True Life Part 2: The Next Day

By ty dehner

After an exciting and long night, i woke around 10am. Sir was gone, i remember he had to be to work by 7.30. i slept right through his morning. Now I was feeling selfish. i should’ve been up to make his coffee (after i learned how he likes it), to put on his shoes and to take my assignments. And i would’ve given him a goodbye hug and kiss for the wonderful things he introduced me to last night.

Last night was great. Sir taught me so many things that i know i will use repeatedly to make myself better. when Sir got home he rested a bit and we talked about his day, family and working out. i removed his shoes and gave them a working over by massaging them. He then had me try on sweats he found and wanted me to wear and I cooked dinner. He let me eat off a plate this time, but i was on the floor at his feet. This was a good moment. i did things correctly, didn’t start eating until Sir did. i enjoyed my position of looking up at him. His conversations were interesting and continues to inspire me to continued growth and change. After dinner we had a moment of affection, hugging and kissing. Sir really makes a boi feel appreciated and loved. He makes me want to more to prove my desire to serve him further.

We, then, started our stretching. Sir wore only a pair of turquoise briefs. He looked solid and powerful. i would find myself extremely lucky to be in the service of a great Man like Him. i believe i’ve always wanted a Master that everybody would want, but he would be devoted to me. Because i would be so devoted to him, that every Master would want me as their boi.

The stretching was painful at times, but educational and taught me how far i must go. This i know will be a major factor in Sir’s decision to accept me as his slave. Do i require too much work? i hope he can see my desire and dedication but is that enough. As we stretched, Sir took advantage of my prone position at times. He would kiss me and tickle me. It was fun. This made our workout even better. And took my mind off some of the more strenuous stretches. Sir loves to tease my feet. And i always turn them forward. It isn’t easy, but i do it. As Sir showed and worked with me on stretching, he put his faith in me and let me stretch him. i was nervous and perhaps to cautious. But in no way, shape or form would i want to hurt Sir. i must remember that he is more limber and stronger than i. In many ways!

After stretching, Sir bathed me. Now many would find it odd that a Master would bath his boi. But why? How many men love to wash their cars, motorcycles, or trucks? And certainly, a good boi is more important than any car. So, to clean a boi, shows him that you care for him. And what Master wants to use a dirty boi. Then it came my turn to bath him. i loved doing this. Even surprised him as i cleaned out a sensitive belly button. i wish there was a larger tube available if i could get in the tub and reach him everyplace then i would be doing him a great service. i dried him, looking into those strong eyes of his.

Sir gave me some PJ’s to wear, i sat and rested as he made a phone call. When he finished, he came and reviewed my journal. i think Sir can see how seriously i have given thought of being a slave. He can and will understand my devotion to my finding my place under the dominance of another man. Several times he would look at me and smile, once or twice grin. i would tell he was impressed by my thoughts. But there is no BS in this journal, just the truth of who i am and what i can be.

We then retired, and Sir let me lay on the bed with him. He drew me close to him and i felt so secure. We had both had very long days and really needed the sleep. But we liked being together so much that before we knew it, or i anyway, was being tied spread eagled on the bed, face down. It had come time to become a total boi for Sir. The problem is that getting fucked is one of my least experienced areas. But i wanted him in me. More than anyone i had ever encountered. i wanted to submit to him fully. But Sir sensed my hesitation and i explained my lack of experience. He said he was ok with it. But what good is a boi if he can’t be used in the ways a Master wants. i told Sir that i wanted to proceed. And he did. Trying and trying. At times it seemed close to let him proceed in, but it wouldn’t happen. Sir even tapped my eyes and mouth shut. Still no avail. i truly hoped he could see my desire to let him have me. But it is a large brick in the wall he must tear down to rebuild me.

Sir suggested using something that is like poppers (I later learned it was ether). i let him, i trusted Sir fully. Heck, he had me in a van, totally helpless and i am still alive! He put some in a plastic bag and put the bag over my head. The first time the smell was intense, the second time things worked and i went into a feeling like i’ve never experienced. While my head pounded, I was floating! i’ve never gotten drunk or done drugs, so to feel this way was very new. Things started to get weird and i had to pull out. Sir was there to encourage me the entire time. i told Sir that we should get me high like that and he should fuck me. Sir like that idea. We started again. But i had been tied down so long that my stretched limbs were taking away from the moment. An exciting moment where, as Sir reminded me, i was under his absolute control. Tied, blinded by tape, gagged, with a plastic bag over my head, breathing something that toys with my mind. i was his alright and i didn’t mind at all. After another trip, i had to admit defeat and get loose. Very disappointed in myself we hugged and fell asleep.

i hope Sir understand that my desire could not match my physical limit. i wanted to be fucked by Sir, over and over to feel his total power over my submission.

And to top it all off, i was not up in the morning for Sir! This is a disappointment for me, to be sure! But it is not the end. This was our first night together, my improvement is immanent. He will be inside me because i want him to. i will continued to show my trust and desire to improve, change and be the slave he dreams of having.

i have completed my morning assignments that Sir had listed for me. He even wanted me to catch up on my sleep. How selfish he isn’t! i wish i knew what he wanted for lunch, for i would have it waiting for him. But i know in time that will come too. There is one things left for my assignment and that is stretching. Sir will be home soon, a moment i am very much looking forward too.

Went out to lunch with Sir. My first public appearance with the new look. As i figured no one noticed or i didn’t notice them. But Sir liked it and i think i will keep it no matter the outcome of this trial visit.

It was great to eat outside today, though a bit windy, it was nice to be outside. i am really looking forward to the gym. Spending the last 2 days in the house i feel i need to work out to release some anxiety. i’ve done my stretching today, so feeling better. i’ve found myself being more aware of my positions, posture and pulling as i complete each stretch. Today i was able to get the tips of my fingers on the floor, with my knees straight. This is a good improvement over a week ago, when i started these exercises.

i am anxious to learn more tonight at the gym. i really think i will learn much from Sir to improve myself. He has shown me charts of the muscles to learn. As well as the bones. The major bones i remember from life drawing. But the muscles will be more difficult. i’m not good at memorizing. For me i learn better by doing than reading. So, to learn these muscles will be a challenge, as is everything about improving myself. But i am not stopping i will just continue forward.

When Sir came home for lunch, he told me he gave me a goodbye kiss while i was sleeping. How wonderful that made me feel, i wish i had been awake to return my growing affection. While this is only our second day together, Sir is making an impact on me. From improving my physical health and being, to entering my heart to my wanting to please and submit to him, these emotions are all being challenged. These are good things and time will tell if they continue. i know there are more challenges ahead and those i must do as good with, as i have done up till now. i have given my trust to Sir right down to controlling my breathing. He will ask for more levels of trust and i know that he will get that trust from me.

The gym awaits tonight, as does my hope to have Master fuck me totally tonight. But i will make sure he gets a good night’s sleep. For a boi must make sure his potential Master is rested so his work is done the best that he can.


To be continued …

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