ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 10

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Nitro AtlantaBy Nitro

Jake woke up in the middle of the night and had a raging hardon. He looked over to the side of the bed and saw the most beautiful image ever — his property was safely stored away in his sleepsack and snoring peacefully. Looking at the clock it was about 4AM and he knew he was going to get a few more hours. Not wanting to go all the way downstairs to piss, he grabbed the jug he had stashed beside the bed and pissed into it. What Ian didn’t know yet was that Jake wasn’t planning on wasting any piss this weekend. His boy was going to learn his role properly, the hard way. Jake laid back in bed and started sniffing his own musky pits while he was stroking his hardon. Fuck, his own smell was like poppers for him and it just made his dick harder. Reaching into the top drawer of his night stand he grabbed a pair of heavy tit clamps and laid them on his chest while he kept sniffing his pits and stroking his dick.

Yeah this NEEDED to be taken care of for him to get back to sleep. He was tugging at his meaty nipples and when they were painfully perky he attached the strong clamps and took a deep inhale of breath. Jake started playing back the images in his brain of his boy downstairs sweating on the table earlier and a bead of precum leaked from his cock.

“Fuck that faggot worked hard for me today,” he said to himself as he kept pawing at his meaty dick and growling deep in his chest. Before long he was breathing very heavy and knew he wasn’t going to last long, even after the heavy load he had shot just a few hours earlier. He looked at the iPad on the bed and watched the rhythmic breathing. His property has fallen right into his place, and it couldn’t make him happier or more proud. Seeing his boy, the smell of his pits, the pain in his nipples, it all pushed him overboard and he grabbed his sweaty gym jock just in time as he blew a HUGE load of cum. “FUCCCKKKK” he grunted as he shot into the pouch of the jock that his boy would be gagged with in the morning.

Jake sighed deeply and rolled over in his cozy warm bed and quickly drifted off to sleep, watching the iPad video feed as his eyes got heavy.

When Jake next stretched and opened his eyes he looked at he clock and it was 10AM he had slept later than he had planned on and fuck it felt damn good. He wondered how his boy had slept that night sealed up in his tight leather prison.

Jake picked up the iPad and watched the video feed as he walked to the kitchen to start the coffee maker. With the volume up to the max he could hear his boy moaning under the hood so his morning wood quickly got even harder. There were no signs of distress, so he took his time making his coffee and reached down to grip his rock hard cock.

With his coffee in hand he walked down to the playroom and unlocked the door. The grunts got louder as the meat heard him entering the room.



Without saying a word Jake reached into the cage and pulled out the tube connected to the nearly empty bottle of electrolyte solution and replaced it with a tube leadings to a wide bodied funnel.

“Good morning boy, you’d better be thirsty,” he said as he started emptying his morning piss into the funnel. He greatly enjoyed the sound of the needy gulping from his Meat. This boy was loving his new place, and he was loving taking him there. He stood there and continued to piss into the funnel nice and slow so that he could keep up. Fuck that had to be some nasty strong shit, but he could see the large cock straining in its cage desperate to get hard.

When he was done pissing he pulled the tube out and unlocked the cage door. The rest of the piss from this morning would be used soon, as well as the jug that was connected to the condom catheter. Nothing will be wasted this weekend he was going to make quite sure of it.

He slid the floor plate out from the cage and unbuckled the straps holding his Meat down to the floor. Reaching up to the zipper he slowly worked it down, releasing the sweaty cocoon the pig had been in all night. Slowly he helped his boy sit up and as he sat up he met him with a deep passionate kiss. His boy jumped right into it savoring the feeling.

The kiss went on forever as Jake slowly massaged the boys arms and shoulders, knowing they would be sore from being in the same position all night.

“How did you sleep boy?”


“Good boy – now slowly stand up. Your legs are going to be tight so take it slow. I’m right here to help.” He said as he was helping to support the weight. Slowly the boy stood up leaning into his SIR.

He helped his boy stand and slowly walked him over to the table to lay down on it. Having to guide him slowly as he was still blindfolded.

“Just lay back and relax, boy,” he said as he started slowly massaging the boy’s legs, shoulders, and arms more.


“Good boy – how does that feel?” he asked quietly.


“Good boy. Just relax, you’ve done a great job,” Jake said calmly.

As much as Jake loved to work over and torture a man, he also loved helping to ease the pieces back together again.  He continued the slow and methodical massage of the boy’s aching muscles and enjoyed hearing the boy groan in pleasure.

The heat radiating off of the boy after he had been wrapped in leather all night, the sweat, the testosterone — it was all getting Jake all riled up again and he could feel his cock throbbing against his boy’s leg.


“Yes?” Jake said tauntingly


“Is there something you want boy?” Jake said.

Ian quickly shifted his weight and got up on all fours with his ass presented high in the air.

GRUNNNNNT – he said slowly wagging his butt in front of his Sir.

Jake climbed up on the table behind his boy and coated his cock in lube.  Without any warm up he slid his thick dick in Meat’s hole all the way to the base.


Ian had a steady stream of precum running from the cock cage that dangled beneath him.  His hole felt so empty overnight without the plug in, all night he wanted it back and wanted to be filled up tight. His hole was hungry for his SIRs cock.

“Good fucking BOY!” Jake roared as he started to fuck in and out hard and fast.  “Doesn’t that feel better boy?”



Ian started matching his SIRs pace and he would push his body back as his SIR would push forward.  The table shook and rocked.  The room was full of the sounds of the creaking of the table and the clanging of the attached chains swinging from its various points.

Jake kept up a steady pace as the sweat rolled down his face, his chest, his back, and the rest of his body. This boy’s hole felt like nothing ever had, he was in heaven as he piston fucked the tight ass. He leaned down and wrapped his thick arms under the boy searching for his meaty nipples. Without any delay he found them and gripped nice and secure, which caused the ass to tighten up around his dick.


He rhythmically squeezed and tugged at the meaty nubs which sent his boy into orbit; groaning, moaning, grinding, and slamming back against the cock in his hole the boy was in heaven.

Ian… couldn’t… believe… his… FUCK… his hole could feel this good! He was loving being a fuckhole for his SIR and absorbing the energy that his SIR was putting out. He focused on pushing back against him as SIR slammed in, and rhythmically tightening and loosening his hole. SIR’s grip on his nipples was driving him crazy and he could FEEL the pre-cum running out of his dick like a faucet. He felt his balls start to boil and try to draw up tight, but the stretcher kept them low down below the cage. His SIR didn’t slow down he kept railing his asshole and working his nipples harder and harder.



“What’s wrong Meat? You got a problem?” Jake taunted


“Is my faggot afraid he’s going to cum without permission?…. Again?” Jake sneered into the boy’s ear while his fingers gripped even tighter on the meaty nipples.

Now Ian was starting to panic, he wasn’t touching his cock… it was locked up tight… how could he stop himself from cumming when he wasn’t even doing anything. FUCK!


Jake started pounding even harder and faster, grunting and growling deep in his chest.





“ THEN DO IT! SHOOT IT BOY!” Jake shouted and without a split second passing he felt the boy’s hole start clamping down TIGHT as he shot his hands free load, this time while locked up in a cage.

GRRUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTT the boy screamed as his balls unloaded for the second time without his cock being stroked.

“Fucking hell GOOD boy! You ready? Here goes!” Jake yelled as he started shooting his own load into the very talented ass.

“FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK.” He roared as he kept shooting.


Jake slowed down with his thrusting until he stopped still fully embedded into his boy. Taking a deep breath to relax and focus he was finally able to start the flow of his piss.

Ian gasped as he was not expecting for SIR to piss in his hole, but the warmth felt so good too. He groaned as the flow kept going deeper and deeper filling him up.  This was really new for him but fuck it was so hot.

Jake groaned as his bladder gained relief inside the tight warm hole.  He could feel his flow start to subside and he fucked his cock deep a few times for good measure.

“Don’t spill a drop boy or there will be hell to pay,” he said as he started to pull out of his boy. He could practically hear the muscles in his boy’s hole trying to clamp shut.

To be continued next week …

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