ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 11

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It’s been a while since we have heard from Ian and Jake.  A lot has happened since that night in the playroom where Ian was heavily restrained and his SIR was pissing up his hole after a long hard fuck.  Ian had been in heavy immobile restraint and chastity for an extended period by the time we got there.  The heavy bondage continued and so did the heavy workouts in the gym.  The two men have intertwined their lives and now live together full time in a new home that they purchased.  Ian and Jake had both done fairly well with investments so they were able to pool their resources and design the house they wanted, along with some very special features that fit their lifestyle.

Jake kicked back in his leather recliner and enjoyed his 80 ring asylum 13 cigar while listening to classical music. With his every move his thick leather pants and shirt creaked and groaned, and the gloves gripped his knuckles tight.  Jake enjoyed relaxing in his gear – for him his Leather wasn’t just for show, it was part of him.  The knee high high shine polished leather boots had such a mirror finish on them he could practically see his face in them.  His tight leather shirt clung around his chest, arms, and midsection like a second skin, and his thick cock filled out the pouch of the cod piece on the leather pants.  As he took a long drag on the cigar he felt the cares of the day slowly melt away.  As he thought about his property his hand absentmindedly found its way down to his crotch.  The metal cockring he wore helped make sure that his cock was testing the confines of the leather cod piece.  He thought back on the past year and got even harder in his pants.

While the two men are both partners together they do also operate with a full time D/s dynamic in place.  It has been an interesting balance to create and maintain, but it has kept them both grounded.  He has very much enjoyed his property’s training over the past year, and he’s also been very impressed with how well his property has handled it. Ian now spends the majority of his time in heavy bondage except for when he is at work, the gym, or Jake just wants a human companion. Today however is not one of those days.

Today Ian is sealed up in his storage location – and since he had today off he has been there since this morning when Jake left for work. Jake drew on his cigar and slowly exhaled as he continued to massage his leathered crotch, and think about his boy’s predicament.


Ian focused all of his energy on staying as still as possible. Every time that he moved the slightest bit his balls received a VERY heavy electrical shock. The thick gag in his mouth was connected to a tube that lead off to a storage bag for whatever SIR wanted to use it for. He was pretty sure that his catheter lead to that storage bag as well because over the course of the day? (He thinks?) his water was getting more bitter and salty. The posture collar was keeping his head up high and straight ahead and the sleep sack sinched around him was secured to the posts in the storage compartment that they had built in the new house.

As he thought about SIR he groaned into the gag as much as it would allow, he wanted to please him and he knew he was doing that, but FUCK he also wanted to service his thick cock.  Absentmindedly he started to suck the thick gag and grip the beer can sized plug in his ass, but all this served to do was get his own thick cock hard in his spiked chastity cage that stood outside the sleepsack.  His groans started to get louder as the spikes chewed into the soft flesh, but he was in a frenzy and couldn’t stop sucking and squeezing.

Losing focus in his frenzy of clenching the plug he moved ever so slightly in the sleepsack which triggered a blinding shock of electricity to the plug and to his balls.



Jake pressed a button on the remote and the TV turned on and showed the situation his property was in within the storage compartment.  He was very proud of the storage compartment they had built.  From the rest of the playroom it looks like any other wall, its very hard to tell that the wall is a hinged door.  The thick foam insulation of the walls makes sure that no noise escapes even into the adjoined playroom, and his property can stay in there as long as it needs to.

His thick cock stretched the cod piece of his leather pants and he gripped it as he smoked the dark leafed cigar.  He was watching the heart monitor and everything was elevated, clearly his property was excited at its predicament.

He needs to get his dick wet, but he doesn’t want to interrupt the property’s cycle so he grabbed his phone and texted boy steve.

Jake: “Get over here – 20 minutes – don’t be late”

steve: “Yes SIR!”

Jake: “Drinks are on the counter”

Jake sat back and enjoyed his cigar as he hatched his plan in his head.

Right on time the front door opened and he heard steve come in and could hear the clothes coming off.  The boy knows to present himself in a jock and boots and nothing else.  He could hear the whiskey being poured and then heard the bootsteps coming into the living room where he was.

“Right on time, good boy” Jake said with a grin as he pointed down between his feet.

steve kneeled between his boots and presented his drink to him as he had been taught to do, head bowed and drink held up to him.

Jake reached for the remote and pressed a button that would turn on the microphone in the room and deliver the audio to the earbuds inside his property’s hood.

“Good boy – now get to work. I’m fucking horny and need to get off,” Jake said

Without a hesitation steve got down and started servicing the knee high patrollmen boots starting with the toe and slowly working up the shaft.  Taking his time to make sure that the entire left boot was taken care of he moved over to the right and repeated the slow meticulous process.  His tongue got in the grooves between the sole and the form of the boot, and he even craned his neck around to get the back of the shaft, knowing that halfass work was not acceptable.

Jake sat back and sipped his drink and enjoyed his cigar while the boy worked. His eyes occasionally going to the TV screen watching his property enjoy its predicament. He could tell that Ian knew exactly what was happening and could hear within his hood. He could tell the subtle movement that was showing he was sucking on the plug like it was a thick cock, and his own cock flexed inside the codpiece. He reached down and popped the snaps on the codpiece and beckoned his cocksucker up to get his prize.

“You’re going to have to work for me, do you understand?” Jake said

“YES SIR” the boy said looking up to meet his gaze.

“Get to it”

steve got up to his knees and moved his head to the thick piece of meat that was waiting. Without hesitation he got his lips around it and slowly slid down to the base resisting the urge to gag.  His lips met the cockring at the base of the beautiful cock and he held it there like he had been taught to.

“Fucccccck, good cocksucker” Jake growled as he watched the screen where his property was in immobile restraint.

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