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Scott abuses a twink at Reluctant Young Men

Scott is longing for a cute butt to abuse, so he gets Nathan to play with, and Chic gets to watch. Scott takes the 25-year-old twink over the knee and delivers a heavy spanking using his hand, belt, paddle and cane, making the young man kick, twist and dance while he hollers, yelps, whimpers, whines and protests in vain. He finishes Nathan’s painful humiliation by making him kneel at Chic’s feet while he thrashes him with a biting cane.

Scott Reluctant Young Men

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Title of this video: Nathan and Scott – Homecoming Spanking

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Scott Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

A dominant straight guy administers over-the-knee discipline

Here’s more from Reluctant Young Men. In this video, handsome, sexy and dominant straight guy Anthony gets his revenge on his 22-year-old gay twink friend Steve, as he takes him over the knee and pays him back for the beating he got in a previous video (titled “Anthony Spanked by Smaller Gay Friend”). Anthony is big, muscular, handsome, hairy and hung, and he towers over poor Steve. He spanks him OTK with his big hand, a leather paddle and cane. Then he has him stand, making him dance and hop in pain as he beats him with cane and bath brush before taking him back OTK and finishing him off with the brush.

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This is what happens at Reluctant Young Men!

Title of this video: “Anthony’s Revenge”

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The straight personal trainer and the horny gay spanker

At Reluctant Young Men — a site where they don’t like it, but they do it for the money — Royce, a 26-year-old straight, solid, muscular personal trainer, gets humbled and humiliated by Steve, a smaller, younger gay guy. Steve uses his hand, a frat paddle, a wooden spoon and a leather paddle, gradually increasing the intensity, until Royce is twisting, gasping and panting on his lap. Steve enjoys his power trip, his cock is hard, dripping long strands of precum, bouncing and throbbing against Royce’s stomach, adding to his humiliation.

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Watch the VIDEO at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this shoot: “The Straight Personal Trainer and the Horny Gay Spanker”

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Teddy Bear – Part 03

By Taurus

Teddy Bear Wants a Snack

Alec is a good slave. This is NOT up for debate.

When I give him orders, he follows them flawlessly. Regardless of what I do to him, he seems to be able to take it in stride.

When we have down time together, he naps, cradled in my arms. The time displayed on the clock no longer provides context to my life; minutes, hours, days lose meaning.

Moments aggregate in stealth and clump into a whole afternoon. My heart melts to goo, and my body feels like floating. Before I know it, I mirror his smile on my face, and scratch his irresistible beard in bliss.

Then he laughs gently, and I stop thinking. Whatever work I set out to do, however crucial, then becomes inconsequential.

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Polish muscle stud Marcello gets tag teamed for bondage and spanking

At Reluctant Young Men — a site where young men undergo first-time spanking experiences — Marcello gets tied to the rafters and beaten by hand, paddles, crop and cane. The 27-year-old straight guy towers over his captors, yet he is defenseless as they make him dance, hop and holler, his big cock swinging between his muscular thighs, looking anguished, humbled and defeated.

muscle bondage spank

Watch the VIDEO at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this shoot: “Muscle Stud Spanked by Rich and Chic”

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Mistakes in the Military

By slavesoldier

It’s a little after noon on a hot sunny day and the sun is streaming in through a window above me in the cafeteria. I’m sitting on a bench at a table with a plate of food in front of me waiting for the order to eat. Others are still gathering their food and taking their seats, marching in a prescribed orderly fashion. The food isn’t all that appetizing but I’m starving, it’s been a hard day so far.

Sitting, in this unit, means sitting on the front 2 inches of the bench, feet together flat on the ground with knees at 90 degrees and together. Upper body is erect and rigid with back straight, chest out and stomached sucked in as much as possible. Head is level with eyes staring straight ahead, no expression is allowed. Hands are placed on knees. It’s a position of attention from which no deviation is allowed.

We live by a strict code of discipline and are never without orders or expectations. We are expected to be the absolute best. Best in training, best in physical condition, best in drill and best in appearance so that presumably, we’ll be the best in combat. The consequence for even the slightest mistake can be brutal and the grip that the commander has on this unit means that what happens in the unit stays in the unit. The unit performs, he gets rewarded and we do as ordered. We all genuinely fear this man and wouldn’t dare cross him, even when his methods of enforcing the code of discipline exceed what is authorized by regulation.

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