male bondagte tickle

Dominic’s Pleasure Tickle

At Tickled Hard, Dominic relaxes on the tickling table in just his jockstrap and ankle socks while he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up. After Franco blindfolds Dominic, he tickles him with a feather and his fast-moving fingers on his sides and in his armpits. Dominic is obviously very ticklish, which shows even more when Franco tickles his cute size 9 feet. He gladly submits to Franco’s tickle pleasures, even if he’s holding back a little. Franco has ways of breaking through any hold, and with Dominic, it’s applying more tickle tools and techniques to his feet. Dominic giggles and growls like a tormented puppet, bouncing what little he can in the cuffs and duct tape bonds. Removing the blindfold snaps Dominic back to reality and intensifies the situation. Franco’s hands are masterful tickling devices, moving from one part of Dominic’s body to the next, and when he’s not using those, he draws from his cache of tickling tools, including a wide array of brushes. Past the halfway point, Franco adds lube, and the sensations are so intense that Dominic barely makes a sound. His head and torso turn red, and and he bounces up and down, desperately trying to catch his breath. Just when Dominic thinks it’s over, Franco brings Buck Williams in to help him finish the sweaty captive off.

he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up

See the video at Tickled Hard

male Pleasure Tickle

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