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I’m product testing the chain and padlock from Alpha Designs

Metalbond chain collarI recently wore this chain and padlock from Alpha Designs for about 10 days, and I even mailed myself the keys over Labor Day weekend. I put the keys in the mail on Saturday afternoon, and mail pickup for the mailbox I used was not until the following Tuesday. It felt great, and I enjoyed the look.

Before I left for Fire Island last Friday, I locked it on again, leaving the keys at home in my apartment in Manhattan. The picture above was taken on the beach on Sunday afternoon. It’s really a nice chain. I’m staying out here until Thursday, so it will be another whole week of chain and lock for me.

Bob, the guy from Alpha Designs who polishes up these chains and locks and sells them through 665 Leather, emailed me the following message when I told him what I was up to:

“You really are giving the collar a good test run,” Bob said. “I’m sure that by now you are aware of just how powerful that simple chain and lock is, constantly present, you feel it when you wake every morning, and it’s the last thing you feel at night. I don’t think that it is possible to ever get completely used to being chained by the neck, I just can’t completely get used to the weight or movement of the collar.”

“The real power of it, is when another man uses it to control you during sex, with a leash attached or better yet, just held in his fist,” Bob says. “The submission it demands is overwhelming and absolute.”

Hey Bob, I completely understand. That’s very well said.  For me, just so all you guys know, my interest in wearing this is not that I consider myself a slave or that I want to be a slave or I want to be owned by somebody.  I just like things that lock.

To learn more about the chain and lock, visit this posting, or go right to the website of 665 Leather.



a classic image

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. And it seems to be posted all over the place online. There are even some guys who have posted it in their profiles claiming it as their own.


But listen, there is only ONE MAN who can claim this picture as his own — and that man is GIJoeSkin. If you see anyone other than GIJoeSkin posting this picture in his profile and claiming it as his own, kick them in the balls.

I just added a bunch more links

Hey prisoners, I just added a bunch more links to various other interesting sites. You can find these in the long list of links to the right, under the title of “Other sites to check out.” I know this list is getting very long, but there is some really awesome stuff out there, so I encourage you to click on some of the links if you haven’t done so already.

If you happen to have your own bondage- or kink-related site and you want to link to me, please do! And if I am not linking back to you, please let me know so I can add a link to you.