K9 Mobile Groomer

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner gay bondage storiesThe summer sun was breaking the horizon as the mourning doves were cooing for their mates. The hummingbirds darted across the clear sky, racing to their next taste of a flower’s nectar. It was morning in the desert. As I left the house, I could feel the slight coolness that would disappear as the mercury moved towards triple digits in the afternoon. I was in my Adidas Superstar Pride shoes, which were nice and white with the rainbow Adidas logo. This is Palm Springs, so being gay is nearly the norm compared to other cities. All the neighbors in my gated community are gay couples, and the city council is all gay. The leather community is just as robust.

It was my daily morning walk, getting out before the heat of the day set in. It was a cool 91 this morning as my Pride shorts and white long-sleeve cotton shirt felt a touch of the slight breeze. Walking to the community gate, I passed a neighbor walking his dog. We waved, greeting each other on this fine morning. He lives a few houses down from me, and I like to watch when he takes off on the weekend on his Harley. In the winter, he wears a nice set of black leather riding gear that fits him just right. This tough biker walks his Bichon Frise with a pink leash and a diamond collar. I always chuckle as it seems just so gay! But he wears his black Harley Davidson t-shirt with pride.

Exiting my community, I walk out of the gate heading north with the towering Mt. San Jacinto to the west. I always enjoy watching the golden glow of the sun climbing up the mountain. As I walk, a mobile K9 Grooming van passes by me, no doubt heading to an early morning appointment. This is a well-to-do community of people; they don’t take their dogs to the groomer; they have the groomer come to them.

At this point in the morning a guy I’ve nicknamed “Honda” rides by on his red Honda CBR500R. Every day at about the same time, this dude on a red bike, wearing his matching red and black racing leather jacket with a flat red helmet, heads out to his job. I can set my watch by how on time he is. Of course, I watch him, checking out his tight jeans that tuck into his race boots.

At the cross street, I turn the corner into a neighborhood of Spanish style homes. It always feels good to get my walk completed in the morning. Up ahead, I noticed the K9 Mobile Grooming truck. They have a modern logo that fits the idea of being mobile. A graphic design of yellow with a puppy face in the middle of it. As I approach, I wonder what poofy type dog they are grooming this morning.

Stepping alongside the grooming van, I hear the side door open, and without warning, my right arm is gripped by rubber-gloved hands, and I am pulled off my feet and dragged into the van. I barely get a yelp out before another gloved hand covers my face, muffling my scream, as the door is slid shut.

The dudes that grabbed me struggle to keep hold of me as I kick and struggle to gain my release. They are stronger than I, and in moments they have worked steel wrist restraints on me, keeping my hands behind my back. I try to scream through the slick gloved hand that keeps my mouth shut as my eyes adjust to the darkness inside the van. Some electronics have lighted dials that I see as I resist, the rubber of the glove filling my sense of smell. One of the guys kicked me in the nuts to take control. I bend over in pain; they let go of my restrained arms as I fall to the van’s floor. I can’t grab my balls with my wrists in iron behind me, but I roll around in pain.

As the throbbing in my nuts subsides, the van lights come on, and I look up to see two guys in full rubber suits that look like motorcycle racing gear. They wear heavy Alpinestars boots and black rubber gloves. Their heads are encased in rubber gas mask hoods, their hands planted on their hips, looking down at me. I feel their stare even though I can’t see their eyes through the reflective lenses.

Opening my mouth to ask what is going on lands a swift kick by one of those heavy motocross boots into my stomach. I couldn’t stop it and now regretted the instinct to ask. Seems I am going to be doing what they want. As I catch my breath, they allow me to look around the van and see dog grooming equipment.

The equipment is stainless steel and chrome; I notice that many of the chains and restraints have heavy-duty locks. Some cabinets look like lockers but are made of brushed aluminum. I hear a heavy piece of steel sliding across the metal table with a device for attaching a dog by a collar as it stands on the platform. I see that one of the guys now has a thick steel collar in his gloved hands. As he bends down to me, I know the collar is going around my neck.

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I think about fighting the collaring, but as I still feel the pain from the ball kick in my guts I know I can’t stop them. The collar is shoved on me, pushing my chin up as I wonder who these guys are that want to collar me. There is a sturdy snap as the collar locks snuggly as the cold steel wraps around my neck. This is heavy, and lifting my head requires some effort. After installing it, the other guy placed his boot on my head, pushing me to the floor. He gives me the hand signal to stay, just like one would give their canine. I stay on my chest as they step away, go to the lockers, and start moving things around that I can’t see.

They place stuff like black rubber on one of the metal tables running along one side of the van. I have been involved with kink long enough to know what rubber gear looks like, and I get the feeling that I will be experiencing that gear intimately.

Biker One, who I name Red in my head because of the red in the design of the rubber suit, comes to me with a pair of industrial scissors, cutting off my Adidas shorts and Under Armor undershorts. He quickly cuts off my t-shirt, leaving me in only my shoes and socks. Oh, and the heavy steel collar that is locked around my neck.

Reaching down, Red roughly removes my shoes and socks, tossing them into a rubber bin with a top lid that snaps shut after the shoes drop in. The steel restraints are removed.

Red hands the scissors to his partner, who I think of as Duke, who wears rubber in a blue design looking like a blue devil. Duke grabs the ring in the back of the collar, lifting me from the floor swiftly. I nearly choke as the heavy steel bites into my neck and chin.

Guiding me to the steel table, he has me climb on; it is cold to my bare skin. I am positioned to be on my hands and knees, and in a moment, he has secured the collar ring to a ring in the support before my head. A click of the lock has made me unable to move my head and neck from where it is. My cock and balls sway freely between my legs as I try to turn my head to see what they are doing as they are now behind me and out of my sight. Locked on this table, I’m starting to feel like one of the dogs they groom.

Hearing a spigot turn on, water is running in a metal sink. The flow turns to a spray as Duke approaches me and turns the nozzle at me. I am surprised by the cold water that sprays upon my skin! Duke hoses down my exposed body, reaching under to hit my belly and between my legs and ass. I close my eyes as he sprays my head and face. The cold water makes breathing hard as I try to catch my breath.

After I am completely wet, the water is turned off, and the hose is placed in the mount at the side of the table. I hear both men behind me; each has brushes in their gloved hands. They start scrubbing down my skin in a rough manner. Short strokes in smaller areas swirl on my back and large body patches. The brushes are not soft, and I moan as they work the lather of the soap in the brushes around my body. Over time I am completely covered in the suds, including my head and face.

The suds start tingling as the lather is thick. My knee slips a bit as the soap on the metal table makes it slick. These two faceless men work between my ass cheeks and roughly scrub my crotch, making my cock hard.

The scrubbing is intense as the tingling on my skin grows into a burning sensation. As they focus on brushing my hard, slick cock, they are making the skin feel raw as I am more exposed. The burning sensation on my skin makes it harder for me to remain still but moving is frightening as I worry I will slip off the table. At one point, the pain in my skin became too much, and I wanted to bolt, causing my arm to flinch. That is followed by a sharp punch to my side by Duke’s gloved hand and a firm command to remain still.

As Red continues to brush me, Duke grabs a smaller brush, shoving it quickly between my lips and into my mouth. The bristles scrape my tongue as the soap leaves an awful taste in my mouth. He is not gentle as he scrubs my tongue, pushing the brush down my throat as if he is skull fucking me with the brush. He pushes it a few times, at one point causing me to gag. The taste is horrible, and I want to spit the foam out. Quickly pulling the brush out, Duke pats my face several times with his gloved hand, taking the mouth brush away.

Satisfied that they have scrubbed every inch of my skin raw, both men step back and out of my sight. They seem to be letting the soap do its job. My knees are aching as the hard metal table is not forgiving. I am also shivering as it is cold from the water and being exposed while my skin is on fire. Looking down at my arms, I see they are bright red from under the foam. I can only imagine what the rest of my body looks like.

I start to moan with pain. But before I get too loud and start screaming from the intensity, Red pushes a rubber gag into my soapy mouth. The gag is strapped around my head and then pumped up to fill the opening of my mouth, increasing pressure on my jaw. As I remain on all fours, both men behind me, I feel one of them starting to insert his rubber-gloved finger at the entry of my asshole. Lightly he pushes, which causes me to slip a little as I naturally fight to keep his fingers out. But I learn I must let him proceed, or my arms and legs might collapse beneath me, and I will hang myself by the collar.

Not relenting, the finger pushes into my hole, well lubed with the soap that coats my body. The soap that has my skin on fire, the soap that fills my gagged mouth with a nasty mechanical taste. As the finger pushes in deeper, the gag is inflated. A couple more pumps push my cheeks to their limit. Struggling, fucked by a rubber finger, and my skin on fire while collared and chained, I feel my cock swaying slightly below me. My hard, dripping cock is showing that I am a real slut being treated so harshly. I can hear them laughing at my predicament.

After a while, Duke returns with the hose, and again, I am doused with the cold water as the soap runs off my red, raw skin, draining slowly into the table’s open drain. Red rubs his rubber-clad hands on me to remove all the soap. I feel the slickness of the gloves with the soap, water, and smooth skin that is now far more sensitive. He pays close attention to my crotch and ass as he inserts his finger into my asshole to thrill me.

male bondage stories Men At PlayI try turning my head to see these guys and get a glimpse of my bare skin and notice that I am devoid of hair, especially my crotch. I am shocked and upset; what the fuck are these guys doing to me! I try to yell around the gag, but that only pisses off Duke, who focuses the nozzle straight at my low-hanging balls, which makes me yelp in pain! I take the hint and stay quiet as he turns off the hose. As Duke puts the hose away, Red brings a hair dryer, blasting it at me to get the dampness to dry. The heat on my skin lets me know how sensitive it is. The warm air dries the water, but it stings my skin, and I struggle to slide away from the warm blast of air. Pointing the dryer right at my crotch causes a sharp burning pain, causing me to howl in the gag.

Duke looks at Red, “I guess the dog can feel!”

They high-five each other and laugh as Blue slaps my ass with a sting shooting through me.

As I am dried, Duke returns with some gear. First, he takes his lubed rubber glove, inserting a finger into my asshole. While Duke isn’t gentle, my hole is opened, and the guy enjoys moving his finger in and out as he adds another finger, twirling them around to loosen my hole. After a few moments, as I realize my cock remains hard by the pleasure he is bringing to my prostrate, he places the pointed end of a cold steel butt plug at the opening of my hole; I feel it begin to press against my sensitive sphincter. I shiver a bit from the cold as he gently presses the plug into my hungry ass.

The plug starts small, then increases in size as it enters, the cool lube on it allowing smooth sliding of the metal, forcing me to my limit as I keep my mouth shut but moan into my gagged lips. I can’t move away as he continues to push the plug; I think I hear a bit of a snicker as Duke is enjoying expanding my ass. A violation that I am unable to stop him from proceeding with. Wider and wider, my ass lips are opened, stretching beyond anything I have ever inserted.

I sweat a bit as the pain warms my body, and I wrestle to keep my mouth shut, but I know he can hear me screaming deep inside. Then when it seems the pain won’t ever stop in my hole, my ass close around the narrow base of the plug that sets in my ass. Seeing that the plug is secure and won’t be coming out with any help from someone’s hand, Duke taps on the metal base a few times to allow me to feel it inside me, as I hear a slight laugh behind his mask.

Duke then reaches up to my cock, hanging with my balls. He strokes my cock a few times, then cups my balls in his slick rubbered hand. It is warm and feels good until he kneads them, pressing them together in my low-hanging sack. He is enjoying the crushing of my balls as I struggle in pain but cannot get away from him. This takes my mind off the pain of the plug in my hole. Duke fondles my balls like a pair of dice, rubbing them together.

After the joy he has gotten by crushing my balls, he takes a well-lubed rubber cock and ball sheath, working it over my tool. There is some pain as he does as the rubber is very tight, squeezing my balls. My cock grows a bit, allowing the sheath to slide over my tool, filling the sheath completely. After Duke has the sheath positioned, he goes to my dick tip, where he inserts a hard rubber tube that expands the size of my slit, keeping it open. This all makes me very aware of my cock and balls. Duke smooths out the rubber sheath as I look under myself to see my cock and balls covered in bright red rubber hanging down between my legs. I can’t believe how engorged my crotch looks, as the cock sheath has added a couple of inches to my cock, a bit weighted as it dangles above the steel table that it reflects in.

Duke steps away as Red comes to me, locked on the table with a pile of rubber. It is all very shiny as he picks up a pair of rubber shorts. Duke taps on my right leg, and I lift it like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant as Red slides the well-lubed shorts up my leg. He then does the same with my left leg getting the shorts up to my waist, covering my crotch and ass. The shorts have a hole in the front crotch area that Red reaches his gloved hand through, roughly pulling my red-covered cock and balls through the hold. The hole snaps around my manhood tightly, keeping me rock hard until I am released. The shorts also add pressure to the end of the ass plug, keeping it deeply seated inside me.

After smoothing the rubber shorts against my skin, I can feel the slickness and coolness of the rubber. Every little sensation can be felt with my sensitive skin, including how tight the rubber holds my body together.

Hearing the sound of heavy rubber being lifted and brought into my sight, I am confronted with a full suit of black that suspends flatly from Duke’s grip. Long sleeves end in fingered gloves, little booties on the bottom of each leg, and an open-face hood attached at the neck. I swallow, realizing that I am going into that suit. I feel my cock bob in the rubber that it is trapped in. Duke moves forward, walking behind me as he and Red begin working my feet and legs into the suit.

As the suit slides up my hairless skin, it is lubed and smooths against my limbs, then the rubber contracts to become my new skin. I steady myself as they once again have me lift each leg as they work the suit over my knees before allowing me to lower to gain my balance. They pull the suit together, then when it is placed, they smooth it. As I look under my chest with the little slack in the chain that holds the collar, I can see the shine on the black rubber as it is pulled up to my waist.

As they reach my crotch, there is an opening that they roughly work my red rubber-covered cock and balls through that truly makes them stand out now on the black background of the rubber suit. Their work is not without some struggle as the sound of my body being encased in rubber fills the small van. There is snapping, stretching, and tugging, and the scent of rubber and lube strengthens as the suit is pulled over my stomach, chest, and shoulder. From there, each of them lifts my arms and works them down the rubber sleeves when they slip into my hands with a slight pop.

As I place my now rubberized hands on the steel table to maintain my stance, Duke takes steel wrist shackles, placing them on my wrists and securing the other end to hooks under the table. The chrome-plated steel is heavy on my wrists, with the edge slightly digging into the top of my hands.

Red removed the chain from the collar holding me on the table. Taking a key, he opens the latch of the collar. Gently, he removes the collar. Taking a brief moment, I adjusted my back to relieve the weight from the collar on my neck. But the time is short as Duke swiftly pulls the hood up and over my hairless head, the cool, lubed rubber sliding over the back of my head as the open face portion is slid across my face settling under my chin.

The pair worked together to smooth out the rubber as my body was now covered. I realized that the strap to the gag was now under the rubber of the hood, so the gag would stay in my mouth until the suit was removed. The feeling of the lube on my skin, held tightly by the rubber now encasing my body, provided a unique sensation. As I adjusted my body to varying the weight on my knees and palms on the steel, I would feel the rubber slide along my flesh as the coolness disappeared and my body warmed in the suffocating latex. The sensation was also of total encasement as I could look around without the collar chained. My body was black and shiny; the only other color was my now hard and obscene cock. That was harder than it ever was, and unable to relax in the tightness of the sheath I was wearing.

As the two men completed their attention to detail with me, Red went to a different cabin and pulled another pile of rubber that seemed heavier and was bright red. As Red opened the red suit, Duke approached me with some chrome-plated hardware. I watch as he moves down the table stopping beside my dangling, hard manhood. As Red lifted the metal and I realized that it was a cage for my cock.

The metal seemed to be just the right length as Duke slid the cage on, starting with the head of my rubber-covered cock. It was a snug fit as the end of the cage pressed against my knob with a small metal tube that went into my piss slit. I moaned in the gag as Duke continued to press on the steel, then stopped, releasing his grip. The next piece was accidentally dropped on the metal table, with a clatter in the van. The hardware sounds heavy and very solid. Lifting the piece, I thought this was a steel band that Duke had started to install at the base of my manhood. It sometimes pinched pieces of my skin as Duke worked to close the clamp wrapping the area behind my balls and shaft. There was a slight snap from the magnets in the metal device. In seconds, Duke pushed the cage where it connected to the metal band, and the two pieces were locked with a click.

As Duke let go, the weight on my cock and balls pulled my groin down towards the tabletop, causing me to moan a little as I felt the pressure. The short metal tube was cold and pressed the walls of my urethra. Duke slapped my ass, creating a sharp smack in the room as his gloved hand struck my rubbered ass.

As Red held up the red mass of rubber, Duke grabbed it and started pulling the rubber on at my knees this time. Duke took both my feet into his hands, lifting them towards my ass as I balanced my knees. Red lifted my right knee with one hand and worked the red rubber around it, pulling it up my bent leg. I could tell it was a great deal of work for Red to manipulate the rubber while putting me into position. He did the same with my left leg.

As they pulled the red rubber up my bent legs, I realized I was being installed into a rubber K9 suit. Working the rubber over my ass, my support was by my knees now as my heels pressed upon my rubbered ass. The black rubber was disappearing, being replaced by bright red. From my underside, Red worked my steel-enclosed manhood through a small hole in the crotch of the red suit allowing it to drop once through the red rubber.

As the two tug on the rubber, my feet are pushed against my ass cheeks. The red rubber encases my stomach and chest. Duke unlocks the heavy steel wrist shackles, instructing me to take my hands and place them on my shoulders. As I follow his instructions, my elbow is taking in the weight of my upper body. I now realize they are putting me into a gimp suit, or some have referred to them as dog suits. As the guys pull the rubber up my bent arms and over my shoulders, I am learning this heavy, thick red rubber will make it impossible for me to extend my limbs.

As I try to move my feet away from my ass, the rubber only snaps them back the very slight distance that I can push them. That is when Duke pulls the head rubber over the first layer of black rubber that encases my head.

Taking a pair of scissors, Duke cuts the straps of the gag pulling it out of my mouth. He takes the rubber head portion of the red suit, lifting it under my chin as there is pressure as a plug gag enters my lips, and my face is covered. The only way I can see is through pin prick holes in the front of the mask that provides some sight and hindered breathing. A zipper is closed across the spine of my back and sealed with a piece of red tape that makes it all disappear.

No longer in any chains, I move on my bent limbs as I feel the tightness of this second layer of thick rubber that keeps my body in the form these two men have put me in. The plug in my ass keeps reminding me of its presence when I move. Duke and Red stand back, looking at this rubber creature on the metal table. I barely see them standing with their arms crossed, nodding satisfactorily at a well-done job.

Turning my head, I can see my reflection in the metal doors of one of the cabinets. My bright red torso is on four short limbs, helpless on a steel table. It is then I notice that my face is in the shape of a dog with a snout and pointed ears. I’m a fucking rubber dog!

Not paying attention to the two guys, I see that my hard red cock is stiff in the steel it is trapped in; I feel the tightness and get a slightly erotic feeling with the bobbing of my manhood. The two have picked up some white cloth, come at me, and start polishing their red object.

As they buff me, I am sweating in the two layers of rubber that prevent my body from breathing. My elbows and knees are sore from supporting all my weight on the hard surface. But I admit the touch of these two polishing me is exotic and provides some comfort.

Completing their shine, they lift me to the floor and put the heavy steel collar back around my neck. The collar is heavy, making balance on my elbow more difficult. Red grabs the collar and leads me slowly across the stamped metal floor to a cage made of stainless steel, like all the other fixtures. I don’t fight him as much as my gut tells me I should. But I am truly helpless as I am. And I can’t ignore that I like their control over me, as my dick remains hanging between my red rubber legs.

As Red closes the door behind me, I can lean against the cage, taking the pressure off my bent limbs. I watch both men exit the van, and the lights go out. As I sit in this cage, I take in the snug feeling of the layers of rubber, feeling the sweat drip from the top of my eyes in the only really open space. I feel some sweat pooling at the base of my knees, but that is hard to tell. I try to speak, but the rubber is so tight on my face that I can’t even open my lips, only able to moan from my throat.

I am surprised when the van lurches forward, and I am juggled in the cage. I realize I am going to be taken somewhere totally unknown. I have no idea of my future.


Being caged in the back of a dark dog grooming van, I have no idea where I might be. We have been traveling for a while now. Time is no longer relevant to me in a cage like this, as the rubber feels tighter than it was when I was first forced into it. My jaw is starting to ache from the gag that fills it; my limbs are getting stiff. It is difficult to keep them moving, as the stiff rubber only snaps them back to where they were when the rubber was placed on me. It has been warm in the van, my entire body sweating in the rubber. Sometimes I catch my red reflection on the chrome of the bars that keep me secure.

The van comes to a halt, and I hear doors opening and closing, the van slightly rocking as the two men leave their driving seats. I slow my breathing to hear more from beyond the cage that keeps me. There are voices, most certainly males.

The darkness is broken when the side door opens, and the harsh sunlight comes crashing into the space, reflecting on all the steel fixtures. Duke steps into the room, his heavy boots clunking on the steel floor as he approaches me. Reaching down, he unlocks the cage and then secures a heavy chain to the ring in front of the steel collar. He tugs on the chain, ordering me to follow him.

With some effort, I can balance myself on my elbows and knees with the rubber, making it difficult to take long strides to keep up with Duke tugging on the chain. Leading me to the doorway, he steps down as I face my first real challenge in this heavy gear. As Duke stands on the brick pavement, he pulls up on the chain attached to the collar, slightly choking me but helping me balance as I lower my right elbow to the metal step from under the van. I bring down my left elbow to the same step and catch my breath. This strenuous effort makes me breathe heavily through the limited holds on the rubber that makes my face disappear. Duke doesn’t allow much rest as he pulls on the chain, and now I have to lower my right elbow along with my right knee to bring myself partway down the brick pavement. My muscles work hard to maintain balance while not choking myself too much, the sweat streaming inside the rubber as my body flexes.

Two more strides, and I place myself on the pavement. The rubber makes my heavy breathing difficult as it compresses my chest. Lifting my head, I try to look forward. Before me is a very nice midcentury house with several tall palm trees. Red stands next to a middle-aged man in the middle of the circular drive, who is wearing a black rubber suit. He has tall waders on, and his face is covered with a gas mask hood.

Not giving me much time to take in where I am, Duke pulls me to where Red and the man in black stand. Once in front of them, Duke positions me on my hind legs as I lift my back so my arms are raised and I am no longer arching my back.

“This is your new owner,” states Duke.

I quickly turn my attention to him as I try to say something through the gag, but it is only garbled, and the three laugh.

Duke hands the chain to the man in black, who gives the chain a sharp tug, knocking me off my balance and onto my elbows again.

Looking up, I watch as Red and Duke nod to the man in black rubber, and they leave.


Duke and Red return to the grooming van, climbing into the driver and passenger seats. Motorcycle full-face helmets are sitting on the seats that both put on their heads. After latching up the helmets, they pull full racing-style harnesses over their shoulders that buckle and will keep them securely in their seats. Duke is the driver, as the interior side of the shield displays static along with white noise in the built-in headphones. Red’s display also comes on. Duke places his gloved hands on the steering wheel in the three and nine positions as visions of men in heavy rubber animal gear appear. Each man is in heavy bondage with no human characteristics visible.

A voice starts to speak as they watch the visions on their interior screens.

“You did an excellent job on the latest conversion and sale. You are to start your next search for the next package. You have twenty-four hours to identify and convert your next project. We must pick up the pace as I have a backlog of twenty-two clients seeking our services. Dismissed.”

Immediately the screens go dark, and their vision of the outside world returns as they see out the front of the grooming van. The speakers are silent as the two men can only hear their breathing.

As Duke turns the key in the ignition and starts the van, he looks over at Red, who turns and looks at his partner. They raise their fists, performing a fist bump and hand explosion. Turning their attention forward, Duke put the van into gear, and they moved down the curved driveway.

So, one day if you’re out walking in your neighborhood and you see a K9 Grooming truck pass you by, beware, as you could end up as a rubber dog and disappear into a new life!

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  1. Very hot story, I was very hard while reading it. (As if often the case with stories from ty dehner.)

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