Bro to Ho – Part 5

By Cutieboy90

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Cutieboy90It was another rainy winter afternoon. I sat on my futon relaxing for once, and enjoying the silence. Shawn had taken Gabe out for a walk, something they’d come to appreciate only recently. They got along nicely, even if it had taken a little while for Gabe to get used to it. I smiled as I looked over the progress reports I kept on my tablet.

Shawn had been working very hard, and had turned his life around. His grades had improved this semester, all A’s and B’s. His performance on the swim team had also improved, and he was able to compete now. Of course, his status at the Frat house was still the same. Unrelenting bitch duties, always in some form of sexual slavery for a bunch of bored, horny frat boys whenever he wasn’t in class or at AA. He still struggled with the concept of it all, but he was being punished far less frequently, now spending most weekends with me.

Gabe had taken a bit longer to settle into his new role as my dogslave. Unlike Shawn, Gabe’s changes had stayed being closed doors, and only Billy, Shawn, and myself knew about it at all. The biggest external difference for Gabe was that we’d decided to take him off the wrestling team and the football field, and keep him closer to the aquatic center where we could keep an eye on him.

Naturally his build made him a perfect candidate for the water polo team, which he’d taken to easily. We’d slipped into a relationship of sorts, as we had mutual feelings for each other. He and Shawn enjoyed teasing each other, and they’d grown friendly over the months. I was proud of their progress.

Bzzzt! A text from Billy snapped me out of my reminiscent thoughts. I read over his short message. He wanted to talk. No doubt about what, he’d been sending me specs for new cages, at least one every week, and I had yet to place the orders. I didn’t have time or energy to take care of any more subs, and I wasn’t going to bother my contact in the machine lab with expensive requests any more than necessary.

A knock at the door announced Billy’s arrival.

“Hey,” I greeted him with a hug.

“Robert,” Billy patted my shoulder and stepped inside. He folded his coat over a chair, and he made himself at home while I poured him some coffee.

“So my friend, what can I do for you?” I knew Billy generally liked to keep things direct and to the point when he showed up like this. “I told you, my machinist friend hasn’t had time to make any of those cages yet.” I fibbed.

“Oh yes, I know. I’m not too concerned about that. We have business to discuss, but first I want to talk about your progress report about my bitch.”

“Oh. What about it? Shawn’s been-”

“The bitch,” Billy interrupted. “Does not have a name anymore. It is the property of my house, and will be treated as such. I fear your kindness may be wasted.”

I managed a cool smile. “Of course. You may be aware that your bitch’s term is almost up, as per the agreement we made. Unless you have evidence for the contrary?”

Billy deflated a touch, sinking back into his chair with a squirmy countenance. “Well no, I just want to make sure it isn’t too soon. Perhaps we should extend the contract, to ensure there isn’t any relapse.”

I sat down across from Billy, setting down the cream and sugar.

He continued: “Besides, the guys are getting horny. You know how spring semester gets. We’re going to need to allow for a break-in period for a new bitch, which we still haven’t decided on yet.”

“I’m sorry, did you just say ‘break-in period’ for a bitch? And you said I’m soft??” I smirked at him. “Come on. What’s really going on?”

“Fine.” Billy sat up. “You caught me. I don’t want the bitch unlocked because he’s been hanging out with Sarge. I won’t have them hooking up.”

“Aww, Billy. Was it that hard to admit the truth? I understand why you wouldn’t want a lowly bitch to scoop up your ex-boyfriend. That makes more sense now… We don’t have to unlock him yet, but perhaps we could figure out his replacement. Some time soon, Shawn will need to be eased back into society.”

Billy’s eyes lit up. “Yes, exactly why I brought you this!” He held out a piece of notebook paper with numbers on it. They were measurements for another cage.

“So you do have someone in mind.” I commented, looking over the numbers.

I got out my tablet to enter them into a drawing.

Billy sipped his coffee, watching as I saved the document.

“Yes,” he chuckled. “I have several in mind, of course once your friend is back and gets these cages done, we can lock up half the guys in athletics.

“Sure,” I agreed. “Who is this one for, now?”

“It’s for Mike, on the track team. His smoking habit is getting out of hand, and his grades suck.”

“Oh yes,” I said picturing the tall gold-haired boy with piercing blue eyes. “Wasn’t he also on the basketball team last year?”

“That’s the one,” Billy raised his mug up. “He was also on the honor roll.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Wow, it’s a good thing you’ve got just the solution for him.”

We shared a curt chuckle, and I sat back down across the table. “So, what business did you want to discuss today? You said there was more…”

“Ah yes, there is. It’s about…” Billy was interrupted as the door opened. Shawn walked in wearing a black raincoat, behind him on a chain leash and mostly covered with a tarp-turned-poncho, crawled Gabe.

“Hey boys!” I greeted them. “Uncle Billy’s come by for a visit!”

Shawn removed his raincoat and boots, revealing that he was naked underneath, save for his chastity cage, some hard nipple clamps, and his thick leather collar with the frat’s crest embossed prominently on its front. He quickly knelt, his head bowed and his hands behind him.

Gabe on the other hand, on having his poncho removed, showing that he too was naked, barked a greeting and bounded over happily wagging his tail and pawing eagerly at Billy’s thigh.

Billy smiled, patting Gabe’s head. “Hey pup!” He gave the dogslave’s nipple a tweak, and presented his foot for Shawn to worship. He turned back to me.

“Speak of the devil..” He continued. “I actually wanted to discuss a gig for these two. Upcoming house party, you know. I’d like them both to be there for, ahem, entertainment.”

Gabe whimpered, and looked to me. I gave him a reassuring nod.

“That can be arranged, Billy.”

“Excellent.” Billy pushed Shawn away with his foot, and got up. “Well I’d best get going. Glad we got to chat. Let me know as soon as you can about those new cages.”

I walked Billy to the door. “Of course I will.” I gave him a good-bye pat on the shoulder, and watched him walk away.

Gabe nuzzled the back of my leg, with a pleading whine. I sighed and knelt beside him.

“Don’t worry, pup. It’ll be ok.” I kissed his nose, and lead him back to the couch.

“Alright boys, we have some work to do!” I pulled up a CAD file on my tablet. “We’ve got a problem to solve.”

Gabe woofed, and wagged his tail. “Good boy.” I petted his head. Shawn settled on the couch, spooning behind Gabe.

“Our friend Billy is on a crusade to ‘fix’ all the guys on campus by locking them up. And I don’t have time or energy to take care of any more subs, or keep track of their keys. Did you get what I asked for?”

Shawn procured a slip of paper from inside his collar. “Yes Sir! We did.”

“Good boys,” I took the paper, and copied it into the document. “You’ll both get a very nice reward.”

Gabe look up, his tongue lolling out excitedly. “Wruff?”

“Yes, boy. A big treat for you both!” I turned my attention back to the CAD program. Billy, you arrogant fuck… I had a couple of phone calls to make.

A few weeks later, Gabe and I found ourselves walking up to the frat house. It was party night. The lights were bright, and the music could be heard for blocks. I held Gabe’s hand. I knew he was nervous, so far the only ones at the frat who knew he was locked up were Billy and Shawn, and tonight everyone was going to find out. He still wore a collar around his neck, and he had a buttplug stuffed in his rump. He’d learned to walk almost normally by now, and I enjoyed groping his butt and making him squirm and moan silently. He kissed my neck as we walked up the step to the door.

“Have fun tonight.” I whispered to him.

We met Shawn in the basement. For once, he wasn’t naked. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a t shirt. “Master Billy said I could wear clothes until 11pm, so my friends don’t have to know about my status here. Especially Sarge, who’s rather conservative.”

“Ah, so we’ll get to meet the former drill sergeant at last!” Gabe winked at Shawn. “Good!”

“We should stay upstairs so they can find you,” I suggested. “They know this is a frat party, right?”

“Yes they do. They just doesn’t know about my place here…”

“And nobody will, so long as they’re gone before 11pm.” Billy spoke from behind us. “That’s the deal we’ve made since you’ve been a good slave.” He spoke with a smile, and a playful slap to Shawn’s butt. Shawn yelped, no doubt he was plugged under his jeans.

“See you guys around.” Billy winked at Gabe, and walked back to get a beer out of the fridge.

Shawn looked at his phone. It was already 10:25pm. He fidgeted nervously. “These guys aren’t usually late. They said they were on their way.” He looked anxious.

I patted his shoulder. “Chin up, I’m sure they’ll be here soon.”

Gabe tried to be reassuring too. “Let’s play a game of pool!” He suggested. “It’ll ease your nerves.” He and Shawn started a round. Throughout the house, the sounds of tipsy laughter and conversations grew rivaling the volume of the music blasting in every room. A trio of guys started making out on the couch behind us. Shawn tried to keep his eyes off his phone. Poor guy was so nervous, this was the first real socialization he’d had in a very long time, of course the guys were late.

Finally at 10:45, Shawn’s friends arrived. “It’s about time!” He exclaimed.

Shawn’s friends looked military or professional security. Clean-shaven, short haircuts, and biceps the size of melons. All three of them had fit bodies, and friendly yet no-nonsense demeanors. They wore casual street clothes, faded relaxed-cut jeans, fitted t shirts to show off their muscle. One of the guys wore a hoodie, casting his face in shadow. But his eyes were a piercing blue, and he had a cute face with a soft smile.

I gave them each a courteous nod.

Gabe was a bit more forward and enthusiastic with his greeting. Poor guy was clearly in need of more “people time,” I thought. He was a good dog for sure, but for a few more minutes he could enjoy just being himself.

Shawn seemed oblivious to the time, as he them toward the table where drinks were set up.

“Fuck me, those guys are hot. Lucky Shawn!” Gabe whispered to me, as they walked away.

“Yes indeed,” I replied. I went to check my phone for the time, when the clock struck the hour. “Ah, it’s 11.”

The clock’s chimes were suddenly overpowered by the sound of running. A crowd of guys seemed to surge out of every door, shouting and whooping, and pounced on Shawn. He looked stunned as his clothes were stripped off, revealing his locked cock. His butt plug was yanked out with a yelp, and he was whisked down the hall to the dungeon.

“HEY!” One of Shawn’s friends shouted through the din, his drink having been knocked out of his hand spilling down his shirt. “The FUCK!? Shawn!” But even his powerful voice was drowned out by the stampeding shouts of horny college frat boys, the squelching of lube, and the satisfied moans of whoever got to fuck Shawn’s ass first.

“What the hell!?” The men spat, watching through the crowd as their friend got spitroasted, his chastity cage hanging between his legs. They huffed in disgust, and stormed out the door.

Gabe looked after the retreating hunks. “Poor Shawn,” he whispered to me. “That wasn’t supposed to happen.” I patted his butt.

“Well it was 11pm. Funny how the house clocks are exactly seven minutes fast tonight…” I held up my cell phone. “Those guys were going to find out at some point anyway. But I guess it’s time you got ready too.” Gabe nodded, and proceeded to strip and get back into dog mode. I buckled his knee pads on, and helped him into his fistmitts.

“Rrruff…” He purred as I put all his human clothes in my pack.

“Good pup,” I said. “Come on, let’s go enjoy the party!” I lead him up the stairs to where the orgy had gotten underway. Shawn was being spitroasted, and getting fucked hard from the look of it. Colin, a football player with a very long cock, was fucking his throat with no mercy, a beer in one hand, and a joint in the other. Billy was sitting on his throne, watching the scene with a cool, smug expression with his own dick being sucked by one of the swim team captains.

CRACK!! An earsplitting snap echoed through the hardwood hall. The music cut out, and an almost unsettling silence fell over the room as two tall, very muscular men wearing matching leather harnesses, collars, and thongs stepped up the stairs. They both wore combat boots, and their skin was oiled, which made their bulging muscles look even more pronounced. They also sported enormous bulges in their skimpy black leather thongs. Their leather bore elaborate stamped patterns, but the design of their frat’s crest was unmistakable. Behind them, holding the leashes, strode a true leather master oozing confident masculinity. He had piercing blue eyes. It was Mike. The star of the track team.

“It would seem that manners are in short supply around this house.” Mike boomed. “Now where is he?”

Billy stepped up with a cautious smile. The two slaves growled at him through their teeth. “Ah, and what do you-” CRACK! The whip sounded against the floor, stunning Billy into silence. Mike looked around the room disdainfully. His cute face brightening into a friendly smile as he saw me.

“Robert, my dear friend! It’s been too long!” He extended his arm for a greeting hug.

“Likewise, Mike.” I smiled and returned the embrace. “So this was why you were hiding under that hoodie. Of course you could wear a balloon and still look hot.”

“Shucks. Thank you, always so kind. Now surely you remember my associates?” Mike turned, gesturing to the two others formerly known as Shawn’s friends as they stepped through the door. They stood behind Mike, with knowing smiles.

I smiled and greeted them each with a hug. “But of course! So glad you all made it tonight! So sorry about your shirt, Officer Trey.”

Officer Trey shrugged. “It washes out. I’ve had worse things on this shirt.” He’d stepped up and was massaging the shoulder of one of the kneeling leather slaves affectionately.

Three gasps of surprise reached my ears. One of those was Gabe, and one was from Shawn, who was gawking wide-eyed with both ends still stuffed with fratboy dick. The third was from Billy, who for once did not have his cool about him. He stammered.

“R-robert, you… You know Mi-M-Mike??” CRACK!!

“That’s MASTER to you, worm!” One of the leashed oiled slaves spat at him. “Show some respect!”

Mike placed a hand on the slave’s muscular shoulder. “Easy Tyrone, it’s lost on that one.” He smiled at me again. “But of course we know each other. We’ve been friends for years! Now, where is my new boy?”

We made our way over to where Shawn was tied over the coffee table. He was still being humped. Mike shooed the fratboys away, and lifted Shawn’s chin with his boot. “Confusion is a good look for cute faces like yours, boy. But an explanation is warranted in this case. You see, we befriended you some time ago to not only observe you, and keep tabs on what was going on in this house, but also because we think you belong with us.” Mike smiled.

Officer Trey knelt by Shawn, stroking his head. “I know this isn’t what you were expecting, babe.” He said to him. Shawn kept his eyes respectfully down, but was clearly struggling to comprehend the situation. “In addition to leading security, I also run the machining lab. I made your cage. I’ve known all along.”

Shawn’s eyes widened, and he tentatively looked up at his friend and Master Mike.

“We planned the whole thing, dear. We’re going to keep you locked, only you’ll be in a much kinder living environment. Don’t worry though, you’ll still get plenty of satisfaction. Tyrone!”

Tyrone stepped up, pulling his package out of his thong. His 11” cock was thicker than a baseball bat, and his nuts were like satsumas. He smirked proudly. Shawn gulped.

“Tonight is your last night as a house bitch. You’ll come home with us, and be part of our little family.” Mike informed him.

“Thank you, Masters!” Shawn said with a shimmer of happiness in his voice.

“Good fucking boy.” Mike and his friends winked.

“Wait a second,” Billy cut in. “You can’t do that!” He stepped up again, but was instantly tackled and held down by the two muscled slaves. He struggled furiously, but was no match.

I knelt beside him, stroking his chest. “Listen Billy, I get it. I really really do. You’re a jealous, insecure, spoiled brat. But I figured you out. You got carried away on your chastity powertrip locking up all the cocks that you deemed were your competition. Your mistake was trying to take it beyond the members of your own frat. You lied, you abused your power, as well as our friendship. So for that…” I reached over to Trey, who handed me a gleaming new chastity cage. “I’ve got just the thing to help you!”

“No! No!!” Billy struggled again, but the strong grips of the powerful men held him fast. I made a show of admiring the solid metal cage.

“Officer, your workmanship with this titanium alloy never ceases to impress me! It is absolutely exquisite in every way!” I made a point to draw my words out, almost as slowly as I ran the back of my fingers over the smooth shiny surface of the cage. I chuckled and locked the device on Billy’s junk.

I presented the key to Mike, who decidedly kept his hands clear.

“Oh no no!” He laughed. “Billy here tried to set a precedent by locking up the leader of a rival frat. So I will nip it in the bud by refusing to stoop to that level.”

“Understood,” I nodded.

“Perhaps it would be fitting if Sarge…” Trey suggested softly.

“Yes.” Mike nodded. “Go on, Sarge. Take it. This weasel needs to learn some respect.”

The third in the trio of Shawn’s friends took the key, turning it over in his palm. He looked at Billy, eyes colder than the metal on his captive’s cock could ever be.

“Please, Sarge, please!” Billy begged. “I’m sorry for what I did! Please don’t-”

Sarge wasn’t listening. He calmly knelt down, and put the key halfway into the lock. With a quick snap, he broke the key, jamming the lock forever.

“At least you’ll never break another heart with that.” Sarge stood up and walked back over to Shawn, placing a hand on his shoulder and giving it a dominant squeeze.

I gripped Billy’s balls. “This is for your own good. Tonight, you will start your new job as the house bitch. And you will remain as such for the duration of the semester. Upon completion of which, I will be sending you to another friend of mine who’s going to make sure you get your due.”

“Yeah? And what’s that?” Billy spat.

“Real servitude. There’s a facility that specializes in the training and selling of human pets. The owner is good friend of mine.”

“And mine,” Mike added.

“Mine too,” Trey called.

“And mine too!” Sarge barked.

Billy squirmed. “No fucking way!! This is a joke! I’ll just-MMMMMPH!” Tyrone buckled a thick leather muzzle over Billy’s head, silencing his bravado. He and the other collared slave dragged him over to the table where they cuffed him on his back with his legs spread.

“Who wants to fuck this fratbitch?” Tyrone shouted. The music started back up, and the frat brothers crowded around, eager to get their new bitch broken in.

I looked back at Shawn, who was once again being spitroasted, this time by the two fat cocks of his new brothers while their Master looked on.

Gabe licked my hand. I patted his head with a smile. “Go on, boy. Go ahead and have some fun tonight!” He whimpered, and nuzzled insistently at my crotch. “Oh alright, since you’ve been a good boy.” I pulled my bone out for him, and amid the chorus of grunts and moans, the party began.

The End

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  1. Great ending! Wasn’t expecting another chapter in this story, but boy was it a great surprise. I’m glad Billy got his in the end, and that Shawn got some nice new masters to take care of him.

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