ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 09

By Nitro

Jake turned the lights down a bit over his toy and sat back, enjoying watching the peaceful sleep he was enjoying.

It’s only been three short days, but it feels like he has had his new boy for much longer. While Ian slept, Jake started silently preparing some things for the evening ahead. He walked over to the short but long steel cage and opened the door and slid out the floor panel. The cage was long enough to hold a man lying flat, but short enough that it can’t sit up, being only about 18 inches tall. He laid out the leather sleep sack with built-in arm sleeves.

He walked over to Ian and while he was still asleep he started working his cock into a small cock cage with imbedded dull spikes inside the crown. As he was just about to click the lock shut he noticed his boy was slowly waking up.



“That will keep your wood under control for me, faggot.” He said as he rubbed the very sore balls.


He reached over and started up clipping the restraints, and helped his boy sit up on the table. Ian was moving awkwardly because of the thick posture collar, but he slowly sat up and put his full weight on the large plug up his hole.


“Oh you must have found the surprise in the cage already… good,” he sneered.

He reached up and slowly removed the posture collar and helped his boy stand up off of the table. “Stretch out boy, you’ve been in that spot for a while.

Ian slowly stretched his sore muscles and did several squats to ease his legs, but it only drove the plug in deeper.


Jake leaned against the table and enjoyed the show. His muscle pig was rotating his arms, arching his back, moving his entire body around to ease some of the lactic acid that had built up. He was enjoying the sweaty muscle beast in front of him easing his own pain. He stepped up behind Ian and held him tight, grinding against the large plug still in his hole and he felt his boy shiver in anticipation.

Jake slid a blindfold down over Ian’s eyes and then started pushing forward with his body weight and guided Ian toward the cage he hadn’t noticed yet. As he got close to the cage he stopped pushing forward and the boy immediately stopped in his tracks.

FUCK this boy is driving me WILD, he thought to himself.

He grabbed Ian’s shoulders and slowly turned the boy to face him.

“It’s time to get some sleep, boy. You need your rest,” Jake said compassionately.

The boy wrapped his arms around Jake and held on tight. Jake felt the steel cage press into the crotch of his leathers, and his own cock grew rigid down his thigh. FUCK he was ready for bed, but this was too good to pass up.

“STAY,” was the only word spoken, and Ian froze in place.

Jake walked over and slid his chair back with him until he was right in front of his boy.

“Keep your eyes closed tight until directed otherwise,” Jake said as he removed the blindfold and then sat down himself.

GRUNT – Ian said as he was struggling from the pain caused by the spikes, the stretchers, the plug, and his still sore tits.

Jake unzipped the fly of his leather jeans and worked his thick fat cock out, slowly stroking it and enjoying the look of his meat’s face as it struggled with the combination of pain from its different body parts.

“On your knees,” was the only command and Ian slowly kneeled.

Jake kept slowly stroking his cock and he reached forward and aimed his Meat’s head so that when given permission to open its eyes it would be staring straight at his cock.

“Open your eyes boy.” Ian opened his eyes and the sight of the leathered crotch came into focus and his own dick immediately throbbed full force into the dull spikes of the cage.


“See something you want boy?” Jake said with a sneer.


“Then get to work, and make it good!” Jake said as he relaxed back into his chair.

Ian didn’t miss a beat he leaned forward and swallowed the cock down to the base, burying his nose into SIRs deliciously sweaty pubes.  He started working this cock like it was the first meal he has had in his entire life.  Taking the length to the base, then slowly withdrawing with only the head left in.   As if by instinct Ian locked his hands behind his back in submission and focused on the cock like it was his source of life.

“FUCK boy! Someone’s happy as a pig in shit” Jake said as his eyes rolled back in his own head.

GRUMMPPHHHNNTTTTT (Ian learned its hard to grunt with a mouthful of hard cock.

Jake enjoyed the hard work his boy was putting in to make him feel like the king of the world. He wanted to let this one last, but this boy was determined he had one goal in mind, his SIR’s pleasure. He wanted to see just how far his boy would push himself without his guiding him to do so, and fuck did he ever do a good job.

Ian was clenching his hole around the fat plug in his ass each time that he got to the base of SIR’s cock, causing an animalistic groan deep in his chest. He was focused on only one thing, making sure his SIR felt GOOD. He didn’t care about his own pleasure right now, he was focused on submitting to SIR completely. His hole hurt, his balls hurt, his cock HURT, his nipples were still so tender, but he was in heaven.

Ian kept going and was relishing in hearing SIR start to breathe heavier. He knew if he kept going that it was only a matter of time, and he started sucking even more diligently. He would get to the base of the cock and hold it here enjoying the throbbing deep in the back of his throat then after a few seconds would continue his methodical and dedicating sucking determined to give SIR something to remember.

Jake’s breathing continued to speed up and Ian knew that he was about to get his reward so he started fucking SIRs cock with his throat. He went down to the base one last time and felt SIRs cock swell even larger as he started to unload.

“FUUCCCKKKKKKKK,” Jake screamed as he unloaded like it was his first load in a year. “Good boy! Fuck someone was hungry!” He said with a grin as he gripped the arms of his leather chair.

Ian slowed down his efforts determined to milk the entire load out of his SIR to show his appreciation.

Jake reached down and tilted his boy’s head up to meet his gaze, and they both looked at each other with such contentment and pure bliss. He was so impressed by how hard his boy had worked. After a few moments he pressed his boy’s head down into his own lap and just enjoyed the connection and the energy that was pouring off of his boy.

“Stand up, boy,” Jake said as his boy slowly stood up with his arms till held behind his back. Jake got to work and removed the 2-inch steel ball stretcher and replaced it with a 1-inch one. He wanted to give the boy’s nuts a slight break, but also make sure that they were still on his mind. He walked behind the boy and put his hands on the base of the large butt plug.

“Take a deep breath, boy,” he said as he slowly started to pull.


Ian’s world was on fire as the monster started stretching his hole open again. Little by little the beast of a plug slowly exited his hole and then finally a POP as it came out completely.


Ian struggled not to fall back into his SIR.

Jake helped Ian lay back on the open leather sleepsack, guiding his arms into the sleeves as he did so. Before starting to zip the muscle pig in he grabbed a special condom catheter and worked it over the metal cock cage, this was designed to hold in place behind the end of the cage without the regular adhesive that a condom catheter has as to not mess up the cage. Once in place he slowly zipped up the sleepsack, fully encasing his boy’s body. With four straps he sleepsack was then secured to the floor plate of the cage so there wouldn’t be much wiggle room. The straps weren’t too tight, as he wanted to make sure there were no circulation issues during the night. He replaced the blindfold over the boy’s eyes and then one final strap over the forehead made sure there was no movement of his head. He pulled the blindfold up over the forehead for the final part so that his boy got a full view of the scenario. Slowly sliding the floor panel back into the cage, he slammed the door shut and, staring into his boy’s eyes, he loudly closed the large padlock, sealing up the cage. He saw the flash of lust in his boy’s eyes as the reality of his helplessness sunk in.



“You’re welcome, my boy. Time for you to get some sleep. If you need to take a piss, just do it. When you get thirsty during the night just suck on this tube,” he said as he placed a tube in the edge of the boy’s mouth. This tube was connected to a large reservoir bottle of electrolyte fluid to keep his boy hydrated and also help with muscle cramps. The tube had a one way flow valve that wouldn’t flow on its own, but when sucked on it would provide much needed hydration. He didn’t want him drowning, after all. He reached down and slid the blindfold back over the boy’s eyes, and before hardly a moment passed he heard the boy’s breathing become nice long relaxed breaths. This fucker is already asleep!

As Jake stood up and walked out of the playroom, he turned lights off as he went through the room. He made his way up to his bedroom and slowly got undressed out of his very warm leathers and boots.

Jake propped the iPad up on the nightstand, showing the night vision security cam live feed to downstairs. With the volume at maximum and watched the slow movement of the sleepsack indicating his boy was breathing peacefully as he dreamed. As he lay back in his comfortable bed, he too slipped into peaceful sleep.


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