ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 12

By Nitro

Nitro AtlantaIn Ian’s storage confines he heard the earbuds in his hood turn on, and he knew that SIR was up to something.

“Good boy – now get to work. I’m fucking horny and need to get off.” He heard his SIR growl in his deep gruff voice. And this made his own cock throb in the spiked chastity cage and made him growl into the gag and start sucking on it with earnest. He just KNEW that SIR was watching him on the camera so he wanted to please his SIR. He started to slowly wiggle in the sleepsack, thus triggering the heavy electro, and he began panting as the shocks hit harder.

He pictured SIR in full leathers and enjoying an Asylum cigar as he had his cock serviced and the visual was driving him wild. His cock was steadily throbbing harder into the spikes in the cage, and fucking hell it hurt. Jake continued to clench on the fat plug and suck on the gag in time with one another, wishing they were both a little bit bigger as the predicament went on.

What the fuck was he thinking – BIGGER?!?!

He could hear the sounds of the anonymous cocksucker servicing SIR’s meat, and he was immediately wishing he was able to suck that amazing cock. He lives to serve and make his owner feel pleasure, even at his own personal expense, so he started trying to hump the air in front of him. This movement triggered the electricity to start again, and he was screaming into the gag as it ramped up higher and higher.

“You’re going to have to work for me, do you understand?” He heard deep in his ears, and he wasn’t sure which one SIR was even talking to, but he started to suck on the gag harder and deeper. He was steadily groaning into the gag, knowing he was right where he needed to be. His mind was playing tricks on him as he swore he could SMELL the cigar smoke now as he kept sucking the gag and humping the air, triggering the electro over and over.

His entire body was controlled, the sleepsack holding him tight, the fat beer can sized plug holding his hole open, the thick catheter invading his cock, the fucking spikes in the cock cage. What time is it? Clearly SIR is home from work, so he’s been in storage since about 7 AM. Was he going to be here all day? Was he going to get a break?

“Fucccccck, good cocksucker,” he heard his SIR say — and he was picturing his SIR pushing the cocksucker’s head down to the root of his cock as he throbbed in his throat. He had noticed SIR breathing heavier, so he wanted to help push him over.

He took a deep breath, knowing this was going to hurt as he doubled up his efforts on moving within the sack to trigger the electro constantly. Immediately he saw stars inside the black hood as the electro hit his balls higher than before and he immediately tried to double over in pain, which only triggered another heavy shock.

Out in the living room Jake continued enjoying his cigar and his blowjob while watching his property put on a show for him. This boy knew what he was doing – his training has paid off in spades and he is suffering for my pleasure.

“Good boy – keep at it,” he said. The cocksucker assumed he was talking to him, but Jake knew he was speaking directly to his property. He was watching the movement, and KNEW that he wasn’t trying to escape or fight, but was suffering for his SIR’s pleasure.

The cocksucker was also working hard, gagging and choking. Spit and throat slime was running down his face, and he was throbbing deep in his throat. With his free hand he reached down and started forcing the cocksucker’s head down on his pole with more and more force.

“Such a good faggot – working hard to please me. It’s got me rock hard in this pig’s throat. Now I need to blow my load.” He put his cigar between his teeth and started using both gloved hands on steve’s head and hammering his cock down his throat.

steve was really struggling now – fighting to breathe – gagging and choking.

After another ten minutes of relentless throat fucking Jake, with one final push, held the pig’s head down to the base and ROARED.

“FUCKING HELL I’M CUMMING,” he yelled as he shot one two three four then FIVE huge volleys of cum down the cocksucker’s throat. Holding the head down tight, he knew that air was becoming a much-needed commodity for the pig so he released his grip and let the pig take a series of deep breaths and regain his composure.

Looking up at the screen, he noticed that his property was not hanging very still in his sleepsack, knowing he had worked very hard today. Perhaps one day he would share with steve the fact that when he comes over his property is stored away and suffering, but not today.

He released the boy’s head and he slowly pulled off and lowered his head to SIR’s boots and thanked him for the opportunity to service him.

“Thank you SIR for letting me take care of you today. I am a tool for you to use, SIR,” steve said into the boots.

“A tool for me to use eh boy?” Jake said with a grin.

“YES SIR anything you want SIR,” steve said without hesitation.

“Careful boy – I’ll remember that. Now time to go.” Jake said with an evil grin as he thought about future plans. Maybe he would even let his property get some service from this cocksucker.

Without a further word steve stood up and walked back to the kitchen to get dressed and leave. He was used to not having any reciprocity here. That’s why he came. He wanted to be of use.

When he heard the front door close he stared at the TV and started speaking, knowing his property could still hear him.

“You did very good today, boy. You put on a hell of a show for me. Can you hear me?” Jake said.

Ian slowly nodded as much as he could in the hood.

“Good boy – perhaps you’ve earned a reward? After all, seeing you enjoy your ass being filled so much, now my hole is hungry too. Perhaps you’ll get a treat later tonight,” He said before turning off the microphone.


To be continued …

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