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Sensation play with real-life partners Damian and Kemono

Kemono and Damian are real life partners. They believe in the knowledge of the Old Guard rules. But they take those rules and bend and manipulate them in a future-forward manner. Damian waits, wearing nothing but a blindfold. Body exposed. Naked for Kemono’s pleasure. Warm vibrations slide over Damian’s cock. By the way of precum, Kemono’s cock enters Damian’s body. Evil smiles. Another wave of cum, another wave of reproduction floods into Damian. Damian is Kemono’s incubus, and Kemono is Damian’s slave. This video was originally filmed for Himeros TV.

Sensation play with real-life partners Damian and Kemono

Sensation play with real-life partners Damian and Kemono

Sensation play with real-life partners Damian and Kemono


VIDEO at DamianXDragon

Title: Sensation Play – Damian & Kemono Dragon

Sensation Play - Damian & Kemono Dragon

Adam Herst ties up his real life partner, Dylan Strokes

This vintage update from Bound Gods is called: “Adam and Dylan – Real Life Couple Series

Adam Herst rents a dungeon and brings in his real-life partner, Dylan Strokes. They’ve played around with BDSM before, but tonight Adam aims to take his partner to his limit. Adam lets his Dylan know, “I’m going to beat you good, and you’re gonna love it.”

Dylan’s response: “Yes, Sir.”

Adam has his partner strip and introduces him to the crop. Dylan winces at the sting but still keeps his cock hard. Adam then gives the captive a nice red ass while having his boots polished by Dylan’s tongue.

In a one-legged suspension, Dylan gets Adam’s cock down his throat and endures a hard flogging. Finally with his hole spread wide on the bed, Dylan gets hot wax all over his chest, abs and balls. Adam fucks the cum out of his partner and rewards him with a load of his own.

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Gay bondage: Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey

Spencer Reed takes Phillip Aubrey on a BDSM journey


This is a vintage shoot from Bound Gods

Spencer Reed brought his partner, Phillip Aubrey, to Bound Gods. Phillip was new to BDSM and had wanted to do Bound Gods for the longest time with his partner. With some reservations, Spencer agrees but he’s not going easy on his boyfriend. In the playroom, Spencer is wicked. It’s his way or the highway. Phillip’s journey is real and raw. He takes everything Spencer throws at him. Trying to process the connection to Spencer as a dom and also lover, Phillip lays it all out for us to see. This is one brave couple.

MetalbondNYC_02_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_03_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_04_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_05_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_06_Spencer_Reed

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Books: Ask the Man Who Owns Him

One of david stein’s books is Ask the Man Who Owns Him — The real lives of gay Masters and slaves. The book presents the real lives of long-term gay Master/slave couples and families, in their own words. It is illustrated with pictures of these men, living their lives the way they choose.

Metalbond’s Book Club: Ask the Man Who Owns Him

Thanks to david stein (of blessed memory) for sharing these men’s stories. I also have great admiration for the men who are featured in the book. Not only do they have the balls to live their lives the way they choose, but they also were willing to share their stories with the public at large.

Thanks, men — all of you — for keeping it real!

Ask the Man Who Owns Him is available on Amazon.