By Norm

Norm gay bondage storiesI was curious, seems to always get the best of me, but I couldn’t help it. I was walking along an unfamiliar deserted street, when the unmistakable smell of leather came across my nose in front of this imposing abandoned building that reminded me of someone’s castle. Looked like it must have been a boarding house in its final days. Right now it looked tired but grand, but that smell pulled me toward it. I had to try and go in to see what it was like. Didn’t look dangerous, and my fantasies were in high gear. I told myself nothing could happen, this is a safe part of town.

I tried the old wooden door, heavy and solid, needing some cosmetic help, but impressive nonetheless — and it swung open, easily. Odd I thought, but it didn’t stop me.

This must have been someone’s mansion at some point I thought as I entered a dusty but elegant entry. Leathery smells wafted around the room. Sunlight filtered down from the stairway windows, glittering on the remaining crystals in the chandelier as I moved into the room. Caught up in the moment, I sauntered up the massive staircase like an Earl of the Manor. As I got to the top enjoying the feeling, I heard and felt the vibrations of the massive front door slamming shut.

Turning I saw no one as I ran back down, determined to leave this place, but the door was locked or stuck tight, I didn’t know which it might be. I did know, it wasn’t going to open. Panic set in almost immediately and I began to search for a way out.

How did I not notice the bottom windows were firmly boarded up?

Turning back toward the stairs, out of the corner of my eye I see a shadowy figure dart into a room, laughter echoing through the hall. I felt trapped.

Not going back upstairs I thought as I moved toward the back of the house. Behind me another sound, another shadow. Was I being driven in some direction? I stumbled through the next door.

The dining room was elegant in a dusty decayed sort of way. The table in the center was massive, and as I looked closer, it seemed wrong for some reason. I ran my fingers over the top and realized, someone had dusted it…polished it actually. How odd. As I stood there momentarily wondering what was going on, a door behind me slammed.

I bolted for the door farthest away from the noise, leading me to the kitchen.   Huge would be a good word for this room, counters, tables, prep spaces, stoves, filled the room and a back door!

I ran for the handle only to find it locked shut with no visible means of opening it. The large walk-in freezer stood before me, door hanging open. I thought how awful it would be to get caught in there when I heard footsteps above me and a noise at the kitchen door. Someone was coming and all I could think of was hide, so against my better judgment I stepped into the freezer space, not closing the door, but hiding in the darkness. Maybe I would be undetected.

The seconds ticked by as I listened for movement. Someone was in the kitchen, searching.

A voice echoed against the stark walls.

“Come out, come out wherever you are.”

Bile rose in my throat, hoping against hope he would give up, when suddenly the freezer door slammed shut. I was trapped. Pressed against the back wall, I ran my fingers along the wall hoping to find another door, not knowing what was coming next when a dim light suddenly illuminated the interior of my prison.

Stark walls, no shelves, a small window in the door. A very heavy chain was piled in the corner with what I thought was a steel collar and cuffs hanging from an attached second chain.

Oh god, what have I stumbled into? My fantasies were always fantasies, safe, in my mind, never to be reality — but now it felt very real as the piss began to flow down my leg, soaking my jeans.

Did I hear a laugh? Looking at the window in the door, a face suddenly appeared. Well, sort of a face, this image was covered in a leather hood it appeared. Eyes, open, peering into my prison.

“Boy, you aren’t leaving anytime soon. Trespassing is what you are guilty of today. You need to be punished before I let you go.”

“Oh god man, you have to let me go, I won’t ever step foot in here again,” I wailed.

“See that collar boy, it’s going around your neck as well as those wrist cuffs. Put them on and snap them shut. It saves me the trouble of coming in there and doing it myself.”

I froze in place, there was no way I was going to obey that order, even though my dick said yes, here was a chance to live a fantasy.

The man at the door noticed my dick as well. “Looks like that appeals to you boy.” You have five seconds to follow my directions.

The time ticked by and I refused to obey.

“Have it your way, kid,” the masked man laughed. The light went out leaving me in near total darkness.   I slumped to the floor hoping this was just a joke when the sound of a motor started up. Cold air began pumping into the room. This was a functional cold storage!

I don’t know how long I was there, the air getting colder and colder, my wet pants more and more uncomfortable. It seemed like hours, but I had no real sense of time.

Suddenly the light snapped on and the cold air stopped. “Getting cold boy?”

“Oh Sir, let me out, please let me out, I will never bother you again.”

“Put the collar on, kid, and you will get out of my cold storage. Believe me, it can get a lot colder in that room. You have five seconds to obey.”

I wanted out, hoping against hope I pulled the heavy metal collar up to my neck and pulled it shut. An open lock dangled from one of the links.

“Lock it, boy,” he yelled.

The cold air began to pump through the vents, colder than before.

“You have three seconds, boy.”

I grabbed the lock and clicked it shut.

“Now the cuffs.”

I quickly did the same. Now standing totally helpless, I waited.

The air stopped and the door swung open.

Before me stood an imposing man, totally covered in the tightest leather I have ever seen. Hooded, gloved and booted, he stomped into the room and grabbed the chain. I could smell his leather, his manliness. I could hear the creak of his skin-tight breeches.

“Good boy, do not talk,” was all he said.

He pulled me from the room, long heavy chain dragging behind. Silently we headed toward what looked like a closet. He pulled the chain and snagged one of the links onto a hook in the wall. I was going nowhere. His gloved hands began to survey my body, stopping at my hardening cock.

“I thought I detected some excitement when the sight of that collar caught your eye, let’s see what we have going on here.”

He produced a small knife, and raised it to my neck. “Nervous boy?” he asked.

I nodded silently.

The knife slid silently into my shirt as he began to cut away my clothes. Nothing was left on, but my piss-soaked jockeys were stuffed into my mouth. “How do you like the taste of that boy?” He grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled it toward him. Precum covered his fingers that he put into his mouth and sucked off with a smile.

“You are just in time for dinner, boy,” he snickered. “I think you will make a grand main course.”

He left me hanging there, scared shitless, collared and naked, and hard as a rock. I had no idea what was coming.

I didn’t have long to wait. Other men appeared at the door, dressed in similar gear. Some rubber, industrial stuff, hip boots, gloves, masks. Leather men, miur caps, masks, gloves, boots, and lots of leather entered the small space. They seemed to converse for a time before deciding what to do with me.

Finally one of them stepped forward and reached among the shelves surrounding me. Out came something rubbery that unfolded before me. It was a large latex body bag that looked way too small to hold me.

“Grab him boys and take him to the dining room,” said the man who caught me.

I was dragged, resisting, back to the room with the massive table. The wet jockeys fell from my mouth as I protested being pulled on top of it, with the unzipped bag laying next to me. The chain to my neck was fastened to a hook on the end of the table. Together they lifted my body into the rubbery prison. As my feet pushed into the bottom of the suit, a strap was wrapped around them and fastened to the other end of the table.

One of the leather men hopped onto the table and stood over me, one leg on each side of my body. Slowly he unzipped his pants and a large fleshy dick fell out. My eyes bulged, and my dick reacted.

“Impressed boy?” he grinned. “Time for the first course — man broth,” he snickered. The leatherman began to piss on my body in the rubbery sack as the other men began to zip it closed around me, trapping the warm piss inside the bag. As I struggled, it acted like a warm lube, sloshing around my ass.

The rubber bag was pulled tight and fastened right below the rigid collar locked around my neck. My arms were chained at my side helpless as the zip pulled tight.

“Oh please, Sirs,” I begged. “Don’t hurt me.”

“Boy, you are the one that came uninvited to our dinner party.” The leather man in charge barked.

Without warning a gag was pulled tight around my head, keeping my mouth wide open.

“Now you are going to share it with us. It’s always nice to have a centerpiece.”

Left there, wondering what else was going to happen, I watched as the men moved around the room, producing not food, but toys. Men began to pair up, kissing, rubbing, exploring, using the table as a play space as well as the chairs surrounding it.

A couple got on the table and began playing with my confined body. Fingers found the forced open hole around my mouth. Sliding in, reaching toward my throat. Other hands started rubbing my hard cock.

As the fingers reached deeper I reacted by slowly sucking on them. “Looks like our captive wants to cooperate,” one of them said. “Good,” was the reply as another huge dick flopped out of a leather-covered body. It found its way to my mouth and slid in easily. I gagged but kept trying to take the massive amount of meat. Soon I was slurping away, making him groan and gagging as he hit the back of my throat. It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with a hot stream of man cream spurting all over my face. Gloved fingers began to gather it and move it to my mouth. “Second course, boy,” he laughed.

The play went on for quite some time, always someone teasing my dick, but never letting me cum. I groaned, begged and finally submitted to the slow milking.

As the night wore on, action began to slow down. My kidnapper hopped onto the table, straddled me around my neck and stared me in the face. “Keep your eyes on me, boy,” the leather covered Sir whispered. Someone behind him began to rub my cock inside its rubbery prison. I twisted my body with the intense feeling building up inside.

Suddenly Sir smiled and I knew I was going to be allowed to shoot a load inside. The rubbing continued and Sir’s hand covered my mouth. “Let it go, boy.”

I convulsed as my load covered the inside of the latex body bag and finally laid still.

Sir got down, and I was left on the table as men began to drift away. I slowly began to drift off, bound on that hard table until a gloved hand roused me.

“Boy, you served your time. You may go.” He said as he began to unzip the bag and unlock my restraints. From somewhere he produced a faded towel and helped me sit up.

“You know you are not the first boy we lured into this house with leather oil and herded around. It always seems to attract the same sort of boy, but I think you have been the most fun,” Sir said as he began to undo the leather hood that had covered his face the entire evening. His bearded face bent to kiss me soundly on the mouth. “Feel free to stumble into this house again boy, I’ll be here.”

Throwing me some faded sweats to pull on, he pushed me toward the door.

“But tonight you leave. Be careful what house you crash the next time, someone may not be as kind as I. They may keep you.”

The End

Metal would like to thank Norm for this story!

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