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Books: Ask the Man Who Owns Him

One of david stein’s books is Ask the Man Who Owns Him — The real lives of gay Masters and slaves. The book presents the real lives of long-term gay Master/slave couples and families, in their own words. It is illustrated with pictures of these men, living their lives the way they choose.

Metalbond’s Book Club: Ask the Man Who Owns Him

Thanks to david stein (of blessed memory) for sharing these men’s stories. I also have great admiration for the men who are featured in the book. Not only do they have the balls to live their lives the way they choose, but they also were willing to share their stories with the public at large.

Thanks, men — all of you — for keeping it real!

Ask the Man Who Owns Him is available on Amazon.

Level Five

By VANS fag

VANS fag author thumbnail MetalbondNYCAuthor’s Note:

The BOSS has controlled, micro-managed, chastized, tattooed and humiliated VANS fag since 2008 in a TPE (total power exchange) relationship. VANS fag is an alpha male publicly but a permanently chastised dildofag in the playroom and kink world.


Level One

The BOSS tells you when you first meet that chastity is a requirement. The BOSS provides you with a CB3000 plastic chastity device and says you must wear it for at least 48 hours before your first sexual scene with him. The BOSS gives you one week with keys to the padlock to adjust the fit on the CB and get used to wearing it. After the week of trial and error is done, you believe you can wear the device for 48 hours. You meet with the BOSS. He changes the padlock on the CB just in case you made copies of the key. He makes a first date for 48 hours later. You imagine chastity is a way the BOSS will increase your sexual desire. During your first sex scene with the BOSS, he doesn’t seem interested in your cock at all and does not remove the CB. You are disappointed, humiliated and excited at the same time.

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Lockdown update

Hey prisoners, how are you all handling the lockdown? I hope you’re all doing well, and staying safe and healthy. Just a quick update from NYC — things are still fine at this end, and I have been working on my day job during the day and doing Metalbond updates after hours and on the weekends. I miss my local barbershop, though! I finally gave in and gave myself a buzz cut late last week.

In the coning days and weeks, there will be lots more posts coming to the Metalbond site, including many new stories. In fact, there’s enough in my inbox now for “story week” which can start as early as tonight. One of the stories will be a re-post of a long-running popular series, because the author of that one has updated it with a brand new chapter, so be sure to watch for that.

Meanwhile if you have not already done so, now is a really good time to subscribe to a gay bondage pay site. You’ll be helping the kink economy! Two of the sites in particular — Serious Male Bondage and Men In Chains — have been adding some really cool content recently, so be sure to check them out. There is also a special promotion going on at KinkMen — if you use the promo code “STIRCRAZYMEN” you can save.

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All of the pay sites and businesses mentioned above are longtime supporters and friends, and by patronizing them you are supporting the Metalbond site!