ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 05

By Nitro


I get to the office, and I know that I’m going to look out of place in my office today. Fridays are usually pretty casual in my office, but there is no way that I can wear jeans with all this hardware on my cock and balls, so I’ll still be in my slacks. My balls are so sore, and I wonder if anyone notices that I’m walking funny.


I reach for my phone, and it is from Him – no text, just a picture of his big, hard cock.

Me: WOOF SIR!!!!!

ImmobileRestraint: That’s what sprung up when your assignment came through. Good boy.

Me: I’m very glad you liked it SIR.

ImmobileRestraint: Don’t be late to the gym this afternoon.

Me: You’d better be ready to be worked hard SIR!

My cock tries to get hard in the steel tube of the chastity, and it just makes me groan at my desk really quietly. I’m already picturing SIR in his workout gear at the gym later today, covered in sweat, making me drool wanting to lick him.

The day drags on slowly, with me getting some projects closed out before the week comes to a close. Something tells me that I am not going to want to have any lingering work issues over this coming weekend. Sounds like I will be a little occupied.

UGGGGHHHHHHH! Thinking about that has me trying to grow in the small cage again — DAMN!

Finally the day starts to wind down, and I head out to my car for the gym. He’s going to regret telling me that the gym is still my domain.

I walk in the gym and head straight for the locker room. God I love that smell in here. My cock starts testing the limits of the cage again. I walk around the corner, and He is already here waiting on me. Seeing him just makes my cock try as hard as it can to go full mast, and it makes me groan. I walk over next to him by the lockers and changing benches and sit my bag down.

“Strip,” is all he said.

I immediately start taking off my slacks and dress shirt after kicking off my shoes. He looks down and sees that I’m still wearing the same jock he told me not to forget, and he grins from ear to ear.

“Been wearing that jock all day, pig?” He says as he reaches down and rubs the front of the pouch.

My eyes roll back in my head from the contact, and I groan but don’t answer.

“I asked you a question, boy!” He growls as his hands wrap around my very sore balls through the jock and start squeezing until my knees buckle.

“YES SIR, SORRY SIR!” I shout.

He lets go of my balls, and I stand there panting for a few seconds. Then the grin returns to his face.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said as he reached into his gym bag and pulled out a bottle before handing it to me. “Last night when you left I realized I had to piss so bad and I should have done so before you left. I didn’t want you to feel left out, though. Bottoms up.”

I look down at the bottle in my hand, and I test the confines of the chastity cage again. I flip open the bottle and start draining it, never breaking eye contact with Him. As I do this, I can see out of the corner of my eye that his jock is getting more full every second. The piss is cold and stale, but I don’t care. All I care about is that it came from Him, and it is getting Him HORNY. I greedily finish the bottle with a loud “Ahhhhhh” and just look at Him.

“You’re fucking disgusting,” he says to me.

I step forward, and I put my hands on his crotch and feel him throbbing in his jock.

“Yes, SIR, I am, but you are enjoying every minute of it. Now may I please get dressed so I can whip your ass in the gym, SIR?”

“You have no clue what the phrase ‘whip your ass’ even means yet, my pig,” he says with an evil grin. “Get changed.”

He never takes his eyes off of me as I change into my gym gear of black shorts and a red sleeveless UnderArmour shirt that shows off every ripped muscle that I have. I can feel his eyes scanning my body like a prized bull at auction.

“SIR, if you keep looking at me like that then we are going to get kicked out for me riding you right here in the locker room,” I say as I turn away to walk toward the door, feeling his eyes on my ass as he follows.

I come out of the locker room and head straight for the dumbbell rack.

After several sets of increasing weight doing shoulder raises, SIR started slowing down.

“Pick up the pace, SIR, you’re not getting off that easy. In here I RULE, REMEMBER?!?!” I shout at him, and he starts maintaining a better speed and form. “Much better.”

Not one to be put in his place, even in here, SIR looks at me with a grin and says, “So how did it feel to jerk off before work today? Oh wait, that’s right.”

“That’s not fair, SIR,” I said as I laughed and picked up my next set of weights. We push through the rest of our workout, me checking out his sexy ass every chance I get and wanting to bury my face in it. Every time that I catch a glimpse of it, the cage seems to get smaller and my balls ache from the pull of the weight.

After we are both beat from the gym, we head back to the locker room, and I can feel him staring at my ass as we walk. As soon as we get into the locker room he steps forward and grabs my ass and squeezes, a finger sliding toward the center of my shorts and rubbing the edge of my hole, making me groan like a bitch in heat.

“Awe, that hole is hungry, isn’t it?” he says, massaging my ass even more.

“Yes, SIR,” I say, trying to back up against his hand.

“STAY.” he walks toward his locker, opens it and grabs a small bag and walks back up to me, this time rubbing the front of my shorts and my very painful balls.

“You ready to get your weekend started, faggot?” He hisses as he presses my aching balls harder and harder.

“Yes, SIR!” I shout, probably a little too loud and eager for the locker room.

He grabs me by the back of the neck and pushes me around the corner of the locker room where the bathroom stalls are, and he throws me up against the wall and pulls my shorts down. “STAY,” he growls.

I hear him open up the bag he grabbed from his locker, and without warning I feel a large plug start sliding into my tight ass. I’m doing really good at first, but it just keeps getting bigger, and before long I’m biting my lip to stay quiet so no one hears us. Thank God he had already lubed it up in the bag.

It slides deeper and deeper, and finally my hole slams shut around the neck just when I think I can’t take any more. This thing is by far the biggest plug I’ve had in my hole, I can’t even guess at the size, but I’m certainly not going to forget it’s up there.

He pulls my shorts back up turns me around facing him. “You took to that like a fish to water, which is good because that’s the smallest one I have. Don’t worry, its not going anywhere for a while. Now get your shit, its time to go.”

We turn the corner from the bathroom just as a couple hot guys walk into the locker room and go to their lockers. One of them, seeing the growing wet spot on the front of my shorts, grins at me.

We both grab our stuff from our lockers and head out, me walking like a have a tree truck shoved up my ass.


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