spk-117 Reluctant_Young_Men_blake_spk-130

Metal would like to thank Scott for making this “teaser” available here. To see more action like this, join Reluctant Young Men

(That’s an order from Scott.)

The Convict – Part 06

By Joshua Ryan

I was having a lot of strange thoughts and feelings. Right after Thanksgiving, Mr. Dietrich called me into his office and told me I’d be getting a promotion and a raise. Starting in December, I’d be an Associate Managerial Analyst, a big step up from Assistant Managerial Analyst, although it didn’t come near to getting me my own office. He said, “Congratulations, young man,” and I thanked him profusely for offering me the additional responsibility. When I looked at my pay stub a week later, I saw the change, but I didn’t feel anything about it anymore. On the one hand, it was more money. On the other hand, Joey would probably spend it. I didn’t care. He was welcome to the money. I just wanted out of it all.

And after Thanksgiving, of course, comes Christmas. I wasn’t paying much attention at first. I had too much else to think about, or try not to think about. Then one night I was in Berenson’s, looking for a new pair of slacks, and I noticed how crowded it was for a Tuesday night. That led me to notice all the evergreens hanging on the walls. The first thing I thought was, that’s the kind of stuff that Jake and the other cons are cutting out in the field. They’re cutting trees and brush. Finally I realized that I was looking at Christmas. It didn’t make much of an impression. What it meant to me, mainly, was that the days were getting shorter and colder. This part of the country usually doesn’t get a lot of winter, but we were getting a lot of it then. When the convicts went past in the morning they were wrapped up in their heavy coats, brown forms peering out of the white truck like reindeer on a Christmas card. And Jake was one of them. I looked at him every morning, but I hadn’t talked to him in over a week. And I needed to talk. The next day, I switched my schedule around at work, and I went out to meet him.

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