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Adam Herst takes his real life partner, Dylan Strokes, to his limit and rewards him with a face full of cum

This vintage update from Bound Gods is called: “Adam and Dylan – Real Life Couple Series

Adam Herst rents a dungeon and brings in his real-life partner, Dylan Strokes. They’ve played around with BDSM before, but tonight Adam aims to take his partner to his limit. Adam lets his Dylan know, “I’m going to beat you good, and you’re gonna love it.”

Dylan’s response: “Yes, Sir.”

Adam has his partner strip and introduces him to the crop. Dylan winces at the sting but still keeps his cock hard. Adam then gives the captive a nice red ass while having his boots polished by Dylan’s tongue.

In a one-legged suspension, Dylan gets Adam’s cock down his throat and endures a hard flogging. Finally with his hole spread wide on the bed, Dylan gets hot wax all over his chest, abs and balls. Adam fucks the cum out of his partner and rewards him with a load of his own.

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Historical restraints from the Lincoln era

I took pictures of these restraints during a recent visit to the museum across the street from Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. These are rigid handcuffs and ankle shackles used on Dr. Samuel Mudd, who was the doctor who treated the fugitive John Wilkes Booth.

Samuel Mudd ridig handcuffs and leg cuffs


And here is a reproduction of the type of canvas hood they used on the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination — including Lewis Powell.

hood used on lincoln conspirators


I made a visit to this museum while on a business trip recently. I was with a female co-worker, who no doubt was wondering why I was so interested in these particular items.

To learn a bit more about these types of historical restraints, see this previous posting.

Muscle slave for physical labor and service


The slave pictured above, slaveforlabor, is the real deal. These pics (shown here with his permission) are real and from real service. I have met this slave in real life. In the past, he has been pictured on the Metalbond site, in several illustrated stories by FirefighterSIR. You can also find his profile with much more about him, on several other sites.

Recon: slaveforlabor

xtube: slave_meat (also videos under NYCbootStud and AggressiveMaster)

tumblr: slaveforlabor

xvideo: slaveforlabor

Before he was a gay porn star, Dallas Steele was an on-air TV news reporter

This is cool. If you are a fan of gay bondage porn like I am, you guys will no doubt recognize Dallas Steele from various shoots at Titan and Bound Jocks:

dallas_steele_gay_porn_01 dallas_steele_gay_porn_02


Mr. Steele was recently profiled in the New York Post, of all places, in an article titled “I became a porn star because I hated my TV news job.” Read the article by clicking here:



You can view Dallas Steele’s content at Bound Jocks by clicking here.

Also check out some of his “greatest hits” over at Titan:

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