Corporate Takeover – Chapter 05

By lthr_jock

It seemed to be ages before he could feel anything happen. Then he felt something rubbing against his cheeks. It seemed to be rotating as it slowly pushed up to the point where it was able to push inside him. Brian was nervous and pulled away as much as he could – which was very little. But the dildo was relentless and soon he felt it pushing its way up into him. Despite the lubrication, it was painful as it pushed into his virgin arse and tears ran down his face as the rubber dildo slowly worked its way upwards.

As it slowly pushed in, all Brian could think was how violated he felt, how helpless – and both those things increased his arousal even more. At that point, Dave walked in with two customers. “As you can see, today we have Brian modelling some of our gear. Say hello Brian.” Brian grunted angrily into the gag. “There we have him demonstrating how completely the gag works on the deluxe muzzle.” The two men with Dave looked Brian over appraisingly, almost as though he was a shop mannequin. Dave continued with his sales patter before leaving the men to browse.

By now, the dildo felt as though it was fully inside him, though to his surprise it kept on pushing. The pain and discomfort was waning somewhat and then it started to rub across his prostate. Brian groaned loudly with pleasure, attracting the attention of one of the men. He was a well built man in his twenties, wearing leather biker gear. “Sounds like you’re having fun in there.” He leaned in to stroke Brian’s naked thighs and rubbed his crotch. “Looks like fun too.” He looked around furtively and reached inside his leather trousers to pull out his thick veiny cock. As he stood watching Brian, he stroked it until it was fully erect. “Maybe you’d like this inside you sometime?” Brian widened his eyes – and nodded. The man grinned. “I’ll leave my contact details with Dave.” With some difficulty he tucked his cock back in his leathers and continued browsing.

Finally, the dildo seemed to push in as far as it could. It then began slowly moving up and down, nearly pulling all the way out, then pushing all the way back in. Brian was impaled helplessly on the rubber cock, unable to do anything as his arse was given its’ first fucking. His cock was hard as it could get and slimy with precum. He felt his balls spasm several times, but his inability to get a full erection made it a spoiled orgasm so he didn’t get the release he was hoping for.

What seemed like hours passed, with Brian being on display for the steady stream of customers that Dave let in. Dave checked on him at regular intervals and as Brian didn’t seem to want out, he left him there although he turned the fucking machine off, leaving the dildo inside Brian. Several spoiled orgasms later, Dave walked in with a bottle of water and unlocked Brian’s muzzle. Sliding it off his head, he smiled as Brian swallowed the accumulated drool and then held up the water so he could re-hydrate. “Had fun, lad?” Brian nodded and when the bottle was removed said “Yes, Sir, but can you get that dildo out of me?” “No way, lad, subs have to get used to being plugged.” He let Brian finish off the water and then took Brian’s phone out of his pocket.

“You’re very popular. Lots of missed calls from Quentin, two from Geoff and six from Chris(Gym). Boyfriends?” “No. Accountant, son and personal trainer. Fuck, what time is it?” Dave looked at him and as Brian opened his mouth to speak again, pushed the muzzle back onto him, allowing the cock gag to stop him. “Time you learned to be polite, lad. Chris is your personal trainer? Not Chris from Ironworks?” Brian nodded. “I know Chris. I’ll make sure he knows you were tied up.” Dave chuckled at his own joke and took out his own phone to call Chris. As he did so, he took a photo of Brian and sent it to Chris.

After a few minutes, Dave came back. “All sorted, lad. Chris understands you were unavoidably detained and says he’ll take it out of your hide tomorrow. All in all you’re a popular lad – the Twins like you, Scottish Ken would like a go at you and young Russell left his number for you. Reckon I could make some money by renting you out.” As Brian’s eyes bulged and he grunted urgently into the gag, Dave chuckled and held up a hand. “Just kidding, I’m no pimp. But you definitely have what some people want, lad. But now it’s time to let you out.” Dave hit the button that slowly retracted the dildo from Brian’s arse, then released him from the chair. He unlocked the straitjacket and muzzle and helped Brian out of them. He left him in the shorts as he escorted him through to the main room, where a pile of clothing awaited him. “Put them on lad – and never come here again unless you’re dressed like a sub.” Brian grabbed the clothing and went into the changing room. He hadn’t questioned why he was still locked into the chastity shorts, he just pulled up the rear zip and got dressed.

When he emerged, he was in a sleeveless red rubber vest under a black leather jacket, his legs were covered in leather as well – jeans rather than chaps – and his feet were in black Ranger boots. Dave handed him the keys to the chastity shorts. “Don’t take them off until you get back to the hotel – understood?” “Yes, Sir.” “Good. Now fuck off.” He handed Brian his wallet, phone and keys and escorted him out of the building. Brian checked his phone and found it was gone 21:30, so he headed back to the hotel and into his room where he ordered room service. He thought he would need to jerk off – but so many ruined orgasms meant that his cock was tender and his balls were drained, so he did little more than eat before going to bed still fully dressed. He barely remembered to turn the blu-ray on before falling asleep.

It hadn’t even occurred to him that he still had the chastity shorts on, until his cocks attempt at morning wood was thwarted by the thick leather. He staggered out of bed, stripped off and showered before looking at the time – damn, he only had 30 minutes to get to the first meeting. He looked at the shorts and grinned. Half an hour later, Brian sat down for his first meeting of the day wearing a baggy tracksuit underneath which was the rubber sleeveless shirt and the chastity shorts. He smiled to himself as he thought what his staff would say if they knew what he was wearing, and was jerked out of his reverie by a cough from Quentin, warning him that Peterson was once again trying to slip something past him.

By lunchtime he had a headache   He just couldn’t get his head around the meetings and Quentin was covering for him more and more. It was also obvious that Quentin wanted to talk to him so he spent every break avoiding him. Quentin finally caught up with him at the end of the day, when he cornered Brian about the purchase of the properties. He was concerned about the way Brian had been acting recently and advised him that he had contacted Brian’s son. Brian was annoyed that Geoff was involved, but actually he really didn’t care. All he wanted to do now was to get down to the gym. He had been on a level of constant arousal all day as the rubber shirt shifted against his skin and his cock swelled as much as it could in the shorts. He made some excuse to Quentin and left.

He got to Ironworks 5 minutes late and walked in to find Chris stood waiting for him. “Sorry, I got delayed.” Chris held up his phone to show the photo that Dave sent him on the previous day. “Yeah. I’ve seen what you get delayed with.” Brian blushed. “Nothing like that – I was stuck in meetings.” “Of course you were. Right, get changed. I’ve wasted enough time over the last couple of days.” As Brian walked into the changing rooms, Chris walked with him talking through what he had planned for the session. Brian peeled off his tracksuit to reveal the rubber vest and leather chastity shorts underneath and Chris stopped in mid sentence. “Meetings eh? If you don’t want to tell me what you were doing, you don’t have to. But don’t fucking lie to me, Brian.” Visibly angry, he walked into the gym. Without thinking, Brian followed him. “Wait, Chris. I wasn’t lying. I don’t want you to think I was. I just didn’t have time to get changed.” Chris turned to face him and at that point Brian became aware that several gym members had stopped what they were doing and were looking at the strangely dressed man.

“Look, Brian, I know you technically employ me but I don’t like being jerked around. So, sort yourself out and stop fucking me about.” Brian nodded and tried to explain, but the more he tried the less he was able to get the words out. In the end, he just stood there as Chris told him off, his posture slumping more and more as Chris continued. Eventually Chris finished. “You have to think about what you want to do, Brian. Working out isn’t something you can just do when you feel like it. So what is it you want?”

“I want to compete.” The words came into his mind with a memory of the twins.

“What?” “I want to compete.” Chris looked at him thoughtfully. “Seriously?” He considered for a moment. “Brian, you have a good start point and you’re in good shape. But to compete you would need to commit yourself to a proper regimen – and it would take months. Maybe even years.”

Brian nodded. “I know.” “Well then, I can sort something out for you that I’ve used with people before. It will involve diet and exercise and we’ll look to putting you in a competition in about 6 months’ time – just to see how you do. Once that’s done, I’ll hand it all over to whoever will be training you.”

“Why? Why won’t you be doing it?”

“I thought you said you were only staying here for a month, Brian. Once you go home, you’ll have to find someone else to take over.”

That statement kept echoing through Brian’s mind during the workout. As promised, Chris worked him hard and by the end he could barely see straight as he staggered back to the changing room. But in his mind, all he could hear was Chris repeating the same thing. What would happen at the end of the month?

Back at the hotel, he fired up his laptop and tried to resolve his dilemma. He couldn’t stay at the hotel forever, but what was he going to do once he had to go home? Various options suggested themselves, but none helped. Then he thought of something and grabbed the papers from the meetings scheduled for tomorrow. He picked up one proposal, grinned and then started writing a response to it. By the time he’d finished it was nearly midnight and Brian realised that he’d been so busy all day that he hadn’t really had chance to process what had happened to him the day before. As soon as he started to think about it, he got hard and he thought about calling Dave. But that was crazy – wasn’t it? Instead he took out his wallet and looked at the two numbers Dave had given him – Ken and Russell. The likelihood was that both of them were asleep at this time of night – but there was always the chance that they weren’t.

Brian got his phone and sent a message to Ken. “Hi Sir, this is Brian. I was on the cross at Boltz the other night. Wondered if you want to meet up.” He paused before he pressed send – should he really do this? He had no idea who Ken was. In the end, his cock won the argument and he sent the message.

He wasn’t really expecting to get a response, so he jumped in surprise as a message was received on his phone. “Yes I do, slave. I take it yer feeling horny?” Brian almost dropped the phone in his eagerness to reply. “Yes Sir.”

Ken’s next message came quickly: “Aston Park. Trinity Road entrance. 30 minutes.” Brian looked at the message, his heart in his mouth. He knew this was a step into the unknown – but his cock was swollen and he knew he wanted to do this. He dressed quickly – leather jockstrap, leather chaps, bulldog harness, leather bike jacket, Muir cap, boots. He checked where he was going on his phone and then headed down to his car.

Brian found Aston Park fairly easily and drove round it until he got to Trinity Road. There was a car park, but it was locked at this time of night, so he found somewhere to park nearby and then nervously headed into the park. For a moment he wondered what the hell he was doing – then his desire led him on and he walked up to the entrance. As he approached, he could see a figure clad in black leather from head to toe – leather jacket, trousers, boots and Muir Cap. Brian walked towards him and the man looked up – it was Ken. He checked his watch and walked towards Brian and as he got closer, Brian could see in the dim light from the street that he was also wearing leather gloves, shirt and tie. “Glad to see you’re on time. Hold your hands out.”

Confused, Brian did so and Ken expertly cuffed his hands in front of him. Not with the fluffy, soft handcuffs that “normal” people considered should be used for sex, but a set of police issue rigid handcuffs that locked Brian’s hands securely in front of him. Ken leaned in to snog Brian before double-locking the cuffs. He then turned and walked into the darkness of the park. “Follow me, slave.”

Brian thought they would go into the woods, but instead Ken led him into the playground. He led him up to the swings and then pointed at one. “Lie over that.” Brian hesitated, but then stepped forwards, knelt down and moved over the swing so that it supported his stomach. Ken grunted with approval and Brian heard him unzip. Without ceremony, he poured some liquid on Brian’s arse then grabbed the chains of the swing as he lined his cock up with Brian’s hole. As he started to push in, the movement of the swing made Brian move away and he tried to stop it with his cuffed hands. He barely managed, but after a couple of tried he got it right and soon Ken was sliding in and out of Brian.

The feeling was different from the dildo – warmer, hotter and the feeling of the big, leather clad body forcing the tool in and out of him made Brian feel more aroused. As Ken’s cock moved across his prostate, Brian could feel his own cock tenting his jockstrap and his intense need for this meant that soon he was spurting cum. As he lay there, with Ken still thrusting in and out of him he wondered what the hell he was doing, then he realised there was nothing he could do about it. With a yell, Ken came into the condom and Brian prepared for him to pull out. To his surprise, Ken stayed where he was, his softening cock still inside Brian. Brian head a sharp noise and then an acrid smell. He realised Ken had lit a cigar. As the perfumed smoke engulfed him, Brian found himself sniffing the smoke in deeply and his cock started to swell again. In silence, Ken smoked his cigar, occasionally tapping the ash off onto the back of Brian’s leather jacket. When he was done, he pulled out, removed the condom and threw it into a bin and then walked around in front of Ken. “Lick my boots, slave.” Brian managed to lean forwards and licked at the toes of Ken’s boots. His Muir Cap caught on them and fell off. Ken laughed and leaned down to remove the cuffs. “Good job, slave. I needed that.” He kicked the Muir Cap back towards Brian. “Whoever advised you got it wrong – you need to wear something a slave would wear. See you soon.” With that he walked off.

Brian stood and looked around the deserted park, before scurrying back to his car and returning to the hotel. As he settled into his bed, he was still wearing the harness and jockstrap and he fell asleep to the familiar tones of the blu-ray.

(lthrjock wrote the above while wearing a posture collar, chastity cage and heavy handcuffs following orders from Metalbond. Suggestions for hypno files for lthrjock to listen to are gratefully received.)

To be continued …

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  1. So glad to see another chapter in this very hot story. I wish they were more often. Love seeing Brian get further involved with his needs and love how Dave knows what they are and handles Brian so well. More please!

  2. Hey lthrjock,
    it is end of January 2021 and we all waiting desperately for chapter 6 (and 7 and…), so please do us a favour and let’s play your phantasy to finish the story ! Thanks :)

  3. lthrjock……’s now well over a year…..I hope you’re just busy with other stuff and that this damn virus didn’t get you. This is a great story, I’m leaking so I know, please give us some more of Brian and his quest for satisfaction.

  4. Let me add to the chorus of voices – your stories are really fantastic and always so fucking HOT! PLEASE come back to this one and share more of it with us!

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