ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 06

By Nitro

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve added to this story. Recently at an event I was approached by a fan who said he’d missed the installments, and it really motivated me to start writing again. Thank you all for your patience, there’s a lot more to come! To start at Part 1, click here.



When we last left Ian and Jake they were leaving the gym after a grueling workout. In the gym Ian calls the shots for them both, but outside the gym Jake controls everything. Jake has been locked in a metal ball stretcher for two days now and his large thick cock is safely sealed in a steel cage. After their workout Jake worked an XL butt plug into Ian’s tight hole and they are heading out to start what will prove to be a hard weekend.

“See you at the house, fucker. Go straight there, you won’t need anything from home,” Jake said, leaning in close and pressing on the base of the thick plug as he talked to his new property. Just a couple days ago this boy had no idea that his friend was also “ImmobileRestraint” online, the pics he had jerked off too so many times. He still has no clue just what the man behind that profile is capable of.

Ian carefully got into his truck sitting down very gently on the massive invader in his hole. This is by far the biggest thing he’s ever had in there, and according to his cock spreading the huge wet spot on his shorts he is really enjoying it. He watched SIR start to drive away and he put the truck in gear to follow him. Thinking about the weekend ahead the wet spot just kept growing. Every small bump in the road translated to a groan of pleasure from the firetruck parked in his hole. The drive took about ten very long minutes before pulling up in front of SIR’s home. If the neighbors had any idea what was kept in that house…

Getting out of the truck Ian walked over to join SIR Jake by his side and picked up SIR’s gym bag to follow him in the house.

“Good boy,” Jake said walking, to the front door, unlocking it.


“Careful boy – I’ll expand your lack of speech privileges beyond the playroom if you keep that up,” Jake said, feeling his dick grow in his sweaty jock.


He pushed the meat inside the house and locked the door behind him. “You’re getting very comfortable with having no choices aren’t you boy?”


Jake reached down and gripped the painfully stretched balls TIGHT and stared into the meat’s eyes. “Think very carefully how you respond to this next question. I ask you one more time. … You’re getting very comfortable with having no choices aren’t you faggot?” As he spoke he kept increasing his grip on the stretched balls, watching its jaw start to quiver and tears starting to form.

Ian thought for a split second and then met SIR’s gaze and let out a loud GRUNT.

“Good boy – effective immediately, speech restriction includes my entire home, and any other time that I dictate.” Jake released the tight balls and enjoyed watching the boy struggle not to scream.

Ian immediately dropped to his knees and buried his face into SIR’s crotch, feeling how hard his large cock is behind the gym shorts and jock.

It took a lot of self-control not to take the pig then and there, but Jake has plans. It’s time to get this weekend kicked off so he looked down at his boy and tapped the back of his head twice. “Those two taps mean to stand, follow me fucker.”

Ian slowly stood, lightheaded from processing the changes and knowing he is getting what he has always dreamed of. He never could have imagined he would find this HERE… with Him!

Jake started walking towards the basement stairs following SIR closely, still carrying SIR’s gym bag since he wasn’t told otherwise.

Jake reached for the dog tag chain around his neck and used the key to unlock the deadbolt on the playroom door. He liked to make sure his toys knew the level of control he held.

Seeing the deadbolt on the door, Ian’s dick throbbed again in its tight prison. The door was open when he came here previously so he had missed this detail. SIR stood with the door open and Ian crossed the threshold loving the smell of all the gear, sweat and everything else coming from the large play space. He heard the door close behind him and the unmistakable sound of that deadbolt engaging.

“Strip,” Jake ordered

Ian immediately set down the gym bag and stripped out of his gym clothes neatly folding them as he went.  Very quickly he was standing entirely nude except the 2.25-inch ball stretcher, tight cock cage, and giant butt plug.

Reaching down and gripping the stretched nuts, Jake led his toy over to the bondage table in the center of the room under arranged lights. And helped him up on the table, taking great satisfaction in the deep groan as the butt plug pushed deeper.

“Lay back boy in the center of the table and get comfy… well at least more comfy than you will be soon. You will not be gagged right this moment, but don’t forget your rules. Non-compliance will not be tolerated.”

Ian lay back on the table now blinded by the lights shining down into his face and started sweating.

Jake got to work placing the boy’s hands and ankles in the restraints, then adding restraints to forearms, biceps, chest, thighs, and a posture collar that was lying on the table. Each cable is connected to its own one-way ratchet pulley and he starts pulling the slack out of each one slowly stretching his muscle toy onto the table.


“Time to find out what immobile restraint really is, boy,” Jake said as he slowly went around the table, pulling more and more slack out. The boy’s wrists and ankles were now pulled nice and tight, his arms pinned down to the table and his thighs spread wide as well. The posture collar pulled up towards the top of the table keeping his head in place. He reached down and started stroking the painfully stretched balls, which elicited a groan deep in the boy’s chest.

“Looks like a good start to me faggot. How’s that feel?” Jake said as he continued stroking the dark heavy ballsack of his toy.

GRUUNNNNTTTT – Ian couldn’t believe what was happening, he couldn’t move a muscle and he truly was at the mercy of this amazing stud.

Out of the boy’s eyeline Jake pulled off his shorts and jock then laid the jock over the boy’s nose. “I’ll let you enjoy that for a while, I’m going to get a little more comfortable. … Don’t go anywhere,” Jake said with a sneer




(Jake worked these out with a pause between each, so it wouldn’t be misconstrued as a “NO”).


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  1. Wow – thanks for the quick posting of this chapter after we talked at the contest. Love where this is going and can’t wait to see Jake’s plans.
    PS – Great job with emcee duties.

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