Becoming Humble – Part 06

By RotherhamMan

Clint had no trouble entering the men’s quarters. Not only was his own nearby but those who did see him just assumed he was on a booty call and were jealous. He went unchallenged. The quarters were two bunk beds and some draws for clothes and personal effects. The key to Thor’s chastity cage wouldn’t be in there, they would most likely be on their person but Clint wanted to explore this option first. He started with the obvious places and worked quickly but turned up no results just as quickly. He left no sign he had been there, he was too good for that.

Before he could leave he heard people approaching and from their voices he could tell they were the occupants of these quarters. There was no escape and nowhere to hide. The door opened and the three men, Jake, Sean and Eric, entered. They slowed as they saw Clint, stood in the centre of the room he could hardly be missed, but they recovered quickly and closed the door behind them. It wasn’t locked but it might as well have been.

“What are you dong here, Barton?” asked Sean. The three spread out defensively, as if expecting an attack.

Clint wasn’t worried, he could handle all three at once if he needed to. “I saw what you did to Thor. That’s not on guys.”

They laughed at him. “Oh come on, you love that shit!” said Jake.

Clint restrained himself from balling his hand into a fist. Didn’t they understand basic consent? “I do, but he looked pretty miserable when you pissed on him.”

“You know we like our fun, you’ve helped us out more than once.”

Eric moved in closer, into Clint’s personal space. “You’ve helped every guy in Shield more than once.”

Clint was unphased and, for once, unaroused by a man so close. “That’s me, not him. I shouldn’t need to explain this to you.”

The other two were also moving in, Jake from the front as he spoke. “What you gonna do about it? Turning us in would ruin the reputation of the Shield Slut.”

Sean chuckled. “Still think that should have been your codename.”

Clint was surrounded by horny men who, however much he liked sex, didn’t care how much he wanted sex with them. He held still as they laid hands on him, unmoved by their tactics. “What’s going to happen is you’re going to give me the key to that cage you put on him and you leave him alone and that will be the end of it.”

He was now hoping they didn’t plan on giving it to him. If Jake did and reached into his pocket for the key he would find not just the key in his pocket but Clint’s hand as he retrieved it without his knowledge. A moment later the pocket was empty and Clint’s was now the one with the key in it. So long as they didn’t check for it or notice it’s absence it was mission accomplished.

“Will it now?” Jake wrapped his arms around Clint in a bear hug, leaning in close to whisper. “Care to seal the deal in the traditional way?”

Clint felt a sharp jab in his ass cheek from a needle and struggled to turn but was held in place by Jake’s suddenly firm grip on him. “What was that? What did you do?”

He felt Eric lean in close behind him and whispering in his ear, “Just a little something we like to give our playthings.”

Clint suddenly felt unsafe. He liked danger in his sex but there was also the danger of being around people who genuinely meant him harm. He struggle again but now Eric was holding him from behind as well. “What did you give me?”

The two men were grinding on him from both sides, he could feel their erections straining for him in their pants.

“You’ll find out,” said Sean from the side, wearing a grin that wasn’t at all comforting. He pulled out a pair of standard Shield cuffs and locked one around Clint’s wrist before manoeuvring between Clint and Eric to his other wrist to cuff them behind him.

Clint fought but it was no good. “Stop fucking about!” His wrists were now cuffed and Sean was crouching to cuff his ankles together with little trouble.

Jake was also grinning at him, so close Clint could feel his every breath on his face. “We’ve only just started fucking with you.”

Now he was cuffed and unable to stop them they took a step back and shoved him onto the bunk. Clint could only angle himself to land on his back to glare up at them.

Each of the three men pulled out a knife, also Shield standard, and Clint froze. Not daring to move he watched as they each advanced and brought the knives closer to his skin. It was only after they had gotten their fill of scaring him they revealed their true intentions by cutting off his clothes with the blades. Clint relaxed a fraction as the blades only grazed against his skin without cutting him, not feeling vulnerable at all at how he was now naked.

Eric grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard. Clint let out a yep which he realised was pure instinct; he felt nothing at all as Eric pulled his testicles away from his body until he was having to arch off the bed to go with him. He should have been in agony, instead he was only vaguely aware of the sensation that something was happening to him.

“I can’t… why can’t I…” Clint gasped as he stared at where his balls were being pulled a frightening distance from his body.

The three men laughed. “That would be our little drug,” explained Sean.

“No feeling for you in the ass and cock!” grinned Eric.

“No pleasure for you out of this, you fucking slut whore!” finished Jake.

Clint tried to take this in as Eric flipped him over onto his front and he heard the unbuckling of belts. He thought they were getting ready to fuck him, getting their cocks out and soon he would be feeling them at his back—as much as he could now. But after a moment he heard a swish followed, too quickly for him to see it coming, by a smack of the leather belt impacting on his ass. It must have been his ass, there was a vague sensation of the impact, his ass moving from the impact, but other than that there was nothing. Then there was another blow, sounding slightly different as from a different belt and wielder. All three of them were taking turns in whipping his ass as hard and viciously as they could—and he was almost completely indifferent to it.

“It takes a day or so for feeling to return,” Eric commented, “And when it does you’ll be feeling the pain first.”

Jake sounded amused when he spoke, sounding breathless from the effort he was putting into making him feel the pain he couldn’t feel. “They say it hurts so bad when feeling comes back, like when your arm goes to sleep only a hundred times worse.”

Clint was in the unusual position of being able to think straight while in the middle of torture—because that was what this was. There was nothing sexual on his part and the men were taking pleasure in his pain without any concern for him. The feeling of the whipping was so very distant; he was aware of it but not feeling it. “How many have you done this to?” he asked in horror.

“Only the ones we wanted to get really rough with. Never someone as dirty as you.” The casual way Jake said it made Clint’s stomach turn.

“Fifty bucks says he likes it and cums anyway,” said Sean.

“I’ll take that bet!” laughed Eric and Jake too agreed.

Clint was indifferent to the whipping stopping and barely registered his cheeks being prized apart, only really noticing when he felt, from the parts of him that were feeling, one of them—who cared which?—positioning himself behind him, legs brushing his own and hands taking hold of his waist and shoulder. He felt the familiar feeling of a cock pressing against his entrance but it meant nothing to him. Even as it thrust inside with a single brutal shove and surely hit his prostate hard he felt not so much as a need to blink or draw breath.

This was torture, Clint thought as the fucking began hard and fast, personally made for him no mater how many others had suffered this effect. He was known throughout Shield and many special social circles as hardcore and insatiable, he took pride in this reputation. But this was using his greatest joy against him; there was no pleasure in this for him, and his pleasure was important to to him as was that of whatever partners he had. He got as much as he gave and everyone came happy. But now he was being fucked how he liked—hard and handcuffed and with an audience—but it was nothing to him, he wasn’t even hard.

That bet was going to be lost. He could never cum like this and he was glad of it. It made no difference to him when the fucker came and switched with someone else, none at all. He just lie there and took it, half in shock that this was so unpleasurable for him. All three of them fucked him one after another, finishing quickly as they didn’t care to make it last. He heard them re-buckling up their belts, glad that it was over.

“You’ll get the feeling back in about a day or so,” repeated Jake, dropping the key to the cuffs on the bed by his face. “Let yourself out, there’s a good slut.”

The three left, chatting and laughing as if they hadn’t just used Clint in a way that was beneath a Shield agent and too low even for the insatiable Hawkeye.

After several minutes of pulling himself together Clint manoeuvred himself to get the key, his lower thighs aware of cum dribbling down them though his upper thigh and ass had no clue. Releasing himself was child’s-play to him, having done it many times before. Clint gently touched his cock, but there was not so much as a flicker of hardness. Moving behind to his ass there was no feeling there either. He could feel the bump of welts from the whipping but no pain, no anything. When his fingers reached his hole he felt the telltale wetness of cum oozing out but there was none of the thrill of having been filled.

Was this what rape felt like? Clint wasn’t one for crying but maybe he was in shock. Maybe he really was so desensitised to sex this wasn’t such a big deal to him. No, it wasn’t the sex that bothered him, it was that intention to hurt. He could handle that, the torture, the pain. When it did come back he would be in for hell but he would survive—and the three men would regret ever looking at him.

Clint grabbed some of Jake’s clothes and pulled them on, too small for him but he made them fit. He picked up the contents of his pockets from his ruined clothes and shoved them in his new ones. The key for Thor was still there, they hadn’t thought to search him for it.

He stared at it. Would he have come here, submitted himself to this, to get the key if he had known what it would cost him? He thought of Thor, of how bright his smile had been when Clint had made him laugh, and of how defeated and hopeless he had looked among the trash where he had been dumped. Of course he would have, that was what heroes did. But the thank you fucking he had hoped for from him didn’t seem as appealing as it had before with his numb ass.


The Destroyer was a marvellous specimen, radiating power and dominance despite it having no real sentience or emotion. Almost ten feet tall and built to intimidate with large muscles of steel, the way they caught the light was perfect. Loki hadn’t understood why he liked it when he had been shown it as a child, but now he felt his mouth water at the sight of the muscles, even if they weren’t real. The second most beautiful Asgardian created after a certain god of thunder.

But as beautiful as it’s design was he could improve on it—he could improve on anything. The muscles were perfection but the Destroyer wasn’t quite anatomically correct as it was lacking the truly intimidating muscle. The man who forged it must have been a prude or given orders from one to leave the giant’s crotch as plain and smooth metal. It had at least been given an ass, but only just.

The machine responded to his touch, reshaping to how he desired and moulded it. He merely had to touch and picture how it should look to him. Loki cupped the crotch felt the metal was warm, almost as if it really was alive. He took a moment to savour the touch, the machine uncaring for his arousal at molesting it as his hand ran over it’s waste to glide over its stomach where abdominals ran deep groves in the surface. He moved his touch down to the crime of a smooth crotch (ignoring his own body’s reaction to touching the masculine figure in what should be a private and sexual area) and pulled his hand away. The metal moved with him, leaving little distinction between which was guiding the movement of the other. He imagined a manhood worthy of the rest of its form: large, long and thick. Keeping it in proportion with its frame he drew it out to a foot and a half in length and with a girth two hands would struggle to encompass even while stretching.

He slid his hands back up the shaft, savouring the feel of how hard it was, to the base and slipped under the new appendage. Drawing away again Loki willed the metal to form two balls to compliment the cock, both big enough to heft with a hand. They weren’t needed but he would be sparing nothing in his correcting of the previously flawed design.

But without meaning to, as his fingers were near the Destroyer’s ass he called another modification into existence. In his mind he desired the machine as a toy to play with as he had so wanted to play with larger men stronger than himself and he added the means to do so. The previously flat behind of the Destroyer rounded out into two globes for ass cheeks with an entrance hidden deep between them. It would take a strong pair of hands to prise them apart to see, let alone access, the hole and a strong force to enter it. Loki could never hope to be as strong. Deep down he knew that the Destroyer was not meant for him to use like that.

Loki stepped back to admire his additions to the creation. Now he was satisfied with how intimidating it looked, what male could look upon it and not feel ashamed of himself and desire it.

“Go to Earth,” he ordered it. “Find Thor and…” He considered, but only for a moment. “Fuck him until he stops moving.”

Did Loki want his brother dead? Not really, but in that moment he wasn’t thinking clearly, consumed by lust and anger. And the order could be interpreted as until he passed out, which was what he told himself he meant. The Destroyer lumbered away, its new manhood swinging like a pendulum. Loki’s clothes were feeling hot and tight, he would have to keep himself distracted until the show began.


Harry’s series of messages was like banging a dinner gong and it had quickly spread to every corner of town and every guy who could make it did so as soon as he could while the ones who couldn’t cursed their circumstances. As Thor stood, held in place in the basement and with his anxiety mounting, Allen was very happy to see the clientele arrive in large numbers. He couldn’t remember the last time he had had such a good day.

Thor couldn’t see the entrance to the basement from where he was positioned so he couldn’t see how many were coming in, only the ones who were in front of him. Clothing for them was optional and there were silk hoods of their own to obscure their identities if they so desired. As the men took him in from every angle all Thor had to guess how many there were were the ones who kept on their clothing and didn’t wear masks, all the others blended together and he soon gave up trying to count.

Which was a shame as he had been distracting himself rather nicely with that tactic. Without it he had to feel the hands on his body, increasing in number and becoming bolder as more joined in and went from just touching to feeling and then to groping. It seemed every muscle was examined by multiple hand while some searching in vein for a trace of fat on him.

“Fuck this guy is a stud.”

“Must have lived in a gym all his life.”

“Would have thought he was compensating if I couldn’t see his cock.”

“Must be a real sub if he let someone do that to him.”

Thor said nothing, staring straight ahead and ignoring their words. He was not a submissive, he was just bound in place, that was all. He tried to kid himself into believing he was still strong enough to break free if he felt the need to. He chose to remain there, he was not trapped at all.

One of the men before him cupped his chest muscles and hefted them. “Fuck these are more like tits than pecs, but it’s all muscle.” He leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth and Thor held in a gasp. He should have known they would go for the nipples, and he was a fool to think he could hide how sensitive they were. He wanted more of that and to pull away at the same time. Another man joined in so he had a man suckling on each nipple.

There was a sudden sharp thwack and pain suddenly ignited from his ass again. This wasn’t a hand though, this was something like a flogger, fortunately not one designed to do any real harm. It stung and he jerked forward into the suckling men with a grunt but was otherwise unharmed.

“How many hits until he begs it to stop?” one of them said and Thor’s heart sank. There were bets made, ranging from ten dollars to fifty. These men must be rich to afford this, thought Thor, and to afford access to him. Maybe he hadn’t asked for enough. One ‘dollar’ for each of them and he had lost count of how many, so surely a good amount.

The flogging continued in a regular rhythm but Thor did his best to concentrate on the pleasure in his nipples. It was easy to focus on the good rather than the bad but then the men started nibbling and using their teeth. Soon they were biting and mauling on his chest and Thor’s teeth were gritted out of pain rather than pleasure. The hot pain on his ass was becoming harder to ignore, even if he switched his focus to the sharp pain on his nipples.

It was only a matter of time and he felt he had at least held out longer than any of them could have when he cried “Stop! Stop it, I give in!”

There were cries of delight at this and from the chatter he heard he had lasted seventy-nine lashes. They seemed amazed at this, that he could take such punishment and Thor felt some satisfaction at their praise. He was the one bound but he was tougher than any of them could ever hope to be. He didn’t realise that was what gave them so much pleasure in using him.

One of the men patted him on the chest and Thor flinched at the touch to his sore nipples. “Hey big guy, you like those nipples played with?”

Thor had learned from the men at Shield it was better to answer and be respectful. “Yes… Sir.”

“Want to get them pierced? They can feel real good then.”

Thor had heard of this but in Asgard it was regarded as something only the low did, the decoration of a prostitute. But wasn’t that what he was now? And if it felt good then why should he complain? He was all about pleasure and shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. “…Okay…” he said, hesitantly.

There was excitement from the crowd and he heard clattering as someone rushed to get whatever it was they needed. That man appeared before him and passed one of two devices to another man who set it up with a practised hand—these guys had done this before. They took up position on either side of him, with the other men gathering in front to watch. There were far more than Thor had expected.

His nipples were already hard and perky from the sucking and working the two had given him and the devices, cold to his skin and making the nubs stand out further, were positioned over each one. He could see a sharp needle among complex looking equipment, he had no idea it needed to be so complicated.

“One…” began a man and the crowd took up the count without being told. “Two… Three…”

The contraptions were set off with perfect precision and synchronisation. For a split second it was painless but then he felt the piercing sting. It was such a tiny piercing of the skin but in such a vulnerable spot that the warrior prince of Asgard screamed in pain. His pain was their pleasure and they cheered and whooped as the devices gave some final clunking whirs and were removed.

Thor looked down to see the devices hadn’t just pierced him but had also inserted the rings too with their complex operating. Two silver rings, each the size of ones he would wear on his finger, now hung from him. As he panted at the slowly receding pain the crowd came forward to inspect and admire the new additions. One brave man reached out and flicked them and Thor gasped and almost squealed at the feeling, a perfect balance of pain and pleasure on the new decorations. He gasped and panted as they laughed at him.

“Such great tiddies,”

“Do you think he could cum just from playing with them?”

“He’d be lucky to cum with that thing on.”

“You underestimate a guy like this. He looks like a bull but he can be milked like a cow, just you watch.”

There was more clattering as more devices of sexual torment were unearthed from whatever chest they had access to. The men were alternating between watching him and the unseen man but after a moment of silence they all looked behind Thor and made exclamations of excitement.

“Shit! That’ll do the trick!”

“Do you think he can take that?”

“He’ll have to, not much he can to do stop it.”

They were right. Feeling a wave of panic Thor seriously struggled against the restraints but he wasn’t strong enough. Men reached out and played with his new nipple rings and Thor calmed down at the pleasure, mildly angered that he could be so easily subdued.

“You’ll want to relax for this.”

Thor felt cold wet fingers at his ass, slipping between his cheeks and finding his hole. Then applying pressure. He couldn’t pull away much and hands were holding him still. The ones on his nipples worked to calm him and he focussed on that—until the fingers breached him! He had had cocks up there but there was something about fingers that were different, maybe that they were more flexible. The ones inside him were working their way in and pulling apart to loosen him up, leaving behind lubrication to ease the way of… whatever the new torment was.

“Does it have to be on that setting?”

“For a bull like this? Hell yeah!”

“I tell you he’s a cow. Bet we could make him moo for us.”

“We could make him make whatever noises we want, the whole barnyard.”

The fingers were removed, satisfied that they had paved the way for…

Thor felt it touch him, blunt but thick from the feel of it on his cheeks. It was solid and lubed up too, how much lube did they think they needed? It pressed against him and Thor remembered how he had been impaled on his own hammer. This was larger, thicker, something inhuman. But he was more than a human, even in this mortal form, he could take it. He rallied his courage and forced his muscles to relax, the playing with his new nipple rings making it easier.

The thing parted his slicked and loosened ring and Thor felt something that was the size of a fist enter him. It wasn’t an actual fist but something artificial and firmer that his muscles yielded to. There were moans and curses from the audience as it slid further and further inside him, their amazement that such a thing could fit inside him. Thor had tried gritting his teeth at the strain but he gave up and outright panted, sweating from the pressure. He could feel his insides parting to make way for this thing that was larger than anything he would have agreed to had he seen it. How big was this thing? His stomach must be bulging from it, distorting his abs.

Suddenly his ass closed on the bottom of whatever it was, now fully inside him and beyond his ability to dislodge without help. He felt something pass between his legs and a man, presumably the one who had inserted it, pulled a box with cables running from it from between his legs. He could see they ran up to the intruding object and the man, now in front of him, was the one in control.

There was a tense stand-off as everyone waited with baited breath.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

Not knowing what was coming, Thor nodded.

The man looked like he didn’t believe him. He took the controls anyway. “Say ‘Moo’.”

Thor felt his cheeks flush under the hood. “Moo,” he said with little effort and enthusiasm, a word rather than a noise.

The word was never properly finished. As Thor said it the man twisted a dial and the thing in his ass exploded with overpowering feeling. Every fibre of his being in contact with it was hit with electricity which coursed through his body. A part of him that had not been touched before his arrival on Earth was stimulated to the extreme and the ‘moo’ Thor had given became a scream. He felt the orgasm, felt his cock straining as hard as it could in its cage to harden, felt the cum shoot from it anyway onto the floor. There was so much pain and pleasure mixed together that Thor couldn’t tell them apart and lost all sense of where he was.

He couldn’t heart the cheering as the men watched his uncomfortable orgasm against his will by a toy inserted inside him. He just let all his muscles slacken and his body hand in place, none of his muscles doing anything to support him. The cum dribbled from the piss-slit of his cage, having filled up the inside and so thick it was slow to drain, leaving his cock to marinate in its own juice.

As Thor came back to himself he raised his head to look at the man with the box.

“Say ‘Moo’,” the man repeated, “And this time mean it.”

There was a tense silence as everyone waited for him to speak. Thor knew that when he said it the dial would be twisted and he would feel it all over again. If that was what they would do when he did as he was told what would they do if he defied them? And hadn’t it felt just as good as it did bad? Wasn’t that part of the thrill? Didn’t part of him want that again?

“Moo…” Thor said with dread, trying to make it more of a noise than a word, and once again the toy inside lit up and forced his whole body to tense out another load of cum, wasted on the floor as the filled cage squirted it out of the openings. He cried out, a scream of unrestrained feeling that he couldn’t keep in if he wanted to. He had cum many times in the last twenty-four hours but this was a second in a single minute and it was so overpowering. His cock was so sensitive the very cum it was ejaculating was stimulating his sensitive head and intensifying the feeling. He felt like his brain would short-out from the overload of sensations.

“Again,” said the man.

Thor shook his head desperately. “No… please… no more…” He prayed they couldn’t see the tears running from his eyes, that they were all inside his leather hood.

He was begging uncontrollably and as he men realised it they jeered at him. For all his strength he had allowed himself to be restrained and had paid the price. He had been told tales of torture but had, foolishly, stupidly, thought he could hold up to it like heroes do. But no, he wasn’t even bleeding and he was begging for it to be over but also wanting more! They didn’t even seem to want anything from him other than his humiliation and he was giving it to them.

“That’s not how this works,” said the man condescendingly. He twisted the dial again and this time he did not turn it off.

Thor screamed as the now painful pleasure shocked through him, a third orgasm in as many minutes wrung from him and as he tried to relax and untense himself he felt another coming right off the back of the first. The fourth orgasm was marked with a wail of agony as his balls tried to make it known they were empty and there was no more seed to be spilled—but the toy didn’t know or care, it was trying to get more from him when there was no more to give and his cock was trying to expel what wasn’t there. He was empty, at last. All cummed out.

“Say ‘Moo’,” said the man though Thor barely heard him over the sound of pain reverberating through his body.

“…Mooooooooo…” he managed, more of a pathetic moan than a noise.

It was enough for the man though and the pain stopped. Thor sagged in his bonds, defeated by his own orgasms. He made no move as the buckles were undone and he was lowered to the floor on his back, the whole scene passing as a blur. His legs were raised high and his head lifted so Thor could see the thing in his ass removed. He was shocked to see it was over a foot long and almost five inches across—and it had fit inside him!

It was removed gently enough but once it was out the men argued over who would replace it. Thor was too tired and beyond caring when the man who had shocked him went first and thrust inside him. He was loose but still tight enough to hug the cock even though he barely felt it. Occasionally it hit his prostate and he jerked in shock and expectation of that pain again. By comparison the line of two dozen men with hard cocks would be nothing.

Would he have come here, submitted himself to this, to get the money if he had known what it would cost him? He thought of Clint, of how bright his smile had been when Thor had made him laugh, and of how kind and caring he had been when Thor was among the trash where he had been dumped. Of course he would have, that was what good people did. But the thank you fucking he had hoped to give him him didn’t seem as appealing as it had before with his empty balls.

To be continued…

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  1. Man, such complexity from this story. I am really, really enjoying the way you’re developing this!

  2. Very hot part. Just awesome. Especially with piercings and milking. I would suggest that after removing the cage from the penis, supplement it with a piercing too.

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