ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 04

By Nitro


As I drive home I start processing what all has happened in the past 24 hours, and my mind is just blown.  I have gone from a stud making my own calls to a locked up pig that will do anything to please this man.  How the hell did this happen?  A better question is why is my dick trying to get hard in this cage I’m wearing.

Because this is exactly what I need, that’s why.


I hear the sound of the mobile app on my phone tell me that I have a message.  As soon as I hear it my cock throbs again in the metal tube.  I just KNOW it is from Him.

FUCK my balls are really aching — how am I going to take this all night tonight and all day tomorrow?

As soon as I pull up to my house I reach for my phone in the console and sure enough I see that the message on the app is from Him.

ImmobileRestraint: As soon as you left I realized how badly I had to piss, but you missed it.  Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that is well taken care of.

I’m scared to even know what that means.  That could go in a thousand different directions.  Every single one of them is making me leak into my shorts.

Me: I will gladly drive back over to be your urinal SIR.

ImmobileRestraint: Too late now pig, but it is all under control I assure you.

Me: Yes SIR.

ImmobileRestraint: So how are those balls feeling pig?

Me: They are really aching pretty badly SIR.

ImmobileRestraint: You have no idea yet.

ImmobileRestraint: Before you leave for work tomorrow morning you have an assignment.  You will make one video, content of your choice, that you know will push my buttons, and send it to me.


I grabbed my gym bag and started walking toward the house, already noticing that I’m having to walk with my thighs a little apart from each other to prevent from crushing my very sore balls.  Now I have to think of a video to make him that is going to really crank his gears before work.

I walk up to the house and unlock the door and toss my gym bag inside.  I go straight for the shower and turn the water on HOT before I step in and groan loud when the hot water hits my sore muscles.  I lather up slowly and let the soap coat my big muscles.  Then I reach down and let my hand trail down my six-pack and find the steel around my cock and balls.  I groan in frustration – I want to rub out a load so fucking bad.  Clearly that won’t be happening anytime soon, though.

I keep soaping up my body and letting the warm water help to relax my stiff muscles.  The longer that I spend under the hot water the more that I start picturing in my head that it is warm piss raining down on me instead of water.

What the hell has happened to me?  I would never let anyone see this side of me before, and now it is just happening on its own.

I finish up my shower and turn off the water.  As soon as I pull back the curtain my eyes are drawn to the full body mirror on the other side of my master bathroom.  I zero in immediately on the cock cage and the 2.25-inch metal weight underneath around my fat balls.  I reach for my towel and I start drying off.  I know that it is getting late, and something tells me I’m going to need some sleep for the upcoming weekend.

I finish toweling off and I walk into the bedroom and fall on the bed.  I can’t remember being this exhausted before.  I absentmindedly started rubbing my body like I always do when I lay in my bed.  I rub my muscled pecs and start tugging at my perky nipples.  Of course I start moaning and groaning from how good it feels.  I’m immediately stopped dead in my tracks when my large cock tries to get hard in his steel prison.

“FUCK!  I JUST WANT TO SHOOT!”  I shout in frustration.


I reach over for my phone beside me, and I see it is from Him.

ImmobileRestraint: I’ll bet you’re wishing that cage wasn’t on…

What the Hell?  How did he know?  This is getting way too bizarre!

Me: I love the cage SIR, but I want to cum so badly.

ImmobileRestraint: You don’t want it nearly bad enough yet, Pig, but you will.  I can assure you that you’ll pay dearly for that load when the time comes.


ImmobileRestraint: Now shouldn’t you be asleep?  I thought I was pretty clear that you needed your rest.

Me: I just got out of the shower and I’m about to go to sleep right now.  I still have to decide what to do for your video SIR.

ImmobileRestraint: You better make sure that it is good.  Goodnight, pig.

Me: Goodnight SIR.  Thank you SIR

I don’t hear any other sounds indicating that he has responded, so I go ahead and set my alarm and crawl under the sheet on my bed.  I don’t know how I’m going to sleep with this cage and weight on.  This will be an interesting experiment.  Not long passes before I’m already sleeping soundly from sheer exhaustion.

I feel strong hands running up and down my body, but it doesn’t feel right.  I feel constricted on my entire body.  Something is wrong.  I can’t move!

I try to shout, but nothing comes out but some grunting.

My eyes fly open and I see Him staring into my eyes from a couple inches above my face.  I try to look down to see why I can’t move and I’m shocked at what I see.  I’m covered from head to toe in black leather.  It is a deluxe sleepsack like I’ve seen on some of the online retailers’ websites.  His hand reaches up and rubs my face, but I can’t feel it.  I realize that I’m in a thick leather hood with open eyes and a very thick gag going deep in my mouth.  I grunt into the gag as his hands keep running over my covered up body.

“My pig looks great covered in head to toe,” He says as his hand moves lower down my body.  He gets to my crotch and I feel the zipper lower above my cock and he fishes it out.  I’m immediately rock hard in his slick hands as he starts stroking me slowly making me groan into the gag.

“Awe does that feel good, pig?” he says, still stroking slowly and focusing a lot of attention on the sensitive head.


“My pig needs to spend more time like this, doesn’t he?”  He is now circling the head of my sensitive cock in his palm and driving me crazy.


I close my eyes and just revel in the ecstasy and groan into the gag.  I want to shoot so fucking bad that I can taste it!  He isn’t going nearly fast enough to get me off though, and it’s driving me crazy!

The stroking stops, and I feel him pulling my balls out of the sleepsack as well and massaging them gently.  I keep groaning into the gag.  The pressure on my balls starts building and it gets to the point where I am desperate for it to stop and I start pulling against the sleepsack.   My eyes open, and I see the manic look in his eyes, and the large hard-on sticking out from in front of him.

“Now that I have your attention.  Let’s see how effective that new gag is with the new feature I had added.”  He pumps a bulb on the front of the hood and the already large gag starts expanding larger and moving towards the back of my throat.

MMMPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHH – I try to shake my head, but he keeps pumping.  I feel the gag hit the back of my throat and I’m now concentrating not to gag.

“You act like you want me to stop, but your cock says otherwise,” He says as he leans down and licks the precum off the head.  “Now to see how effective the gag really is.”

He reaches down and holds my balls in one hand and slams into them with his other fist.  I try to scream, but it just comes out as a gurgled mess like a drowning victim.  He keeps slamming into my balls over and over again 5, 10, 15, 20 times and still going. I feel like I’m going to pass out from the pain.  Just when I feel like I’m going to pass out, or puke, he shouts loudly, and a blast of cum erupts from his cock that he hasn’t even touched.  As soon as the cum blasts from his cock I hear this loud buzzing noise, and I jerk awake in my bed.

Immediately I groan in pain as my morning wood tries to break through the steel cage and my balls are aching from being stretched for so long.

I look over at the clock and it says 6:30 AM.  I reach over and turn off the alarm and lay there panting, trying to recover from the intensity of that dream.

I think it helped me come up with the theme for the video I owe him this morning, though.  God I’m going to regret this.

I get out of bed while I still have the nerve and I go get a big bowl from the kitchen.  I go into the bathroom and grab my phone on the way and video myself pissing my morning piss into the bowl.  When my bladder is empty I take my jock and put it in the bowl to soak up as much of the piss as it will hold.  I pick up the jock and stuff it into my mouth, some of the strong morning piss running down my chin.  I look into the mirror where the camera is, catching the reflection and I GRUNT really loud.  Then I reach down and grab my gym shoe from the floor and start pounding my balls as hard as I can with it, screaming into the gag.  I get about 10 shots in before I start seeing stars and I drop to my knees.

Knowing I’m not done, I get back up, pull the jock out of my mouth, grab the bowl and bring it to my mouth and tip my head back, emptying the contents of the bowl.

As soon as I hit the button to stop the recording I drop to my knees on the floor and clutch my balls.  Oh GOD Why did I do that?  I reach up and grab my phone and I send Him the file as ordered before I chicken out.


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