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Video: Captive blond Leo Edwards

male captive in the dungeon

Leo Edwards has been a captive in the dungeon for a week. He is fed and cleaned and forced to work out everyday. Otherwise he is chained in a cell, naked. Every few days, Felix Frost takes him out of his cage and tortures him. Today is one of those days. Leo, naked as always, is hung from the ceiling by his wrists, his ankles spread by chains to the wall. He is gagged. He’s been waiting for hours when Felix arrives carrying a large weight, which he ropes to Leo’s balls to force him to arch his back and present his ass for a flogging. The flogging is unrelenting, a steady barrage of hard blows that leave Leo’s back and ass covered with fresh wounds. All the captive can do is whimper and thrash about as he absorbs each blow to his lean, muscled flesh. Then Felix switches to the single-tail whip. After an hour of lashing, Leo collapses, hanging limp. Felix continues to whip the prisoner, just to watch his hot body flinch.

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Title of this shoot: Leo Edwards – Captive Blond – Part 7

Severe testicle torture

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