James — 2019 Review

By Thunder

Note: This is the continuation of a long-running story by Thunder. To start at the very beginning, click for James — Part 1. And also see Metalbond Q&A: Thunder

Master Alan pointed out to me this morning that it’s been almost a full year since we have updated you on my training and life as his human dog and thought it would be a good thing for me to come sit and write about the last year. When he said this, I realized so much just feels natural that it’s often not too often I think to document it now.

Last year I wrote about our New Year’s parties and we are currently in heavy planning for those coming up next week. I have not been told if I will be allowed to attend the employee one this year (last year I was caged in the closet) but know I will be at the family and friend’s one diligently looking for scraps on the floor from my all fours position. It was a warm Christmas here in Atlanta, so Master was very excited that I did not have to dress and could stay naked on all fours throughout the day, including two of the holiday parties we attended.

Both of them have private driveways so I was in full dog mode from the minute he left me out of the tailgate of the SUV. I am lucky that he lets me dress and ride in the backseat as a human, but this year he bought a BMW X7 with a big hatch area, so, when in the proper place I now “transform” in the back seat and exit from the hatch. It’s been an adjustment getting my old body to make that jump!

The last year has had a few changes. We don’t see much of Cody these days as his Dad (my business partner), Todd, and a few others have invested in a real kennel training facility toward the coast. Cody is somewhat of the mascot and is used as the inspiration to the Masters and soon to be dogs who are checking into the facility. I have been down there once when it was about to open and it was an interesting experience spending the weekend in what essentially looked much like a vet office, but I did not hate it. The two trainers they hired are former cops who worked with Todd, so they have been trained by the best.

My plan to scale back work didn’t happen as planned, but we are very small and while I would go into the office most days, my world there continued to evolve as Alan and Mike (business partner) made sure I never forgot my place, even if on twos. We have seven employees that now telecommute so it’s generally just me and Mike in our new downsized office in one of those mid-rises on Peachtree and on days that we do not expect a client I am always nude, collared and, of course, in chastity. Mike is a funny one because he is absolutely 100% straight, but he can handle me as a dog and slave and I have never once seen him even get hard even when he is inserting or removing the tail plug in my ass on behalf of Alan. I once asked him how and why he did it and he said that he was my best friend and business partner before Alan transformed me and why would he not love and care for me in my new form? A lot of this was shaped by his relationship with Cody and his decision to “move” him into slavery with one of Alan’s friends when he could not ever kick drugs and alcohol.

As it turns out, being a dog is much better than rehab! As an example of this weird friendship, a few weeks ago I complained about our new chairs being uncomfortable as a side remark. About a week later Mike called me into the office to say that he had listened to me, conferred with Alan, and that they had gotten me a new much more fitting and comfortable chair. To my surprise, they presented a standard looking office chair that has an 8” dildo sticking right out of the middle of it. I am now required to sit in that chair at all times and last week, when we had the staff in for a meeting, Mike added a slit into the back of my suit pants and for two hours as I presided over the meeting, I was impaled on a stick and really loving my life.

I am dreading the next decade, but especially 2020, because, if you remember I am allowed as many orgasms as the last number of the year. This you I have had 9 of my 9, which included 4 ruined orgasms and now, because of our rule, won’t have my next one, and only one, until sometime in 2021.

The biggest thing that has changed is Todd is now living with us almost full time and my role as cuckdog is also almost full time. At first Alan was reluctant to bring me into our, well, their bedroom, but now it is the norm that I sleep in a cage staring at Todd who is sleeping on my side of the bed (when Master allowed me in there). It makes sense, really, as Alan deserves more than a dog to love him and many things like taking him out, initiating sex, and everything else as my ability to be a strong husband for him goes away 10 minutes after I pull into the garage as I am required to strip and turn into Dog James before crawling into the house.

I was almost finished writing this when Alan and Todd walked in and said they had a surprise. I tend to hate it when that happens and, true to form, this time they hooded and gagged me and walked me on all fours out to a van that was in our driveway which looked very familiar. When I got closer and through the perforated leather eyes of my hood I was able to see the logo on the side of the van which indicated it was used for transport services for Todd and Mike’s new kennel. Just as I was trying to see what it was, a large door with a ramp opened up and I was ushered inside to one of four, quite small cages that were bolted to the floor in the van. Beside me was a naked man in another cage who was rolled up into a ball and looked as if he was really un-happy about being there. He was also hooded and gagged so we could not do anything but look at each other and, from just the eyes, he looked very puzzled as to why I was just okay with this. As I adjusted to the small cage, Alan opened the “window” to the front to say we were heading to the kennel and to sit tight and he’d see us in a few hours.

It was almost midnight when we got to the kennel and I was very excited to see Cody who was waiting in the driveway when we arrived. He doesn’t talk anymore so he was wagging his plug and licked me all over. I was unhooded, and ungagged, and Alan took my leash and we went for a walk so that Todd could show off the changes. Aside from my caged companion there were no other dogs here. I was able to talk at this point and asked why I was there and Todd explained that my companion in the van is a rather well known person in Atlanta and they were being extra careful as to who could and could not see him. He has always been openly gay and quite a figure on a national channel based in Atlanta, but unbeknownst to most, he was an owned slave of a 65 year old business tycoon whose name was on many a hospital and university within the city. His Master had grown tired of the slave’s recent attitude and arranged for the soon to be dog to have a leave of absence from duties decided that he was going to be turned into a dog for his own good – somewhat as the ultimate reminder of his station in life now. My job was to have a conversation with him, dog to dog, to let him know that this life isn’t so bad and to show him how he will be able to serve his Master while keeping his own minor celebrity status and career.

That conversation is set for tomorrow and, if Alan allows, I will keep you posted on what is in store for the new year and the new dog.

Metal would like to thank Thunder for this update!

The saga continues with Rex – A James Story – Part 1

To start at the very beginning of this story, click for James — Part 1

Also be sure to read Metalbond Q&A: Thunder


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11 thoughts on “James — 2019 Review”

  1. Wow, what a great holiday surprise. I know all of this is not true, but damn there are certain parts I hope are. Metal, do you know these guys?

  2. The chastity release by year number is a phenomenal idea and I cannot wait to tell my slave tonight, or maybe late tomorrow night (NY Eve) that he can have 9 orgasms before dropping the bomb that he will only have 15 between now and 12/31/2025. I don’t use Twitter to post, but Metal you should so post that rule and see if any others will bite. My slave will be the first, or maybe second to James.

    1. Dear Master Jason, Thanks for that idea! I have posted a screen shot of your comment to Twitter, maybe it will “go viral” amongst chastity guys!

  3. Hello. I just found this site and am very happy to have done so. I’m very happy to finally read that someone agrees that puppy play and dog training are very different things. Deep down I’m now sure I need dog training. But have not found anyone like the people mentioned in these stories. Any sites? Forums? Please Let me know.

  4. Hi, Sir Alan and dog james. My name is david. I truly enjoyed reading your amazing story, and it’s struck a nerve with me. I have so many questions about your lives, and also about myself. I need to discover who and what I am. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

    1. Hi Sir Alan and dog James. David here. If you ever have the time and interest, I would enjoy chatting with you and learning more about being and becoming a human dog. I have so many questions and feel so lost and lonely. I’m hoping you can assist me and possibly
      steer me down the proper path. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hello Sir Allen and dog James. I’m still hoping to hear from you and chat privately with you. Your stories have been eye opening for me on a deeply personal level. Im available to chat via messenger, skype, hangouts, or phone call.
    David Boggs

  6. December 2020, and it’s been a full year since we’ve been treated to updates and stories from James. Any possibility of getting another installment soon? Thank you!

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