Hide and Seek – Part 1

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesSeptember was our 20-year high school reunion. This time, we’d go to Eric’s old family estate, like we always used to. It was a large, late Victorian monstrosity out in the country, with nearby hiking trails, lakes, a river, and woods.

Traditionally, the first night everyone was present, we’d play a huge game of hide-and-seek. The aim was to hide for as long as you could. The winner got to decide all the activities, meals, and got the best room in the house for the entire trip. I won almost every year, but I usually shared the winner’s privileges with everyone. Tonight, Eric would start counting whenever he felt like it, to keep us on our toes. As it was, he started counting immediately once everyone was present.

Everyone scattered as quickly and quietly as they could to find hiding spots. I always knew the best spots, and tonight I was going to try the ultimate hiding spot: inside the console of the pipe organ in the basement. It was one of those places that was so creepy, no one even thought to look in the basement, let alone near the pipe organ. Years ago, Eric himself had tried to hide there, but got creeped out after a minute and changed spots.

I chuckled quietly to myself as I climbed around the keyboard to the access hatch. I hunkered down, and waited. After a few minutes, I heard some very soft footsteps approaching. I held my breath as they approached.

“Hey!” A sweet baritone whisper broke the silence. “Hey, where the hell are you??” I rolled my eyes, and peeked out the console door. It was Tyler, my greatest guilty pleasure. Soft, lustrous blond hair, deep hazel eyes, lean athletic body, cute smile, and a flirtatious manner despite being straight. I’d had a crush on him for as long as I knew him.

“In here, you blockhead! Hurry, before they see you!” He slipped through the door, and shut it behind him. “What are you doing in here?” I demanded. Tyler smiled toothily.

“You always have the best hiding spots. So I followed you because I hate being found first every time.” He looked around the tiny space. “But damn, this is… Something.” He flicked a cobweb off his ear. It was pretty cramped for the two of us. As much as I liked Tyler, I wasn’t sure I could handle being in such close quarters with him for the next few hours.

“You know, I have a better spot.” I pushed him out of the console, and lead him up a few steps to the ornate grillwork that protected the pipes. There was a secret door that lead into the space behind the pipes, where we could hide. I found the latch, and pointed for Tyler to go in. As soon as he went inside, I slammed the door and latched it shut. I heard him yelp in surprise, and whimper as he realised he was locked in.

I chuckled. “Don’t cry, baby. I’ll be right there…” I walked around to the console again, and walked through the jungle of pipes, bellow machinery, and support brackets. I opened a panel in the ceiling, and climbed through the opening. Tyler watched as I replaced the panel in the floor.

“You jerk! Why didn’t we just come through that way? You didn’t have to…” His voice trailed off as I turned to show him the dust and grime on my shirt that wasn’t there before.

“That’s why. I would hate for your pretty face to get dirty.”

“Gross. Well thanks, man. You should take that off before the grime soaks through to your skin.” He pulled my shirt off, and tossed it into the corner. “Besides, you have a great chest. It’s a shame you keep it hidden all the time.”

I felt myself blush. “Shucks. I’m not that great.”

“Nonsense! Now I wanna see you flex…” He looked me up and down with a playful smirk and a wink. I just stood there, frozen, feeling a blush creep over my cheeks. “Come on, man! Don’t be shy, it’s just me!”

“Exactly. It is just you…” I muttered to myself.

Tyler ran his hands over my shoulders, giving my biceps and pecs each an encouraging squeeze. I indulged to his whims, and flexed. I even stretched, and did a few push-ups, as he whistled, ooh’d and aah’d flirtatiously. I picked his slender lithe body up over my head like he was nothing more than a pencil.

“Wow, man! You’re awesome! You don’t look that big, either!”

I laughed. Tyler was a real flirt. I’d had a crush on him for years. And he knew it.

After we compared our workout routines, we sat down opposite the row of huge pipes, and I explained why this hiding spot was the best ever. “You see,” I said, “the basement is not considered a likely place anyone would hide because it’s too creepy. The organ console is in the darkest, deepest part of the basement, so no one would really consider looking there. The pipe room, where we are, is normally accessed through the door, which locks on the outside. Since I locked it when I hid you, no one would believe anyone could hide in here. Combine all those factors together, and we have the ultimate hiding spot.” I decided to change the subject.

“So how are you and Katie doing?”

Tyler smiled bashfully. “Ah, Katie and I ended it three months ago when she moved. I believe her father was assigned somewhere in Indonesia, and we decided the long-distance thing wasn’t going to work for us. But we chat and Skype every now and then. She’s met some fellow military brat there. She’ll forget all about me by the end of the summer.”

“Well she’d have to be completely insane to forget about you…” I let my words trail off and disappear. It would be better that way. I did pat his shoulder for a moment, before turning away to sit in further silence.

Somewhere in the house, or outside, there was a loud crashing sound. In the quiet space under the pipes where Tyler and I waited, it was like a door had slammed next to our ears. Tyler jumped a foot in the air and let out a startled yelp.

“Shush!” I clamped my hand over his mouth, and held his slender body down under my weight. “You fool!” I whispered tersely. “First of all, they’ll hear you, second of all, these pipes are made of lead, and will fall over if you damage one. The whole row could buckle!” I suddenly realized that I was laying on top of Tyler, still holding his mouth shut, and that he was just laying under me. Submissively. Almost like he was enjoying it.

“Hmmmm?” He pressed his lips into my hand. “Mph mmrry. M mm-mph mmph miphth…”

I stroked his head. “Shhhh, It’s ok. You didn’t hurt the pipes. Just no more jumping. And no more talking.” I felt him relax slightly into me.

Hmmmm… I had a super hot “straight” guy letting me hold him down and pet him in a dark, quiet, secret room where no one was going to find us.

As I dared consider what else I could do to take maximum advantage of this opportunity, I found my body decided to act on its own; the more I thought, the more I was gently grinding my hips against Tyler’s ass. And what’s more, he wasn’t complaining, not resisting, nothing. No, not nothing. He was grinding back too!

I let this go on for a good while, enjoying the reality of humping a hot butt. Tyler managed to turn onto his back, and bucked his hips up. I sat back and watched as he stripped out of his clothes. His hard cock leaked pre, and he was so horny his balls were drawn up. He seductively crawled over to me on all fours, looking up at me playfully, and licked my chest. I could take a hint.

“Who’s a good dog? Does the good dog want a treat? Huh?” I ruffled his hair, and patted his back. He ‘woofed’ in response, and his tongue lolling out. Stupid horny straight boy.

“Ok, boy. Sit!” My new pet sat immediately, with a knowing smile and a wink.

“Good dog. Stay.” I went over to the pile of clothes he’d left in the corner, and brought them over to where he waited. I twisted his shirt up into a rope, and tied his wrists behind his back. I watched his hot cock jump and throb as I bound his arms. I twisted his pants up too, and used them to bind Tyler’s legs.

“Such a good boy deserves a treat, don’t you think?” I asked teasingly. He nodded back eagerly, his eyes needy with lust. “Good boy. I think so too.” I sat behind Tyler, holding him back against me with one arm, and teased his cock with my free hand. He bucked into me a little, clearly wanting faster strokes. But I held him tightly enough that he quickly realized he couldn’t speed anything up. I hissed into his ear: “What’s the rush? We both know no one’s going to find us here, we could be here all night…”

“Wait, you’re not going to tease me all night! You wouldn’t be that cruel!” Tyler whined. I clamped his mouth shut again.

“Naughty! I said no more talking. I don’t want to muzzle you, but I will if you’re a bad dog.”

“Mmmmff…” He growled quietly in frustration. We settled into a relentless rhythm: I’d stroke him until he squirmed and whimpered and was right at the edge, and then slow down almost to a stop until he calmed down, then stroke him up again. My hand never stopped, which seemed to drive him crazy. Whenever his moans and whimpers got a little loud, I’d grab his mouth. He tried very much to grope and tease my bulge, but he couldn’t quite reach it.

As we entered our third hour of edging, Tyler was a horny, desperate wreck, begging to cum. “P-please, let me…?” He had tears in his beautiful eyes, and his body was soaked with sweat and pre. I held his head to my chest, and petted his head tenderly.

“Shhh, hush now. Not yet, stud…” I comforted him as I backed him down from the edge for the hundredth time. “Not yet.”

He whimpered, sobbing desperately, but too exhausted to fight. For once, I stopped stroking his tortured cock. I petted his chest, fondled his balls, and kissed his cheek. I waited for him to calm down, before starting up again. I spit into my hand, and began to work him back toward orgasm. He looked up at me, pleadingly, desperately, silently begging with his deep caramel eyes, for me to get him off this time.

“Shhhhh…” I preemptively warned him as his breathing got heavier, and he looked at me with his biggest, saddest puppy eyes. He bit his lip, fighting back his urge to beg. He squeezed his eyes shut, and almost let out a whimper. I could feel he was getting close again. His cock was drooling pre, and I watched a tear form at the corner of his eye. I kissed his forehead.

“Not a sound, boy…” I warned. His eyes snapped back to mine, and a hopeful smile shadowed the corners of his mouth. I nodded to him, with a wink. Tyler seemed to melt into my arms. I pumped at his manhood a little faster. His breath caught, I felt his back arch, and he bucked frantically into my grip. I held his mouth tightly, and whispered in his ear: “Go ahead. You deserve a treat for being such a good boy.” He held his breath.

The tip of Tyler’s cock seemed to explode. A torrent of cum splashed across the floor, and spurted into the air. He shot an incredible amount of cream, soaking his legs, and abs. I kept milking him until his firehose dribbled dry, and he was left panting.

I kissed the back of his neck, and stood up. “Wow, what a load. Such a good boy!” He was too exhausted to reply. He just sat catching his breath, sitting in a puddle of his own cum.

I picked up his underwear, and wiped the mess off his legs, crotch, and belly. Then mopped up the cum on the floor.

“Man… “ Tyler finally regained his composure. “That was awesome. Whew! I have never cum like that. Damn!”

“I know,” I said with a sly smile. “You’re welcome. Don’t thank me yet though…”

I took his cum-soaked underwear in my hand. When Tyler opened his cute mouth to say anything else, I stuffed the dripping cloth into it. He fought, trying to spit it out, his cries of disgust and protest muffled thoroughly. I took his socks, and used them to secure the cum rag tightly in his mouth.

“I told you not to talk, or I would gag you.” I reminded him. “Also, this isn’t over yet. My record hiding spot time was seven hours and thirty-five minutes. We’ve only been hiding here for four. I won’t let you break my record, but I’ll let you share my next best time.” As I spoke, I turned Tyler onto his stomach, and used his belt to draw him into a tight hogtie. I then took my own belt, and leashed him to bracket on the floor.

“So, you’re to stay right here while I go get some food. When I get back, we’ll have some more fun.” I winked at him, and started to open the floor hatch. Tyler struggled in his restraints, and yelled through his gag, glaring at me with a mix of fear, lust, and anger.


I chuckled, and patted his head. “I don’t know yet. I’m thinking maybe eight hours?” I blew him a kiss, stepped back into the tunnel, closing the hatch behind me.


To be continued…

Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 for this story!

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