Corporate Takeover – Chapter 03

By lthr_jock

Brian was feeling highly aroused – which was very clear in the tight leather trousers. He headed back to the car where he stowed his new purchases before grabbing his sports bag and heading into the gym.

After taking his supplements, he started working out. As with yesterday, time seemed to fly by. He found himself pushing heavier weights than before and by the end of the session, he was dripping with sweat. As he looked at some of the massive guys in the gym, he knew that he wanted to be their size – or bigger. He headed for the locker room, where he sat for a couple of minutes with his towel around his shoulders. While he was sat there a man walked in – hugely muscled with a t-shirt plastered across his torso that said “Personal Trainer”. He walked up to Brian and held out a hand. “Name’s Chris. Saw you here yesterday too. Mind some comments on your style?” “Not at all – what am I doing wrong?” Chris sat down and went through some things with Brian that should improve his technique and then went to leave. “Hey Chris, how much are personal training sessions?” “£50 an hour.” “Seems reasonable. I’m only in town for 2 weeks. Can I book you for 2 hours each evening?” Chris nodded – it was always good to have regular bookings like that. “Definitely, Brian. What time tomorrow?” Brian thought about the meetings he had scheduled. “6:30?” “Ideal. See you then.”

Brian smiled to himself – this trip was proving far better than he had thought it would. He took a leisurely shower, then changed and headed back to the hotel, enjoying the way his new leathers creaked and stretched as he moved. When he got back to the hotel, he ate in the dining room and spotted several people eyeing his leather trousers. He enjoyed the attention and made sure to stretch when he left so that they could get a good view. He then headed to bed, lulled asleep by the blu-ray.

The next day’s meetings were hellish. His staff were grumpy at having to travel and needed to be talked through everything he was proposing. He was also aware that they were trying to hide things from him – for the first time, he had to be prompted by Quentin as there were several subtleties that he failed to pick up on. Worse, his suit seemed to be too small. It was chafing around his chest and neck and his tie felt like it was strangling him. Once the meetings were over, he fired off an email to the rest of the attendees telling them that in future all meetings would be held in casual clothing.

Brian then headed down to the gym for his first session with Chris. Chris started with talking about goals – Brian replied by nodding towards the biggest man in the room. “I want to be like him.” Chris raised an eyebrow. “Your definition and muscle is good, Brian, but that might not be achievable. Still – we’ll see what we can do. We’ll start by measuring you up.” Chris painstakingly measured Brian. To Brian’s surprise, his chest and neck were already larger – 1” and 1/2” respectively. His biceps and triceps were also bigger and he had gained 1” on his quads. He was impressed – damn, that little bastard really had developed a miracle drug! Before Chris took him through a basic workout, Brian took some of the supplements and as a result he performed better than he ever had before. Even Chris was impressed with some of the weights Brian was moving. “I can see I’m going to have to work hard to keep up with you, Brian.” Those words made Brian feel great and he made the next appointment for the following evening.

After a good nights sleep, lulled by the blu-ray, Brian woke up for a day of meetings. His staff were clearly uncomfortable with wearing casual clothing – one had just not worn a tie with his suit, two were clearly wearing newly bought clothes. Brian wore jeans and a rugby shirt, and worked his way steadily through the meetings, again relying on Quentin to advise him. By the end of the day, Brian was exhausted and he thought that might affect his workout. In fact, after taking the supplement he felt invigorated and had a good workout. This continued for the next couple of days. On that day, after the workout Brian planned to head to the leather night at Boltz.

Brian had never been to anything like this before, so once he was back from his workout he dressed in the full leather harness, jockstrap, chaps and DMs. Finishing his look with the leather jacket and Muir cap, he headed down to his car unaware of the stares he got as he walked through the hotel foyer. He parked close to the bar and walked through the gloomy streets to the entrance. Having been buzzed in and paid his entrance fee, Brian headed in. The large central bar area was largely empty, with two thin young men serving behind the bar, both wearing open leather waistcoats and leather jeans. A couple of people were sat around – one man in a suit reading a newspaper and an older man who was sat at the bar drinking. Brian ordered a bottle of water and then asked, “Isn’t there a leather night tonight?” The bartender grinned. “Yes. But it doesn’t pick up here until the pubs close.” He checked his watch. “People will start to come in in about an hour.”

Brian thanked him and went off to explore the club. There were several side-rooms and an area of narrow twisting corridors that were virtually pitch black. Off them were several rooms with bondage gear in them. Brian felt his cock swelling at the sight of them and he slowly worked his way back to the bar. In a side room he found a St. Andrews Cross and he wondered what it would be like to be strapped to it. By the time he headed back into the bar, there were a few more people and this time they were all wearing leather.

He stood where he could see them. Some were wearing full uniforms, others just leather jeans and jackets. Clearly most of the people coming in knew each other and there were a couple of glances in his direction as they appraised the newcomer. More people started to arrive and they started to circulate. Several times, people walked past Brian and openly looked him up and down. Some (mostly thin, willowy youths) looked away quickly and even sneered. Others paused and took a closer look before moving on – some pointedly heading into the darker areas of the club. As he was watching one muscled man walk towards the dark room, several times pausing and turning back to meet Brians gaze, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned to see Dave grinning at him. Dave was wearing a full leather uniform that did little to hide his impressive muscles. “Aren’t you a little over-dressed, Brian?” Brian looked confused and Dave leaned in close. “Go to the cloakroom and check in your jacket and hat, then you’ll look more like the sub you are.” Brian did so and walked back across the room, his torso clearly visible under the leather straps of the harness. He got a lot more looks from people and Dave smiled as he approached. “There, doesn’t that feel better? So have you had a chance to look around.” “Yes, I’ve been here for a little while.” Dave chuckled, “Very keen. Why don’t we have a wander around together?” With that, he headed off towards the blacked out areas.

Before, Brian had been the only person in here. Now as they navigated through the darkness, he bumped into people who responded by reaching out to fondle and grope him. He found his cock responding to the touches and by the time they emerged in the room with the St. Andrews Cross, his jockstrap was tented. Dave turned and noticed his arousal, then nodded towards the cross. “Get up on that, lad.” Brian did so, positioning his feet on the base board, spreading his legs and arms. Dave quickly secured his wrists, then slowly and methodically strapped Brian in place until he was helpless. He finished off with a neck strap, and stood with his face close to Brian’s. “How does that feel? You like this?” Brian nodded. “Yes, S…” but his reply was cut off as Dave pushed a ball gag in his mouth and then secured it behind his head.

Dave quickly inserted a padlock and locked the ball gag on, before taking out a larger one and using it to secure the neck strap. “Now, doesn’t that look good? Enjoying yourself, lad?” Brian shook his head, wanting Dave to release him but the bigger man merely laughed and reached down to knead Brian’s tumescent cock. “Your head says you want out, but your cock tells the truth, lad.” He continued to rub at Brian’s cock until Brian thought he was going to cum, then to his surprise Dave stepped away from him. “See you later, lad.” With that, he headed off into the darkroom.

Brian struggled against the restraints, but soon realised he was completely helpless. He groaned with frustration – but also with the pleasure he was feeling. Brian might have been completely helpless, but he was also completely aroused. He managed to keep himself short of cumming, but his cock was still tenting the jockstrap when the first person emerged from the darkroom to find him on the cross. It was the muscled leather man who had caught his eye just before Dave met with him. The man smiled and walked over to Brian. Without speaking, he reached up with a gloved hand and wiped up the drool coming out of Brian’s mouth, then rubbed it into Brian’s hair. The man was taller than Brian and wearing a leather bulldog harness as well as a leather kilt and black Dr Martens. His muir cap was topping a craggy face and a pair of piercing blue eyes. Leather bicep straps accentuated his muscles and his hands were covered in leather gauntlets. At his thick leather belt hung an array of gear: hood, gag, collar, whip, tawse.   Brian thought he must be in his late thirties. As the man ran his hands over Brian’s torso, he finally spoke revealing that he had a broad Scottish brogue. “What a shame yer collared, slave. When I saw ye in the bar, I thought it would be nice to play with ye.” He flipped the padlock on Brian’s neck strap. “But as ye’re claimed, it would’nae be the done thing.” Despite what he was staying he moved closer to Brian, pressing against him and allowing Brian to feel the heat of his body. He ground his crotch against Brian’s so that the restrained could feel his excitement under the kilt.

“But as ye’ve been left here, I can have a little fun, can’t I?” As he continued to grind against Brian, one hand reached around and squeezed Brian’s cheeks. Leather covered fingers then slid up and down Brian’s crack and then one finger pushed inside his arse. “Ye’ve a tight hole, slave. I’d soon train that to take me cock.” He pushed his finger in further, enjoying the response as Brian grunted in mingled pain and pleasure. “Ah, I must nae do too much.” He pulled out and wiped his finger on Brian’s hair. “Tell yer Master that Ken approves of his slave. Maybe he’ll let me play with ye.” With that he walked away.

(lthrjock updated the above while wearing a posture collar, chastity cage and heavy handcuffs following orders from Metalbond)

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