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Bound Gods 5-Year Anniversary Live Show – Part Two

Here’s Part 2 of the Bound Gods 5-Year Anniversary Live Show from 2013. Bound Gods is 10 years old this year! Anyway, back for their fifth year anniversary shoot, five house slaves were bound, beaten and fucked.

gay bondage

Christian Wilde, Master Avery and Van work over the house slaves for the Bound Gods 5-year anniversary live show. Afterward, the champagne is broken out as each of the guys join Van in a toast thanking the crew and the members for an amazing five years of Bound Gods

gay bondage 13

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Bound Gods 5-Year Anniversary Live Show

Here’s a look back at “The Slave Auction – Part One and the return of Derek Pain” — which Bound Gods posted for their fifth anniversary.

This shoot from 2013 features Derek Pain, Sebastian Keys, Van Darkholme, John Jammen, Holden Phillips, Lief Kaase, Randall OReilly, Dylan Deap, Rowen Jackson, and Christian Wilde.

gay male bondage

gay male bondage

It’s the 5-year anniversary of Bound Gods, and Christian Wilde is the main dom assisting Van in the slave auction. For the special occasion they have 5 house slaves ready to present their holes and service however their masters seem fit. Once the slaves are given their numbers, Master Avery assists Christian in tenderizing the slaves. The auction begins for the viewers at home (the winning bidders) to have 5 minutes to do whatever they please with their winning slaves. After the auction is over, the slaves are handed back to Van. He pushes the slaves to see who can withstand ice in their ass and rewards the winner with Christian’s beautiful hung cock plunged deep into their hole. Then Derek Pain joins in on the action. Bound on a pedestal like the greek god he is, Derek endures a zipper attached all over his body in every direction. But the fun is just getting started …

Derek Pain 32041_22 32041_26 32041_27

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Cameron Kincade at Folsom Street 2013

The KINK MEN crew gave Cameron Kincade the special treatment for his first Folsom Street Fair back in 2013, beating him and fucking him out in public


The crew is front and center on the Kink stage at San Francisco’s 30th Annual Folsom Street Fair. In front of thousands of people, the guys hold Sebastian down as Master Avery warms his backside up with the flogger. Van takes over from there, beating Sebastian down anyway he can as the crowd cheers: “HIT HIM HARDER!” The main attraction, Cameron Kincade, crawls onto the stage for his first Folsom Street fair, gazing upon the colossal size of the crowd. His head is shoved into Sebastian’s ass as he endures the flogger, screaming sounds of pleasure rather than pain, or else he’s beaten even harder. The guys get so horned up on stage that they drag Cameron to a nearby sex shop and quickly whore him out. They drag him around sucking cock before taking turns ramming their cocks up his ass. Jessie Colter breaks out the double ended dildo and starts dual fucking Cameron as the crowd chants ASS TO ASS! They finish Cameron off by hosing his face down with cum before taking him out back for some more Folsom fun!


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TBT: Superhero artwork from Herodotus

Check out this artwork from Herodotus, which he was inspired to create after seeing a video from Men On Edge:

Herodotus Mega Fucked Men On Edge Superheroes in bondage

Herodotus says:

“As I’m sure you know, sexually molesting/edging/raping superheroes is very serious business and requires extremely powerful (diabolical!) equipment!”

Here is the image from Men on Edge that inspired Herodotus:

Men On Edge superheroes in bondage

Metal would like to thank Herodotus for today’s Superheroes picture.

See the video that inspired the artist by clicking here

TBT: Athlete shoots while caged and chained

Here’s a posting from the vault! I originally posted this back in 2009:


This stud won multiple medals at the 2006 Gay Games when they were held in Chicago. I was impressed with how excited he got when I chained him by the neck in my cage.  I mean, he was rock hard instantly.  I told him I would not let him out until he shot a load.  And man, what a huge load it was.

Gay Games athlete locked in cagechained and caged