ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 08

By Nitro

Pup Nitro storiesJake cut the end of his Asylum 13 cigar and lit his torch, slowly rotating the cigar in his lip as the flame lit the tip as he took drags.  Taking nice deep drags and exhaling the smoke, he savored the flavor of the stick while watching the bound Meat in front of him continue to sweat.  Thick clouds of smoke surrounded his face that was slightly obscured by the leather Muir cap.  This encounter is going to be deliciously slow.  He wants Ian to realize exactly what he’s up against.  Jake has been setting this trap and preparing the bait for a very, very long time.




Ian can smell the cigar, but he can no longer see SIR and the amazing gear he put on.  “FUCK, i just want to see him puffing that cigar.” He thought to himself.


Ian knew he was truly screwed.  His shoulders were on fire being held in this position after such a hard workout, his back was stiff from not being able to move, his asshole and balls just FUCKING HURT.  However, his cock had never in his life been harder.  He just knew that the slightest touch would make him shoot his load all over the place… oh god this would all really hurt then.  He continued to pull against the restraints slowly, testing them, hoping one of the pulleys would give him the slightest amount of relief. Of course due to the position any movement in the slightest caused him to inadvertently tug on the pulley connected to his nipple clamp chains.


He let out a long grunt of frustration, he wanted to badly to beg to be allowed to turn his head to watch SIR.  He slowly started seeing the smoke make its way toward him and hover in front of the bright light over the table, it smelled so good.  He took deep steady breathes to savor the smell, knowing it had just passed through SIRs lips.

Every breath he took in caused his chest to move slightly, tugging on his burning nipples.  FUCK he’s wanted this for so long, and now he has it…. and he wants more!  He continued to struggle against the restraints, hoping that it was turning on SIR just how helpless he really was.  Just as he thought of that again his dick throbbed again as hard as steel, and his balls tried to draw up closer to his body in excitement which just made a new wave of pain flair through his abdomen.



Jake continued lounging in his chair and enjoying his cigar, absentmindedly rubbing the very full pouch of his leather jock.  He knew his boy was going to enjoy the task of licking all of the precum out of the codpiece when given the opportunity.  His cigar now had a long ash dangling from the tip, but skilled as he was he made sure not to move it too much to drop the ash.  He stood up out of his leather recliner and slowly walked towards the table in the center of the room.  He made sure that each bootstep was loud on the sealed concrete floor, enjoying seeing his Meat twitch as he stepped closer.

Jake, with his fat cigar in his mouth, got right over Ian’s face.  Ian was held immobile by the rigid posture collar couldn’t look anywhere but right at SIR, not that he would even if he could.

“Are you with me faggot?” Jake said,

GRUNT, was the very clear reply.

Jake withdrew the cigar from his lips while staring into Ian’s eyes.  Without any prompt or provocation Ian opened his mouth wide.  Jake’s cock throbbed again and let out another flow of precum as he rapped the cigar against his knuckle watching the long curl of ash fall into the mouth of his property.

Ian felt the warm ash hit his tongue but there was no burning.  He tasted the earthy sandlike consistency of the ash but held his mouth open wide.  He wanted nothing more than to please his SIR.  He had wanted this for so very long, and now it was his to have!

Jake was thoroughly impressed by the fact that he didn’t even have to instruct the boy to keep his mouth open and he worked up a large amount of spit in his mouth, spitting it into the open jaw under him.

“Swallow” was the only instruction, and he enjoyed the look on Ian’s face as he swallowed, then tried to work up spit to clear away the rest of the cigar ash that was now coating the inside of his mouth.  While enjoying this show, Jake continued to draw on his cigar and exhale the smoke into the face of his property.  He could see out of his peripheral vision that Ian’s cock was throbbing and practically ready to burst spontaneously.  This truly was going to be too easy.  Before he allowed that to happen however, he needed to prove exactly who was in control here.

Without breaking eye contact he reached down and tightened both nipple clamps, enjoying the sharp intake of breath from his boy.  Next he slowly wrapped his gloved hand around the throbbing thick cock of well restrained boy that groaned quietly beneath him.  He stared in the boys eyes as he slowly, oh so slowly, slid his gloved hand up the hard shaft.

Ian was so insanely horny he could hardly focus.  Now SIR was stroking his cock, and he knew he dared not shoot his load.  “FUCK FUCK FUCK” he thought.  He’d been so horny for so long that now he was afraid he’d fuck it all up now.  He wants so bad to cum, but he wants so bad for this to continue.

Jake continued slowly stroking the cock and then started pulling on the heavy ball stretcher as he stared into his Meat’s glazed over eyes.  He was listening to the boy’s breathing slowly increase in speed.  He reached up and pulled the ratchet pulley a notch tighter on the nipple clamps bringing them higher in the air as he continued dragging on his Assylum 13 cigar.

Ian’s breathing increased more and more as he approached the edge of his long denied orgasm as Jake continued to masterfully stroke his toy.

“Does that feel good Meat?” Jake said staring into the lustful eyes of his boy


“What do you want more Meat…. to shoot a load, or to hurt more for me?”  Jake said as he blew smoke into Ian’s face.

Ian thought for a split second, not knowing how to respond…  He knew what he wanted, but he didn’t know how to express it…


“That’s what I thought…. good boy” Jake said as he continued slowly stroking his boy to the edge.  The boys breathing slowly increasing and feeling the thick cock throbbing in his gloved hand he slowly stroked more and more loving the control.  This meathead is now putty in his hands, and he knows he can do anything he fucking wants.  With one hand still slowly manipulating the rock hard cock he took his other gloved hand and tightened the tit clamps further.


“That’s right faggot – you know where you belong don’t you?”  Jake growled as he took a drag on his cigar and blew the smoke in the boys face.


“You know I can do anything I want, and you’ll be unable to stop me don’t you?”  Jake said staring into the glazed over lustful eyes.


“You want more though don’t you?  This is only scratching the surface for you isn’t it faggot?”  He said still slowly stroking, and knowing one false move would send the boy over the edge.


He immediately let go of the throbbing cock and reached to the tray beside him and got a sharp pair of clamps and in one move put them right on the tips of the exposed hard and blood filled nipples.


Ian started to scream and almost fucked up his speech control but he caught it.  Jake was ready for this and as soon as the mouth opened wide he dropped the ash of his cigar into the open maw.

Without missing a beat, Jake picked up his weighted paddle and started landing blows on the exposed thighs of his Meat.  Each blow hitting deep into the well defined muscle.  Ian started groaning in pig heaven.  The blows kept coming as the bruises slowly started to show, but he kept pushing.  He was watching the cock continue to flow precum down its length and throb in the air.

“Pick a number boy” was his only command to the meathead who was still savoring the earthy flavor of the ash having not been commanded to swallow yet.

Ian was in heaven and hell, but his cock now ruled his brain.





















Jake was counting them in his head with a devilish grin on his face.  This boy had taken to his speech control quite nicely.

“20…. Good boy…” was all he said before the first blow landed on the painfully stretched nuts.  Each blow got steadily heavier and the meat was struggling not to scream.  The first 10 blows went by quickly, and Jake had to admit he was quite impressed by the resolve of this pig.  The next five were even wearing out Jake’s arm, but he had a job to do.

He kept the heavy hits coming and he could tell that Meat was no longer even on this planet.  16…. 17… 18…  The boy was struggling not to scream at this point…. 19…. sweat was pouring off of him….

The last blow was the hardest yet…. 20!  As if on queue the meat shot a load entirely hands free shooting all the way past his fast with the first volley, the next two landing directly in his open ash filled mouth.


Jake leaned down and locked lips with his Meat, his boy, his property…. He savored the sweat, the cum, the ash as his tongue explored the open hole.  Now that his vision was obscured by Jake’s face, he reached over and took the sharp clamps off and savored the scream into his own open mouth.  Next came the two pulleyed clamps that had caused so much pain.  As they came off together the boy went limp having blacked out.

“Good boy” he said as he stood up and walked back over to his leather chair to finish his cigar and watch his boy sleep peacefully and now totally drained.

The rest of the night was going to be fun…

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Metal would like to thank Nitro for this story!

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  1. I want to be the one tied to the table and tortured like Ian. Great story keep up the good work. I shot two good loads while reading it.

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