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19 Days in a Padded Cell: The Warden’s Perspective

Padded Cell Inmate


By The Warden

It is with some trepidation that I write this account as it’s one that is not an easy task to do, but I will, as ordered from The Governor, try to do my best to describe how I dealt with the Inmate during his incarceration within the Institution.

I have known the Inmate for a fair number of years and as such this sort of thing could only in all honesty happen between two people who knew one another VERY well. I would have to say that for a complete stranger to endure what he did would NEVER in my humble opinion be at all possible.

I did at times think it was I who was actually the incarcerated one, as it was I who was without doubt doing far more running around and attending to him as well as running my “normal” life and as such found that MY TIME during his incarceration FLEW by in comparison to his that dragged on so painfully long.

I took ALL responsibility for him to a degree that only a small minority will probably appreciate, and as such I am not going to give a blow by blow account but to make it quite clear that without me he would have perished in the weeks that he endured and without me he would never have been seen again.

Now for those of you who are reading thus far and are saying “yeah, right!”, believe me or not it’s THAT sort of responsibility that I had to try and sleep with for the duration of his incarceration when I went to bed EVERY night. Just think about that for a while and try to imagine just WHY you would go through that.

You will come up with many conclusions if you think hard enough, but it will be MY one that is important to me, and in all truth I am the only one that that question really matters to, or at least the answer to it.

I am not sure if I would do it again for that length of time within the parameters that we had as the drain on myself has been VERY tiring and I do feel as though I need to recuperate myself both in mind and soul. I tried hard to be fair in the way that I dealt with the Inmate and also not to be a cruel Warden to him, but also to be someone that on the odd occasion tried his best to feel for him and to make sure of his mental situation too.

I was NOT going to be held responsible for him losing the plot completely, and as such I had to work hard to just occasionally engage in light chit chat talks with him, sometimes leaving him half way through a sentence just to frustrate him but putting my mind at rest that he was still in some sort of sane mindset.

I had many sleep interrupted nights where I would lay awake just watching him and trying to put myself in his place. Yes that’s some thing that runs in your mind as to what should I do next if I were in that situation and then try to pre-empt it by feeding him as he/I would be feeling somewhat hungry, or by getting him out for a pee break.

This I feel was one of the frustrating times for him as I had to use the compliance hood on him and his ankles would be close shackled and his wrists would be shackled behind his back. Humane Restraints locked on items that are good restraints as used in asylums gone by. He would be backed out of the cell uneasy underfoot as the padded floor is not an easy thing to walk on and I would hold his shackled together wrists in one hand and the end of the breathing tube of the compliance hood in the other.

There was NEVER any chance of him running off, but I had to reinforce the position that he was in. It was only a matter of very small steps, owing to the shackled ankles, that took some 30 seconds to get to the toilet, and to then have him sit down and for me to hold the tube of the compliance hood, forever knowing I could cut of his air with such great ease in a second and he would be gasping for life.

It was the threat of it that concerned him and not the event as that never happened as the point had been made that he was to COMPLY and that he had NO choice but to do so.

Then he would be led backwards again to the entrance of the cell. Encouraged forward to walk to the end of the cell where he would go down on his knees and I would unlock the wrist shackling still leaving the restraints on and then remove the hood as I walked back from the Inmate to once again close the WALL in on him. This was the way it happened the first time the last time and all in between with never a word spoken by me.

On many occasions the Inmate would try to communicate as he must have wanted some point of contact so badly, but a small amount of closing the breathing tube would remind him of his predicament and once again he would COMPLY.

I used the word wall before as opposed to door as it was a WALL to the Inmate (so he told me) as he never thought of it as a door and to me that’s a good sign as that too re iterates the fact that he knew that any form of release was only going to happen by one thing, and that one thing was the only thing that kept him in a position of fear, trust, helplessness, boredom, frustration, content and release.

Yes I have often tried to explain to those who have never experienced real bondage that sometimes to get proper meaningful release of our responsibility we have to be BOUND or confined in a VERY extreme way and this was extreme to an extent that neither of us had gone to before.

I know that I have benefited from this experience in many ways and hope that others following the Inmate’s progress will do likewise. It’s not a following of sexual desire or pornography but a following of a fantasy that some can associate with better than others, and a strength that always existed between myself and the Inmate that has just increased tenfold.

It’s now a matter of a few days since the Inmate was released and is now far away in another country and I have missed the responsibility. I feel he may do likewise in the course of the next few days.

I know he said to me he never wanted to do that again but I know in my mind that he will. He will relive an awful lot of his time in the padded cell in the course of the next few weeks and some times wake up thinking where have the padded walls gone.

I miss him too as now my life returns to that as it was before and the daily life things seem to be so easy to handle.

Whereas before they were a chore, now it seems I have time on my hands and time to do the household running like walking the dog, the odd DIY jobs that never seem to get done. The leaking tap, the punctures to repair, etc. Such mundane jobs in the past now help me fill my days.

However it’s my mind that still needs those goals to know that I can do things like this for people and it’s important to me, and I know I do it well even though I say so myself .

How long will it be before I find another Inmate? I really don’t know but I can say there WILL be more to come and I will again take the situation on with the same professionalism that I always do. I will ONLY give it my best and until that is not good enough I shall continue to do what I do best.



Metalbond would like to thank The Warden for this account. Stay tuned for another update next Tuesday.


Paul writes:

Hi Warden,

I have to admit, initially, while interested in reading your coming report, I was not too focused on it, I wanted to read the Inmate’s report more. And I did, when it was released, and found it a very interesting report at that.

Now, having read your report, I have to say it has taken me by surprise in that I actually found it as interesting as the Inmate’s report.

I don’t have any questions as such for you, but I do want to comment on one part of your report.

“…make it quite clear that without me he would have perished in the weeks that he endured and without me he would never have been seen again.”

When I read this, I was very taken back by the severity of it. Actually, I had to read it twice because I thought I had read it wrong the first time around. I read the rest of your report with that statement focused in my mind but was disappointed that you did not expand on it. It’s such a shocking and strong statement to make, I thought you were going to reference a situation that had gone bad and only for you being there, the Inmate was a goner. But you didn’t make such a reference.

When I got to the end of your report, I went back up and read that statement again, trying to put it into context and my thoughts are mixed on it. I have drawn two conclusions to you making this statement, which I would like to put forward, one of which is extreme and the other a bit more caring.

I’ll address the extreme point first …

“…make it quite clear that with out me he would have perished in the weeks that he endured and with out me he would never have been seen again.”

The extreme reference I’m drawing from this is what if this incarceration was real. What if, God forbid, the Inmate had been taken by force, stripped, put into a straight jacket and locked into the padded cell. You’re not there, the thugs who took him are and they don’t really care about his well-being. Fear would have been added to the situation for the Inmate because at least he knows you, but if he was taken by force by thugs and trust into such a situation, fear would have been high. Potentially even high enough to cause an incident? A heart attack? The thugs come back a few days later and find him dead!! He’s never seen again.

As I said, that’s the extreme line of thought your statement provoked. Let me now address the caring line of thought …

“…make it quite clear that with out me he would have perished in the weeks that he endured and with out me he would never have been seen again.”

This statement is very strong and abrupt and as I read your report looking for the justification for it, something did cross my mind … Caring but not aimed at the Inmate, but at you. It’s very clear from the report that as extreme as this incarceration was for the Inmate, it took a serious toll on you too. I have to admit, the three weeks I followed this lockup, I did not consider your side. I do now.

Reading your report, that statement above and other statements you made such as waking up and checking on him to make sure he was ok, it is clear that this was stressful for you. The Inmate’s well-being was totally your responsibility and you were left wondering was he ok, what if something happens to him?

From your report I get the feeling that you were alone, that this was a situation between you and the Inmate. If that is the case, I do wonder about the inmate’s safety when you had to go out. And I wonder about you too. What was going through your mind. Even to have to pop down to the shops for groceries and the likes, it must have taken its toll.

I read the Inmate’s report with great interest, thanked him for it and moved on. I have now read your report and I want to thank you for it too, but I want to also offer a word of support to you, I hope you are ok, I hope you are fine, I hope you are well. Do indeed take some take to recover, to find your feet again. And if you do take in a new Inmate in the future, perhaps it’s a task you could share with a friend to help ease the stress on you.

Thank to you both for a very interesting scene, I wish you both all the best for the future.


Sick Puppy

Thank you for the report, Warden. I have found the whole thing fascinating, on so many levels.

I can only imagine the burden you were carrying. Was there a back up if, for example, you’d been hit by a car or dropped dead of a heart attack? Was the Governor prepared for that?

You had another human being totally dependent on you, and it seems to me you did a great job with that responsibility. I think you should be proud of what you did for him, and he is lucky to know you.

And on a personal level I totally get that this sort of bondage is not about sex, it’s about something else much deeper.




Your report is excellent – many thanks – the passion, concern, focus and devotion to the inmate and to the process was inspiring. The journey You facilitated for the inmate was a once in a life time trip (and am very jealous). Hope You have further success with Your next inmate.

slave tom


The Warden replies

Thanks guys for your great comments. I am well, and I am back to normal as much as one can call life normal in this day and age.

This sort of scene can be made available for lots of people, but it has to be on the understanding that myself and the inmate had to get to that level of trust, etc., will take some while for me to be comfortable that you would be able to endure that for which you wish and for me to make the considerable effort to make it happen. A week would be the shortest incarceration that I would be interested in doing, but as I say it has to be with the right people.

I am happy that so many guys have seen this set of images and scene for what it was — a REAL insight into Padded Cell Bondage that was as intense for the Inmate as it was for the Warden.



The longest I have ever done an imprisonment scene for is 8 days, and yes it is a lot of work, even if the cell is fitted with a toilet so that the guard does not have to deal with pee breaks.

As a matter of safety, we always have two guards, so if something should happen to one of them, the other is still around to release the prisoner. In a cell confinement scene the extra guards do not have to be close at hand, but in daily communication with the on site guard, to make sure that everything is all right



Dear Warden,

That was intense and amazing and I hope you’re okay after the experience. After reading your story, I know it was just as intense and difficult for you as it was for the Inmate.

I was hoping you would answer some of the questions I asked the Inmate, if it’s possible, please?

I have several questions for you and the Warden that I hope you will answer:

(1) Did you ever indicate to the Inmate that the situation was becoming unbearable for you also? How?

(2) When did you decide to intervene to ease the Inmate’s discomfort (whether mental or physical or emotional)? For the times that you decided to ignore the Inmate’s discomfort or protests, what informed your decision to ignore him? (Were you keeping to a schedule, were you responding to external factors, were you trying to push your limits or his, were you just as weary of being captive of your responsibilities and was rebelling through inaction, were you punishing the Inmate for being pushy, etc?)

(3) When was the Inmate most difficult for you? Was he ever punished? How?

(4) What was the hardest part of the experience for you? Were there times when you were tempted to go beyond or disagree with the instructions?

(5) Was the Inmate informed of the reaction from the public who were keeping up with his experiences? How did it feel knowing that strangers were watching him and expecting certain things from the experience, that it wasn’t as private an experience as it would seem?

(6) Is there any part of the experience that you would want to change? What would that be?

(7) How did you deal with the tedium and the pressure of the job of looking after the Prisoner? Did you get any breaks? Did you have anyone to talk about the experience while it was happening to help you process what you were feeling?

8 What were you most afraid of during the incarceration? Did any of your fears come to pass?

(9) Were there any attempts by the Prisoner to bargain for a better situation for himself? What did the Prisoner ask for? What did he have to bargain with? What worked, what didn’t?

(10) How did you manage to set aside or juggle real life for three weeks to do this massive commitment?

(11) Now that the experience is over, how has it changed you?

(12) Will there be any videos? Will we get to see these videos please?

Thank you. It has been most valuable to me, having been able to learn from your experience.


The Warden replies

Q(1) Did you ever indicate to the Inmate that the situation was becoming unbearable for you also? How?

A1, No it was never necessary to do so I was not at anytime aware that the situation was becoming unbearable but tiring would be maybe a better description. If it EVER got that far I would have underachieved and that is not some thing I opt in for so I would have probably stopped the scene before it got to the UNBEARABLE stage.

Q(2) When did you decide to intervene to ease the Inmate’s discomfort (whether mental or physical or emotional)?

A2, I would only intervene at MY digression the inmate had NO way of knowing when he would be attended to in any way, YES he did have a clock as you see in the cell but this was a clock that was under MY control and as such he soon became aware that he could not really on its time keeping as it ran fast slow or not at all at its own will. You also have to be aware that at all times he was being monitored and a fairly high tech way. I had THREE cameras’ in the cell and they would keep me informed in different ways and at different times but I always had constant view of the inmate via internet access while out of the building via an I phone connection, it was 24 hour surveillance as high as I could get. Body Language as much as he had probably influenced me more than anything as to when I would or would not increase or decrease his limits.

I am not being purposely vague here but you have to remember that some day some one reading this may wish to endure the cell and as such if I divulge to much information regarding my decisions then I will have indeed given away to much to them for there fulfillment of the experience.

Punishment was never really needed to be honest and I did have a whole load of equipment that could have been used on him but that would have detracted from the padded cell experience.

Q(3) When was the Inmate most difficult for you? Was he ever punished? How?

A3, He was never difficult for me in any way he was persistent and reluctant in and around the 2nd week but he soon realized that any form of resistance was futile and he quickly and easily folded any attempt to be resistant. Punished? I think he had different situations to deal with and I think if he was punished in any way it was more mental punishment as opposed to Physical. The nearest he got to punishment was when the Cell was emptied of everything and he found that very hard to deal with but that was also right at the end when I knew it would be hard to accept NOTHING.

Q(4) What was the hardest part of the experience for you? Were there times when you were tempted to go beyond or disagree with the instructions?

A4, I can only assume this was meant for the inmate, as I have to confess that the Warden and the Governor are in fact one, it was done this way for the benefit of those that were following the incarceration under an asylum feeling that followed on from my very old web site the Maximum Security Institution. The governor on that site was indeed myself and for a time a couple of very close friends ran it under my wording as Wardens as it started to get to big for me and I needed some one to help me run the site, The Last Warden was a VERY dear friend and he ended up as the last Warden as after his early death (another solo bondage related ) I closed the M.S.I Down as I found it to hard to continue without him in this world.

So to answer in an honest fashion, NO there were no instructions and there were no agreements between the Governor and myself.

Q(5) Was the Inmate informed of the reaction from the public who were keeping up with his experiences?

A5, He never knew at any point that it WAS going to happen although he has experienced it were his situation has been shown on other sites so it may or may not have gone through his mind that his situation may have been shared with other parties.

There were a few people who had special access to one of the cameras, and as such could see a 24/7 view of what he was going through in real time.

It was private for both of us and if we can share it in a way that does not distract from its privacy between us then THAT is what I hoped to have achieved.

Q(6) Is there any part of the experience that you would want to change? What would that be?

A6, To possibly have had the toilet facilities in the same room or a small attached room with an electronic door with just a toilet pan with a tap above in stainless steel and a shower head above with a drain in the middle of the floor so that the Inmate could maintain certain hygiene himself when capable of doing so. The other thing would be have had this Cell as a permanent feature in amongst say 5 others in a wing of my very own padded cells where I could maintain 6 inmates at any one time this has been and always will be one of my all time whishes in life as I just know there are many “inmates” out there who would feel very rewarded after such an experience and refreshed re charged whatever you may want to call it but to have ALL responsibility taken away from you were you only have your self to blame for the situation that you are in is something that a lot of people would be better of for experiencing it. If I could do that for other people in some small way then I would feel as though my existence has been fulfilled in life.

I set up my first web site (being self taught in HTML) to help people who wanted the last buckle to be done up or the last strap to be done up as they may not have had any one else to do it and in that sense I wished to be the facilitator of that but the site turned out in my opinion to almost be a leader for what we call social network sites today as it was some where for like minded to people to meet and hook up to help one another not all the time in a sexual connotation but a bondage one where you could have some one you trusted ( through time) to do those things for you that you wanted to do for them.

So as such a time share for Bondage enthusiasts who have the money to invest in there well being with some one whom they can trust is the original thought or a place that these things can be done in a reality with out the risk of brutality, I am sure there are hundreds of guys out there who have the inclination the money and the desire to make this Home of bondage or as I like to refer to it an Institution but its just a matter of some one some where starting the ball rolling and then getting the Investors/Inmates for the Institution.

Q(7) How did you deal with the tedium and the pressure of the job of looking after the Prisoner?

A8, I found no real tedium or real pressure other than what was self inflicted and once you come to those terms with your self they no longer become anything to worry about. Breaks? Not sure. I shared it with this blog and I have to say some of the comments that were falsely saying was it real did hurt but then not all people are what they seam on the web these days, how ever I am one who says what he will do and with a certain amount of professionalism I hope that can be seen and demonstrated form the uploads to the site and the way in which questions like yours have been dealt with. Education is a good thing, and if any one can learn from some one else’s experience along these lines then that’s a good thing too.

In the evening I had my partner to talk to, and he would ask how the inmate was etc etc and as such that helped tremendously and with out his support at the beginning then this scene would never have taken place as I respect him and our relationship to much.

I have no now been separated from my wife for around 10 years or so and have as I like to think experienced both sides of the fence and as such can confidently say where I stand on MY sexuality as I have tried both sides and am more than proud to say I am Gay and have to also add that I am lucky that my family have been closer to me and I to them since I came out to them at a later age (39) which I think is not an easy thing to do but one that has to be done for ones own way in life. My partner means the world to me, the inmate is well aware of that fact and that if at any time my partner had wanted to call it off then I expect HE was the only person that both the inmate and warden would have respected owing to that relationship.

Q8 What were you most afraid of during the incarceration? Did any of your fears come to pass?

A8, I had no fears and went in to the time span knowing full well what I was committing to as did the Inmate.

(9) Were there any attempts by the Prisoner to bargain for a better situation for himself? What did the Prisoner ask for? What did he have to bargain with? What worked, what didn’t?

A9, The only time the Inmate was allowed to bargain for anything he was always going to be in a losing position so as such there was never really any bargaining. I think the only thing he ever asked for was to be let out of various situations to which the reply was always that’s for me to decide and he soon found out that pleading or asking nicely made NO difference to the answer. I tried not to have too much conversation with him but did on a few occasions’ start a conversation that would go very well about some thing totally unrelated to his situation ONLY to leave the conversation half way through unfinished! This is how he learned to deal with frustration in many ways and that even Talking was a privilege that he no longer really had.

Q(10) How did you manage to set aside or juggle real life for three weeks to do this massive commitment?

A10, With ease I have to say as it had been pre planned and I knew what I was going into in fact it was going to be a full four weeks but owing to circumstances out of my control the inmate went into his incarceration a little late. I had full control over the inmate’s emails if there were going to be any that needed to be dealt with! I would not answer them my self but keep a track on any that looked as though they may have needed the inmate’s attention. This was avoided and as such worked very well as of course the inmate had to prime some people that he was going to be incommunicado for some time so there were not that many issues to deal with.

I am in a fortunate position that I have much time to be able to do this sort of thing and as I have said previously I would love to be able to set up my own institution for others but need the catalyst and money and commitment from others to be able to put it together as a major project in the real world. I know there are many places in Europe that are set up for Fem Dom and CP aficionados’ but would really like to be the Governor of our own community Institution set in the countryside of rural England where it can happen for real and in a place that is both trustworthy clean hygienic and responsible with a professionalism that is second to none. I just NO I am the one to do it in every respect.

Q(11) Now that the experience is over, how has it changed you?

A11, Not a lot I am still a confident person I am no more than ever committed to trying to make a place for people like the inmate a reality and as such to share my experiences with others to be able to help them in any way I can. Changed me? NO. Enlightened me? YES. Encouraged me? YES. Been good for me? YES. So I think in general that’s a No with a BIG yes if you follow me.

Q(12) Will there be any videos? Will we get to see these videos please?

A12, Yes there are videos or at least footage from some of the cameras and some video was taken. I think in the future these may be available but it will be on another site, as this one has no facility as such to stream. I did speak to the owner of this site at the beginning about being able to do such a thing but it was found not to be an easy thing to do but when the videos are available rest assured that the owner of this site will be informed and you will be able to see a few clips’ of the inmate.

[Note from Metalbond: For the video, see SeriousMaleBondage.com.]

This is for Trick specifically as he has asked the above questions but I do hope others get some knowledge out of these answers’ at the same time.

Trick, ask the owner of this site for my email if you want to get in touch.

The Governor/Warden.



Thank you very much for sharing your perspective and your experience. I’m glad you had a support system in place. I’m also glad we were able to share in this honest and realistic portrayal of bondage and incarceration. While there is a lot of material about bondage out there, a lot of them are unrealistic and doesn’t help inform people about the real consequences and benefits of such an experience. Reading this has certainly deepened my appreciation and enriched my awareness of bondage and power relations. Thank you to you and the Inmate for sharing.


The Warden

You’re welcome, and I would be interested to receive an email from you



This is something I have been wanting to experience


Life in the padded cell is so eventful

MetalbondNYCPadded_Cell_Bondage_01 Padded_Cell_Bondage_02 Padded_Cell_Bondage_03 Padded_Cell_Bondage_04

The pictures above of the Padded Cell Inmate are courtesy of The Warden. Here is what The Warden has to say about this batch:

VERY vulnerable and the blue ring in the last shot is a battery vibrator cock and ball ring that lasted 5 hours on him. He was — errr — rather spent by the time the batteries ran out in the middle of the night!


Bandanajack writes:

that hood looks absolutely amazing. i am trying to imagine it on.



what is the blue harness?



fantastic … i believe that he can’t sleep all that night … lucky …



His day




Have loved keeping up with this. I really wish I had the opportunity to trade places with him!



wow … really hot … it must be very tired this position but also it must be really hot … lucky boi …


The Warden

Do be careful for that, that you wish for!

So pleased you have enjoyed following the inmate during his incarceration.

I feel the Governor has also enjoyed the experience and as such may well instruct me to upload further inmates predicaments during there stay here at his Institution.

I expect it will be dependent on comments just like yours and if there is a wish for it to continue.



Sure … u have to continue upload pics … i’m waiting them every day.



The term governor and warden reminds me of the old web page about the Institution – loved the pictures on that site – any relationship?

Keep the pictures coming they are awesome – might consider changing places sometime with the victim.


The Warden

As I have written to some one else on the matter your comment of any relationship is quite correct.

Hood with a view

Padded Cell Inmate Metalbond 01Padded Cell Inmate Metalbond 02Padded Cell Inmate Metalbond 03

The Warden explains the pictures shown above:

He has on a boxer’s head guard that has been fitted with TV glasses that show the same as if you’re watching a 50-inch TV screen, then they are in turn hooked up to an iPod so he has NO wires attached to him and then he was shown a 3-hour-long film of a LONG walk through open trees and blue skies with a dog running around as free as a bird.

Of course with the straitjacket on and arms crossed and with having nothing else to do, he was forced to watch it.

This hood device has been used a few times in the past few days, and he has been shown back his OWN situation through the glasses.

The three-hour walk had sections in it that clipped back to him in the Cell and saying NO.


That’s very evil of you, Warden!  Please keep the pictures and the hot scenarios coming!



Paul writes:

Now that’s cruel!


Rubbearman writes:

Oh the possibilities of which HOT movies to show: Niagara Falls, grass growing, mud pit swims, muscle worship, Fantasia …. GRRRR!


Sick Puppy

That is cruel and unusual punishment – it makes me hard just thinking about it.



There’s quite a selection of good movies the inmate could be forced to watch.

I think he should get movies of people having sex, since he’s all alone in his cell.



That is a very, very devious and evil device … I like it, something to keep in mind for future inmates for sure, I specially like the idea of showing him his own situation. Is it just video or he has audio too?


The Warden

At present he can only see himself in real time, but it could be made to do audio too but so much better to keep him deaf n quite.

Yes it has LOTS of possibilities including hypnosis, which I know the Governor is VERY intrigued by.

How he spent the night

Hey guys … for those who have been emailing asking about the Padded Cell inmate, yes he is still locked up! Here is the latest update from The Warden:

Here are some images of one of the rare occasions that the inmate is out of the jacket to give the arms some relief. His ankles are still very close shackled, though.

He was NOT a happy inmate and VERY tired in the morning. Not that he knew what time of day it was any way.

Padded Cell Inmate


Thanks Warden … Meanwhile for all the readers who are following this scene here on Metalbond … keep checking back for more updates from the Padded Cell!



I’m so glad to see an update!

I was thinking maybe the inmate had had a problem, like a health issue or something like that.

It’s good to know he’s doing well.



A full naked shot … Nice! He’s a fine looking furry bear, naked and bound …



Very cool!

Still would love a shot at being the next prisoner!

Thank you Sir for the update!


The Warden

The inmate is in fine condition for someone who is approaching three weeks in a padded cell.

I feel bad as I made the mistake of telling the Governor that the inmate said that the compliance hood was working well and that the inmate said it was very comfortable! He instantly said zip it on him out of the Strait Jacket Padded locking mitts and leave him till the following day. That’s just what happened and I don’t think the inmate was happy about it but that’s not MY doing, or is it? I do feel very bad as maybe I should not have mentioned it, but if the Governor found out that I did not communicate this I may have been taken off the padded cell wing?

This is probably also why there was a bit of a break in the images being forwarded as there is not much to see other than this. I suspect over the next few days and last week of the inmate’s incarceration things may be busy or not, depending upon what the Governor has in mind.


The Warden

ohrubberpup1, please I am NOT a Sir. I am a mere pawn under the control of the Governor of the Institution. Sir is a title of respect to those that have earned it, I believe. I am sure you will join the line of possible inmates to which no doubt there may be an opening soon. That, my ohrubberpup1, is for the Governor to decide.



My compliments to the Governor and his trusty staff.



Has he been disobedient yet? How is he punished?


Sick Puppy

Damn but that turns me on, love to be in that myself.



WOW 3 weeks, I really look forward to hear what the inmate has to say about his time in the padded cell. He is such a fine specimen, congrats to the Warden.

Question, where your institution is located?



It looks like he has a fresh diaper waiting for him…


The Warden

Yes time flies from OUR perspective, but the inmate thinks he has already done 4 weeks and is convinced The Governor is keeping him longer as punishment for times of disobedience.

This last week I have a feeling is going to be tough on him and he is going to be enduring LONG periods of NOTHING, which is hard to do when your mind is occupied by normal things.

The Governor spends most of his time in the United Kingdom but does travel quite often to specialist patients whom he knows personally. The Institution itself is located dark in the depths of English Countryside down a disused old cart path and is 12 miles from its nearest building.

I will probably get into trouble for allowing that snippet of information, but I would think it would do any harm.

Inmate gets arm splints

Here are the latest images from The Warden, along with an update on the inmate’s predicament from The Warden:

The Warden writes:

After days of arms being crossed, it was decided to let him straighten them, so arm splints that do not allow arms to bend are strapped on first, then back into the straitjacket.

Padded Cell inmate Metalbond 01MetalbondNYCThrough all of these changes, he is always hooded with the easy-to-control breathing hood as he is ALWAYS hobbled with the humane restraints to ensure compliance.

Finally, the breathing hood is replaced with an extra large purpose made locking canvas hood with just 4 breathing holes.

Sleep TIGHT.

Padded_Cell_Inmate_01 Padded_Cell_Inmate_02 Padded_Cell_Inmate_03 Padded_Cell_Inmate_04

dave writes:

Nice pics! Good to see an update. Did the inmate fight having to put the straightjacket back on after finally getting out of it for a few minutes after several days in it? It would be natural for the frustration to cause him to balk at going back in. Is he showing signs of frustration yet, or has he passed that stage into being compliant with the situation?



compliance, wow, that is such a hot word.

frustration, wow, that is such a hot word.

dang, i wanna be frustrated and compliant.



Warden you are just too considerate to the inmate by stretching his arms but for me he has too much hair. You gonna shave him?



Sir really nice and hot update Sir…

Sir i hope one day to have the same training as this lucky boi Sir



Lucky boy to have such a knowledgeable and attentive master.

What is he fed?



Hairy guys are hot, don’t shave him. I love the combination hood and straitjacket, very hot!!


The Warden

Ok let’s deal with the questions.

Did he fight going back in? Well yes he did somewhat but with the breathing hood on he was very easily overpowered as all you have to do is grab his dick and shut of his air BINGO one compliant inmate : – ) The inmate is always frustrated and as such he goes through that stage EVERY day I am sure.

Shaving has crossed my mind but if I do that then he will sort of realise how many days he has been in there by how much hair comes back and I don’t want that. So it stays for now but maybe on the last day of incarceration.

I am NOT the inmate’s MASTER, I am The Warden of the Institution and the Governor just allows ME certain times to be able to respond to your questions.

Food is on a need basis and as such the inmate eats lots of pasta dishes or mince beef and bowls of soup some times in the morning or evening. He is NOT starving but forever hungry.

Now I must return to my daily checks on the inmate as per the Governor’s directions.



The discussion of the Warden and a Governor is reminiscent of the titles used in the old Institute website. Is that a coincidence?


The Warden

How astute of you! The Governor was impressed with that comment, c6h5oh1.