Excerpt From Leather Affection

By ty dehner

ty dehner authorLance is in bed, naked. The bed covers lay across the lower part of Lance’s body, leaving his chest exposed, as he listens to the rain falling on the roof. His uncovered arm moves from his side, sliding over the edge of the bed. On the floor is Sean, laying on his side facing away from the bed. The boy wears a thick two-inch leather collar, a pair of Lance’s lace-up Wesco Jobmaster boots, spiked leather codpiece and leather chest harness. His ankles are bound in leather restraints that are locked together. Leather restraints on Sean’s wrists keep his arms together before him.

The boy is a bit chilly on the floor, but he likes being captive in his Master’s bedroom. Lance reaches down, running his hand on Sean’s arm. As Lance touches the boy, Sean opens his eyes, turning his head toward the Master.

“You awake, Sir?”

“I haven’t fallen asleep yet, boy.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“It’s alright, boy I just get excited thinking of you. You ok?”

Sean rolls onto his back, so that he can see his Master better. “Fine, Sir. Content really. I’ve never felt this relaxed.”

“You are enjoying your position down on the floor, my boy?”

“Oh yes, Sir. I am honored that you are allowing me to wear your boots tonight, Sir.”

“Tomorrow, you can spend some time smelling them with our mixed scents.”

Lance slides to the edge of the bed, looking down at the boy in the leather and bondage. He likes what he sees.

“This is how our nights should be every night. Don’t you agree, boy?”

“Very much Sir.”

“Speak to me boy, what are your thoughts on the times we’ve had together?”

“Sir, I have enjoyed all our times together, I think of you all the time.” Sean rolls on his back keeping his gaze on his Master. “I’m beginning to wonder if I’m possessed. Is it right for a man to feel this way?”

“It is boy.” Lance enjoys hearing that the boy is possessed with thoughts of the Master, as he lightly strokes his boy.

“For years, I’ve wondered what it would be like to be with another person, be it man or woman. Then I realized I was more into men and kinky. Before we met, I decided that I should let it all out and go for what I’ve been wanting.”

Lance moves his hand up to the boy’s face, laying the backside of his hand on the boy’s cheek, gently rubbing it.

“We’ve been together for two months now. I keep thinking it isn’t healthy to feel for you the way I do, Sir. After meeting you I thought I’d chicken out the way I do with most things. But I haven’t. It’s like I’m being set free. Which is hardly the way most people would see it.”

The boy adjusts his position as he feels his cock getting hard in the spiked leather jock, creating pressure against it. “When I’m with you I’m someone else. But now I’m beginning to wonder if this someone else is the real me, and the person on the street is just to fool everyone else. Right now, I’m warm, although I’m mostly naked and rain is falling on the roof. When I sleep with you like this I sleep very soundly, although my cock and balls are tightly bound.”

Lance lays on his back, looking at the ceiling, very happy in what he hears from his boy, “I’m making you happy then, boy?”

The boy pauses only slightly, taking in the words he is about to say, “Yes Sir, you are.”

Lance rolls on his side, looking down at his bound boy, staring into his eyes. The boy’s eyes lock onto the blue eyes of his Master. Their bond is growing stronger with every night they spend together.

“Well, I have enjoyed our times together, boy. I can’t think of spending my time with anyone but you. You have become an exceptionally good boy, pleasing me in every encounter we have. I also think of you as an exceptionally great partner and lover. I am falling in love with you boy.”

This surprises Sean, who directly looks at his Master, lifting his secured hands up to touch the hand of Lance. “Really, Sir?”

“That is not something I take lightly boy. We are creating a bond that I have longed to have with another man.”

“Oh Sir, I want to kiss you so badly.”

“Then get your ass in this bed, boy.”

Sean looks deeply into his Master’s eyes, feeling special. Lance moves back towards the center of the bed as the boy, in his bondage, struggles to lift himself and climb into bed. Lance watches, enjoying the struggle of his boy, working hard to be with him, to kiss him and feel his Master’s touch.

The boy makes his way onto the bed with a lot of effort, squirming his way next to Lance. Lance covers him with the bed covers as they snuggle. Lance rubs the boy’s shoulder, as the boy kisses Lance’s lips. They look into each other’s eyes.

“I’m very lucky to have found you, you know that boy.” He kisses his bound boy. The boy struggles as he wants to touch his Master but can’t.

“No, I’m the lucky one. I have four days off this weekend. I’d like to spend them all with you, Sir.”

“Four days, huh? I think we can work something out. Perhaps a little adventure.”

“My life is beginning to make sense. And even though I may give over control to you when we’re together, I feel totally in control.”

“That’s the only way it should be, boy.” They kiss, as Lance brings his gloved hand to the back of the boy’s head, holding Sean’s lips tightly to his, as their tongues twist in each other’s mouth. Lance brings his knee up to the boy’s crotch, pressing it into the spiked leather jock, causing the boy to moan a bit. The moan pleases the Master as his lips are pressed against Sean’s.

For Sean, he just takes in the taste of his Master, unable to hold him with his bound wrists. Looking directly into his Master’s eyes, Sean smiles as they release their lips and catch their breath.

The Master places his gloved hand over his boy’s lips and nose, letting the boy take in the leather scent of the gloves. Sean breathes deeply, as his eyes close with the enticing smell of the gloves that his Master has worn all the time.

Slowly, Lance squeezes the boy’s nose, restricting his breathing as the Master notes, “There will come a point, boy, where I will control your entire life.”

The boy struggles as his lung start stressing, needing air, but only the sent of leather fills Sean’s sense. A few seconds more of keeping the boy breathless, then the Master releases his hand as the boy gasps for the fresh air. Immedidately, Lance kisses the boy again, as the boy has a bit of concern but knows it is his destiny to be owned by this Master.

As the kiss is released, the boy responds respectfully, “Yes, Sir.”

Lance turns the boy over, so his back is to Lance’s chest. He grabs his boy tightly in a strong embrace, as they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Leather Affection by ty dehner
Read the full adventure of Lance and Sean in ty dehner’s first novel, Leather Affection, which is now available on Amazon in print and for Kindle download.

A few days later the morning starts when Lance picks Sean up in a rental car. Sean had instructions to wear the Wranglers and dress that he was presented when they went out dancing. When Sean climbed into the car, he found Lance wearing Wranglers with black biker chaps, engineer boots, a red and black flannel shirt under his leather riding jacket, his gloved hands on the steering wheel. Sean enjoyed the sight of this man wearing his leather, looking forward to being out in public in the gear that his Master ordered him to wear. Before they started their trip, Lance put the leather collar on his boy to remind him of his position during their time together.

Stopping at Starbucks, Sean is given the beverage and food to order, then heads into the café. Lance enjoys watching the boy’s ass in the snug his Wranglers. As the boy retrieved the beverages, Lance went through his plans for the day in his head, knowing exactly how things would turn out for the boy. Lance thought, his boy’s mind is going to be blown by today’s adventure; it will be something he’s never dreamed of.

As the boy entered Starbucks, he realizes that he is wearing the collar that was clearly and visably locked around his neck. Sean hesitates for a moment, nearly reaching up for the collar, but stops himself. Looking around the café, Sean notices that no one is paying attention to him. Then it came to the boy that he was in the service of Lance and it didn’t matter what the others thought. Sean proceeded to the counter to place his order. The cashier takes the order then Sean moved to the counter to await his drinks and food.

As the boy waited a male barista with a few works of ink on his neck and arms notices Sean waiting and the thick leather collar locked around the boy’s neck. They catch glances and the barista smiles. “Owned huh?”

This surprised Sean, wondering what to say. Then he remembers to be proud of who he is. “Yes Sir, my Master is in the car.”

“Impressive, very impressive.” The barista smiles at Sean as he finishes making the drinks.

After getting the order, Sean returns to the car with the coffees and pastries, opening the door and getting in. Settling into his seat, the boy places the coffee in Lance’s cup holder, Lance smiles at his boy. “Any troubles, boy?”

“No Sir, it went fine.”

Lance nods his head, putting the car into gear, leaving the parking lot. They make their way to the freeway and out of the city for the day.

LEATHER AFFECTION is available digitally and in print on Amazon worldwide. Signed editions and other stories available on the author’s web site, tydehner.com.


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  1. Well done Ty. Great excerpt. Always good to see fellow writers getting more exposure. We know how hard is is to find our niche audience.

    I love the emotional connections. That’s so important in the writing. Keep the books coming.

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