James – Part 4

By Thunder

Based on a true story

“Todd, please make me Alan’s dog, I promise to be a good boy”

That is where we left off of my training story that was roughly nine years ago when I was 42 years old. Todd had just laid out ten truths for my life forward that made my mind ache but my dick hard inside its cage. I was terrified of these rules and what they would really mean for me, but deep down I knew I was getting what I asked for and I hoped that the oddness of this would pass fast so I’d have a sense of normalcy, even on fours. Todd could see this, I felt, so after we finished our talk he went to take a nap, leaving me hooded with just my head out of the cage for what felt like hours. I was never a very patient man, but I was learning that I didn’t have a lot of choice but to be a patient dog, so I sat even though I was not very happy.

It was dark outside when Todd returned with a fresh bowl of beer and some snacks. He let me out of the cage and took everything but the collar and chastity cage off of me and told me that he knew it had been a big day and that we were going to soon have dinner. He sent me on two legs to take a shower and told me when I finished I was to join him upstairs. It felt odd going into his space, a space I’ve never known while naked, but I adjusted and met him in the kitchen, where he was taking a pizza out of the oven.

He told me that there would always be human times like this, but I needed to learn how to quietly sit on the floor and not interfere. Before watching a movie, he and I chatted over coffee, TV and some movies while he sat on the couch and ate and drank, occasionally feeding me from his hand, something I surprisingly found incredibly erotic. I was beginning to feel “normal” on the floor, something that surprised me a great deal.

The talk was minimal, at best, but when the movie was over, he snapped his fingers, pointed to the floor telling me that was my cue to be back on fours and told me we would be going to bed very soon. He said, “James, this is just a small example of how Alan is going to expect you to go back and forth in the roles, so make sure you understand how valuable the human time will be. Lucky for you he can’t keep you without your salary, so that means you will always have some humanity, though I would not push it because he has mentioned that he could find ways to have you be a dog at work too,” so with that weird warning, he leashed me and led me down to the bed pen, and I crawled in and saw another printed email from Alan waiting on me.

This one said that he had seen pictures from the day and had heard I reacted to my new rules with dignity and a bit of pride. He said he knows I will struggle with some and that he was going to push me, guide me, and will ultimately fully control me as the dog he had always wanted. He reassured me that this is what he wants, that we are not weird, and that I would soon find peace in his decision. He then told me to sleep well and to be prepared because tomorrow I would start a whole new level of training. I laughed out loud a bit at this whole thing, as if there could be any type of training newer than being a dog, but I brushed it off though curious as to the type. As I settled, I got a bit teary over the note, read it 17 more times, and then, with my nose, clicked the light off ready to spend my second full night as a dog.

Sunday morning came so fast. It’s only been two nights, but my sleeping as a dog self has had some amazing rest. I am still not thrilled about this bed in a cage thing, but I actually can see myself getting used to it in time. From my position I could hear Todd upstairs moving around, cooking breakfast, and, from the sound of it, moving furniture. I had to pee and was not happy about not able to go at will, but I could smell bacon upstairs and, as I have always believed, bacon can make world better so I decided to be patient and wait, but I was getting more and more irritated by this even though in the back of my mind I knew I really no longer had such choices. Finally, the door upstairs opened and the lights came on and there was incredibly gorgeous naked Todd standing there, holding two bowls which he put on a nearby table. He walked up to the bed-pen door, unfastened the lock, and told me to crawl out. Fresh with my need to piss on my mind, I stood up and started to immediately walk toward the bathroom. Todd was suddenly furious and scolded me for being upright in the house and said that later today I would be taught a lesson to make sure I didn’t do that again. I dropped to all fours and asked for permission to go to the bathroom, and he denied me. He literally said no. Nobody had told me no in years. I wanted to push back and stand my ground, but my new reality hit again, and I decided to just adjust and hold it, as I knew I had no other choice.

Todd had me “walk” over to him where he grabbed the two bowls and placed them down in front of me. One was water and the other was a heaping bowl of Cheerios. There was no bacon. Just fucking Cheerios? Either I made an audible sigh or he saw it in my eyes, the only part of my face that he could see, but he laughed at me and in a very condescending voice said, “doggy not happy?” Remembering I could talk I said, “No Sir, I thought we were having bacon?” He said, “I am having bacon, even talking dogs can’t choose what they eat, especially when they have been told they have to lose 20 pounds. The pizza last night was a treat for being such a good boy about your impending transformation, but you will be eating cereals, salads and other items this week, all from your bowl. Now, eat.”

He placed the bowl down and, as humiliating as it was inside, I stuck my face in, put my ass in the air, and somehow enjoyed my meal.

Following breakfast, Todd said, “This morning will be the first example of what will be your new morning routine here and at home. Each morning you will wake and wait to be let out of your pen. Alan will bring you a bowl, and you will eat. Following that, on weekdays, you will have permission to walk on twos to take a shower, clean out your ass, and wait on a stool in bathroom on your knees with your ass up. Alan, (though this week me) will come to the room and select a plug of whatever size matches his mood and will then insert this into you every morning and you will carry this until your arrival at home. You will be given biological breaks from the plug if needed, but Alan and I have devised an alternative way you would be sent to work, ensuring your thoughts about being owned stay with you all day (I found out a few weeks later that this was a very tight latex catsuit locked on and worn under my Armani suit at work), so, go shower, clean out and meet me on the stool when you are ready.”

The shower was wonderful and now equipped with an enema-type hose that would allow for the cleaning necessary without being too over-dramatic, so I took care of business, dried myself and got down on all fours and waited for Todd to come in. I laid there patiently until Todd came in with a box of plugs that were almost all the shapes but varied greatly in the sizes and weights. Todd told me that these were special plugs made by Mr. S that would keep me full without keeping me open, which we both thought would be better. At the largest, the plug weighed more than four pounds and was 11 inches in circumference. The idea of that made me turn pale, but Todd told me that this week was the tail week and, before I could really react, the big plug with the silicone tail was pushed deep into my ass, where it lodged in place with what seemed like an audible “thunk.”

As I began to settle with the tail, Todd said that today was going to start the week of full dog training without any extended periods of human time. While doing this, he locked my custom hood on my head (human hood, not dog hood) and then proceeded to lock my mitts on each of my paws, err hands, fuck, paws. What was new was I felt Todd sliding something up each of my legs that locked on my knees. Oh, these were padded kneepads, and they added about an inch to my height. After that, he started wrapping some leather straps around each of my thighs and then clipped those to cuffs locked around each of my ankle effectively rendering me locked on all fours until he chose otherwise.

Todd said he needed to get dressed and that I should explore the basement and get used to my new position. As he left, he slapped my tail, sending it bouncing and sending teeth-rattling vibrations throughout my insides. It didn’t take long before he was back. He announced that today was about two goals, which were beginning my physical training and stamina and my ass training to make me crave cock and love my tail. After that, he unceremoniously clipped my leash to my collar (when did I start saying “my”?) and led me out to his gym area, where he said “come on, come on, boy,” which meant I was to jump up on the treadmill, which had been set flat. He could tell I was a bit hesitant, but he explained that I had to learn to build up my speed and grace as a dog and this would do it. He clipped the emergency stop clip to my collar, set the speed at 1.5, set the timer for 1.5 hours and off I went. FUCK that was hard, but – spoiler alert – after a few months I could run on fours just like the best of dogs, biological and human.

After an hour of this I was a sweaty mess, but Todd apparently liked that as he brought me one of those big blue gym balls and told me to balance myself on the stomach on it. Of course I complied, but what followed surprised me as he stripped his clothes, yanked the plug out of my ass, and then proceeded to power fuck me for almost 45 minutes during which I had been told to “not utter a noise.” This fuck was consensual, as being just the dog slave Alan gave permission for the use of my ass any and however ways it is needed.

When he was done, he was done, and he had retracted and ejaculated on my back. He shoved the tail back in me and said, “Balance there for a bit, fucker,” and I did my best to balance myself for the better of two hours. After that time had passed, Todd came back downstairs, released me from the ball (although there were no restraints), fed me some fruit and granola from his hand and then pretty much told me that I was a lousy fuck and that I needed to learn, because he was not sending me back to Alan like that. He told me to go piss and then meet him upstairs immediately.

I was shocked about what greeted me, as there was a steel bondage contraption in the middle of his living room and what looked to be a medium/large sized dildo mounted on an arm coming out of the box on the back side. Todd explained that this was his fuck machine and that over the next two weeks it would become one my best friends. He attached me into the stocks, lined up my ass, pressed a button and I began to feel this beautiful dildo going in and out of me at a pace that hit my prostate, making my cage so tight while pre-cum dribbled everywhere. This was so hot, but hard on my knees, but I could learn to love it in time. Of course, that was fifteen minutes in. Todd told me expect an hour minimum each day but that, today, since I was so bold as to try to walk to the bathroom on twos without permission, my time would double and that my new minimum time in this new predicament would last at least two hours and with every insertion I was to think about the rule I broke and how I would never repeat such an action again.

At 30 minutes my ass ached. At 45 minutes my legs ached. At 60 minutes my shoulders were on fire. Todd saw this in me and suddenly said, “Poor dog. I will keep your hole lubed for you, but you need to realize that pleasing your Master is your NUMBER ONE priority, so your pain doesn’t matter, your irritation doesn’t matter. Just your ability to become a dog, with zero complaints is what matters, so, to further help you understand this, the machine will be slowed down drastically, but your two hours restarts to zero as of right now.

“See you after my nap.”

Fuck me.

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  1. Well written story, I’m not usually that turned on by dog transformation stories but this is hot. Great job can’t wait to read more.

  2. I want to feel the hood, collar, mitts and tail plug, and experience the fucking machine. Anyone able to assist me with all this? Unfortunately, my legs dont fold up that easily for me to walk on my knees.

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