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NEW SITE: Ticklish Chubs

Foot worshipping, sock sniffing and orgasmic tickling goodness are all at your fingertips, because TicklishChubs.com has arrived!

Filled to the brim with hours and hours of chubs, cubs, twinks and muscles being tied down, poked, sniffed, sucked and touched in ways that elicit giggles, this huge community is sure to please lovers of all things tickled, especially chubs!

Always remember to live, sniff, and laugh it up!

Ticklish Chubs


Here’s a preview from one of the many offerings at Ticklish Chubs:

Chubby Matt Gets Tormented!

You know Matt likes to take control and really torture a subject with his tickling skills, but it’s never too long before someone gets the upper hand and he finds himself restrained and at their mercy. J is the latest guy to make Matt giggle, strapped down by his wrists and ankles, his bare feet tormented, his cock and balls exposed. Watch J have a great time enjoying himself and getting revenge!

Ticklish Chubs


VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Scene Title: J & Matt

Ticklish Chubs

Ticklish Chubs

Noah breeds his captive slave and then worships his feet

After watching his slave, Cole Miller, get fucked for over an hour, non-stop, by the fuck machine, making the captive almost delusional with pain and humiliation, Noah Evans decides it’s his turn. He turns off the machine and gives the young slave a short break from involuntary anal penetration, then shoves his own, rock-hard dick up the the naked prisoner’s asshole, eats out his ass and fucks him again, pulling out at the last minute and cumming all over Cole’s hot body. Then he turns his attention to Cole’s feet. This slave is his and he owns him, body and soul.

Noah breeds his captive slave and then worships his feet

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this video:

COLE MILLER – Vengeance – Chapter 6

Dream Boy Bondage Noah breeds his captive slave and then worships his feet

An inmate overpowers a prison guard

Meanwhile at My Friends Feet, prison guard Rikk is taking his inmate Angelo downstairs in the prison for some discipline when he gets loose and takes Rikk prisoner. Before Rikk knows it, Angelo has put him in the tickling stocks. Finally Angelo is going to be able to torment his sexy jailer the way he has been tormented night after night — with tickling on the big guard’s size 12 feet, armpits and sides.

tickling on the big guard's size 12 feet


See the video at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Rikk

Scene Short Description: Prison Guard Tickled

An inmate overpowers a prison guard

Dolf Dietrich ties up Hugh Hunter and worships his size 12 feet

At My Friends Feet, Dolf Dietrich proves how incredibly dominant he can be, tying big Hugh Hunter to a couch and taking complete control of him. Dolf doesn’t even let Hugh utter a sound, smacking him on the inside of his thighs whenever he does. Dolf buries his face into Hugh’s stinky socks, bellowing out with lust as he inhales their heady aroma. Hugh begs to be let go, as the foot worshiping is driving him crazy with lust but Dolf won’t have it. In time, Hugh is eventually stripped naked, sock-gagged because he won’t be quiet and jerked off by the very domineering Dolf. Before that, Dolf worships Hugh’s size 12 feet to the fullest extent!

Dolf Dietrich ties up Hugh Hunter and worships his size 12 feet


See the video at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Hugh

Models in this shoot: Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich

Scene Short Description: Dolf’s Foot Sex Captive

Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich

Master gives his prisoner a happy ending

It’s been a long session of learning for new captive Jonny. He’s had some flogging, being hoisted up and had pinching clothespins swiped from his bare flesh, and now it’s time for Master Kane to give him a little reward for his obedience. Strapped in tight to the swing, the blindfolded prisoner is soon being oiled up and toyed with, his new Master ripping his underwear apart to get at the big cock beneath. Master gets to work, rubbing and tugging on the captive’s big cock, unable to stop himself from sucking on the juicy meat and spitting the precum right into his face. Master Kane gets the timing right and sucks the hot cream out of his cock, sharing it with the captive in a final act of ownership.

blindfolded prisoner is soon being oiled up


See the video at Boynapped

Title of this video: Teaching A New Student Boy – Part 3

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