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  1. Hey guys, I have been trying to get my hands on some Posey restraints but it appears that they are tough to get unless you are a licensed practioner, and the restraints can only be mailed to licensed facilities. Have purchased some stuff on EBay and am awaiting the arrival. Any ideas of other ways to get Posey restraints (especially #2211, locking cuffs). Also, where did you find that head harness? Have looked all over the place and cannot find it. Same with the mitts. If you can give me any suggestions or tips I would greatly greatly appreciate it !!!

  2. Hey guys, I have been trying to get my hands on Posey equipment but it appears that it cannot be sold to individuals. Getting seems practically impossible. I have purchased some on Ebay but have been waiting for it to be shipped for a long time. Any ideas? Specifically I want the synthetic leather cuffs locking (#2211). Plus some other fun things… Looks like you have to be a licensed institution to buy them !! Also, where did you find that head harness and mitts? Cannot find them anywhere !! Any tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !! CJ

  3. Theres some serious leather restraint gear there which would presumably be for institutional use as opposed to steel cuffs for law enforcement. But yeah-both suited to good bondage play!

  4. When I was with the serious bondage people visiting the Medical Toys facility in Eureka a couple of years ago, I noticed that they had humane restraint gear for sale. You might try their website.

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