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Chastity Suit – Part 11

By Rubbag





The message flashed once more on the control pad before Augustus pressed the Confirm symbol, letting the pad go blank as he put it to one side. He leaned forward, his elbows onto the desk, his palms pressed together resting against his mouth. According to the time stamp, Unit 6 had been ready since last night, but it seemed churlish after such an effort to rush these last moments. No, he would spend a little time contemplating his triumph.

Two young men, both were strong-willed before their transformation into mindless units, trophies on his wall. They were both in position Storage Mounted 01, heads down, arms tight to their sides, legs together, feet pointing to the floor. The first position of their training is also their last, a symmetry of which Augustus approved.

There is a click as he turns on the recorder.

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Chastity Suit – Part 10

By Rubbag

“Yes, I am Augustus.”

I look at him across the table.

“I am very impressed, Jed.”

I don’t know his face but his voice.

“None of the others could remember my name at this stage.”

But I know his voice, the cell phone.

“That’s right, Jed, there was a cell phone and the matter of a wager.”

I made a bet with this man.

“Which you lost, and now you are here.”

I look down again at my own body, trying to understand how I could have gained so much muscle all in this clear rubber welded to my skin, catching the light. This can’t be real, none of this can real, I must be asleep, it feels like I’m asleep, everything distant and slow.

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Chastity Suit – Part 09

By Rubbag

“You’ve stopped talking, Jed.”

I find myself staring at the microphone on the desk in front of me. Beside it an old reel-to-reel tape recorder spins slowly. They both belong in a museum, they’ve got to be fifty years old.

“More like sixty years, Jed.”

The man who’s spoken is sitting across the desk from me.

“Do you know who I am, Jed?”

I look at him carefully. He is not yet old but somewhere more than mature. His hair is silver white, kept trim like his beard. His face is lean and handsome, and his eyes look through me. I feel that I should know him. I should know his face, that I’ve his heard voice before, but then like a mist it fades. I just shake my head.

“That’s ok, Jed, when you’re ready you’ll remember.”

I find myself smiling at him as he speaks.

“Tell, Jed, do you know where you are?”

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Chastity Suit – Part 08

By Rubbag

There is something cold against my face and a dry, unfamiliar taste in my mouth. I can feel that I’m lying face down with my head turned to one side. The skin of my cheek pressed into what feels like steel, the cold of which is clearing my head. I’m aware now of a low, buzzing sound nearby and a strange tingling sensation at my neck. I try and open my eyes but my eyelids feel, feel like they’re made of lead and it’s too much, too much for now.

I stop and take a few deep breaths. My chest slowly rises and falls with each breath I take. My whole body still seems to be somehow numb and distant. I can just about feel my hands against the floor beneath me. I move my left hand, flexing each finger one by one, feeling the life come back into them. But my fingers are strangely stiff and my sense of touch seems dull and there is something not quite right about the way my fingers slide over the surface beneath me. I can feel life coming back into my arms, into my legs as I bend them, and with an effort I roll myself onto my back.

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Chastity Suit – Part 07

By Rubbag

My first visit to the Dominus Club had been as a player. I could say I was just trying to win back my friend Josh’s chastity, but the truth is that just like any dumb jock, I was trying to prove how good I was.

Better than Josh, better than anyone, so I thought until I lost big time.

Now, its my second time at the Dominus Club. On my knees, bound in tight rubber straps. My jaw stretched wide and aching with the ball gag my mouth is stuffed with. I would be naked, but I’m still in this fucking joke of a chastity suit. Little rubber briefs which trap my meat out of reach but always needing to, yeah the joke’s on me, a dumb fucka jock.

I don’t know why I crawled here.

I don’t know what they’re going to do.

All I know is that I’ve just got to hang in there and take it.

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Chastity Suit – Part 06

By Rubbag

The next week was hard to get through. The days where bad enough with me seemin to sprout a boner with every woman I met. Fuck, even the men are turning me on. The nights are the worse. I can’t sleep at all, just lying there, my cock bulging into my chastity cup, trying, trying so hard not to think about Josh, just wanting to hold him and knowing he wants it too.

We had had a delivery before Friday. Found the box at the door, no sign of who dropped it, just the empty corridor of our dorm block deserted for the summer.

Inside the box a small printed card:

For Friday

That’s how we found ourselves the next night taking the late bus out to Culvers Wood on the edge of town.

“Enjoy yourselves, boys.”

The driver laughing as the bus doors hiss closed behind us. We turn around red-faced, we both know the woods’ reputation and what the driver must have thought two young men were planning to do there.

The instructions Josh had been given were clear enough. We could make out the blistering paint on the sign in front us.



And beyond the broken tarmac of the main path leading like a grey line into the fast darkening woods.

“Come on, Jed.”

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Chastity Suit – Part 05

By Rubbag

Marcus turned and just left me in the cloakroom, left me dumbstruck. In thirty minutes I’d gone from some kinda card shark $30,000 up to just being a dumb jock cleaned out and made to stand here in a rubber chastity suit. It was just beginning to sink in as to what that might really mean, no girls, no wanking, no nothing, just this fucking dome. I’d seen what it had done to Josh and I wondered how long I could hold out for, but then hold out for what? Having to put on 20 pounds of muscle, having to find $20,000 in cash.

I find my hand playing about with the smooth dome under which my cock is locked away. I regret not having wanked off that morning. I look down at it again, there’s just no way in. There’s the dome with some kinda small hole at the top, not a hole more like some kinda valve set into it. The rubber runs down each leg about 4 inches, making it look like a cross between a pair of boxers and swimming briefs but skintight. It’s not moulded all in one piece, but there is strapping which runs through it, giving it a tailored look. At the back I can feel air on my ass hole. Curious, I let my hands slide other the slick surface of the suit until I find the opening at the back and feel my fingers touch the flesh of my sphincter and slip in.

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Chastity Suit – Part 04

By Rubbag

He turns to the left, and I follow him away from the cloakroom, away from the exit. The main floor of the club is only some twenty feet across, but it must be more than forty feet high, with the floor suspended midway up. A tube of concrete not a cylinder though, its six-sided, a hexagon. The wall behind me has the door we’ve just come through, then the next wall is open, some kind of alcove or room beyond which we are walking toward. Then beyond, a bank wall, no door this time but a single entrance flanked by two statues and between them stairs leading up higher into the building. Then another room only single shining down there and through sixty degrees and then another flat wall, with stairs leading down. Last and behind us now, the last of the alcoves and then I know what the sound is. The sound of gym equipment in use, the multi-gym equipment with the slotted masses attached, moving up and down their metal rails.

There is the sound of someone working out, but there is something desperate and muffled about it. I turn around trying to see what exactly is going on even as I’m being led away from the source of the sound.

“No, Jed, this way.”

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